7589/Anyone Seen A Stymphalian Bird Lately

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Anyone Seen A Stymphalian Bird Lately
Date of Scene: 22 May 2019
Location: Themysciran Embassh - New York City
Synopsis: Wanda asks Diana details about Stymphalian Birds, planning to collect some blood for a protection spell
Cast of Characters: Scarlet Witch, Wonder Woman
Tinyplot: Protect Xavier's

Scarlet Witch has posed:
Wanda Maximoff had called over to the Themysciran Embassy. Identifying herself to them as one of the Avengers, she said she was calling to request a meeting with Diana Prince to discuss the Stymphalian Birds that were encountered in Central Park recently.

A meeting was eventually set up for today. A swirl of red energy on the sidewalk outside of the embassy delivered the Scarlet Witch to the location, the woman in her late twenties striding out of the light which dissipates a few moments later. She walks up the steps and into the embassy, giving her name to the woman working at the entrance.

Wanda felt a bit dwarfed by the tall women in inside as she followed down hallways and up some stairs to be delivered to the appropriate room. She is wearing a purple top and black slacks, with a light grey coat overtop with voluminous sleeves. A number of rings adorn her fingers, and her hair is left to spill gently about her shoulders.

Wonder Woman has posed:
The two women who escort Wanda to the lounge room that Diana was in when she arrived are tall, around 5'11 each, they're both wearing leather jackets as well that are zipped up to midchest, and black leather pants. They look very... urban assassin, for some reason, that reason being that the two women are from Themyscira and both of them are extremely into the combative side of their Warrior women culture, they've taken to this kind of clothing now that they're on assignment here in Manhattan, having only just recently arrived for the very first time! Diana had taken them on a shopping trip last night, and this was the clothing they'd grabbed onto first.

Once Wanda is lead into the sitting lounge, Diana is on a sofa near three large windows that look out onto the backyard / park behind the Embassy. The sun is filtering into the windows through sheer drapes that hang down from the ten foot tall windows and its glowing over the woman as she rests at the corner of the sofa with a book in her lap. Diana herself is wearing a white sleeveless top that goes up to her neckline where a silver chain is resting around the base of her long neck. Her dark brown hair is tied back into an intricate braid that falls behind her shoulders and leaves her face clear of pesky strands of hair. She has a pair of black loose-fit slacks on her lower half, while her top clings to her fit and lithe form, its a contrast of fit and loose clothing.

When Wanda arrives, Diana closes her book and rises up to her full height, her heeled shoes carry her over 6'0 feet in height. She walks to meet Wanda and to offer her a hand. "Welcome. Come in." Diana says, smoky voice pleasant and warm, she looks past Wanda to her two 'sisters' and nods to them, they both break and head back out of the room into the hallway, very serious-like.

Diana looks back to Wanda, leans in and speaks lowly to her. "They are just here, from Themyscira. I apologize if they are a bit... stoic?" She then shows another soft smile as she turns to walk toward an arrangement of glasses and a jug of amber liquid. "Would you like some tea?"

Scarlet Witch has posed:
Wanda Maximoff smiles warmly and takes Diana's offered hand. "It is very nice to meet you, Miss Prince," Wanda says in softly accented English. Eastern European accents are not always the most pleasant. But Wanda's accent is subtle enough, combined with her slow manner of speaking, to make for a pleasing sound most of the time. "You have a number of fans amongst my teammates. I wish I had the opportunity to make your acquaintance before this," Wanda tells Diana.

The woman looks back over her shoulder at the pair of recently arrived Amazonians. "I am glad I did not bring my brother. I fear he would have his heart stolen and find a reason to stop by daily to get to know one of them," Wanda says with the kind of teasing grin that siblings manage when talking about the other even when they are not present.

"Tea would be lovely, thank you. I appreciate you taking the time to see me," Wanda says as she follows Diana over to where the beverage has been set out in advance. She'll take a seat when Diana does. "It's a very beautiful building as well. That grand staircase at the entryway is quite striking," she comments.

Wonder Woman has posed:
As Diana reaches for two cups to prepare the drinks for them both, she grins at the words about Wanda's brother and her two sisters. "Yes well... they are both still getting used to having any men around at all, let alone as many as there are here. It is... it is coming along." She says then with a glance back to Wanda and a slight grin shown before she has the two cups prepared and she turns to walk to the lounging furniture. "Please, do come and sit." She indicates as she offers the cup to Wanda and does indeed then sit herself upon the edge of a plush chair.

