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Josh Foley (Scenesys ID: 1798)
"You gotta work on your laser dodgin'. How'd this happen?"
Full Name: Josh Foley
Gender: Male
Species: Mutant
Theme: Marvel (FC)
Occupation: Student
Citizenship: USA
Residence: Xavier's School
Education: College Student
Status: Dropped
Groups: X-Men, Xavier's School
Other Information
Apparent Age: 19 Actual Age: 19
Date of Birth 26 April 2009 Actor: Hunter Parrish
Height: 177 cm (5'10") Weight: 71 kg (156 lb)
Hair Color: Blond Eye Color: Blue
Theme Song: "Hold Me in Your Arms" by The Trews


Josh was a member of the anti-mutant group the Reavers, which pleased his vehemently anti-mutant parents. When the Reavers attacked a group of mutants associated to the Xavier School, one of the mutants was gravely injured. Instinctively, Josh bent down to help and his mutant powers manifested, healing her.

Immediately cast out of his family home and his circle of friends, Josh is looking for somewhere to turn as he is forced to rethink everything about himself.

Current Player Approved: Not Applicable



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He is a good-looking kid, all of 19 or 20 years old. At 5'9" and slim, he's got that blond haired, blue-eyed thing that goes over so well. But for a guy who can lay on hands, he does not look out of the ordinary.

In fact, in skinny jeans, worn white and green Adidas shoes and a 21 Pilots t-shirt, with all of his worldly possessions are slung over his shoulder in a big black camping backpack, he looks like he could have walked out of any college hostel in America.


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Born and raised in Queens, Josh had a fairly average middle-class upbringing. He did reasonably well in school and was a receiver in his high school football team. If anything, what stood out about Josh was his eagerness to please. And with two vehemently anti-mutant parents, that led Josh to fall in with the Reavers.

The Reavers were a group of young anti-mutant students under the influence of Donald Pierce. They were responsible for any number of beatings of mutants in different areas of New York, until a fateful encounter with some kids from Xavier's school. The group from Xavier's school were investigating a possible mutant when they were attacked by the Reavers. During the fight, one of the mutants was seriously injured. Josh reached out instinctively and healed her.

After the fight when the Reavers learned Josh had used newfound mutant powers to heal one of the mutants, they delivered an almighty beating and left him in the street.

Word that Josh was a mutant got home faster than he did. When he finally dragged himself there, dreading his parents finding out he was mutant, he found his parents already knew. They had packed his clothes into his hiking backpack and stuffed a couple thousand dollars into one of the pockets. His father raged at him, told Josh to leave and threatened to beat him if Josh ever came back.

Heart-broken and bewildered, Josh left the only home he had known to try and piece together what happened to him and what he would do now.


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Josh wants desperately to be the good guy, and it often makes him over-eager to please, which has been used to manipulate him in the past. He is bright, energetic and sensitive though he does his best to come off as cooler and more brash than he really is. Used to being liked, he has a genuine liking for other people and a sincere desire to help, though he tries not to let on about it.


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Elixir can control the biological structure of his body and other people's bodies down to the genetic level. He can produce biomolecular energy at will, which allows him to heal physical damage to himself and others, enhance physical abilities, sense the state and nature of biological entities, repair cerebral functions and otherwise manipulate biological entities. His abilities are limited to those he can physically touch.

Biokinetic Damage:
While Josh's primary ability is to heal himself and others, he is also able to inflict damage upon others. He isn't able to damage to the point of death, but he can cause minor illnesses from simple stomach aches and headaches to something that can resemble bruises or flesh wounds. He can also render others unconscious for short periods of time (10-15 minutes).

Biological Detection:
Josh's abilities allow him to sense changes in people's life forces. If someone within range is sick, wounded, or dying, he can sense it. Likewise, he can pick up genetic abnormalities such as technological or organic differences to someone's genetic makeup. OOC: This ability requires PC consent if using it on another player.


Josh is still a pretty young man who hasn't had a ton of experience mastering his abilities. His biokinesis gives him the ability to heal both himself and others, although his powers are still somewhat limited due to his youth. He can heal basic injuries such as broken bones, burns, or flesh wounds. He's even been able to heal more serious wounds like deep stabs or small-caliber gun shot wounds. While he is powerful, he has not yet learned to control his powers enough to regrow limbs or resurrect the dead.


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Josh played a variety of sports growing up, and was one of the best receivers in his high school. He is generally athletic and is adept at a number of sports.

