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Inmate Interview
Date of Scene: 27 May 2019
Location: Unknown
Synopsis: Jessica interviews Adam in his cell in The Tombs. She promises to talk to SHIELD, Adam sees hope for the Blue Marvel.
Cast of Characters: Blue Marvel, Spider-Woman (Drew)

Blue Marvel has posed:
The Tombs, The Manhattan Detention Facility, in Lower Manhattan are a pair of towers joined by a skybridge done in a faux Egyptian style. They are tall, concrete and ugly.

There are a lot people coming and going through the main entrance, but law enforcement gets the privilege of skipping security lines. They still have to lock up weapons though.

The corrections officer on duty for handling special requests is tall, suspiciously muscled and all but leers at Jessica. He looks her over brazenly, entitled.

"Who's lawyer are you?"

Spider-Woman (Drew) has posed:
"I'm not an attorney," Jessica replies, matter-of-factly. "Apologies, however, if you're cloistered in here so much you can't poke your head above ground for long enough to watch the evening news." She flashes a badge and identification. "Jessica Drew, Avenger, and Agent of SHIELD." She allows her credentials to be examined before folding the case and slipping it back into the pocket of her brown leather blazer. Beneath the blazer is what appears to be a bodysuit, a crimson gradient adorned with metallic gold spider-webbing, and arachnid insignia upon the chest.

"I've come to speak with someone being held here. An Adam Brashear. I trust you won't take issue with a SHIELD agent interviewing one of your detainees? If so, I would be happy to notify the director of your dissent."

Blue Marvel has posed:
The man straightens up and reddens a bit.

"The special? No, I mean, yeah all yours. Nobody sees him except SHIELD and his lawyer," he recites and waves to his logbook. "Only you today."

"Hey Bates. Take the agent to see the special. Like, now," he says, leaning forward to yell out the door. "Bates'll take you down to seg to see him."

Bates look slightly terrified and he seems to be staring at some point just above Jessica's head. "Ah, this way, ma'am," he says. His eyes flick down too far and then back up above Jessica's face.

Bates leads the way to the elevators. The air here smells like sweat and fear, piss and street-feet. People look alternately bored or stone-faced as they go about their business.

After being buzzed through a few heavy steel doors they get into the elevator. Bates is silent at first. Then he touches the earpiece in his left ear and looks over Jessica again.

"Warden says to let you know you're on your own, ma'am. We can't, well if he gets crazy we can't stop him."

Spider-Woman (Drew) has posed:
"That's quite all right. He isn't going to 'get crazy,' and I'll be glad to take responsibility for myself and my safety at this point." She knew better than to cover her pheromones today. She might have needed all the help she could get at this point, just to get through security. "I thank you, however, for your concern and assistance." She sees herself out of the elevator, and moves down to the door of Brashear's cell, using her badge successfully to unlock it. "Agent entering," she says for Adam's benefit, as she slowly opens the door, then shuts it behind her.

"I apologize for barging in on you this way, Mr. Brashear. It isn't safe for me to linger in the hallways here. I hope you understand. I'm Jessica Drew, SHIELD Agent, and I am hoping to speak with you, if you would care to give me a bit of your ah..." She looks around the grim room. "...a bit of your time."

Blue Marvel has posed:
The room is small, very small. The bed is painted concrete that extends out from the back wall. There is a metal sink and toilet. The walls are the kind of yellow that suggests they were white once.

Adam stands when Jessica walks in, looking surprised. He brushes off his prison orange pants and puts down the book he was reading. He has a good three days of stubble, salter pepper against dark skin. He is tall, muscled and shifts uncomfortably.

Adam's face darkens when he processes that she is from SHIELD and then the pheromones hit. He bites off whatever angry remark he was going to make.

"I have lots of it," he settles on. "I'm sorry, I've got nothing to offer," he says with a gesture around the room. He sounds regretful and ashamed, not sarcastic.

Spider-Woman (Drew) has posed:
"I have a few things to offer," Jessica replies softly, without any edge of authority or judgment. "But we can get to that soon enough. I've read the reports, Mr. Brashear. I was there, too, when it happened. I was just unfortunate enough to have been on ground zero of the initial disaster. I have my own theories of what happened, but I would much prefer to hear yours, rather than speculate," she explains. "If you'd be so kind as to enlighten in regard to what happened after I was eliminated from the battle." Upon close inspection, she does bear what appears to be a new scar, still reddened, caused by a gash along her hairline. However, it appears to be far too healed to be from the battle itself. Unless she has the power of accelerated healing, of course. "Would you...mind? Talking to me about what happened?"

