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Prison Break Out
Date of Scene: 14 October 2023
Location: Hydra Prison Camp in Germany
Synopsis: Captain America and Spier-Woman free prisoners of a Hydra prison camp, some of which are the family of the scientist they rescued recently.
Cast of Characters: Spider-Woman (Drew), Captain America

Spider-Woman (Drew) has posed:
Word comes from SHIELD: Dr. Janik Nemetz, the German scientist extracted from a Hydra base, is refusing to talk with anyone until his family is rescued. Fortunately, Captain America's already volunteered himself for the job.

It takes a few days for SHIELD to do the necessary surveillance and get appropriate resources into play. It seems the scientist's family is being held in a literal prison camp -- or Zuchthaus -- a kind of hard labor camp that that was outlawed almost sixty years ago, but which Hydra, at least, still finds useful.

One benefit is that the prison camp itself is located in the low level mountains, away from all other civilization. The drawbacks though are obvious: it's not that easy a place to infiltrate, with most of the prisoners being kept indoors, working deep in underground caves.

"You have a plan, right?" Jessica's hunched down nearby, a coat worn over her costume for warmth, as she scans the prison through binoculars. "I was hoping for a quick snatch and grab."
Captain America has posed:
Keeping his word is pretty important to Steve Rogers.

So it was a given that this rescue mission was going to happen, with or without SHIELD's cooperation. The fact that they are more or less compelled to do so by Dr. nemetz's stubborn insistence that his family be rescued first does make things a little easier. The surveillance is much easier obtained with their cooperation afterall.

As a general rule Captain America also tries to avoid violence wherever possible and practical as well. Though he is always willing to make an exception for Hydra, the quicker and quieter that they can pull off this particular mission, the more likely they can extract the man's family without endangering them too much.

No mission is guaranteed to succeed afterall. And this one is a little tougher then some. The same isolation that minimizes the threat of collateral damage, also insures that there is not an abundance of escape options either.

The other issue of course is the fact that this is a labor camp, which makes it somewhat likely that the doctor's family won't be the only prisoner.

Which probably means that Steve won't be settling for a quick, quiet extraction unless they can somehow manage to bring everyone else who is held there along too.

"The priority target is the doctor's family. We'll try to get in quietly and then the team can try to remove them from the vicinity. I'll stay behind. To cover the escape," he says quietly.
Spider-Woman (Drew) has posed:
There are a pair of guards at the entrance, sitting in a small booth. They're watching a tiny television set, though the reception keeps cutting in and out -- Steve, with his sharp hearing gets an earful of their cursing in German whenever that happens. Jessica, too, by the way she winces.

"Quiet. Right." As much as Jessica does love to punch her way through things, she was trained as a spy, so it's not exactly unprecedented. "There's a supply truck that runs up once a day. We can waylay them before they reach the camp and dress up in their uniforms. How's your German?" she asks. "Mine's not bad, but they respond to men so much better." She rolls her eyes. Go figure.

Jessica makes a vaguely annoyed noise as Steve says he's staying behind. "It's not a sinking ship, Steve." See what she did there? Captain? Anyone? "I know that look. You're going to want to spring everyone in that camp, aren't you? Finnne. I'm in." She's kind of resigned. It's the price of working with Steve. Honestly, she probably doesn't mind that much. These are the little lessons in morality that help her figure out what's right.
Captain America has posed:
It's not like Steve is exactly hard to read. Or anticipate for that matter, at least outside of combat. He makes no secret of what he believes in and while he doesn't insist everyone follow his personal code, he also rarely compromises. At least not when it is something that he feels is legitimately important.

He smiles briefly at Jessica's quip and dips his head slightly, the only real acknowledgement that he saw what she was doing there. "If there's anyone else there we can't leave them behind. After this Hydra is going to know that the camp is compromised. There's no real telling what they'll do to any of their other prisoners," he points out quietly. Dr. Nemetz's family deserves to be rescued and he understands that's SHIELD's priority. But there is a good chance that there are other people being held there that have families too.

That settles things for Steve.

He briefly lays a hand on her shoulder when she agrees to stay, a slight smile filtering over his expression. "If it makes you feel better, once the doctor is extracted we'll almost certainly have to punch some people." See? There's a bright side.

"Alright, I'll see if we can't get one of the trucks to stop and we'll get in that way. It's dark enough that they shouldn't notice that we're not Hydra until it's too late," he agrees, already starting to trot down to that narrow, winding road, out of sight from the gate.
Spider-Woman (Drew) has posed:
"Right." What Steve says is wholly logical. It's just not a leap of logic Jessica even thought to make. Rescuing the scientist's family was the mission, and she was completely focused on that. It makes her an excellent operative. Just not necessarily a moral one. Good thing she has Steve to cover her failings there.

