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Adam Brashear (Scenesys ID: 7559)
"Look just how far we've come."
Full Name: Adam Brashear
Gender: Male
Species: Metahuman
Theme: Marvel (FC)
Occupation: Physics Researcher (CUNY)
Citizenship: United States of America
Residence: New York
Education: PhD Theoretical Physics, Cornell
Status: Dropped
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Other Information
Apparent Age: Actual Age: 93
Date of Birth 23 April 1933 Actor: Idris Elba
Height: 182 cm Weight: 99 kg
Hair Color: Black Eye Color: Brown
Theme Song: "The Times They Are A-Changin' " by Bob Dylan


College football player. Korean war veteran. Marine Corps researcher. Adam was building a successful life for himself in post-war America. While attempting to harness the powers of anti-matter Adam was irradiated and turned into a living bridge to the Negative Universe. He took up the name Blue Marvel in the 1960's and dazzled Americans with his superhero deeds. When it was revealed the Blue Marvel was black, the government asked him to retire and he has lived a quiet life since. But now Adam has moved to New York and it is time for the Blue Marvel to return!

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Adam is tall, chocolate-skinned and very heavily muscled. He seems at ease, with a thoughtful expression. He is clean-shaven with short-cropped black hair that has a line of grey above each ear. He wears a tailored brown suit and white jacket with dress shoes.


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Adam was born in 1919 to Edward Brashear and his wife Lorna in Chicago, Illinois. Edward was an engineer, a rare early African-American graduate from MIT. Despite his education, Adam's father found it hard to find employment in his field, but pushed Adam hard to excel in school. In 1937, Adam was admitted to MIT to do an electrical engineering degree, like his father. While he was studying, he met his first wife, a young nurse, at his church. The two were married in 1941 shortly after Adam graduated from MIT. The couple moved to Ithaca, New York, where Adam began graduate studies in engineering and theoretical physics. They began trying to have children immediately. They did not conceive before Adam's wife fell ill with tuberculosis in 1945. She died the next year. Adam finished PhDs in eletrical engineering and theoretical physics in 1948 and moved away from Ithaca to work for Standard Oil in Los Angeles, California.

When the Korean War broke out Adam was conscripted into the Marines. During the war he fought alongside and became close friends with another marine. After the war, both of the Marines began to work on a secret military project to develop non-nuclear power sources. Adam ended up heading the anti-matter team, attempting to harness energy from the Negative Zone in a stable reactor. In 1957, an experimental anti-matter reactor exploded, killing several researchers and irradiating Adam and his friend. His friend dissolved into pure energy, while Adam developed superhuman powers.

Adam was honourably discharged from the Marines and became a physics professor at Yale. He also put his newfound powers to use and dazzled the world as the Blue Marvel. As one of the earliest superheroes to gain public recognition, his exploits were closely followed. In 1962, Adam fought an extremely powerful supervillain who, enraged by racism and driven mad with power, wanted to impose equality on the world through domination. During the fight Blue Marvel's full face mask was damaged and the public realized Blue Marvel was African-American. There was a storm of controversy and the world was not ready fora superhuman African-American. Shortly after defeating Anti-Man, Adam was invited to the White House, presented with a Presidential Medal of Freedom and asked to retire from superhero work. Heartbroken and humiliated, Adam agreed.

SHIELD immediately dispatched an agent to maintain close watch on Adam undercover. Adam and the agent eventually fell in love and married in 1964. Their son Kevin was born in 1965 and their son Max was born in 1968. The SHIELD agent never revealed to her family that she was actually a SHIELD agent.

In 1972, a cult emerged and planned to complete a significant dark magic ritual. Adam and several others joined forces with other heroes to stop the the threat. Adam's wife reported his activities to SHIELD, which sent agents to confront Adam after the crisis was over. They reminded Adam he was to remain in retirement from superhero work, and his wife's cover was revealed. Adam felt betrayed and deceived by his wife, and disillusioned with his government's lack of trust in him. He went back into retirement and divorced his wife arguing bitterly that since he married a fake person, he had never really been married anyway.