Blue Marvel has posed:
Adam crosses his arms and looks Jessica over appraisingly. He notes the bodysuit and his eye open a little when he puts two and two together.

"I hope you're alright," he says, conflicted. Adam takes a deep breath, and suddenly seems to make up his mind.

"My lawyer said I shouldn't tell you anything but what's done..." he shakes his head.
"I saw the Sentinel attack and War Machine get sent into a building. I," he clears his throat. "Went in after him, and kept the building from falling in him. We evacuated people together, then focused on the Sentinel. I hit the Sentinel with a concentrated stream of negative energy. I released too much energy, cut through the Sentinel's arm and the building behind it and through the road into the sewers. I disable the prisoner who was controlling the Sentinel and kept her from releasing a large electric. I assisted with evacuating people from damaged buildings, then turned myself in to the police.

Adam sits down on the bench and folds his hands together. "They told me four people got caught in my blast. Vapourized by anti-matter."

Spider-Woman (Drew) has posed:
Jessica nods. She takes out a small legal pad and a pen, but she doesn't write anything on it, yet. "That's...sort of what I expected. And you're here of your own free will," she observes. It's not a question. No matter the circumstances of his incarceration, he could have overpowered anyone trying to take him in. He could blast his way out of this cell and the facility with relative ease.

"I'm fine. I'm resilient, that way," she adds with a somber smile. "Mostly, I wanted to see how you were doing. I've kept track of you for years, due to...well everything else that has transpired in the past. I didn't see any need to interfere with your life. But your emerging from 'retirement,'" she emphasizes the word, "was somewhat surprising. Not dismaying, in the least. But you've been out of practice for a very long time. There's no doubt you're going to be a little rusty, despite your best intentions." She seems to be putting together a defense, even as she speaks conversationally with him. "The world right now needs Blue Marvel, as much as we need Superman, or Iron Man, or any of the other capes rising to the occasion. You're no different."

Blue Marvel has posed:
Adam frowns deeply and looks at Jessica with something approaching suspicion.

"Is this a trick? You people have been spying on me to make sure I didn't do anything for years. Now suddenly it's fine?"

Spider-Woman (Drew) has posed:
"To be perfectly honest, you have been monitored, but not to make sure you didn't do anything. SHIELD monitors all known superpowers, active and inactive." That, she believes, is a fairly well-known fact. "There are many out there who don't have good intentions. There's unfortunately not a moral compass which accompanies the powers that many have, or receive." Jessica moves across the cell, now, and leans back against the wall, laying her legal pad aside on the edge of his sink. The pen rests at a 45 degree angle across the pad. She seems at ease with the conversation.

"The agreement that you made when you retired was one that, while many supported it in its day, has become outdated. It was never right in the first place. But society has progressed a long way since those days. However, I hope that you can see that it might concern some that your wrongful retirement might have simmered and created resentment and mistrust. People change. You might not be the same man today as you were when you agreed to step back."

Blue Marvel has posed:
Adam grunts.

"Nice of anyone to tell me it was... outdated and wrongful. Is that what SHIELD is going to say when my lawyer sues?" Adam asks rhetorically.

He turns sideways to Jessica, paces the short distance to the other wall and back. His arms stay crossed. Then he looks back at Jessica.

"How could I be the same? I was a proud man doing service for my country back then. Now? I've been sitting on my hands for sixty years and finding out my marriage was a sham. Because of you people," he points at Jess, voice tight. "So no, I'm not the same man."

He considers Jessica for a moment. "How do you even work for them? You're an Avenger, how can you stand working for SHIELD?"

Spider-Woman (Drew) has posed:
Jessica considers Adam's assertions, and his question, for a long moment before responding. "Perhaps I was speaking my mind, and not the official stance of SHIELD," she replies. "I am not here on SHIELD orders, Mr. Brashear. And I am sorry for what you've been through. I am here to help you, because I felt if there was anyone in the world who could use someone to talk to, it would be you. I apologize for all that you've been through. I wasn't around for the past sixty years. I wasn't around for your marriage, or for your retirement. I wasn't around for the first four decades of your silence." She tilts her head, organizing her thoughts again, and finally levels her gaze on him. "I was here for your return, though. And that's where I've chosen to try to help. If you'll let me."

