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Just a Little Space
Date of Scene: 11 July 2019
Location: A night club, New York City
Synopsis: Wanda and Josh have a night out Max in Manhattan.
Cast of Characters: Elixir, Scarlet Witch

Elixir has posed:
Josh certainly felt the need to get away for a bit after being cooped up in the X-Base doing labwork on the new drug all day. Thankfully, Wanda was free when he called.

He dressed carefully, pulling out the shirt and new shoes he picked out after the Channel 6 entertainment story. As if he did not feel self-conscious enough seeing Wanda, now people might be watching. None of that appealed.

Wanda certainly appealed though and he was feeling anxious to see her again. He tapped his fingers on the steering wheel of the car he borrowed from the school. He pulled up at the Avengers Mansion to pick Wanda up and texted her to let her know he was there. It was a lot easier than going through security to pick her up at her apartment inside.

Scarlet Witch has posed:
The front door opens almost immediately and Wanda comes out, wearing a dark blue spaghetti strap dress, the garment cut well to show her curves without needing to be too overtly revealing. The hem is long, but a slit up one side leaves flashes of smooth thigh as she walks down the steps to Josh's car.

Wanda moves over to open the passenger seat and slip inside, setting a purse down on the floor of the car as she turns towards Josh. "Oh my. You do clean up well, Mr. Foley," Wanda tells him. She smiles and leans over to offer him a soft kiss. It's a simple touching of the lips, yet there's such a feel to it that Wanda has to resist the urge to linger there longer.

"So what did you have in mind for us tonight?" she asks, having asked how she should dress for the night, but being short on other details. Her eyes have a bit of a bright light to them as if she likes being surprised.

Elixir has posed:
"How about staying here because I'll be way too jealous to take you anywhere looking that good?" Josh jokes after they kiss.

"Or... I know a place," he adds with a wink. Josh starts the car and pulls out. He steals another look at Wanda and smiles.

"We're not not going far. I hope you feel like dancing," he says with a grin. They make their way into evening traffic in Manhattan.

"I'm gonna get used to seeing you all the time, you know. You're spoiling me."

Scarlet Witch has posed:
Wanda fastens her seat belt as Josh pulls out, though turns in her seat sideways a bit to face him more as he drives. "I /do/ feel like dancing," she confirms, giving a pleased smile at the choice.

She breaks out in a pleased smile. "I think I like the sound of that whole, seeing each other all the time thing. You are not doing a very good job of discouraging me if that was your design," she tells him.

It is a bit of a treat, Josh having to pay attention to his driving, while Wanda can just sit and look at him, only partially observed when his gaze might flit over between surveying the traffic. "I don't think I've told you before, but you have the most beautiful skin," she tells him. "Especially in the sunlight. You were just glowing at the cookout the other day," she says, speaking of Cap's birthday party.

Elixir has posed:
Josh laughs. "Glowing? I don't think anyone's ever said that to me before. I always tanned easy though, just lucky," he says with a shrug. He has his eyes on traffic and misses Wanda's attention. He runs a hand through his hair.

"Shame my discouraging thing isn't working. I'll have to try harder. Don't want you to start thinking I'm really into you or something," he teases.

It is only a short time later they are pulling up to the curb at a three storey brick building wedged between office towers. The land must be hideously expensive not to have sold. All the windows are blacked out and there is no sign. But there is a lineup.

A valet opens the door for Wanda, and gives Josh a raised eyebrow. The lower-end luxury sedan is not what the valet would expect. Josh reaches into his pocket and pulls out a large silver coin which he tosses to the valet. The man smiles and catches the keys next.

"Alright, we're here," Josh says with a grin. He takes Wanda's hand and leads her to the front of the line. He looks excited and a touch uncertain.

Scarlet Witch has posed:
Wanda steps out of the car, the slit in her dress likely causing a few eyes to notice her slender legs rather than recognize her face. At least at first. She waits there on the sidewalk for Josh to come around, slipping her hand into his readily and following his lead over towards the line.