On the bright side, it's clear he knows her well, because that touch to her shoulder as much as the assurance she can punch people makes Jessica brighten considerably. "Good point. We might even explode a thing or two. I brought some grenades, just in case." Probably a good thing she disclosed beforehand.

She tucks the binoculars away into her coat and hurries after Steve down the road.

Fortunately, there's plenty of places to hide on the side of the road, it being distinctly rocky. Jessica squints at Cap, in his uniform, then her own, mostly covered by her coat. "I think I'm probably more likely to get them to stop. Which means you get to punch them. I'll let it happen this time." She's teasing, of course. There's promised punching later! She'll pull off her mask -- not really so great for getting someone to stop -- and tucks it into her pocket as she walks out into the middle of the road.

The moment the truck comes into view, she lifts a hand and starts waving. She's planted herself right in the middle of the narrow road, and while they /could/ run her over, she just appears to be a lone woman needing help. The truck rolls to a stop as the driver and his companion exchange rapid-fire German, oblivious to Cap's presence nearby. Sounds like they're debating on leaving Jess by the side of the road. Chivalry IS dead.
Captain America has posed:
In all fairness there is a reasonably good chance that these are a pair of Hydra agents too. Why have a secret base out in the middle of nowhere and then hire some random schmoes to do the delivering right? The fact that they stopped at all and didn't just summarily shoot her might suggest that this particular pair of evil German Hydra agents have a shot at redemption.

But probably not tonight. And while Captain America would prefer to give people the benefit of the doubt, even he has limits. So with Jessica providing a suitable distraction, enough so to get the pair to fall into an argument about the best course of action, Steve rises up from the shadowy little nook created by the rocks that line the road here, no doubts remenants from when they blasted the route in the first place.

His costume might stand out well enough during the light of day, and it surely wouldn't pass muster up close, but in the shadows, partially concealled by rocks? His motion is barely noticable at all. Nor is it likely that the pair has much more then a split-second warning when his shield finally comes flying out of the darkness.

It might not be quite the visceral thrill of punching someone in the face, but watching that legendary shield take one of the agents in the side of the head, rebound off and smack the second man in the forehead before arching back to Captain America does have a certain satisfaction and he casually catches that disc as he steps out between the rocks. "Transportation secured," he says, leaning over to begin stipping the coat from the driver while pulling down his cowl to reveal that blonde hair.

"Now we can see just how attentive those guards are."
Spider-Woman (Drew) has posed:
Perhaps they are Hydra-lite. Working their way up the rungs to true evil. Safe to say while they might be a chance for redemption, taking them out is probably safest. Especially since they seem to conclude it's safest to 'leave the woman's body' somewhere. It's almost like the shield is counterpoint to that view, zinging in to take out the pair of them with an expert precision.

Jessica can't see much beyond the headlights of the truck, so there's no feigning in the squinting she does as she shields her eyes. "Hello? I was out hiking, and I got terribly lost. You're the first people I've seen- oh, thank f- uh, goodness." She missed the zing of the shield, but she sees Steve walking casually out from the side of the road, and leaps to the logical conclusion.

Walking around the truck, she climbs up to the step and grimaces. "Ugh. Don't Hydra teach people to bathe anymore?" She echoes Steve's gesture, tugging the Hydra agent out of the truck and stripping him of his coat, buttoning it up over her costume. It'll probably pass a quick inspection, maybe more so when she grabs the hat and stuffs her hair up underneath it. The Hydra goon is dragged out of sight behind some rocks before she climbs up into the passenger side, and begins rifling through the glove box.

"Papers," Jess says, waving the crumpled notes triumphantly. "It always makes things much more official." She smooths them out, sets them in the center where Steve can easily reach, then hunches down into the corner, making it look like she's dozing. Hopefully the guards at the gate aren't too interested in them. Truthfully, by the yelling when the truck approaches, they're more interested in the game they're trying to watch.

"Evenin' Henreich," calls one of the guards in German. "Have you seen the scores-" the guard frowns as he notices it isn't the usual supply run figures and squints. His tone turns suspicious. "What gives?"
Captain America has posed:
Realistically, the pair probably deserves a little worse then being left unconscious at roadside, stripped of their coats. Though it is rather cool out, especially up here in the mountains. Still, if they wake up with a little frost on them maybe it will be encouragement enough to think about their life decisions. at least that's the hope.