Josh has always been fascinated by biology and was able to do some first year college studies in the subject before his life fell apart. He has a better than average familiarity with the subject.

Josh trained in Karate beginning in childhood and earned a black belt just before graduating from high school.


Josh has been trained by the X-Men to be a field medic. He has the training and experience of a new paramedic.


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Josh grew up in Queens and knows the area well. While all of his close friends and family have turned on him, he still has the connections that growing up in an area as one of the popular kids can give.


Josh is a member of the X-Men and has access to their facilities, resources and people as long as he remains a team member in good standing.


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Dichromatimorphic Skin:
Josh's skin is golden in colour, possibly due to a secondary mutation activated by his healing abilities. Even at a casual glance his metallic hued skin marks him as a mutant.

Hard To Treat:
Josh's biokinetic abilities have made him virtually impossible to treat by modern medicine or other normal means.

Stay With Me:
Josh's powers require him to be conscious. This can be especially problematic for him since he is really the only one who can treat himself, but if he is out cold he's out of luck.

Too Far:

Pushing his abilities causes Josh to fall into a coma while his body recovers. He is defenseless, and senseless, during this time and its duration is unpredictable.


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Title Date Scene Summary
Starlight: Contract talks October 8th, 2020 Andrea invites Josh over to deliver some good news.
Concert in Mutant Town September 16th, 2020 What starts out as a party and concert becomes trouble as Magneto arrives.
A minor emergency.. September 7th, 2020 Megan crash lands in the gardens, Josh comes to her aid.
Garden Rest September 1st, 2020 Josh and Shannon reconnect after almost a year. She takes it easy on him.
Not all scars are beautiful September 1st, 2020 Josh finds Jeremy in the lockers and changes his life forever.
Just A Typical Lunch August 30th, 2020 A friendly lunch amongst friends is interrupted by would-be mutant-killers. Andrea and Nevada take care of business.
College buddies catching up August 27th, 2020 Josh comes over to talk with Andrea about a new job.
Cats and Dogs Masquerade Fundraiser August 22nd, 2020 A fundraiser is held to raise money for an animal shelter..But things go wrong.
A Cruise Around The Harbor August 20th, 2019 Josh and Wanda go for an evening cruise, a chance to unwind and just spend time together
The Elusive Dr. Pym August 20th, 2019 Josh meets Dr. Pym, a difficult patient.
Keeping Grounded August 20th, 2019 Elixir checks in on Nightingale and gets to hear some of her music.
There's a Hole in My Bucket August 19th, 2019 Vanessa Carlysle gets an unexpected visit from a contractor to fix her place up a bit. Amazing what a fresh coat of paint or a kind gesture can do.
Log 8873 August 19th, 2019 Summary needed
Something Coming August 18th, 2019 Several mutants practice handling ambushes in the Danger Room at Xavier's.
Sisterhood of the Traveling Dadneto-Fortress August 16th, 2019 Lorna comes by with an update on Magneto's plans. Wanda and Josh try to get her to relax while they brainstorm.
Meeting the Brother August 15th, 2019 Summary needed
Danger - High Voltage! August 15th, 2019 Nightingale and Surge do some training using the Spawn scenario. They do well and get a few pointers from Cannonball and Elixir. Nobody died.
Protect Xavier's: Necroplasma from Spawn August 14th, 2019 Surge, Moonstar, Shannon, Josh and Kitty seek out Spawn to gather necroplasma for Wanda Maximoff's protection spell for the school
Catching Up Over Ice Cream August 14th, 2019 Josh and Wanda catch up over ice cream in Central Park, then save a drowning child and reunite him with is family.
Children's Charity Gala August 13th, 2019 The Children's Charity gala for the Pediatrics units of several New York hospitals goes swimmingly. Atlantean Royalty makes an unexpected appearance. New introductions are made. The Bat-Tots are not webbed to the wall. Success!
Nothing bad happens on school trips August 13th, 2019 It started as a field trip. It turned into a trip mine. BUT DID YOU DIE THOUGH?!
