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Talk Of John
Date of Scene: 04 March 2019
Location: Holding Cells - X-men Base
Synopsis: Polaris brings food to Warpath, who is being held after his assault on the X-men
Cast of Characters: Warpath, Polaris

Warpath has posed:
James Proudstar is sitting in his containment cell. He came in peacefully after the battle ended with Souvenir speaking to him in his brother's voice, wearing the headband that James had kept after the X-men had brought his body home and James had buried him.

James just sits on the floor, eschewing the small bed within the cell. Cross-legged, hands resting on his knees, the large Native American has mostly sat in meditation and quiet reflection since he was locked away. Polite thank yous were given anytime he was brought food, but otherwise James has not said much, nor has anyone approached him to speak.

Polaris has posed:
Polaris had read the mission reports, unfortunately, she had been occupied doing what she'd promise to do--try to chase down the money and use funding and allies for Genosha to try to help with the Sentinel situation. Which meant that when the call had gone out, she'd been in a rather obscure bank in Panama making sure certain funds that were not particularly traceable were being handled with care.

The Princess of Genosha had returned just that afternoon, exhausted, but wanting to follow up with what she'd read. Hence her presence with a tray of food to bring down to the man in a containment cell. She arched a brow, glancing over the walls with her electromagnetic senses as much as with her eyes. "Well, you do look like him, I guess." She started off, green hair spilling over her shoulders as she made to slide the tray through to James.

Warpath has posed:
James opens his eyes when she speaks. Much bigger than John, but the two men have the same eyes, from their mother. "Thank you," he says when he sees the food. He stands up, moving to get the tray. "Is Summers alright? I haven't heard anything about him since leaving the Medical Bay," he says.

He moves over to sit down on the bed, resting the tray on his lap, but attention fully on Lorna and not on the food. "Did you know John very well?" James asks her quietly after she'd made the comment about the resemblance the two brothers share.

Polaris has posed:
A shrug and the green haired woman pushed her hair back from her face, she waved her hand, and from down the hallway, a metal chair came flying to her grip. She pulled it up, sitting down outside the containment field and crossing her legs. She rolled her shoulders back, and her lips twitched faintly with humor. "I haven't had a chance to go talk to him yet, it's actually next on my list. I figure, however that I'd hear if he was dead." She drawled lightly.

Lorna leaned back in the metal folding chair, causing it to creak slightly. "I knew him as well as anyone else on the team." Her smile turned sad at that, "Which, given how much a pain in the ass everyone is here.. well.." She shrugged lightly. People in the Mansion were her found family, and like family, got on her nervous for all that she loved them. But the Princess of Genosha didn't say as much, even though it could be inferred by the way she glanced away and bit back a sigh as she trailed off.

Warpath has posed:
James Proudstar looks down at the tray of food, but if asked couldn't say what was on it just then. "I hope that he's alright," James's deep voice says, speaking in quiet tones. He looks back up from the tray and over to Lorna. "I'd say that I didn't take his death well. But I guess you probably have deduced that part," he says as if knowing how great the understatement is.

"He could be pretty hard-headed. I suppose I thought... well, I guess I figured he had to have changed, being here. Sounds like he was John though, disobeying orders," James replies, having heard John's memories in Souvenir telling how his death was the fault of his own arrogance.

James lets out a sigh. "I wish there was a way I could make up for what I have done. But I know there isn't. Still, I'm sorry." He looks around his containment cell. "I don't suppose it would be possible to get John's headband back, would it?" he asks quietly.

Polaris has posed:
A shrug and Lorna leaned forward, propping her forearms against her thighs as she watched him with careful green eyes. She was silent as she watched him for a long moment, the intensity in her gaze held, and it became apparent that this was a woman that was used to listening and reflecting. She sat back after a moment, her lips pursed together. "I don't know how I would handle it if any of my siblings died." She spoke softly, her fingers tapping lightly against the jeans of her pant-leg.

"I can say I hope, I would want to know everything before I acted.. but.." She shrugged once, "I know that I wouldn't either. I can hardly blame you for acting." She paused, considering James again.

"Hard-headed, yes.. But, he thought he was doing the right thing. He held a very strong sense of right and wrong. And he took responsibility very seriously.. so.." She exhaled a breath, and as far as his request? She fell silent, glancing back down the hallway briefly and back.

"I can ask."

Warpath has posed:
"Thank you. I don't have a right to ask more," James tells Lorna quietly. He looks back down to the plate of food. "I don't even have a right to ask that much," he says in that deep voice. "But I guess I am."

James sets the food tray to the side, resting it on the bed. "I didn't expect the X-men to bring people so young," he says. His hand clenches, but then he softly pounds the fist on his leg as if the emotion that caused it was directed at himself. "I didn't even see Rahne until the end," he says quietly, "Didn't know she was there." Would it have made a difference if he had? He'll be wondering that question for a very long time.

James looks over to her. "How do you feel, about... Xavier's dream for mutants? Your father has such a different outlook. Do you think humanity can ever really accept us the way Xavier believes?" he asks of Lorna. His voice is doubtful. Doubtful, but where before a statement would have not even given the benefit of having doubt.

Polaris has posed:
Lorna rose, exhaling a breath as James spoke about having little right to ask for anything. She shrugged once, shoving her hands into her jean pockets. "I joined the X-men here in High School. Learned how to control my powers and I learned how to fight." She paused only for a brief moment, and her lips twisted into a grimace. "This world doesn't let people like us stay young. We have to learn how to fight or we don't survive." She turned green eyes back to James and she inclined her head once.

"I don't honestly believe in it, I haven't for some time. It's why I left to join my father for a long while.." She exhaled a breath, "If humans do get over their hatred of mutants.. it won't be because of anything we've done. At least, not in most people's life times." She wasn't sure about her own, her father was old and he certainly didn't //look// his age.. How was she to know how long she might live?

"But I like the idea of it. And I guess there's something to that." She hitched an eyebrow upward. "I don't necessarily think that my father is entirely correct either, for the record. I think there has to be a third path. Genosha is the start of that." She nodded her head to the tray of food.

"Someone will come take that later I'm sure." With that, she made to depart.