The cab of the truck is not the most pleasant place to be and Steve's expression screws up slightly as well as he settles behind the wheel, kicking it into gear and starting them rolling down towards the waiting gate. "I'm told if your enemy's eyes start to water in the middle of the fight it's a pretty big advantage," the blonde Super Soldier counters drily. It's as likely an excuse as any. "Personally, I'd rather have the shower myself. But really, they need every advantage they can find tonight," he points out.

Suffice to say, it is unlikely that either Captain America or Spider-Woman have any great love in their heart for Hydra or anything that they have planned.

His gaze shifting from the winding, mountain road ahead and a cursory glance at the papers, Steve guides the truck capably until the gate comes into view up ahead, shifting in his seat a little to try and insure that any view of Jessica is at least partially blocked. Any hopes that the guards might be too distracted to paying them any mind whatsoever are quickly dashed, but Steve doesn't immediately give up, his German surprisingly good.

"Heinrich's out sick and this shipment couldn't wait. Priority," he says, sounding put-upon. Oh those Hydra Elites. Always making things tough for the little guy.
Spider-Woman (Drew) has posed:
A cold timeout might do wonders for reconsidering their life choices. That and showing up to a -- hopefully -- Hydra base long ruined by the presence of a pair of Avengers on a mission.

"I mean, not wrong, but I just use like, dirt or something. Way easier and less of a self-punishment." It does, however, make Jessica laugh when Steve points out they need every advantage. "All right, I'll grant you that. And look, in fairness, the last time they probably slept was days ago. Hydra doesn't believe in mental health days. Or paid time off. Or the need for sleep."

It helps a great deal that Steve is the picture-perfect German soldier to all visual appearances. His German just seals the deal. "Huh," the guard's suspicion eases into sympathy. He knows about being put upon. "You know anything about television reception?" he asks, hopefully, half leaning to try and look at Steve's companion. However the cheer from his fellow guard has him turning with disgust as he misses a great shot. He gives a cursory glance at the papers. "Oh, fine. Go on. Park in the loading dock to the left," he waves them on, reaching to press the button to open the gate once he gets back into the booth.

They bump over an uneven road, before a rough-hewn tunnel carries them into the mountain. It feels claustrophobic until it opens up into a bigger, cavernous space. The promised loading dock is there on the left; paired with a cargo elevator. Neither of which is occupied right now. There are other vehicles and people in the large space, all going about their work, seemingly paying them no mind. Further ahead, large trucks are being filled with crates, and on the right hand side there's a small office area next to a smaller elevator.
Captain America has posed:
So far, so good on the infiltration front.

It is questionable just how long they can bluff their way along, but they might as well press their luck as long as they can. The deeper they are behind enemy lines when the alarms first sound the more confusion it's likely to create. They should instinctively look to their outer defenses first, giving them precious extra time to achieve their objectives.

Both the official and unoffical one.

"I don't," Steve says apologetically in German. "Probably cheaped out the satellites. Lots of money for some weapon prototype that probably won't work and not enough for the simple things in life," he comments. Hey, nothing wrong with sowing the seeds of a few doubts. A little reminder that life in Hydra isn't all that great.

Either way, the distraction works well for them and in short order they are pressing on, deeper and deeper into the base proper. The loading dock is as good a place as any to make their entrance. Better then most. They're likely to blend in a little longer afterall.

So the truck gets backed up to one of those cargo elevators before being brought to a stop, and Steve hops out casually. He flashes a quick nod towards Jess, and then he starts striding right towards that small elevator by the office area.

He might not be a spy, but it is pretty basic craft. When in doubt, just look and act like you belong.
Spider-Woman (Drew) has posed:
The guard grunts in knowing agreement. "It's the simple things in life that matter most!" The seed is most definitely planted as the disgruntled guard goes back to watching the patchy reception with his companion.

Jessica gives Steve a thumbs up as he drives them away from the gate. "Didn't know your German was so good," she says with a grin. Before she bails from the cabin of the truck she grabs the papers and stuffs them into the pocket of the borrowed coat. Part of that effort of looking like they belong.

Nevermind her pants are a brilliant red color.

Fortunately no one's looking their way as Jessica hurries to catch up with Steve. In the office, they can see what looks like a foreman and a couple of workers wearing some high visibility gear, and a bored looking secretary. The secretary is facing them, and she glances their way, but pays them no mind. Either they look like they belong, she's learned when not to pay attention to things that aren't her business, or both.

They make it safely to the elevator. There's a bank of buttons, helpfully labeled -- in German. Mine is the lowest level, and workers just above it, though the translation could be read as 'prisoners', just as readily. Above that are offices and living quarters, presumably for the Hydra staff of the base.
Captain America has posed:
"I had a lot of time to practice," Steve replies with a tight smile.

