15648/Return of the Mistress of Magnetism

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Return of the Mistress of Magnetism
Date of Scene: 29 September 2023
Location: Frontyard - Xavier's School
Synopsis: Scott gets attacked by children. Jean is ever watchful and cautious, yet together they welcome Lorna Dane back to the fold with disturbing news.
Cast of Characters: Cyclops, Polaris, Phoenix

Cyclops has posed:
"You can catch me!"

"Are you sure about that? Here I come!"

Children were playing in the frontyard of the Xavier's school. Despite the tall hedges and flowers lining the driveway forward of the cobblestone walkway, many children enjoy the large green field of grass in the front of the building, a distance away from the front porch. There's about five of them in total, one of them with stone-like skin and another with dragon-like wings and another who stands tall and looks as though they are living plasma and another who is floating off of the ground. They're playing with one Scott Summers, who has been pulled away post-class to chase them around in a heartwarming game of tag.


Scott tags the flying child and immediately begins to run away, but all the kids are after him! "Wait a second, there's only one person who's it! Wait ju- ah!" He's 'tackled' to the ground by the combined might of the children, who alight the silence of the wind with noises of mirth, joy, and mischief.

Not a bad day at all.

Though God forbid any of the Team see Scott Summers like this. He'll lose all of his street cred forever to know that Scott Summers actually has a heart!
Polaris has posed:
The sight of the rustic mansion brings back a flood of memories for the emerald haired mutant. Unlike many students here, she did not grow up here, nor did she really attend much in the way of grade school classes as her powers manifested as a young adult. All the same, there are memories. And maybe something of an extended family as well.

Lorna seems tired as she arrives on the scene, having only recently arrived back from a geological survey trip up north from which she was still suffering the effects of jet lag. A quick pit stop in mutant town, and after an invite from Ororo, she's back to the mansion, just to check in with everyone as it really has been a while Afterall.

Seeing the laughing and playing kids causes her to smile a little, and it seems things have not changed as she pulls up to the front gates. Hopefully her arrival is not too unexpected given her extended absence and she just watches as Scott plays with the kids, a small smile on her green lips as she reminisces about her own rather shaky childhood..
Phoenix has posed:
It's really no surprise to Jean that Scott Summers has a heart. She's long known this fact to be true and thus is not at all surprised as she stands on the front porch in the purple-orange glow of encroaching evening with a mug of tea held aloft by her finger through the ring on the side. A shaw is wrapped around her shoulders. This time of year is notorious for colder evenings and the redhead looks quite comfortable against it where she sits on one of the chairs that line the massive front porch.

A grin on her face when the gaggle of students team up to topple the indominable Scott Summers. "Well there goes any chance that they fear you now, Scott." She calls out to him, to all of them, from her lounge.

She cannot help drawing comparisons to the Wizard of Oz in her mind.

Though the familiar image and feeling of Lorna draws her attention away from playful game to meet the emerald haired mutants with a wave once she's properly parked whatever vehicle has brought her to the mansion. This visit is long enough in coming that Jean even pushes up from her seat and makes her way down to greet her properly, "Hey, Lorna. You look absolutely exhausted."
Cyclops has posed:
"I'm terrifying! AHHH!" Scott puts on his best scary face, but one of the kids practically wraps their arms around his neck. "You're not scary at all Mr. Summers!" Dammit, Scott loves it when Jean is right but there goes his intimidating air! Now he's just a guy with red glasses. Yet while he's being tackled and wrestled by children, Scott looks Jean's way and just gives her a smile and a shrug.

Maybe one day kids will be in their future? And not the apocalyptic future but...a peaceful one. A peace they all fight so hard to keep. Yet, he follows the red haired beauty's eyes to the newly-returned Lorna Dane, his eyes going wide as he starts to stand up, carrying two kids on his back and the other two around his ankles.

It's hard being Scott!

"Lorna? Is that you? Heh, it's been a long while. Come join us!"
Polaris has posed:
Lorna Dane sighs wistfully, wishing she could have enjoyed such a happy childhood, rather than the lonely, confusing one she experienced. But it's not good to dwell on the past and she came here for a reason Afterall. She draws a deep breath and smiles, stepping towards the front yard. Towards her old friends. Jean and Scott are given small smiles and nods although she eyes the younger kids with some caution. Not a terribly sociable person, especially around strangers, they are given a more cautious smile, choosing to focus on the adults instead.

