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In the Interest of Charity
Date of Scene: 14 July 2019
Location: Infirmary - Xavier's School
Synopsis: Wanda's appearance at a charity gala escorted by an A-list actor causes ripples in her relationship with Josh
Cast of Characters: Scarlet Witch, Elixir

Scarlet Witch has posed:
After the day at the pool, Wanda had to get back to the Mansion. She'd told him a day or two before that she was going to be busy Saturday night, but they were interrupted before she could go into more detail. As they'd walked in from the pool towards Josh's room, she had brought the subject back up. "So, tonight, there's this charity thing," she had said slowly, sounding as if it was a lead in. But then someone had come by thinking they had news on Sarah, which trumped the conversation.

Now it's a few hours later. Josh's phone chimes with a text message. Whatever he has identifying Wanda pops up, whether just her name or a picture, to indicate who it is from. It's a simple enough message: "Hey Josh, are you there?" it asks.

Elixir has posed:
Josh is sitting in Medical at the X-Base. Of all the things he could be doing on a Saturday night, he is running lab tests on the drug Sarah and Nadia used, and studying.

His phone buzzes and he looks over. A selfie of him and Wanda at Club Max pops up. He smiles and texts Wanda back.

Yep. Studying. Thinking about you. At the thing?

One of the holo displays is going in the background as a television. Two others are showing the results of Josh's tedious but methodical step by step work through Hank's instructions.

Scarlet Witch has posed:
The delay isn't very long before Josh's phone chimes again with Wanda's reply. Or replies, as they come in one after another. "In the car on the way there" is the first one.

Ding. "Child literacy gala. Charity I have spent a lot of time on."

Ding. "This was set up weeks ago."

Ding. "Wanted to talk to you about it. They gnarred for me to be sectored."

That didn't seem to make much sense. Darn autocorrect? Or maybe Wanda started the gala early with a few drinks?

Elixir has posed:
Ding. "lol what?"

Ding. "Cool cause. Least u r not distracting me! ;)"

Josh puts his phone down. He gestures a bit at the holo showing the television and picks a local station that does celeb circuit coverage. Then he goes back to ready a new set of samples for processing and sets the computer to searching against the lattest results. So far, the compounds making up this drug were not like anything seen before.

Scarlet Witch has posed:
The TV commentator is talking about a movie at the moment. "... it was definitely another box office smash for Coby Ward, this time starring opposite starlet Jessica Albright in a love story with the actress's first intimate scene." The entertainment show cuts to a clip of the beautiful young actress. "Ok, if I'm honest, a chance for a scene like that with Coby probably swayed me," she says, laughing in a half-joking way. The commentator comes back on, saying, "Well, he does get compared to a young Brad Pitt, and his box office track record definitely supports-"

Ding. "Stupid autocorrect. We're almost there. I don't want you to think"

The text just cuts off there. Maybe she hit Send too early or something.

Elixir has posed:
Josh rolls his eyes at the commentary, but does check out Jessica Albright. Because Jessica.

But then he is back to his labwork. He tunes everything else out for a while so he can be absolutely meticulous and precise. Hank expected nothing less.

After about 20 minutes he stretches and goes back to his seat with his books and tablet.

He looks at the message and shakes his head with a smile.

"Girls," he jokes to himself.

Ding. "Just have fun tonight! It's cool, talk later :)"

Scarlet Witch has posed:
The TV has moved on to coverage of a local event, with a banner across the bottom of the virtual screen indicating it is the 2019 World Child Literacy Fund Gala. And the reason the coverage was talking about movies is soon apparent as a car pulls up and actor Coby Ward steps out onto the red carpet. He's ruggedly handsome but with a boyish charm. The poster from his first film showing his abs became a best seller. He stands at the end of the carpet by the curb as flashes go off and the two commentators commend the perfect cut of his expensive suit.

"And here comes the car bringing his date for the night. Wanda Maximoff, better known as the Avenger, the Scarlet Witch," the commentator says. A dark town car pulls up, and Coby Ward opens the door, taking Wanda's hand as she steps out of the car. She's wearing a dress that combined with her curve is absolutely devastating. "Wow. Janet van Dyne has outdone herself this time." "Truly a masterpiece. Looking like that, I wouldn't be surprised if it's a certain Scarlet lady who is in Coby's next film in a steamy intimate scene. And I /don't/ mean Johnansson!" "No you don't!" the other commentator agrees.

Elixir has posed:
Josh just sits looking stunned at the holo of Coby taking Wanda's hand. The perfect glamour of the moment, one of the hottest actors around, and Wanda there smiling.

"What the /fuck/?!" he shouts, ears burning red.

Josh's phone buzzes.

Ding. "Duuuude! Sucks to be you! You see Coby Ward and Scarlet Witch??" - Phoenix

"I voted you most likely to be a boy toy! Second place to Coby isn't bad. Get me his autograph!" - Danny

"Told you she was too good for you. Shoudla dropped that shit" -Spotz

Josh reads the messages and they spin in his head with the doubts and insecurities he had been fighting and not giving voice to since Evolution.