Mobbed in the Streets August 12th, 2019 In NYC a protest turns violent, very quickly, and Lorna is pulled into the crowd. Sam, Doug, and Josh help save the day!
Music Heals All August 12th, 2019 Brian, Illyana, Wanda and Josh head out to Evolution to hang out, be awkward and avoid anyone getting stabbed.
Eating More Crow August 12th, 2019 Emma Frost has a visit from Elixir, who asks for her help. Elixir is surprised to find he and Emma Frost think a lot alike. Emma Frost has some advice for Elixir.
Undercurrents: Rocket Rogue Ice Cream is Best August 11th, 2019 Rogue is ambushed while out for ice cream with Psylocke, Jubilee and Negasonic Teenage Warhead. It goes badly for the attackers. The mutants learn someone is taking out contracts on a bunch of them.
Just Focus August 10th, 2019 Nightengale gets more practice with her healing from Elixir.
Washing Away the Tears August 9th, 2019 Jubilee and Elixir talk about gold skin, not dying and when to admit you looked.
The First Day Of The Rest Of Josh's Life August 9th, 2019 Josh and Wanda need downtime after his death and resurrection, and they decide to renew their bond
Little Person, Big Hearts August 8th, 2019 Spider-Woman and Elixir have dinner and dessert with Anna in Santo Domingo.
Saved: The Day Josh Foley Died August 8th, 2019 Elixir is confronted by his past. Scarlet Witch loses something precious to her. Both witness a miracle.
Under Pressure August 7th, 2019 Polaris explains the weight she is carrying and the bind she is in with Elixir. They talk about possibilities but none are great.
Roberto's Birthday August 7th, 2019 Roberto birthday party. No real injuries. Achievement unlocked.
Gangsters and Twinkies August 7th, 2019 Beast discusses dealing with Hammerhead with Jubilee, Polaris and Elixir.
Analyzing the Hammerhead Ambush August 5th, 2019 And Twinkies were had by all... no, just Hank, while research into Hammerhead began.
Saved: Closer August 5th, 2019 Scarlet Witch and Elixir spend time together browsing antiques. Elixir tells Scarlet Witch about wanting to foster a girl from the Dominican. The two decide to buy a home and make a family of three. With a dog.
Catch Up August 4th, 2019 Cypher and Elixir meet for coffee, get caught up and find they have more in common than they thought. Even if Cypher loves all the wrong teams. ;)
Saved: Villa Altagracia August 4th, 2019 Jessica and Josh visit Villa Altagracia, and fate takes a surprising turn. Surprise: It's a girl.
Saved: Surprise Visit August 3rd, 2019 Scarlet Witch and Elixir return to where they had their first drinks together to carch up on the last few days. The Russian mobs ruins it. Scarlet Witch sends a message to Morozov.
The One About Mrs Garcia's Leg August 3rd, 2019 Josh Foley heals an elderly woman in Vanessa's building who suffered an accident
Undercurrents: Guerilla Warfare August 3rd, 2019 Revenge isn't a cold dish; it burns the man it's fed to.
There's Trouble At The Mill! August 2nd, 2019 Damian calls Kitty, bleeding out after a demon attack. Illyana teleports him to the X-men medical bay, where Josh heals him.
After the Peril August 2nd, 2019 Spider-Woman and Elixir talk about the Sentinel attack in East Harlem.
Saved: Training August 1st, 2019 Shannon and Josh do some training at Salem Centre Hospital.
Fire in the Promised Land: Peril August 1st, 2019 Jessica and Josh go on a motorcycle ride. Make new friends. Blow things up. And make generally bad life choices.
Undercurrents: We Might Be Friends July 31st, 2019 A member of the Family in Bushwick talks with some X-men about working together.
Sentinels: Regaining a Vision July 30th, 2019 Tony leads the team to revive a fallen Vision.
Don't They Know July 30th, 2019 Elixir causes existential despair with his taste in music.
Saved: Peril July 30th, 2019 Jessica and Josh reflect on their past and present.
So. How Was Your Day July 30th, 2019 Wanda and Josh talk about his having killed a demon with his mutant power, then news of escalating Sentinel situations breaks
Two Bedroom, One Bath, Seeking Roommate July 29th, 2019 Tony gets an update from Wanda on the drug Hook. Josh gets cleared to move into the mansion with her and join the medical staff.
Red Alert! July 29th, 2019 Beast, Jubilee, Magik and Elixir grab and interrogate the man who tipped off cyborgs before the mutant bus attack. They turn him over to police. Elixir has a startling revelation about Magik's world and kills a small demon. Jubilee shields Elixir and Magik leaves.