The questions about SHIELD go largely unanswered. "The world evolves, Mr. Brashear. And organizations evolve with it. They are, unfortunately, not immune to societal stimuli and public opinion. But they can be changed."

Blue Marvel has posed:
"No, of course you weren't," Adam says and exhales slowly. "I'm sorry. None of this is your fault."

Adam spreads his hands, conceding the point to her and sits down. "So are you saying I might not have to just watch it all happen? I should've been out there; the mushrooms, sentinels, the earthquake last year in Lima. I'm so tired of watching. Could you imagine sitting by, not even using your abilities? I hadn't even flown once for 60 years before the fire last week."

Spider-Woman (Drew) has posed:
"I'm saying that you are the captain of your own destiny," Jessica replies resolutely. "Cliche as it sounds, it's true. The world has changed. Many have no idea who you are, or what you did for our country, because it was all swept under the rug all those years ago by people who were well-meaning, but ignorant. Or...sometimes just ignorant." She watches him quietly for a while, as the gears turn inside his head. "I'm saying that you can do what you feel is right, because the world didn't stop turning just because others thought it was wrong. This was a rough start for you, and I can only imagine what you're going through right now because of it. But your actions show clear intent to protect, not harm. There is going to be some red tape, I won't lie. But that's nothing you didn't already know. What I know, however, is that every man deserves the right to serve to the extent of his ability, if he is inclined to serve."

Blue Marvel has posed:
Adam's brow creases and he swallows. He looks down at his for a moment.

"I never stopped wanting to serve. And those people..." he shakes his head. "My lawyer tells me there are laws for that, collateral damage just like in Korea. So I guess that's going to be my cross to bear, just like back then."

Adam purses his lips and looks at Jessica squarely. "Will you tell your people I was trying? I was just trying to do right."

Spider-Woman (Drew) has posed:
Jessica nods slowly and thoughtfully. "I don't think, given the evidence of your actions, that there is anyone with half a brain who won't see that for themself. I will voice my opinion on the matter, with confidence and conviction. But I would have done that without even having spoken with you today. However, having heard it directly from you, I think, will give me more credibility on the matter. Just don't think for a moment that there is any sort of consensus that you meant any harm. You did not respond to a random event. You were there when it happened. You were complying with an agreement that /you/ had made not to act. But you made an educated decision to act, given the situation with which you were presented. I don't fault you for what happened. It was unfortunate, most definitely. I don't belittle the loss that others have experienced. But those who perished may have been in much greater company, had you not stepped in. The sentinels have the ability to cause mass casualties, and what happened there might have been much, much worse if you had not engaged."

Blue Marvel has posed:
"You're right, of course," Adam says with a nod. "I can't believe those things are allowed in public. Whatever they're for, they're not ready."

Adam rises and holds a hand out to Jessica. "I don't know you, and I can't believe I'm saying this to a SHIELD agent. But thank you. I'm glad the world might be turning. Until then," he says with a look around. "I will be easy to find."

Spider-Woman (Drew) has posed:
Jessica takes Adam's hand in both of hers. She shakes it, but also gives it a reassuring squeeze. "I know this is hard, but I admire your dedication. We're going to get you through this, and get you back out there where you can do what you believe is right. Nobody is going to keep you in a box, Mr. Brashear. I'll make that personal promise to you, right here and right now." She lets go of his hand and picks up her pen and pad, slipping them into the thin leather crossbody bag that she wore in. "Oh, and this..." She pulls a brown paper-wrapped packet from the same bag, and hands it over to Adam. "This is a care package. Just some snacks, and a couple of my favourite books. I hope that they'll at least make this place a little more hospitable for you. I'll notify the cryptkeepers of the gift on my way out. I can assure you that they will have no designs on trying to deprive you of it. But if they do, they'll definitely regret it." She smiles and moves for the door. "I'll make sure to visit soon, and keep you informed of progress from my end. I'll see you again soon. Thank you for talking to me today."

Blue Marvel has posed:
Adam looks genuinely touched when she gives him the care package.

"You're welcome, Agent Drew," he says. "And thank you again."