One of the bouncers nudges the other at their approach. Has he recognized the famous Avenger? Or did Josh make arrangements in advance? Wanda misses it, whatever it means. She's looking around the area, looking at the brick building which seems small and quaint beside the towering buildings on either side.

"I like it," she decides after a moment, and turning her attention back to Josh. "It has... character. I hope the inside is as charming," she tells him as they walk over to the men working the door.

Elixir has posed:
"I don't actually know," Josh admits with a grin. "A guy I helped out in Bushwick gave me the coin and said it would be a great time!"

The door is held open for them and they enter into a lobby of exposed brick, low lighting, deep crimson upholstery. A tall, truly beautiful young blonde woman in a black dress and expensive heels walks over to them and smiles.

"Ms. Maximoff and Mr...?"

"Foley," Josh answers with a smile.

"This way," the woman says with a brilliant smile of her own. She glances over Wanda appreciatively and leads to the far side of the small lobby. There is a door and an elevator. She presses the elevator button and the matte black doors open.

The music is the first thing through the elevator doors. When Josh and Wanda step into the elevator they find it is more of a platform with a waist high rail. It rises and as it does they get an impression of the club. Instead of floors for the stories above, there are wide balconies that encircle the space at each level. On the ground floor is a huge dance floor teeming with people. The music pulses in time with lights in the dark room. The walls on the ground floor aside from the one against the lobby are one long bar. Looking up there is a succession of increasingly opulent looking balconies, with increasingly fewer people. Their elevator stops and opens behind them. It opens a richly and darkly appointed space with people mingling, dancing or watching over the railing. The bar is across from them and a bartender smiles his welcome. Josh walks over with Wanda.

"Ms. Maximoff, Mr. Foley," he greets. "Mr. Morozov sends his regards. Everything is taken care of for you tonight. May I get you anything?"

Josh shoots Wanda an impressed look and orders whiskey after Wanda orders. Once they have their drinks he steps over to the railing overlooking the dance floor.

"Holy crap, what is this place?" Josh laughs. "This is great!"

Scarlet Witch has posed:
Wanda looks about with interest as the elevator takes them up, the view of the place getting better by the moment. Her fingers give Josh's a little squeeze as she looks away from the view to focus back on Josh for a moment. Wanda just looks at him and then breaks into a smile that is radiant but soft. "You surely do not disappoint," she tells him.

They step out from the elevator into the posh space up on one of the higher balconies. Wanda glances around at everything, enraptured with what they've done in the club. She follows her date over to the bar. "Whiskey sour," she tells the bartender. She takes the drink with a grateful smile for the man. "Please convey our gratitude," she tells him as he speaks of the Mr. Morozov. "Is he in attendance today?" she asks, not knowing who the person is, but being courteous enough.

After any answer, she turns back to look around the club again. Josh's laugh draws one of her own. "It truly is," she tells him. "This was a wonderful idea. Just what we needed," she tells him. Wanda brushes a soft peck to his cheek before lifting his glass to touch against his before taking a sip. "Shall we wander for a bit before finding somewhere to dance?" she asks. She looks at the crowded dance floor, the people a milling throng of humanity. Then over to some of the dance spaces here, where people are dancing more intimately in the more shadowed dance spaces.

Elixir has posed:
"I wouldn't know," the bartender says with a smile when he serves up their drinks.

Josh grins, and turns to walk along the balcony with Wanda. There is no doubt there are some people here Wanda would recognize from the charity circuit, and the crowd leans heavily to the Eastern European. Even the music is more European electronic than North American.

"You could get lost in this place, it's huge," Josh says. "Geez, check it out. Each floor has its own direct lift! Man, I'm sure I can't afford to be here.

Josh blushes in the dim light as he realizes what he just said in front of the woman he desperately wants to be impressed with him.

"I don't know the music though. Eurodance or something? Dunno. This the kind of place Mr. Stark goes to?"

Unbidden, Wanda gets a rush of feeling; excitement, wonder, a deep feeling of rightness. A fear of loss. And before it can even be really felt it vanishes.