Then they are crossing that wide open space of the loading dock as if they know exactly where they're going. The fact that they are surrounded by individuals who are at least on Hydras payroll, even if not true, dyed in the wool believers doesn't seem to phase Cap as he makes a beeline for that office.

Sometimes it is almost strange, how normal things can seem in a place like this. There are few forces more oppressive then Hydra that Steve Rogers has faced over the years. But then this seems like just another office. People trying to get their jobs done, to avoid being hassled by their superiors. They gossip, they complain about upper management. It certainly doesn't seem like an outpost for Evil Incorporated.

At least not on the surface.

While their faces might be known to Hydra, and neither one of them is exactly in regulation green, no one stops them and moments later they are in the elevator. There may be cameras keeping an eye on them, but at least there are no human eyes on them for the moment. Glancing over all the buttons before pressing the second button from the bottom.

"The prisoners look like they're kept here," Steve says to her, glancing her way. "If we don't find the doctor's family here we'll have to go down in to the mines. Either way, that should probably be our next stop," he says quietly.
Spider-Woman (Drew) has posed:
It says a lot, that simple statement. It makes Jessica glance at Steve, sidelong. He's always been a present, willing ear to her various complains -- and she's never been shy of availing him of those. At the same time, she's probably never been great at returning the favor. Not intentionally: it's just something she wasn't really taught, and friendships are a thing she's still learning, or re-learning, as the case may be, to establish the boundaries of.

The tight smile suggests it's not a pleasant memory. But then, hers have rarely been, as well. "If you need someone to talk to," she begins, slowly, "I mean, I'm absolutely the worst person for it. But I'd listen. If you ever needed."

Jessica looks a little uncomfortable. It's apparent as she slumps against the elevator wall and nods at Steve's words.

"How are we going to get them out? Unless you- oh." She straightens as she looks up at him. "We're going to set off the self-destruct, aren't we? That's the only way to make sure none of the Hydra folk are going to stop the prisoners escaping." One thing Hydra agents can usually be counted on is a self-interest above the cause. Unless their immediate superior is in the room, of course.

The doors open quietly. It's the smell that immediately assaults; the truck was bad, this is /worse/. Unwashed people, poor plumbing. It has all the hallmarks of camps Steve encountered back in the forties, let alone modern day. There are four large cages taking up the spaces. Inside it looks like there's a dozen people in each cage -- men, women and children alike -- sleeping on the ground. In the very center of the room at the point which all four cages meet is a group of four soldiers, laughing and jostling each other as they play a game of dice, completely oblivious to the new arrivals.
Captain America has posed:
In many, if not most respects, Steve is luckier then a lot of men from his generation.

For one, he actually made it back from the war -- even if he took a detour several decades long. Of course, it did cost him just about everyone he knew. Not the fairest tradeoff perhaps, but it has let him see things he could never have hoped to otherwise. Let him do things as well. He's not really one to complain very much -- just an innate trait or something else he picked up from his particular generation.

Still, it's not exactly hard to see her discomfort and he flashes a more genuine smile her way. "Thanks Jess, it means a lot," he says quietly. The fact that she can recognize it at all suggests that she's making progress which is no bad thing. And that she is willing to make the offer, despite the discomfort. "I just might take you up on that sometime.," he promises.

On the whole he has adapted pretty darn well to his change in circumstances. But talking something through rarely makes things worse, right?

The elevator continues to descend and Cap arches a brow when the dark-haired woman suggests their likely course of action. "I mean, it will depend a little on how many people we're talking about. Our best bet is to get the captives, take them up to the loading docks, seize them and get them in the truck. Then we can set off the self destruct and hightail it out of here while they're doing the same. With luck, they'll be too busy to worry about us. If not..."

Well, they can cross that bridge when they get to it.

When the elevator stops and the doors start to slide open, the scent, the sights do inded bring back unwelcome memories to the blonde super solider. It's not the best of news for them right now either, as the evacuation will be a little tricky. They'll probably have to grab an extra truck or two, even if everyone is willing to cram their way in.

But there is no way he's leaving anyone behind. Not in these conditions. Not in the hands of these animals.

In a flash the shield is out from beneath the bulk of the jacket, hurled across the room towards the laughing Hydra soldiers. Normally he would give his opponents a chance to stand down.

Not this time.
Spider-Woman (Drew) has posed:
"All right. But I reserve the right to supplement any such talk with cheeseburgers, milkshakes, or alcohol, as appropriate." As for what would make each appropriate, she's not exactly forthcoming. She's not exactly a stranger to trauma, and her therapy of the last several months has definitely helped.