Dark Inside July 29th, 2019 Scarlet Witch and Elixir come home to let Elixir recover from his last mission. They experience something together that defies description.
Undercurrents: The Butterfly July 28th, 2019 Cypher, Jubilee, Rogue, Scarlet Witch and Elixir take down The Butterfly and the gang members that ran it.
Saved: A Special Moment July 27th, 2019 Jubilee and Elixir visit a woman with esophageal cancer and heal her. They get to share a special moment with the woman and her daughter, and enjoy a homecooked meal afterwards.
Saved: Listening to the Elders July 26th, 2019 Beast asks Elixir for a favour. Beast and Elixir talk about being a public mutant. Beast, Jubilee and Elixir talk about school security and helping Hook addicts.
Circling The Wagon July 26th, 2019 Lorna visits and sees some old family items from Wanda's life with the Maximoffs, and sees the replicate of their wagon that Josh made. The sisters bond over the difficulties of their lives.
Football July 25th, 2019 Scarlet Witch and Elixir find joy in simple moments and deep connections.
Saved: Lunch Questions July 25th, 2019 Polaris and Elixir have lunch and talk family, being public mutants and saving lives.
Guthrie Fried Chicken July 24th, 2019 People get to know one another over Sam's chicken.
The Wounded Warrior July 23rd, 2019 Hank calls an assembly to calm the students excited/anxious about recent violence. School staff support each other while discussing long-term solutions.
Saved: Walk in the Park July 23rd, 2019 Scarlet Witch and Elixir go far a walk in the park. They are both recognized. It goes better for Scarlet Witch than Elixir. Elixir realizes he cannot help everyone.
Saved: Best Intentions July 22nd, 2019 Cyborgs attacked a busload of Xavier students. Beast, Jubilee, Polaris, Mason and Elixir are forced to respond.
Bedside Manner July 22nd, 2019 Beast, Emma, Josh, Jubilee, Megan and Kitty gather in the Med Bay around an injured Doug. It is discovered he has a version of the Transmode virus.
Remembrances July 21st, 2019 Josh finds a box of old family mementos in Wanda's closet, and hears their tales
Now This is Seafood July 20th, 2019 Josh tells Wanda about Doug's shooting. Lorna arrives and reveals more hair-raising incidents at Genosha's palace.
Wistful Thoughts July 18th, 2019 A quiet day and talk between Wanda and Josh about future hopes and dreams
Saved: What is the Right Call July 18th, 2019 Cypher and Elixir talk about the ramifications of healing powers becoming known. They settle on sandwiches, but no answers.
Saved: A Simple Request July 17th, 2019 Cypher gets an unexpected request from a desperate friend, and has to deal with Hook trying to worm its way into the club. Scarlet Witch and Elixir show up to help.
Stranger Danger! July 17th, 2019 Pixie and Illyana train in the danger room, but the program gets a bit out of control, and Illyana collapses.
Medical Magik July 17th, 2019 Magik recovers in the Medical Bay from over-exertion in the Danger Room. She does not kill or maim Elixir, but makes no promises Pixie will come out of things alright.
Cupcake and Study Break July 17th, 2019 Wanda and Josh take some time to know each other better.
Undercurrents: Coming Down July 17th, 2019 Twigs tells Beast, Rogue, Jubilee and Elixir that the new drug they are investigating is called Hook, is cheaper than heroin and getting popular.
Coffee, Cream and Cytosine July 16th, 2019 A little chatting in the kitchen. And pizza. And vodka and cranberry.
Summer By The Lake July 16th, 2019 Kitty, Betsy, Illyana, Josh, Lorna, Megan, Pietro, Sunspot, Samuel and Siryn come by the boathouse, and some go out sailing together on the Lake
Making the Lab Work July 16th, 2019 Beast gives Elixir a lesson on teamwork and communication.
Degrees of Separation July 15th, 2019 Samantha shows up unannounced in Josh's room. Wanda arrives and Samantha realizes she and Josh are really over.
In the Interest of Charity July 14th, 2019 Wanda's appearance at a charity gala escorted by an A-list actor causes ripples in her relationship with Josh
Sometimes You Just Need A Quiet Night July 13th, 2019 Josh studies while Wanda plays guitar. Even quiet evenings can be meaningful.
Hot Days July 13th, 2019 The Xavier crew and Scarlet Witch hang out at the pool for sun, fun, fist fights and twinkies.
Undercurrents: Warning Signs July 11th, 2019 Rogue, Wanda and Josh find a student has overdosed in Xavier's on a strange new drug.