Scarlet Witch has posed:
Wanda says in a joking tone, "Well, we have each other's numbers if we get separated." She looks over to the younger man and a long moment passes where the closeness that she's been feeling with him seems more... acute. "I don't know if we'd need that, though. I almost feel like I could just close my eyes and point to you," she tells him.

Wanda smiles and leans gently against his side. "It must be your magnetic personality?" she says before laughing. "Ok, that was probably a bad joke," she says. Maybe not Scott-bad at least. "I wouldn't be surprised if he has a reserved balcony," Wanda says of the mention of Tony. "Though other than the team events I do not really take part in much of his social life," she says.

Wanda's eyes look over to meet Josh's. "I'd have never experienced this if it wasn't for you," she tells him. She smiles at him over top of her drink as she takes a sip from the glass. "Come and dance with me?" she asks. Wanda will start backing up, using her hand to try to lead Josh towards an intimate little dance floor, in a corner of a balcony lit by only a few soft red lights, and the occasional flashes of the lights from the rest of the club.

Elixir has posed:
Josh snerks at Wanda's joke. "I've heard worse," he replies with a wink.

Josh meets Wanda's eyes when she mentions feeling she could point him out.

"I was just thinking the same thing," Josh says. He lets himself be pulled into one of the private nooks. The music fills the space but the acoustics and sightlines are such that everything else seems to disappear. A short ledge nearby is perfect for their drinks.

Josh puts his drink down and pulls Wanda to him. He smiles and starts to move with her to the music.

"There's a lot I wouldn't be experiencing if it wasn't for you. So I guess we're even."

Scarlet Witch has posed:
Wanda Maximoff drifts over into Josh's arms as he guides her in by her hand. Her arms slide up to rest her hands on his shoulders as she leans her body against the handsome younger man. Wanda's cheek rests against his shoulder as she lets him the pair of them to the music.

It isn't the same as with the mutant girl at Evolution. Yet Wanda moves in synergy with Josh. There's never a fear of a toe being stepped on. The woman melds against him like she were made to fit there within his arms.

"This... is very nice," she whispers as she looks up to him. Her fingers slip along his shoulder to tease along the back of his neck. She gazes up at him, expression very thoughtful. "I felt like I could sense a bit, what you did to heal Sarah. Your control, was remarkable. But more than that. I could feel your caring. I can do some healing, but it feels... mechanical in comparison? Not mechanical, but... I'm fixing tissue and cells. And you... you connect with the person in a way that is just... it's beautiful, Josh," she tells him.

Elixir has posed:
Josh slides his arms around Wanda's waist and holds her gently to him. He moves slowly, just delighting in having Wanda against him. It is just so /easy/ being close to Wanda.

"It's just what I do," Josh says quietly, embarassed. "I can just, feel everything about a person's body, the life in them, you know? Well, yeah you know you felt it."

"I never felt anything like your magic before though. I had no idea how... powerful you are. You could do, like, anything."

Scarlet Witch has posed:
Their bodies move slowly. Held close together. It's about being close more than it's about the music. Wanda's curvy form clings lightly against Josh, held close in the fold of his arm about her waist. She rests her cheek back against his shoulder and just savors how it feels to be with him.

"Just what you do, but so amazing to me," she tells him. Wanda's hand shift slowly over his neck, back along his shoulder again. "For all... the power... this means so much more to me," she tells him, her fingers gently touching his body making clear what 'this' she means.

Wanda moves her hand to take one of Josh's, though leaving one to keep her folded in his arm close to him. She moves his hand over top her heart. The feeling of the upper slopes of her bosom can't help but noticed as well, though that doesn't seem to have bene the goal. "What do you sense with me?" she asks him quietly, resting her hand atop his there on her chest.

Elixir has posed:
Wanda's curves seem to fit perfectly against Josh and in his arms. Well enough Wanda can feel the contours of Josh, how chest his chest gives way to his abs, the shape of his arms.

When his lays over Wanda's heart, Josh focuses for a moment and closes his eyes. The golden glow returns, softly lighting the space between them.

"You're... Like an ocean. The life in you is vast, and deep. And strong. Your mutation stands out, haven't felt anything like it," he says quietly. "You are /so/ unique, unmistakable. And..."