As much as Jessica was one to bottle things in by training, talking /does/ help. Damn her therapist for being right. (And Steve, of course.)

"All right. So, exploding the base is plan B. Got it." Jessica is nothing if not adaptable. Even if she does seem vaguely disappointed.

The shield goes flying, slamming into the laughing face of one Hydra soldier and bouncing off to hit his smirking companion, before zooming back towards Steve. The other two soldiers begin to swear and reach for their weapons, but Jessica's flinging her hands out towards them, and two jolts of bio-electricity goes zooming out, hitting the pair. They immediately seize and drop with a sufficient weight to suggest she might have killed them. It could be an accident, but judging by her expression, it's not. She's having lots of feelings about this room and none of them pleasant.

That done, she parts to head to the nearest cage. She hasn't got the shield to pry the locks open, so instead she settles for wrenching the nearest one's door open. Meanwhile, an older gentleman approaches the cage door nearest Steve. The way the others look to him, he seems to be some sort of spokesperson, his soft German deferent. "Are you here to release us?" Everyone's kind of watching, waiting for that particular answer before they display any sense of joy. To look at them, all hope is wiped from their expressions.
Captain America has posed:
While Steve might not be all about the casual killing, he is a soldier and when it comes to Hydra, they are still very much fighting a war.

Besides, he's not exactly about to shed a tear over anyone who can sit here and laugh in the midst of this, ignoring the human suffering going on around them. They have more or less chosen to leave the human race and the decency that should go along with being a part of that.
For the moment at least the possibility of cheeseburgers, milkshakes and alcohol are put aside. There will be time for them to go over personal traumas later. When they are not in the midst of people who are clearly suffering a whole lot more then they are. Get them home, back to their families and loved ones. Then they can seek out comfort food.

Captain America does spare a quick glance for the quartet of downed men, making sure that they are not getting back up, at least not in time to bother any of them soon, and only then does he head towards another of the cages, gripping his shield in both hands and slamming it down against the lock, snapping it in half.

"That we are. We're getting you all out of here," Steve says quietly to the man that the others look to. "I'm sorry it's taken us so long to do it." Did they know about this place before? Could they have acted sooner? He's willing to give SHIELD the benefit of the doubt.

"Is this all of you, or are any of you still down in the mines right now?" he asks, mind already plugging away at the best way out of here before all of Hydra comes crashing down on them.
Spider-Woman (Drew) has posed:
Did SHIELD know about this place before? Impossible to know without higher level clearance. Maybe ignorance is a kind of bliss. Jessica certainly has long learned not to ask certain questions when she's pretty sure she won't like the answers. Then again, she hasn't Steve's default sense of rightness.

The old man lets out a ragged breath, and then nods. "Good. We are ready to go." He turns to look at the others. Carry the smallest children. The oldest hold the hands of the youngest. Stay close together, and follow what the man tells you." There's some uncertainty in the prisoners, but the first signs of hope are apparent in the stifled sniffles and relieved breaths as the prisoners begin to shuffle to their feet, waking up those that weren't already woken by the commotion.

The old man looks back towards Steve. "I am Echkhard," he introduces himself. "The Hydra, they are clearing out the diamonds. They don't let us in the mines when they're doing that. I think they think we will steal them. Where would we hide them, or take them?" Echkhard shakes his head with weariness and disgust both.

Meanwhile, Jessica's moving through the other cages once she pulls them open. "Steve... I think this is them." She crouches near a woman cradling a young boy. "Are you the wife of Janik Nemetz?" The woman nods, her eyes wide. "He is alive. And free. But we must get you somewhere safe." She stands, ready to help guide people.
Captain America has posed:
That will save them some time at least. And a few steps. Anything that keeps this extraction as simple as possible is to their benefit in the long run. And anything to their benefit makes the chances of them getting everyone out safely that much more likely.

Nodding to Echkhard, Steve does a mental headcount as they speak. "Not exactly reasonable," he agrees quietly. "But in this case their paranoia means that it's much more likely that we're going to get you all out of here. Keep getting everyone organized and we'll head for the elevators in just a moment," he promises the man, turning and offering a reassuring smile and nod to some of those who still look wary, unwilling to believe that they might actually get out of here. "You're all going home," Captain America promises quietly.

As the older prisoners gather up the younger ones, the children and give them instructions, Steve crosses back over to stand by Jessica and converse quietly. "All the prisoners are here so we don't have to worry about hunting through the mines. But there's no easy way to get them out back the way we came. We'd have to make a three or four trips up the elevator and be split up. I think we're going to have to make for the cargo elevator," he says quietly, his gaze never ceasing to flick about the room even as they plan.