Undercurrents: Something New July 11th, 2019 Hank, Jubilee, Doug and Josh check on Sarah and her roomate. They start to investigate a new drug.
Just a Little Space July 11th, 2019 Wanda and Josh have a night out Max in Manhattan.
Live for the Present July 10th, 2019 Tough revelations by Wanda and Josh leave both feeling closer together.
After The Pool July 8th, 2019 Drinks and conversation between Josh and Wanda after Cap's party lead to some emotions as past history comes out.
Italian Coffee and La Vienta July 7th, 2019 Josh and Wanda go for coffee and listen to Latin Jazz
Happy Birthday, American Man July 7th, 2019 The Avengers celebrate one of their own as Steve Rogers has his 109th(!) birthday!
All the Java July 7th, 2019 Rachel and Josh meet for coffee. Nothing weird happens.
Campsite 4 July 6th, 2019 Jubilee and Josh enjoy a campfire and a quiet night.
Hit and Miss July 5th, 2019 Doug and Josh have a drink, and get a better read on each other.
Lunch in mutant town! July 4th, 2019 Summary Needed
Que July 3rd, 2019 Doug comes to talk with Josh about bailing at the mall. They do not get through to each other.
Because Xavier's July 3rd, 2019 Several students meet up in the backyard. Rachel apologizes. Laura hugs someone. Sam recruits for garden patrol. Hisako gets a new roomate. And no leather pants were used in the making of this scene.
This Mall Has Everything. Including Friends of Humanity July 2nd, 2019 A simple trip to the mall pits Josh, Doug, Kitty, Hisako, Bobby, and Carrie Kelley against some members of the Friends of Humanity
Breakstone Lake July 4th Extravaganza July 2nd, 2019 Students, friends, and faculty of Xavier's School gather by the Lake to celebrate July 4th!
Like Old Times July 2nd, 2019 Ellie, Lorna and Hisako visit the Wellness Centre. Josh heals Lorna and Hisako. Oh yeah, and Ellie.
Dream of the Shore Near Another World July 1st, 2019 Summary needed
Kitchen Conundrum July 1st, 2019 Josh meets Hisako for eggs and armour in the kitchen!
Sentinels: Meet the Mold - Team 2 June 30th, 2019 Team 2 infiltrate the Trask facility and soon discover they have been discovered!
So This Is Evolution June 30th, 2019 Wanda returns the favor paying for a night out at Club Evolution with Josh.
Mutant Town Meet Up June 28th, 2019 Josh Foley spots Wanda in Mutant Town and treats her to a meal and an interesting conversation
New Student Testing CC-1 June 27th, 2019 Colt does well in his first time in the Danger Room.
Curfews are for Losers June 27th, 2019 People hit up Club Evolution to unwind.
X-MEN: They Hide Below June 22nd, 2019 Frank Castle and his Unpunishable X-Men take on a strange new type of maybe... Sentinel...? Nobody's really sure, even when its all said and done, they saved lives and fought some weird robotic spider things. But they got basically no questions answered!
Eating Crow July 15th, 2018 Emma checks in on Josh and delivers an unexpected apology. Their conversation is much more civil this go around.
Fireworks and Fudgecicles July 13th, 2018 Summary needed
Making a Splash July 11th, 2018 Summary needed
Some fresh air July 10th, 2018 Erika talks to Josh about her past, Andrea suggests an outing.
On the Court July 10th, 2018 Some students hang out at the basketball court.
Rising from the Dead July 10th, 2018 Josh, Andrea, and Jubilee go on a recruitment mission for a new mutant -- in a cemetery.
Make All The Friends July 9th, 2018 Jessica introduces Josh to Tony and Drake. Tony gets patched up, Jessica gets noticed, Josh gets a reality check and Drake gets a Monster Energy Drink (tm).
Can pancakes fix everything July 9th, 2018 Mason, Tyler and Josh talk about what happened that night at the lake. Josh punched Mason in the face.
The Wolf July 8th, 2018 Professor X leads Ororo, Theresa and Josh on a journey to restore Andrea's mind.
After the Journey July 8th, 2018 Andrea, Erika, Tyler and Josh discover how Andrea was injured, and who did it.
We're Not All Tanks July 7th, 2018 Emma speaks to Josh about his mutant powers, and ends up failing to impress upon him how unprepared he is for what he can do and will become. It goes as well as expected.
The Bared Teeth July 7th, 2018 Mason rushes Andrea to Xavier's after putting a rock through her head. Josh is able to heal the physical damage, but she's not quite there anymore when she wakes back up.
Burning July 6th, 2018 Some New Mutants chat by the fire.
A Troubled Youth July 6th, 2018 Summary needed
By the lake July 6th, 2018 Summary needed