"Thaaaank you." Diana then says to the compliment toward the building, she glances around the room they're occupying and then back to her. "I wish I could take credit for it, but it was here when I got here." She makes a little joke, which is her nature when she's in a good mood. "I love the architectural designs of old world Manhattan... this is one of the older buildings in this part of the city and it has been kept in good standing form. I admire that."

With a little nod, a sip from her drink that she then sets forward on a glass coffee table and a glass drink coaster upon it. "I recently stopped by the Avengers home, being that it is only a few blocks from here, to congratulate Thor on his wedding engagement. I... think he was displeased to see me. I probably should have scheduled the arrival. My mistake, really."

Scarlet Witch has posed:
Wanda turns in her seat to look back at the doorway as she gives a gentle-sounding laugh. "Really? I can't even begin to think what kind of adjustment that would be for someone," Wanda says. "And I have a feeling it would either be greatly humbling or encouraging to a man to be around," Wanda turns back to Diana to flash her a soft grin at that.

Wanda takes the offered tea, holding the saucer and drinking from the cup with the other. "This is good, thank you," she says. "Thor can be... well, driven by customs that I am afraid I have still not mastered. But small measures seem to help move him on from such minor disagreements readily. Most of the time," she offers.

"I would have asked T'Challa to come with me, but I believe he is currently out of New York. I heard him relating the encounter that you and he had with some giant birds of Greek mythology?" Wanda inquires. "Followed them to an island in the Caribbean as I understand it?"

Wonder Woman has posed:
"It takes time... but they will come around to being mostly comfortable with it." Diana says about her sisters with a hint of a grin remaining before she also just nods in agreement with the subject of Thor and his customs. "He is a complicated man, to say the least." She speaks on that matter in short as her hands rest atop her knees her back is straight with good posture keeping her appearing tall even while seated.

When T'Challa is brought up there is a visible smile that crosses over Diana's red hued lips, suggesting she's quite fond of the man, but she also levels her chin some. "He is a busy busy King, T'Challa. I am sure I will see him soon though." With a slight nod then she continues. "But yes, we tangled with some of these creatures that were sadly summoned to Central Park in search of a... teacher... who had gotten the bright idea to 'swipe' some of their unhatched eggs when he discovered them on a trek to their remote island."

A remorseful expression appears on Diana's attractive face then, she recalls the experiences in the park within her mind for a few seconds before she refocuses her gaze upon Wanda. "Thankfully T'Challa was there to help me stop the creatures from doing more harm then they did. He also provided me with assistance in returning the eggs to their proper place, and now there is a Justice League monitoring system on the island, watching the birds closely."

Scarlet Witch has posed:
"So there are indeed more of them, then," Wanda says, her soft tone making the worst more of a statement than a question after what she heard from Diana. Wanda crosses one leg over the other and says, "I have something I am working. A bit of protection magic. And though I am still working out the details, I believe a preserved sample of blood from one of these creatures might be a requirement. So I was wishing to get as much detail as I could on the situation on the island. Where they might be found, how many and how dangerous they are," Wanda says.

The young woman pauses to take a sip of her tea before continuing. "The amount I need could be extracted without harming the creature. Though getting one to sit still for it may be more troublesome, I imagine. Especially if there are many others of them around to contend with. Would you be able to share what you know about their home?" Wanda inquires in her soft, slow-spoken manner.

Wonder Woman has posed:
Diana crosses her legs at the knees and ten rests her forearms atop her upper thigh. She places her hands together and interlaces her fingers together as she stares onto Wanda and listens closely. "Well..." She starts to form her response. "We can possibly do that..." She says. "Or we can garner a sample from the remains of one of the Stymphalian corpses that are in cold storage at the Justice League's Hall in Metropolis..." She then has a more calm expression on her face and she tilts her head. "But... I am guessing you need a blood sample that is from a living specimen?"

Diana gently nods her head then and glances off to her left toward the filtered light streaming in through the windows, the illumination across her features warms her face as she seems to have conflicted feelings on this matter.