"Any chance you have an idea to deal with those cameras? Assuming that they don't already have half the garrison heading for us, we don't want them having an easy way to trace our retreat," he admits.

It may come to a straight up fight, but he would rather avoid it if at all possible. At least until the captives are all safe.
Spider-Woman (Drew) has posed:
A promise from Captain America holds a great deal of weight. Even if most don't recognize who he is, he has a gravity of reassurance around him that makes them believe him, regardless. It spreads like a murmured wave, the beginnings of hope, the whispered voices and gentle touches as they help each other to their feet, preparing to leave this prison.

Jessica regards Steve as he approaches, nodding in agreement at his assessment. "There's probably stairs somewhere, in case the power goes. But I wouldn't think most of these people can climb readily." Many of them look considerable emaciated. So that's probably not an option. "Security, sure. It'll be standard Hydra. The security rooms are probably on the level with the living quarters. Except that's also where the bulk of the soldiers are probably stationed, so it'll probably be a fight either way." She has to pause and think: what /she/ would do is different than what Steve would do.

What Would Steve Do is definitely a part of her default thought process here. "It might be safer for you and I to handle the soldiers directly, then having them coming after us and trying to protect this group at the same time." She brightens. "And I have grenades." Someone really wants to use those.
Captain America has posed:
There are risks no matter what they do of course.

Trying to fight and safeguard all of the captives is fraught with all sorts of dangers for them all. The innocents could get caught in a crossfire and trying to defend and attack at the same time is likely to make things much more difficult for both Jessica and himself. On the other hand, as satisfying as it might put those grenades to good use and take out a lot of the enemy force and their security center at the same time, there is always the possibility of structural damage from the explosions in this confined space. And a number of the hostages do not look like they would be able to make the climb out.

Sometimes you just have to roll the dice though. "You're just looking to replace face punching with big booms," Steve accuses her with just a hint of a smile, though he nods his head at her assessment as well. "But it is probably our best option. We stop the elevator at the next floor up on the way out and deal with the bulk of the soldiers and their security station there. We'll use your grenades to make sure the job gets done and then keep going and hope the confusion plays to our advantage," he agrees.

Is it a perfect plan? Not hardly. But it is the best they've got under the circumstances.

Turning back to the rest of the room, Steve claps his hands to gather up the attention of everyone. "Alright, we are heading out and making our way to the cargo elevator. Stick close together and if you spot anyone, don't hesitate to call out. If we do run into any Hydra soldiers, get down on the ground or as out of the way as you can and we will take care of them, okay? Lets move out."
Spider-Woman (Drew) has posed:
"Am I really that transparent?" Jessica asks through the biggest possible grin -- yup, he pegged her alright. Who doesn't like a good explosion when it's you /doing/ the exploding, rather than being exploded?

She actually goes up onto her toes, grin widening, as he agrees to go with that plan. "Roger that, Cap," she says, not really trying to contain her excitement. It might be a little dissonant to those they are escorting towards the cargo elevator. A lot of people are giving Jessica strange looks. Fortunately Steve appears to be leading things and his steadiness and reassurance is a boon for everyone as they shuffle towards the cargo elevator.

This elevator, unlike the other, requires a keycard to function. Fortunately, all the guards they took out earlier have them, and Jessica swipes all of them, handing one to Steve, one to Echkhard, and one to the Nemetz's wife. She believes in diversifying resources. Hard to say if that's a Hydra holdover or a SHIELD one.

The cargo elevator proves slow and uncomfortable with everyone packed in together. A few of the younger children are sniffling and crying quietly, just overwhelmed with what's happening. The elevator pings and quietly opens at the living area level, leaving them facing a corridor. To the left are the barracks, many of the bunks currently occupied; it seems like run split shifts to keep the operation going. On the right are more private rooms for offices and the security room, protected by a heavy door that their keycards won't open. Then again, it would hardly be the first door Captain America has crashed through. "You want left or right?" Jessica whispers.
Captain America has posed:
If there is anyone that Captain America is okay causing a little chaos for, it would definitely be Hydra. Certainly they deserve it.

While Jessica might take the initiative on her own to distribute the keycards, it is one that Steve definitely approves of. While he is an optomistic sort and genuinely believes that they are all going to make it out of this just fine, it's best that they leave themselves options. Including the risky and last resort option of giving the people they're rescuing a chance to flee on their own if something goes wrong for the two of them.

