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Frightened By A Turtle
Date of Scene: 12 June 2019
Location: April's Apartment - Brooklyn
Synopsis: Vanessa learns a little about April's history with the turtles.
Cast of Characters: April O'Neil, Copycat

April O'Neil has posed:
After Leonardo had left, April was stepping out of the kitchen and move toward theliving room with a couple of cups of hot tea for both her and for Vanessa. "Here." She says as she pads out back into the living room to hand one to her friend. "No caffeine, just honey and good tea. It'll help sooth you and bring ya back down to earth. Least thats what my grandmother told me when she'd give me this stuff when I was a kid."

April shows a slight grin as she settles back down onto the sofa and holds her own cup between her hands, her Rangers jersey pools around her hips on the sofa's edge and she glances to the tv to see it showing one of the Star Wars prequels now, she's not too sure which one as she's not the biggest Star Wars fan, she's more of a Star Trek person.

"The guys'll help ya, whenever you need them." April says to Vanessa then, glancing over at her again.

Copycat has posed:
Vanessa put her bag away, though kept it close by on the floor at the edge of the couch. The gun was never actually seen, but one might guess she was going for something in there for protection. The young woman looks up as April comes in with the tea, brushing back a fall of dark hair to give April a grateful smile.

Vanessa takes the tea cup from April, bringing it near to her lips to blow on gently and then take one of those tiny sips to check the temperature without too much risk of a burnt tongue. Your grandmother was probably a wise woman, who didn't want to keep you up when you went to bed," Vanessa says softly. "Does she live around here? Get to see her very often?" Vanessa inquires.

April O'Neil has posed:
April leans forward on her elbows atop her knees, the jersey sleeves pushed up to her elbows to keep the textured fabric from rubbing raw on her skin as it has a tendancy of doing, she liked wearing hockey jerseys for their breathability yet covering nature, but they had their drawbacks too as everything does.

After sipping her drink, April lowers it down to in front of her knees and she shakes her head. "She passed away. A year before my dad did. A year -after- my mother did." She glances over to Vanessa then. "She made me this recipe the day that I jumped off of the hay stack in the barn. I thought I was gonna be a super hero, thought I could fly. I ended up with a broken arm and in the hospital. Once I got back to the farm house though..." April smiles and raises up the cup. "She was a nice woman. Just like my mother... kind and warm, like the sun on a perfect summer day."

April then shows a light expression of understanding how cheesey she's being. "Sappy, I know." She says to the other woman on the sofa with her. "Rambling has been one of my... skills, my whole life. Probably why I do what I do professionally now."

Copycat has posed:
Vanessa holds the tea cup with both hands as she sits upright on the couch, head turned over towards April to listen to the memories of the other woman's childhood. When April finishes, Vanessa gives a small shake of her head and flashes a look to April as if she'd said something silly. "I don't think it's sappy. Not at all," Vanessa says.

The sound of light sabers comes from the TV, drawing just a brief glance from Vanessa. It seems Qui Gon was right, the negotiations were short. Vanessa's attention goes fully back to April, as she says, "I think that is a memory I would hold onto a cherish as well," Vanessa says, smiling softly over to the other woman.

She takes a sip of her tea, holding it in both hands as if cradling the warmth perhaps. Her eyes go towards the window. "So, I have to wonder how you managed to make the friends you did. Was it something from your work, a story you reported on? I got the sense with him coming in the fire escape that he keeps a low profile then?" she asks.

April O'Neil has posed:
April hears this question about her and the turtles and she knows what this mean, she needs to spill the proverbial beans on how it all happened and how she ran in to them. So, the dark red haired woman falls back into the middle of her own sofa and brings her tea cup back into her lap to hold it over herself there.

"Well." She starts. "They knew I was going to get myself into heat because I was reporting on the crimes of a local... clan, a few years ago around this time of year actually. You might even remember it. There was a full on crime wave across this area. It was all being done by a group calling themselves the Foot." April pauses and looks to Vanessa to show a small smile. "They're rooted in Japan, they don't know how silly that sounds in American translation."

She then continues after an exhale. "Anyway, the Turtles... they'd been training and training for years. Waiting for a chance to prove to their master that they were ready, and they took that chance when they found me in--indeed--in trouble for something I'd said in my first true 'story' for Channel Six, shortly after I'd gotten the job there."

She takes another sip of her tea and shakes her head right to left. "The Foot tried to corner me in an alley outside of the station building. But... the guys showed up, they knocked out the lights, and then knocked out all the bad guys... All to save me, and prove they were ready."

Copycat has posed:
April has as rapt of an audience tonight as she usually has for her broadcasts. Even if the ratings would suggest a smaller turnout than normal, if they were taken. Her lone listener gives a little nod as if she does indeed remember the crime wave that April speaks of. "Wow. So they really bailed you out in the nick of time. Good for them," she says, smiling over to April. "I'm glad they were there."

Vanessa moves one hand away from her cup as she takes a sip. As she lowers the cup, it shakes quite visibly. Maybe warmth wasn't the reason she'd been holding it in both hands, as Vanessa reaches over, steadying it with two hands upon it again. She gives an apologetic look. "I've been in situations like that, couple of times. I even had someone bail me out of one recently, unexpectedly. So I know what a godsend that can be," Vanessa says.

She ships the tea again and then sets it down. She draws her legs up, pulling her knees up to her chest and slipping her arms around them. Her eyes go back to the window. Though she doesn't think about it, it's likely that checking the locks on the windows multiple times might be added to her nightly routine.