Josh opens his eyes. He lifts his hand from Wanda's chest to her cheek, searching out her eyes with his. "You've been sad. It's still in your body," he says gently. Josh leans down to give Wanda a soft, tender kiss. "I don't want you to have to be sad anymore. I think I'd do just about anything to make you happy."

Scarlet Witch has posed:
The auburn-haired beauty feels a warmth as Josh's senses extend through her. Not a sensation from his power. More like she were experiencing his feelings as his perceptions permeate through her body.

The music plays on, a throbbing beat, but it is barely heard nor felt by Wanda. The beating of the man's heart is the bass and percussion she feels as he begins to tell her what he sensed.

Wanda looks down as he mentions the sadness. He's not wrong. But his touch to her cheek lifts Wanda's pretty eyes to him, and she tilts her head into his touch. Savoring his fingers on her cheek. "It is. But it's so much better since you came into my life," she tells him.

The woman gives a soft, happy sigh, turning her head just enough to brush a soft kiss of her lips to his palm, then turning back so she can lean into his touch again. "Just about anything?" she asks, voice taking on an interested tone with the last bit. Her eyes flit about, an improbable mix of coy and suggestive. "If we work on it, I bet we might be able to come up with something tonight, that would do just that," she tells him, a bit of color touching her cheeks.

Elixir has posed:
"I think we could," he says with grin.

"God you're beautiful. All the way through. I haven't been able to think straight since we started seeing each other," Josh admits. "I shouldn't... You just hit me out of nowhere."

Josh leans back just a little. For once, Josh looks vulnerable to Wanda. Unprotected. She can feel his stomach muscles tighten. "We are seeing each other. Right?"

Scarlet Witch has posed:
She looks back at him, those soft eyes of hers filled with a warmth and a light. "I'd say that we are," she agrees. "I haven't been able to get you out of my head, really," she says. She gives a playful laugh. "Thankfully Dr. Doom hasn't been up to anything to take advantage of my... constant distraction," she says, though the last two words are imbued with a warmth that make them a treasured thing rather than a negative.

Wanda nestles in closer as they dance, before finally leaning her head up to his to offer Josh a slow, sensual kiss. The taste of the whisky sour is on her lips, and she can taste his whiskey, not seeming to mind at all as the kiss deepens for long moments before her lips part from his.

"So have your friends given you a hard time about dating an old woman like me?" she asks, a hint of teasing in her tone. She is about eight years older to him, as close to 30 as he is 20 nearly.

Elixir has posed:
"Old? Don't be crazy," Josh laughs, and looks as pleased as Wanda has seen him. "You're not old. They're giving me shit because you're so obviously out of my league! Well, and a bit older than me. And an Avenger. And a redhead. Come to think of it, they're just straight up giving me shit!"

"But nobody at the Mansion has yet. Either they haven't figured it out or they're saving up the grief," Josh adds with a grin. He steals another kiss from Wanda, eager for her lips and the taste of her mouth. Then he pulls away and laughs.

"Okay, we gotta hit the floor or we're not gonna make it there!"

Josh pulls Wanda out of their spot and across to the lift. They thread their way onto the dance floor and Josh grins and just lets go into the music.

Scarlet Witch has posed:
Wanda cups the back of Josh's head as they kiss, holding herself close and only letting the kiss end with a soft, happy sigh. "I can pretend to be there to see Lorna. Though, I actually will need to see Lorna a lot too," she says, chuckling warmly. "I think she was glad for me when I told her. I didn't sense anything from her that wasn't approving," she tells him.

She rides the lift down, an arm about Josh's waist. When they reach the floor, she holds to one of his hands and lets him lead and clear a path for the both of them, Wanda staying close, her other hand upon his back. Once Josh finds them a spot she moves about in front of him, raising her arms up in the air as she begins dancing more vigorously than they did up above on the balcony.

Wanda lets out a little cry that is lost in the music, and then dances closer to Josh, her hips sashaying a bit until she gets near and wraps her arms about his shoulders, hands meeting behind his neck. "I'm going to be able to cancel a workout or two if we keep dancing enough!" she calls to him over the loud music.