The elevator is packed and uncomfortable, even for Steve. Though not for the same reasons. In some ways this is the most dangerous part. If their escape attempt has been noticed Hydra could conceivably just stop the elevator between levels and leave their prisoners with no real viable escape at all. So despite the forthcoming conflict, there is a little part of the blonde super soldier that is relieved when that quiet chime sounds and the doors slide open in front of them revealling that corridor.

A quick glance around confirms the same thing Jess sees -- barracks to the left, offices, including security, to the right. "Take out the barracks. I'll deal with security," he says with a nod towards her and a tight smile. "Then we get these people out of here," he adds, turning back towards the captives. "Hold the elevator here. We'll be just a couple of minutes at most," he promises.

Taking a couple of the grenades from Jess, he turns and strides down the passage. The heavy door is definitely a barrier -- one that the grenades are impractical to solve. It would take a shaped charge to do much good, but Steve tries his own solution. That shield comes off his back once more and is slammed into the electronic scanner beside the door, sending up a shower of sparks. Then, gripping the disc in both hands he slams it into the door where it meets the frame, using it as a sort of crowbar to slowly begin to lever the security door open.

they'll know he's coming, but he can deal with that.
Spider-Woman (Drew) has posed:
Echkhard nods solemnly to Captain America. "Godspeed, sir," he says, as he steps forward to block the elevator doors from closing automatically. Fortunately, it being a cargo elevator, there's no alarm associated with the doors being held open for long periods.

The bright grin Jessica gives Steve suggests she's more than pleased with the assignment given her. She hands over a pair of grenades, making sure to put on her mask. Sure, she plans to make sure none of these Hydra agents are going to walk out of here, but why take any chances? She slips past Steve, further up the corridor, and waits until he starts slamming his shield into the door before she kicks open the one to the barracks. "Hup to, Hydra. Inspection time!" she manages a crisp call to attention familiar from her days in Hydra.

Some fall for it. Not everyone, but being woken from a dead sleep with such a call, some just reflexively respond. At the same time, Jessica's popping the pins on a pair of grenades, counting and throwing them as she ducks back out of the way.

Meanwhile, Steve's battering at the door, and then levering it open. Apparently those inside object to this, because the moment he pries the door open, a barrage of gunfire peppers the narrow space he's created. A quick glance will tell him there's four guards inside, two crouched behind a console straight ahead, and two more to his left behind a less sturdy desk.

That's about when Jessica's grenades go off, so close together they sound like a single explosion. If people in the base didn't know they had company, they sure do now.
Captain America has posed:
While Steve himself might not be bulletproof, that shield of his sure is and as the door wedges open enough to look into and reach into the offices beyond the star-spangled man with a plan uses it to ward off that readied gunfire, popping his head just over it to quickly take in the scene, to not where everyone is, and most importantly to locate the security console.

Time is short. Once the first of the grenades go off Hydra is going to have a good idea of just where they are and while they might be taking out the bulk of their soldiers down here, there will still be any guards on duty up on the surface who will be able to waylay them.

So Steve doesn't hesitate to pull the pins on his own grenades either, pausing for just a moment and then hurling them through that opened crack with the same precision he shows when tossing that shield around. The explosives fly true, landing by the security console that oversees the internal security and automated defenses.

Then he lets the door slam shut, giving them a little bit of a barrier from the forthcoming explosions, turning to walk back down the hall towards Jess and the waiting elevator.

Sure enough, seconds later there is a second pair of explosions, one right after the offer, muffled only by that reinforced door that still bulges violently outward at the force of thsoe grenades, metal buckling but not giving way completely. A smokey haze begins to leak out into the hall and the lights flicker, shudder before they're replaced by whirling red illumination as the alarms begin to sound.

"Alright, lets get these people loaded up into trucks and get out of here," he says, joining Spider-Woman on the way back to the elevator.
Spider-Woman (Drew) has posed:
It sounds like not everyone bought the 'Hydra inspection'. Maybe because she's a woman, maybe just because -- go figure -- some Hydra agents are naturally suspicious. When Jessica pokes her head around the corner to observe the flaming aftermath of the explosion, gunfire sounds. Fortunately, she's kind of prepared for that, throwing a series of venom blasts down the barracks that end the gunfire. Unfortunately, one of the gunmen is a better shot than the others, and Jessica's yelp is more surprised than alarmed. The red of her outfit mostly makes the flesh wound on her arm invisible, but her expression says a lot as she stalks back towards the elevator.

She's pretty peeved.

At least Steve has more success in the security room, everything falling silent after the explosions rattle off, though that red illumination doesn't speak to good things. "Roger that," Jess reports, easing into the packed elevator and waiting for Steve to join them before she presses the button for the top floor.

It opens out into that wide hangar.