"Scott, Jean..How have you been?" it seems she can't hide from Jean, and she shrugs, nodding slightly, "Just a bit jet lagged I imagine, coupled with a terrible bout of insomnia. But it is good to see you both. Just thought I would stop by and say hi, although next time I really must drag Alex with me.."
Phoenix has posed:
Having left her mug back on the porch, Jean wraps the shaw around herself more tightly with her hands balled into either side. An easy, warm smile on her face for Scott and the children using him as a vehicle to get around the yard. One auburn brow perks, perhaps inadvertantly catching that wayward thought about children in their future. She obviously says nothing, not with Lorna making greetings, but there's a phantom of a smirk on her face until she turns to fully regard the emerald haired mutant.

"Well enough." For the sake of simplicity, she goes with the mundane pleasantries. At least while they're all standing outside and in front of a group of children. It is without a doubt that things are far more complicated than well enough, but it should long be understood that life at the mansion is anything if not interesting. Her hand drops down to Tommy's (the frog skinned mutant who has taken a grip of Scott's right leg) head, musing his hair with twirling fingers. Ms Grey noooo not the do! she'll try not to smirk.

"Oh, we'd heard Alex was back as well, it is of course, good to see you. I assume there's a great deal that we should talk about?" This isn't JUST a question. Apparently, by the way she says this, it goes both ways.
Cyclops has posed:
Scott can't read minds.

He's INFAMOUSLY bad at reading people's emotions in general. But he's learned enough to catch that phantom smile on Jean's features. Approval? Hopeful? 'Oh Scott, you sweet summer child'-al? Scott doesn't know for sure, but all he can do is smile back.

It's enough.

He steps close enough to the ladies that they can see him getting fish-hooked by the mutant with living plasma. Apparently they can control it enough to lack harmful quality.

"Hey, hey! Not the mouth." He stops by Jean, who is ruffling the frog child and Scott just smiles a little, turning his eyes to Lorns with surprise. "You've found Alex? We received a...visitor the other night. Have you noticed Alex acting strange?"

Hd shrugs. "Well enough." He chimes simultaneously with Jean. He does smile at Lorna though. "You know, busy as always. Always something going on..."
Polaris has posed:
Lorna Dane chuckles and shrugs, "Dunno, I just got back from analyzing rock samples in the far north. A bit lonely on my own and just glad to be back.." she eyes the kids curiously, then peers back at the red head before glancing towards Scott. "So, what's new around these parts? Anything interesting going on..?"

She steps towards the front porch, feeling an evening chill coming on, eager to step out of the cold, curious to know what might be better left unsaid around the kids.. Scott's comment causes her to pause, frowning a bit.

"Oh, yeah, he *did* mention something about bumping into his 'creepy guardian' from his youth but didn't give many details." she grimaces, "Didn't exactly sound like a heartfelt family reunion to me.."
Phoenix has posed:
Jean, headmistress, peers over at Meltus (because he insists on being called Meltus) with a look that could wither a branch and he immediately hops down off Scott's back. "Alright, it's getting late. You all run inside and see about finishing your homework, hmm? Or do I need to take a special interest in seeing how your grades are doing?" Tommy, knowing pretty well that this means the joyfulness times are over, takes off running ahead of his compatriots. Who follow in step behind him.

This frees Scott from harrassment, but also frees them to speak a little more plainly without fear of frightening the children.

She watches them go, then looks back to Lorna with a nod.

"A great many things are happening, Lorna. Aside from Sinister, who seems to be in a rare helpful cycle these days, there's also a dream killer who's targetting some of the people here at the mansion." The last thing.. she glances over to Scott and tilts her head, then looks back to the Emerald haired woman. "And then there's Magneto."
Cyclops has posed:
And Lo did the heavens part and the firebird illuminate the sky. A single /look/ from Jean gets the kids to stop treating Scott like a jungle gym as Meltus takes his place as leader of X-Kids, leading them away from Scott Tower to wage their shadow war against the dark homework worksheets and the tyrannical Phoenix!