She then looks back to Wanda. "They are very dangerous." She tells her then. "Their feathers are like the sharpest of sword, they will work their wings to detach the feathers and send them flying toward their enemies... these could cut their ways through a vehicle, let alone an unprepared person. Honestly it astounds me that the teacher and his people were ever able to leave that island with those eggs, without suffering a terrible fate."

Another light nod and dipping of her slim pointed chin toward Wanda. "So I have concerns about endangering anyone... by sending them there."

Scarlet Witch has posed:
Wanda motions with one of her hands as Diana provides the reason why a frozen sample would not work. "Both from a living one, and into a vessel with a preservation magic on it until its use," she confirms with a small inclination of her head.

Wanda takes another sip of her tea as she listens to the description of the creatures. "I would be sending some who should be capable of dealing with such a threat. Assuming I do not go myself if I am able. But your experience with them would be most helpful. I'm afraid the only other option I have come up with is only rumored to exist, and in the deepest parts of the ocean. And is far more dangerous. This seems like the safer option," Wanda says.

She glances over towards the windows, watching some birds wing past, perhaps imagining what they would look like if they were as large as the creatures she saw on the television footage. "Do you have any idea of their numbers?" she asks.

Wonder Woman has posed:
Diana reaches for her cup of tea as well while Wanda speaks and she enjoys another sip of it herself before she lowers it down to rest it upon her knee between both of her hands. "There are seven of them that we encountered. I believe that they can sustain another three to replace what they lost here, and thusly they will likely care for their children that will hatch from the eggs we returned. Stymphalian... have a tendency to weed out their weakest members if their living region cannot support their numbers. They are smart creatures, very smart. They will kill the weakest of their adult members, to let the children grow into their place, in hopes that they will be stronger than the ones they killed. This is to prevent depleting their food supplies, and to keep only their strongest alive."

"But." She pauses then as she reaches up to rub the side of her neck for a moment. "It is likely they will not do that now that T'Challa and I killed three of their kind for them. They will believe that those three were their weakest, thusly... we did the job for them."

Diana then slightly nods her head to Wanda. "I can go with you, to ensure that you get this sample securely and safely as possible. I care for the creatures as well though, I do not want to see them... slaughtered simply for the benefit of man. That would go against what I stand for."

Scarlet Witch has posed:
Wanda listens quietly to Diana, giving small nods at appropriate moments as the woman's green-eyed gaze stays on the Amazonian princess. "I do not wish to see them harmed either. If they are staying away from people, I only need a sample. Perhaps one can be lured away from the rest and subdued. Or tranquilized. Though I can only imagine the dose it might take," Wanda says.

"I understand their droppings are toxic as well from T'Challa's report? I will let you know when it comes closer to time and I have an idea of who is able to go. If you were able to assist with it, I would be very appreciative, Miss Prince," Wanda says, flashing the other woman a warm smile. "And I should probably be able to offer a speedy trip there, at the least," Wanda offers.

The Transian woman smiles over to Diana and says, "If you do have reason to stop by Avengers Mansion again, I hope that you will come by and pay me a visit, either way? I would enjoy the opportunity to repay your graciousness. I have a blend of tea that the family who raised me used to swear by which you might enjoy trying."

Wonder Woman has posed:
Diana uncrosses her legs and she rests the teacup back onto its saucer, then places her hands upon her knees and smiles over to Wanda. "If nothing else, we can all take a ride in my... ever famous 'invisible jet' that people love to gossip about on the internet." She grins quite openly then. "And should you ever hear anyone question it... yes, I know where I park it and do not have trouble finding it." She teases the most famous of jokes regarding her and that alien-tech powered transport.

"I would love to stop by the Avengers home again sometime soon and that is a wonderful reason to do so." She says with regard to the tea of Wanda's family. "Come." Diana stands up then as prepares to leave, it would seem? "I will tkae you on a quick tour of the Embassy before I assume you must depart."

Scarlet Witch has posed:
Wanda Maximoff finishes her tea and sets the saucer and cup back on the table. She rises, smoothing her slacks and then moving to follow Diana. "Excellent. I would make a comment about how I am looking forward to seeing it, but..." Wanda trails off, holding out her hands palms towards Diana as if indicating, what to say? It's invisible.

"Thank you, you are most gracious, Miss Prince. I can see why T'Challa seems to have such a smile when he speaks of you," she says, her eyes twinkling just a little bit towards the Themysciran as Wanda moves to follow Diana on the tour of the embassy.