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Also, update
Date of Scene: 01 March 2019
Location: Unknown
Synopsis: Spider-Woman gets promoted!
Cast of Characters: Spider-Woman (Drew), Iron Man

Spider-Woman (Drew) has posed:
It's a good thing when no one's around to watch Jessica eat. Slipping into the dining area, she's already made sure no one is around. Home free! She carries a giant bowl of Froot Loops and milk in and sets it on the table. Spoon? Carried in her mouth. She seats herself with an enthusiastic expression and pulls up her feet to sit cross-legged in the chair. On her phone, she fires up some DIY project video, and digs into the mountain of fruity, sugary cereal. Lunch...has arrived.

Iron Man has posed:
Tony isn't subtle, so there's plenty of time to slightly adjust before Tony's actually upon her. He's talking to JARVIS as he enters the dining area, walking across to pick up an apple, look at it, and reconsider his life choices about diet. "That's fine, I want another test suite," Tony's saying to JARVIS. He then notices Jessica, and a smile immediately flows to his features. "Cancel that meeting request I was going to send to Ms. Drew; shes' right here, I'll handle it now," Tony says to JARVIS, easily able to be overheard by Jessica.

"Heya," Tony says, approaching, tossing the apple. He's wearing sunglasses inside, and there's some lag to his motions, but he's doing decently. He's high functioning alcoholic. "Late breakfast, huh? I skipped mine."

Spider-Woman (Drew) has posed:
Jessica hears Tony coming, but she isn't so much worried about him judging her. He's probably hungover, anyway. She shovels another spoonful of cereal into her mouth and munches, turning up the video to hear it over the sound of cereal obliteration.

"Oh, hi Tony!" Jess grins and sits up a little straighter, at least. "Breakfast is important. Want some Froot Loops?" She lifts the box and shakes it a little. "Breakfast of champions..."

Then it hits her and she tilts her head. "Wait, you wanted a meeting with me? Am I fired? Cause if I am, I'm taking this box with /me/."

Iron Man has posed:
"Have you done something I'm not aware of that you should be fired over?" Tony asks, in amusement. No, he doesn't judge her on her junk food; he does join her at her table without asking, though, assuming he's welcome. He sprawls in the chair, resting a forearm on the table, and settles the fingers against the side of his cheek near his ear. It skews his glasses just a bit, and doesn't exactly help with not looking hungover.

"Because my security's pretty good, I'd like to know where that hole is that I missed."

Spider-Woman (Drew) has posed:
Jessica watches Tony, her brow a little furrowed, as she chews, then swallows. In the background a woman sounds a little TOO excited to be building a shelf. Jess reaches over and turns her phone over, killing the video and the commentary.

"Hold on...we're not talking about me, here. What hole are you worried about?" She slides out of her chair and moves to the sideboard to pour him a cup of coffee, then returns, sliiiding it slowly over in front of him. "Talk to me Bebeh, we can conquer anything."

Iron Man has posed:
"I was talking about your firing," Tony answers, but moves a hand some as to dismiss things. His jokes can't always find proper audience, it appears. "Since you wanted to bring that up. I actually came here to promote you, but if you're not feeling the team, that's another matter." Tony tilts his head to look over his glasses at her, suddenly direct. The man is CEO of Stark Industries, and doesn't usually mess around when it comes to smoothly hiring or firing people.

Spider-Woman (Drew) has posed:
"Oh. OH...." Jess blinks. "Oh..."

Looking down at her cereal, she flushes deep pink. "Oh, I thought you were serious about something...I mean, no! I don't wanna be fired." Jess is not the CEO of anything, and can't even get promoted smoothly. "I'd...I'd be honored, honestly. I thought maybe...y--" Shut up, Jess. For once, shut up while you're ahead. And don't mention the hangover, for God's sake. "I'm speechless. Can I uh...get you anything? Food? Aspirin?" Smooth.

Iron Man has posed:
Tony is pretty patient, although he picks up the box of fruit loops, opening the top, and snares a handful from it, leaning back. He eats them like a snack, letting her embarrass herself. "You thought maybe I'd forgotten?" Tony questions, deadpan, but then the smile returns. "I had, in a way. I think everyone just assumed you already were an Avenger, so it didn't come up." Tony shrugs. "Anyway, what do you think? This is a 'yes' or 'no' sort of answer I'm looking for."

Spider-Woman (Drew) has posed:
"Yes!" Jessica is nearly as excited that Tony Stark's hand is in her Froot Loops as she is about being promoted. "I. Would. Love. That." She's giddy. It's clear she is restraining herself from hugging him. Probably a blessing for anyone with a hangover.

Aaand then she's unapologetically hugging him.

Iron Man has posed:
"Whoa. Up close pheromones. Hi," Tony laughs, wincing some from the sudden impact that crashes into his hangover, but the rest of it is pretty nice. He folds his hand around the remaining loops so as not to drop them, but returns the hug in a relatively professional manner. He wouldn't be termed a 'hugger', but he's easygoing and comfortable with both accepting and giving hugs. So long as there isn't too much emotion in it: it's more the emotional impact that strikes him.

"Great, then. We'll tie in a press conference with some other announcements, maybe this next week," Tony says. "I'm pretty sure you picked a room, so we'll just make that official, too--- JARVIS, handle all of that," Tony addresses the ceiling.

Spider-Woman (Drew) has posed:
Jessica bounces a little, excitedly and relenquishes the Boss. "Sorry! I didnt mean to overwhelm ya...Yeah that'll all be perfect. However it works best! And as for my room, Jarvis knows what I like, isn't that right?" Jess asks the ceiling.

"You right as rain, Miss Drew," comes Jarvis' polite response.

Jessica winks. "I taught him that."

Iron Man has posed:
"The best use of AI learning ability," Tony says in amusement, putting the rest of the 'loops from his hand into his mouth and dusting off his hand against the other of cereal bits. "Great. I'll let the team know," Tony says, pushing to his feet, and giving her a little finger-gun.

Finger-guns are official Tony fare, she must be very deserving. "Good work on the mission."

Spider-Woman (Drew) has posed:
Jess grins, blushing a little, and she stands up, as Tony does. "Thanks, Boss. You're the best. You know that." Of course he does. Everyone knows Tony Stark's the best. Especially Tony Stark.