....or so commands the imagination of the children. How innocent their minds are.

Scott frowns deeply as they now have a moment to speak plain, Scott's arm wrapping around Jean to help her keep warm. "...a lots going on Lorna.None of it is good news." Scott turns to Jean as she speaks of Lorna's father, sighing.

"Evidentiy he's going by Magnus now. He's looking into an old, dark power. For what /reason/, we don't know. But he's been spotted looking around Egypt for Apocalypse."

Infkrmstion for information, she confirms she saw and talked to Alex. "Yeah...Sinister. I guarantee you it wasn't. The things he did even when we were children..." He shakes his head. It makes his skin crawl. "But...would you like a coat, Lorna?"

It song do to have a guest who's freezing!
Polaris has posed:
Lorna Dane doesn't know Sinister that well, although she's heard the name tossed around here and there. "Huh, turning over a new leaf is he? So can he be trusted..?" she frowns at mention of a dream killer, shaking her head, "What does that even mean..?" as a person who has been having fitful sleep lately, it troubles her even more..

Then her father's name is mentioned and she tenses slightly. "Magneto..? What of him?" she is cautious speaking of him, ever torn between her loyalty towards her team mates and her loyalty towards family, no matter how..Irregular they might be.

And when the truth is revealed, she blinks slowly, "Er..No, thank you, I'm okay.." so much information, all at once, she almost doesn't notice the chill in the air, that bites at her arms and face, dressed only in a chunky knit green sweater and black jeans. "..lWait, Magneto..Looking for Apocalypse? Whatever for? That's insane..And I thought he had changed for the better. Surely he is not hoping to stir up some new trouble..?" now this worries her more than the other worrisome things.
Phoenix has posed:
"That's as much as we know." About the Dream Killer, "But I've only just been made aware of it." Jean adds, indicating she'll be taking a personal interest in whatever this individual plans... Dreams may not be her domain, but where it pretains to matters of mind?

The lion share of attention is, of course, on Alex and Magneto. Or rather, Sinister and Magneto as the case may be. "Essex has helped us over the last few months, but I wouldn't say he's earned our trust. Less overt anomosity, but no less caution when dealing with him. Some wounds..." She rests her hand on Scott's arm, though this extends to Alex as much as to either Summers brother, "...Aren't healed so easily with apologies and a few months of doing better."

Understandably, things end up on Magneto.

And Jean nods, "That's as much as we know. We hadn't had time to really talk about it in depth, yet, but I would very much like to send a team to investigate whatever he's up to. I know the position this might put you in, but... if you're available? I'd like you to be with them. I think it could help if diplomacy is possible."
Cyclops has posed:

Scott tells that to Lorna with finality. But his expression yields a wound to his pride. "But sadly we don't have much choice. We wouldn't know at all unless he told us. We can't trust him, but he's forcing us too before this 'dream killer' claims another victim." He frowns deeply. "I've been assigning telepaths to construct psi-shields in the mind. I'm hoping it'll prove a solid defense against dream intrusions, but we know too little to provide better protection."

Lorna denies any tool of warmth and Scott nods in understanding. He feels the warmth of Jean's hand on his arm and he rests his head briefly on hers in thanks before looking back to Lorna. "And as it stands...he's most likely to listen to you. I've tried reaching out to Pietro and Wanda to support you but...I understand it's complicated." The twins are difficult to reach and Scott has no intention to duel family drama.

"We will, of course, understand if you would prefer to stay out of it."
Polaris has posed:
Lorna Dane bites her lip, falling silent for a moment or two as she lets this all sink in. "Wow, you've been busy.." is all she says, trying to process things. Of course this chaos is what she always wanted to get away from, but now, with Magneto, and Sinister, it's become more personal.

Lorna nods slowly to Jean's words, wondering if some of that extends towards the constant tension between the brothers as well. "I see..Hmmm, well yes, I would definitely like to pursue things with my father, surely there is a perfectly logical reason for his pursuit of Apocalypse.."

She yawns a bit tiredly, still suffering the effects of jet lag and amnesia. She should head home, where Alex is waiting for her..But..It's pretty late. She's nit sure she could drive it a clear mind after all of this.