Before, it was nearly empty. Now it's full of people -- Hydra agents and workers high-tailing it for the exit. Apparently everyone knows exactly what it means when that particular alarm sounds. Hydra tends to prefer to destroy their bases and worry about the collateral damage later. Fortunately most are just running for it; only a couple think to head towards the trucks where Steve and Jessica exit. They're not soldiers though, and it won't be difficult to take them out and claim the trucks themselves.
Captain America has posed:
As least they didn't accidentally kill the power.

It's always a risk, when you start blowing things up. Sure, you'll probably take out what you are intending to. It's all of the unintentional damage that you might do in the process that's the real danger.

But in this case everything worked out, though Steve does notice the wound in Jessica's arm despite the way the costume almost seems designed to make such things blend right in. "You okay?" he asks quietly. He's fairly confident that it is nothing that can't wait until they are safely out of here. But better to make sure.

Then the elevator is rising once more, each moment that they get closer to the surface the relief of those with them seems to become more palpable, that almost fatalistic belief that things just won't work out slowly giving over to hope that they will. That's reward enough in Steve's eyes. And makes any lecture that SHIELD might want to give to them about not sticking to mission priorities well and truly worth it.

Then the doors are opening up once more, this time into the chaos that has already enveloped the loading docks. If there was any doubt that Hydra is likely to just blow the building, it is banished by the fact that so many of their agents are just making a run for it, dashing out into the chilly wintery air.

And those not fleeing do not look particularly threatening. "We won't get everyone into one truck," he comments to the dark haired woman as he tugs that shield off his shoulder once more, starting to walk towards those close to the pair of trucks nearby. "You take half of them in the truck we came in, I'll take the other half in that one," he says, motioning towards another vehicle parked nearby.

Then he falls into a slow, steady ground-eating trot, pointing to the base personnel nearby. "If you know what's good for you, start running," he orders, shield held in one hand, ready to hurl as needed.
Spider-Woman (Drew) has posed:
"Yup," Jessica answers Steve without a pause. "I mean, it hurts like f-" a breath, "-a lot, but I heal fast." And she's a hundred percent behind /get out of here fast/ being the top priority right now. She also knows what those red lights mean.

"On it," the woman's already bolting for the truck they came in on. "Load up, people," she calls, as she climbs into the back and starts tossing boxes out. Who knows what's inside of there, but she throws them like it weighs nothing at all. "Where's... here, come here," she beckons towards the Doctor's wife and child, helping them up into the front. There's still a mission to complete, and this way SHIELD can't say they went off mission.


One look at Steve's expression is sufficient to convince the base personnel that, in fact, running out into the wintry night is probably preferable. But only barely. Echkhard follows Steve, and helps many of the others up into the truck bed.

Jess isn't waiting around, once everyone's loaded up in her truck. She guns the engine and pulls out of there. Doesn't even bother tooting the horn. Hopefully the base personnel are savvy enough to get out of the way, because she's got the pedal to the floor, slamming through the gate and bumping down the narrow road. The evacuation point is a good five miles away. She checks her rear view mirror to make sure Steve is behind.
Captain America has posed:
It might not be particularly pleasant outside, but a little cold is a whole lot better then how hot it's likely to be in the base in a matter of moments.

It also is better then having Captain America pummel them too.

So as they turn to flee, Steve keeps an eye on them, but is already backing away towards that second waiting truck, only turning when he is certain no one is having any second thoughts about coming back around.

Then he turns and races back towards Echkhard and his people, helping them into the back of that truck, lifting the children up into the arms of the waiting man and then slamming the tailgate shut. "Keep close. It's a little cold out there, but we'll have you loaded up onto the waiting Quinjet in a few miles and it'll be a lot warmer and more comfortable then," he promises. Though still tight quarters.

With that done, Steve doesn't waste time in making his way to the cab, hopping in, retrieving the keys and firing the engine.

Being the rear truck does have it's advantages. The ride is a little smoother for one, with Jess dealing with that pesky gate. He is less than thirty seconds behind her in the end, quickly making up that ground as they roll out onto those winding mountain roads as the base behind them suddenly goes up in flames, a plume of fire and smoke rising up into the dark night.

One more down, far too many to go.

But the important thing is that the mission is a success. Not only did they achieve their objectives, not only have they insured that Dr. Nemetz will share what he knows, but they've saved a whole lot of people that needed it and that will always go down as a win in Steve Rogers' book. In less than fifteen minutes they will be back at the waiting Quinjet, loading the rescuees onboard and then they'll be off.

All in all, not a bad bit of work.

But it's not the last time they'll have to deal with Hydra either.