15703/Non Disclosure in the Dark

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Non Disclosure in the Dark
Date of Scene: 12 October 2023
Location: Darkforce Dimension
Synopsis: Blackout does his best not to break his NDA. Yet, the risk of experimental explosions is high and he's not interested in being in another coma for 6 years.
Cast of Characters: Blackout, Quake

Blackout has posed:
He's been here before and probably said he wouldn't invade her space like this again. But here it is. Another 8' diameter (just over 2 meters) darkforce portal opens in her office and the unmasked face of Blackout (AKA Marc Daniels pokes through it. The opening of the portal takes place in the center of the room and is silent in its transgression. He looks around the room and spots Skye. He appears slightly pensive, cautious, hoping that she doesn't shoot him when he presents his head as a target. He does not step out of the portal, he remains within. However, it's opaque, so seeing the rest of his body is impossible.
Quake has posed:
Skye was scrolling through her numerous windows as usual when this little niggle interrupted her. Most people who had the ability to interrupt her this way.. don't.

There were Enemies.

Her mother's people.. which could be classed as enemies?

And Castiel. Who hadn't been a bother for a long while.

Unfortunately she forgot about Blackout.

"Whoever you are, you can march yourself right out the door and knock on it like a normal creature. Seriously." She didn't even look up.
Blackout has posed:
Marc says quietly with his head still poking through the black portal, "Actually, can't. I'm probably being tracked. If I step out, I'll probably show up on his rader. And really need to talk to you." He smiles awkwardly while watching her not look up at him.
Quake has posed:
The voice sounds somewhat familiar. Putting her windows behind a 'wall', and throwing up a screensaver, Skye actually paid attention to the voice. Which suddenly she sees the opaqueness that gave her who she was dealing with.

"Here? Really? Fuck." Sighing. "I presume you don't want your name mentioned? Just in case. Okay, hit me. What do you want?"
Blackout has posed:
"Yeah, no names please." he admits realizing that he didn't even think about that and then he continues in a harried pace and low voice, "Okay... so I've got a quandary and a question. I work for a certain company which is on public record and doing totally legit research into a certain interdimensional substance that will go unnamed. This research is delving into the efficacy of this particular dimension providing free energy to the world. However, you know how companies work, nothing is really free. And while I've been told that it was to be free, I'm otherwise led to believe that it won't be. Instead, it'll become a monopoly of power control after the world is hooked up. Anyway... I'm seeing how this research can be hypothetically dangerous; not that I knew that before. But I'm being pushed to push boundaries that could result in certain hypothetical destructive events." then he pauses, "By the way, I'm doing my best to skirt the actual points because I've got this NDA hanging over my head. But my question is; Is there a way that if I come forward with the 'risks'; could SHIELD protect me from the ramifications of the NDA?"
Quake has posed:
"Betcha you wish that I had mind reading as a skill. But I don't. However if the are like 99.99% of all the business out there - legit or iffy - they all use computers. And we all know that there are few and far between that are better than I."

Skye grins in an evil little manner.

"You wouldn't even have to tell us, just point me in the right direction." That was her main job as it happens. And she enjoyed taking businesses who sat on the gray side of the border of right vs wrong down. More so the grayer and blacker the businesses were. "If you wanted."
Blackout has posed:
"I definitely wanted... want. But you know, personal safety and all that. Plus, I'd really rather not end up in some supermax meta prison or owe a bazillion dollars that I don't have." States Marc as he gives it a few seconds before he decides to give it up. He puts his hand over his mouth and coughs while saying the name, "Lexcorp."
Quake has posed:
Oooo. That name was all over files within SHIELD. That would be simpler than a few names out there. At least she had files to go on. And a few ways to peek at them without going deeper at first.

"That one would be a pleasure to take on. How long do you think you can hold on?"
Blackout has posed:
"I can probably push for taking steps for better safety. But it's only a matter of time before we cross the point of no return." States Marc. Then he adds, "And really, the only reason I bring all of this up, there was another scientist that is working on a similar project that I accidently came across. And I fear that his experiments may cause an instability in our own. So that may be a good selling point to slow down."
Quake has posed:
"Give me a week. See what I can come up with." A week should be plenty of time for Skye. "Same time? Same place. We can go with what I can dredge up by then."
Blackout has posed:
He says, "Will do, thanks Skye." And he'll withdraw his head into the darkness and the portal will close silently into a tiny spot and then nothing. Thus leaving Skye to her hax.