The agent re-married to another SHIELD agent in 1975 and kept custody of the children. Adam continued to teach at Yale until 1987 when he decided it was time to leave his post for someone else and make some changes in his life. He retired from Yale and became a physics professor at Princeton. In 2012, Adam's ex-wife, by then long retired, died of cancer at 74. In 2017, Adam left Princeton to be the head of power generation research at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory. He stayed there for ten years until after the Oomycetan incident in 2026. After that, Adam felt the need for change once again. He took a professorship in physics at the City University of New York and re-located. By this time, Adam had great-grandchilren living in different parts of the United States.


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Adam has always been a striver, working hard to overcome the barriers society put in his way. From becoming an All-American, to earning a PhD in Physics, to joining the Marines, he pushed himself hard. He also held himself to high standards, doing his best to keep his dignity in a world that wanted to grind him down for the color of his skin. Stoic, thoughtful and never pushy, Adam endured and worked away to serve his country. When chance brought him extraordinary power, his first thought was to put it to use helping others. He was crushed and disillusioned when the President asked him to retire. Still, Adam is dedicated and compassionate, though wiser and more reserved now than in his younger years. He is a quiet advocate for civil rights for a range of oppressed minorities, from blacks to women to mutants.


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Blue Marvel can generate and absorb vast amounts of anti-matter energy. He can use this energy to blasts from his hands which can range in atmosphere from doing stun damage to punching through 50 feet of concrete. Releasing larger amounts of antimatter or negative energy in atmosphere can create serious secondary effects nuclear fission begins. Adam can release energy to create a powerful explosion centered on himself with a limit close to 5 kilotons (small to medium nuclear warhead). Channeling more energy than this could dissolve him. He can also manipulate energy across the standard electromagnetic spectrum around him, though this requires Adam to touch the energy source or field he wants to manipulate. His control extends down to molecular bonds, allowing Blue Marvel to heal or repair people and objects. He is not able to resurrect the dead, generate new materials beyond what is needed for healing or repairing an existing being or object, or to transmute elements. Matter control requires touch and requires significant effort, potentially making Blue Marvel lose consciousness.

Blue Marvel has senses both keener than and beyond human capabilities. He can perceive the full range of electromagnetic spectra, and right down to the atomic level.

Blue Marvel can manipulate antimatter energy to fly. He can achieve hypersonic speeds in atmosphere, easily leave orbit of the Earth and can travel to the moon in a few hours. He is not capable of reaching the speeds needed for reasonable travel to large part of the Sol system, much less inter-system travel.

Blue Marvel appears to have stopped aging in his late 30's or early 40's. He remains in peak physical achievement he achieved as a Marine.

Blue Marvel has survived a hydrogen bomb detonating in his hands. He would be capable of withstanding blows from top tier superheroes. He is able to survive in the vaccum of space.

Blue Marvel is capable of moving at superhuman speeds, well into the supersonic. He can easily obtain escape velocity, but is not able to achieve lightspeed.


Blue Marvel has vast superhuman strength. He is in the 100 ton+ range, having easily lifted a warship. The largest amount of negative energy he could channel would put him in roughly the same class as Thor. Channeling more energy would dissolve him, so he is not capable of the limitless feats of strength of Superman or the Hulk.


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Adam was an All-American football player and still enjoys playing a variety of sports.

Adam has been playing chess for years. He is extremely intelligent, but has not made a deep study of chess. He is a middling player at best, but enjoys the game and knows enough to appreciate the skills of master players.

Adam is a former Marine with combat experience in the Korean War, as well during his time as the Blue Marvel. He has hand-to-hand and marksmanship training.

Adam is the world's leading expert on anti-matter physics. He is capable of building advanced prototype reactors and even portal generators that allow for intra-Earth teleportation. These are large pieces of equipment and require highly advanced supplies and computers to construct.


Adam is an experienced university professor, able to break complex ideas down into manageable pieces students can understand. He has taught undergraduates and mentored several graduate students at the masters and doctoral levels.