Elixir has posed:
Josh does a double-take when Wanda tells him she told her sister about them. He grins and lets it go for now though.

Josh's eyes don't leave his dance partner as she moves, and slips into rythm with her easily. He dances with her arms around his shoulders for a bit then grips her waist and turns her. Josh puts a hand over Wanda belly to hold her back close against him as they move with the music.

Scarlet Witch has posed:
Wanda turns about, relishing letting Josh's hands guide her in the dance. She presses back against him, her body gyrating and flowing sinuously in time to the music. One hand reaches up and behind her to wrap briefly about him, fingers teasing through the golden hair before moving to join her other hand, both lifted overhead to reach for the heavens as she dances.

The pulsing throb of the beat goes on, and if it lacks some of the dreamlike quality that was brought by Dream on another occasion, there's a connection between them. Wanda's happiness can be sensed whether he's seeing her face or she's turned away. She's light-hearted and care free.

A man moves over closer, seeing Wanda dancing in a moment there's a little separation between she and Josh. He gives her a smile and tries to dance in close against her. But Wanda gives him a little shake of her head, her auburn hair swaying about her shoulders as she turns back to Josh, cupping his cheek and leaning in to kiss him, thoroughly discouraging the other man's attentions and sending him off into the dancing throng looking for another partner.

Elixir has posed:
Josh's face clouds over at first when the man tries to cut in on him. But then Wanda's lips are pressed to his. When they part he grins and forgets all about the guy. Except that he dances closer to Wanda, reaches out to touch her more.

The DJ is relentless and the pace does not slack. It just becomes this blur of beats, motion around them, and always feeling this other person near him, even with his eyes closed.

Josh feels a tap on the shoulder. He turns, thinking to give the guy from earlier a piece of his mind. Instead he finds himself facing a clean shaven, serious looking man in a dark suit. The man jerks his head toward one of the lifts. Josh shoots Wanda a look and shrugs. He takes her hand and follows the suited man off the floor and into a lift.

"Mr. Morozov sees you now," the man says with a pronounced Russian accent.

Scarlet Witch has posed:
The time spent on the dance floor is a balm for Wanda's soul. Surrounded by a hundred or more other dancers, she only has eyes for one as they dance together. Feeling a closeness to Josh that cannot be explained by distance or even emotions. Kisses are shared, bodies rub against one another, until finally the distraction comes to pull them away from the dance.

Wanda glances back to Josh at his look. Her hand slips into his, comfortable as she has always been with following his head. She presses close to him as the follow, asking into his ear, "Who is he? How is it that you came by the invitation for tonight?" she asks.

Elixir has posed:
Josh shrugs unknowingly.

"Dunno who he is," he answers quietly. "Some guy I healed up at my apartment gave me a coin and said it'd get me in here."

Josh straightens up and smiles at their escort, who looks bored. The doors open at the top floor. It reeks of ostentatious wealth. Opulent is hardly the word. There appear to be more staff up here than guests and they are to the last very thin, very pretty young women in very small black dresses. They are led to a small group of seven men in their late 30's or early 40's. They all wear expensive suits and are sitting in low, upholstered chairs together near the glass railing of the balcony. One of the servers is sitting in the lap of the youngest looking one.

"Oh..." Josh says quietly to Wanda. "That's the guy. The young one.

It is one of the older men, clearly the alpha, who gets up. He smiles and walks over to them with open arms.

"Ah! This is our guy, eh? Ha!" he booms and claps Josh in a hug. Josh is so caught off guard he does not react. "And you, Scarlet Witch in my club!" he adds. He steps over to Wanda and leans in to air kiss her cheeks, presuming without a hint of shame or consideration of her.

"He fixes you up?" the man, obviously Morozov, says in his own Russian accent to the one Josh recognized.

"Yes, is him," he says.

Morozov grins to his associates as if showing off a new toy. "Our own Jesus! But with women!" he chortles. The others laugh. They consider Wanda and Josh dispassionately though. "Good! You are lucky man, Josh Foley. You look after my brother, now you come here any time. Always free."