Take That to the Bank July 6th, 2018 Jessica, Kaelyn, Tyler and Josh intervene in a major bank robbery!
The Boys July 5th, 2018 Mason and Josh talk about mutants, girls, and mutant girls, which are the most dangerous of all.
Adamantium fists. You don't have them. July 4th, 2018 Copying X-23's fighting style.. not the greatest plan, in hindsight. Erika, Josh, and Tyler talk in the nurse's office.
Celebrating our freedom with hot dogs July 4th, 2018 4th of July feast in the backyard. Andrea is still not okay. Starring new XS'ers: Sean, Terry and Storm!
The Morning After July 4th, 2018 Andrea and Josh have a falling out.
Answering the Mob July 3rd, 2018 When Andrea, Mason and Josh are confronted by the paparrazi, more comes out than they expected.
Great Save! July 3rd, 2018 Rogue saves Josh and devastates some Reavers!
Meanwhile, back at the Mansion July 3rd, 2018 The Wellness Centre gets more than its fair share of patients. And a visit from X-23, who is just fine.
Guitars, claws, Beasts. July 2nd, 2018 Andrea and Mason talk about his future at the school, then tries to resolve an issue with Erika and Laura. From there, Hank McCoy is in a bad mood and gets guilt tripped by a popstar. (Sorry blue, my bad)
Meet Me in the Morning July 1st, 2018 Erika wakes up to a confusing new world at Xavier's.
Psychic Diagnosis July 1st, 2018 Professor X checks on Erika and gets her set up at school.
I am suffocating. July 1st, 2018 Andrea and Josh hang out with Erika she sees her powers in action.
Renegades June 30th, 2018 Andrea talks sense to Tyler and Josh, and tells them she might not be New Mutant material.
Multitasking..For Justice June 30th, 2018 Summary needed
Full Ride June 30th, 2018 Summary needed
House calls, in more than one sense June 30th, 2018 Andrea and Josh Foley stop by Erika's house to check on her. They end up transporting her back to Xavier's for emergency psychic diagnosis and treatment, care of Betsy Braddock.
The New Mutants: A Personal Identity. June 29th, 2018 The kids get a lesson on what it means to be a team, and band together defending themselves to a very pleased Emma.
Ragnarok pt. 9: If I only had a brain. June 29th, 2018 Thor gains the aid of a direly needed telepath and meets the New Mutants who offer their aid.
Let's talk about our future. June 29th, 2018 A phone call turns into a get together for the New Mutants. A tiny thread is tugged, starting to unravel.
Rock the Julliard June 28th, 2018 Andrea, Josh, and Tyler surprise Mason by showing up at his final recital for class, and then get a fancy dinner.
Pierced June 24th, 2018 Some New Mutants and X-Men deliver a message to Donald Pierce that he will never forget.
Who You Are June 21st, 2018 Andrea is writing her new song, but has to pause to make sure her packmates are okay. She gives advice to Tyler.
Woodsmoke June 20th, 2018 Several New Mutants chat around the campfire. Rift visits. Tyler unloads a secret that may get him in trouble.
Germination: Of Mushrooms and Men June 20th, 2018 Tyler, Tommy and Josh save a boy from a space mushroom with help from the Green Arrow. Iron Man drops in to clean up. Jean busts the boys.
Four! June 19th, 2018 Some X-students go to the country club, there's a little golfing involved.
On the Way Back to School June 15th, 2018 Tommy meets Tyler on his way back home from fighting Shredder. Various tales are told, Josh heals some wounds, and Andrea storms away in squeeking wolf slippers.
New Horizons June 15th, 2018 X-23 has her first lunch and first friend at the Xavier School.
Morning Frost! June 14th, 2018 Emma Frost has a chat with Josh about his future, then makes him an offer he can't refuse. And she almost smiles. Almost.
Deep Waters June 14th, 2018 X-23 goes fishing and comes up with lunch and a fellow new student.
Breakfast at Xavier's June 12th, 2018 Psylocke has breakfast with a few students; Andrea, Tyler and Josh.
Bridge Over Troubled Waters June 10th, 2018 Summary needed
Welcome to Xavier's June 10th, 2018 Andrea and Tyler welcome Josh and talk about his past with the Reavers.
The Murray Street Bridge June 10th, 2018 Some students from Xavier's School get a field assignment. They pass and the school gets a new student.
A Rough Introduction June 8th, 2018 The Reavers attack Andrea, Speed, Wiccan and Mason, and get decimated, but not before mortally wounding Andrea. One Reaver discovers he has healing powers.


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