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Adam is a long-standing member of the global physics community and is respected as the expert in antimatter physics. He has trained a number of top researchers in high energy physics. As such, he has a wealth of contacts in academia and some energy-related industries.

Tucked away in a box in a closet is the Blue Marvel suit. Made of advanced, highly durable materials, it is able to keep up with the Blue Marvel and his adventures. The suit includes his gauntlets which help to channel his powers.

As a tenured researcher at CUNY, Adam has access to lab facilities, computers, equipment and prototypes for his work on antimatter energy and portals.


Adam earns royalties from several patents over the years, and has pensions from Yale and Princeton, and his income from CUNY. He earns about $500,000 a year, drives a Tesla model S, and a 1 bedroom apartment in The Sheffield in Midtown Manhattan. He spends little and re-invests most of what he earns for the long-term since it seems he has a lot of years ahead of him.


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Adam has two adult sons, grandchildren and great-grandchildren. While his identity is largely secret, it is known to SHIELD, the FSB (former KGB) and likely others. He is also close and protective of his former research students, and targeting them is another way to get to him. Adam has a lot to protect and a lot to lose.

While the Blue Marvel's mind can process the world when he moves at super speeds, and can perceive the movements of subatomic particles, it is still the mind of a human. Blue Marvel has no psionic or magic abilities or protections.

It is not fashionable to say it, but racism is still a reality. People are more likely to feel threatened by, underestimate, dismiss or interrupt Adam for the simple fact he is black. As a reasonably successful black man, there are also certain expectations of him to be a model in the black community, and more darkly, to stay within it both when dating and socially. The return of the Blue Marvel will create huge expectations and demands around the positions Adam takes, the roles he should play and who he should be helping. Even in the 2020's, people have only come so far, and rapid changes in society such as the emergence of mutants have only fanned the flames of fear and intolerance.

All of Adam's abilities rely on his access to the Negative Universe and the anti-matter generated within him. If he is ever cut off from the Negative Universe or his internal reaction is stopped, he will lose all of his powers until his connection is restored.

Blue Marvel is vulnerable to Neutronium, a very rare metal from Exo-Space, in the same way that Superman is vulnerable to Kryptonite.

Adam is old. He was born in 1933. Society has been changing at an incredible rate and he has lived long enough to see people come and go. It alienates Adam from others and he keeps distance from many since it is so hard to see them grow old and pass while he stays young. Also, Adam has a hard time understanding his students outside of class. Their world of social media, video games, 24/7 media, YouTube and the rest are a strange unknown land. It makes it difficult to connect with younger people, especially those born since the 1980's.

Being a stable negative energy portal makes Blue Marvel especially sensitive to Lightforce energy. A Lightforce energy source will reduce Blue Marvel's powers. The closer the Lightforce source matches Blue Marvel's power level, the more standard human he becomes. Given that he should be quite old by now, completely negating his powers could be debilitating or even fatal.


Institutions have long memories and are slow to change. Adam has been on SHIELD's watchlist for longer than most SHIELD agents have been alive. Whether or not attitudes toward him have changed or SHIELD is ready to admit it has been mistaken to distrust him, any re-emergence from retirement will draw attention and scrutiny.


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Sentinels: Mall held Hostage June 6th, 2019 A mutant goes berserk at the mall, causing Sentinel and vigilante reactions.
Magna Cum Laude June 4th, 2019 Lex acquires Adam's research for LexCorp. Adam gets a new home for his research. Everybody wins?
Trifecta June 4th, 2019 Triads and Friends of Humanity square off at Red Hook. Rose and Conner ruin their day and give Jeff a lift. Adam drops in to lend a hand and see today's heroes in action.
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Inmate Interview May 27th, 2019 Jessica interviews Adam in his cell in The Tombs. She promises to talk to SHIELD, Adam sees hope for the Blue Marvel.
Jailhouse Blues May 26th, 2019 Matt takes on the Blue Marvel as a new case.
ATTACK OF THE 50 FOOT SENTINEL! May 24th, 2019 Summary needed
Burning Down Midtown May 22nd, 2019 Sibil, Cody and Adam save office workers from a building fire. The Punisher plays save a life, take a life.


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