"Yeah, thanks," Josh says with a smile.

Scarlet Witch has posed:
Wanda's eyes take in the sights up in the private area. Her face does not reveal much of her thoughts, though Josh might get some indefinable sense that she's grown more wary. Despite that, she is nothing but pleasant smiles when Morozov comes over to give his greeting.

Wanda returns the air kisses appropriately and says, "You have been too kind. We appreciate the gesture. It has been an enjoyable evening." Her tone is complimentary, the young woman not being silver-tongue like some of her comrades, but having had to make enough public appearances at now to at least be comfortable speaking at such moments.

Wanda looks over to Josh and smiles to him. "Do you have a little more dancing in you?" she asks him.

Elixir has posed:
"I do," grins.

Morozov says something to his associates in Russian, probably crude, and they laugh for real this time. Then he nods to the man that brought Wanda and Josh up to the floor, turns his back and takes his seat.

Josh shares a look with Wanda, but being obviously dismissed, follows their escort. They are left at the elevator to go down.

"Did that just happen?" Josh asks with bewildered laugh when the lift starts down. "Did we just walk into a Russian mob movie?"

Scarlet Witch has posed:
Wanda stands close to Josh on the lift, making sure it is just them and no one else to overhear as she lets out a breath. "Yes. I hope it is just gratitude. And, perhaps he is just a wealthy club owner," she says. Wanda moves a hand to rest on Josh's chest. Though it's a gentle touch, Josh may get a sense somewhere inside that in the moment, Wanda is like a lioness that has sensed danger in the area of her pride and family.

"I hope it does not turn into... seeing you as a resource. The comment about 'our very own'. Innocuous I hope, but it could be taken as a bit more possessive, too," she says. Wanda looks away from the club beneath and back to Josh. "Perhaps another dance and then you might take me home?" she proposes.

Elixir has posed:
Josh makes a bit of a face. "Yeah... Let's hope."

He brightens at Wanda's suggestion though. "You read my mind," he says with a grin. Josh pulls Wanda into a kiss and then heads out onto the dance floor with her. He relaxes quickly when they dance. The episode upstairs fades mostly from his mind.

Scarlet Witch has posed:
Wanda Maximoff shares the kiss, and gives his lip a little nibble before relinquishing it, trying to help dispel any worries from the meeting. Back on the dance floor then, she dances with a bit of abandon, knowing that is the last dance. By the end of it there is a faint sheen to her skin, and some of her hair is pressing to her cheeks.

"You know how to show a lady a good time," she says in her slowly delivered style, giving Josh an approving look as if impressed. "Keep it up and... I don't know. I might have invite you up for coffee when you get me home," she teases. Wanda slips her hand into his, squeezing and then lacing fingers with him. She leans close, resting her head against the side of his shoulder as she makes ready to follow him.

Elixir has posed:
"I like coffee," Josh laughs. "But I wouldn't want to damage your reputation by coming in at this time of night. It'd be, scandalous, you know?."

Josh walks with the beautiful lady Avenger to the lift they came in on. They are wished a good night by name on the way out and the car is already there. The valet actually refuses the Josh offers. Josh drives them back through town holding Wanda's hand. Soon they are back at the Avengers Mansion.

Josh looks over after turning off the car. "Coffee?" he asks quietly.

Scarlet Witch has posed:
Wanda Maximoff sits in the car with Josh after he turns the engine off. She turns to look back over to him as well, emitting a soft little gasp of surprise. Wanda looks down and away from him, eyes darting about as if embarrassed. "So scandalous, Mr. Foley," she tells him, before letting out the smile that he so often pulls out of Wanda. She leans over to softly brush her lips against his.

Her hand softly rests on his chest, fingers brushing before she nods. "Coffee," she agrees. "And maybe a biscotti, lest you think you can leave too quickly," she tells him coyly. Wanda opens the car door, glancing to Josh as she makes a bit of a show of slipping one long, slender leg out of the vehicle, bared well up her thigh by the slit in the dress before she rises from the car.