Scarlet Witch has posed:
The pair walk slowly up the red carpet, stopping along the way several times for pictures to be taken. The commentators continue to discuss. "They do look like such a great couple, don't they? Do you think this is just for the charity, or are they an item?" "Maybe we'll find out in the days to come. They say Coby has had intimate knowledge of at least half of the leading ladies in his film. And that the other half were just better at keeping it quiet!" Laughter results.

If anyone were to be in a calm state of mind, know Wanda Maximoff well, and look closely, they might notice that Wanda's smile is a little forced compared to her normal warmth. The commentators definitely don't notice it, going on about her legs as one of them is visible through a slit up the side of the dress that shows off her figure to devastating effect. The pair are two-thirds of the way up the red carpet, and the coverage cuts over to the next pair to arrive down on the street.

Elixir has posed:
Josh's face colours. He waves the holo-television off and slumps back in his chair. He stares blankly for a while.

"I don't get it," he mutters to himself, heart in his throat.

Ding. "You okay? I heard." -Samantha

Josh stares at his phone for a bit. Samantha's name just pops up in plain text on his phone now. No pictures, ringtones or funny names that were inside jokes.

"Yeah, it's famous people stuff. Weren't serious anyway. Whatever."

Ding. "Joshie, I know you." -Samantha

"I said it's fine. Gonna study. Have fun with Luke."

Ding. "It... wasn't the same." -Samantha

"You'll find someone. Gonna turn off my phone."

Josh puts his phone on the desk face down but does not turn it off. He goes back to studying but it is slow going.

Scarlet Witch has posed:
An hour passes. The shadows of the trees and the mansion that is the school finish lengthening and disappear as the sun drops below the horizon. Evening comes on, darkness beginning to take over the land. Though in one location, at the school's gate, a red swirling light forms from nowhere, pushing back to the coming night for a few moments. It glows bright and then fades away, leaving Wanda Maximoff in a stunning JVD dress.

She buzzes in from the gate, impatient until it opens for her and she can start the long walk up the drive to the school. By the time she's a quarter of the way up the drive, she's pulling off her heels, and by the time she's halfway up the drive she's moving at just short of a jog.

Reaching the front door she just passes inside. She doesn't ask for Josh, nor go to his room. She heads towards where he is at in the infirmary as if drawn on a string. She reaches the door, knocking softly on it and opening it, standing in the doorway as she looks in for him. She's holding her shoes, and her hair is a little mussed from her hurried trip up the drive. But otherwise she's still looking stunning in the dress from the gala.

Elixir has posed:
Josh finally gets going on his books. He stops at one point to change up some sample trays. He messes up the labels and has to do them over. He is just finishing when he hears the knock.

Josh opens the door. Wanda was the last person he expected to see. His face starts to light up then falls into something neutral, guarded. Wanda's sense of him is at its weakest since she used her spell on Josh.

"Hey," he says uncertainly. He moves aside so Wanda can come in. He notices her hair and that she's holding her shoes. His chest falls a little bit more, misreading her entirely. "Everything okay? You look like you had a few too many at the gala. I can get someone to drive you home if you want."

Scarlet Witch has posed:
Wanda steps inside, letting her shoes slip from her fingers. She swings the door softly shut behind her. "No, everything isn't ok," she says as she slowly moves closer to him. She'd hoped her last message would be clear enough he'd understand. The jolt of emotion she'd felt inside told her the truth of the moment.

Wanda moves to stand near to Josh, wanting to reach out to touch him, but her hand is stayed by what she's feeling from him. "Weeks ago. Before we met. I committed to the gala. And it's a cause I love. They said they could arrange an escort for me. I had no one to take but Pietro. Or maybe borrow Steve. So I said yes. They told me the person's name. I didn't know it. It wasn't important, just the charity was," she says.

Wanda slowly crouches down by Josh's chair, squatting beside him. Making herself as small as she's feeling, perhaps. "I forgot all about the event. I met someone, you see. And he's been so constantly in my thoughts," Wanda says, her eyes wanting to show hope but instead they mainly show the worry that comes from what she felt in the bond. "And someone mentioned the event the other day. And commented on who this Colby person was who was escorting me," Wanda says, getting his name wrong as she does. "And then things were happening and when I'd see you it'd slip right out of my mind. I tried to let you know, they'd arranged for me to be escorted," she says. Gnarred for her to be sectored.

Elixir has posed:
Josh is tense at first, but when he looks over part way through Wanda talking it becomes plain she is not about to say any of what he feared. The flood of relief that washes through Josh is enormous. He scratches the back of his neck.

"I, uh, didn't really get what you meant. I thought you were just worried about, I dunno what," he shrugs. His face starts to flush again. "I saw you on the news getting out of the car, and it just looked so... Perfect. Like, I dunno, the way you'd think your life would be all the time. Like a movie or something. And here I am."

Josh glances around the lab, at his books, his half-finished bottle of water.

Scarlet Witch has posed:
Wanda shakes her head, her voice choked with emotion as she asks, "Here you were. So how could it have been perfect?" she asks him. Wanda finally reaches over her hand to him, finding courage in the feelings of relief that she senses like echoes in the distance. That those sensations are felt more weakly than before is not lost on her. Wanda rests her hand gently on his thigh where he sits in his chair.

"I wanted you to know, Josh, I was only there for the charity. I only dressed up to draw them publicity. If I'd known you when it was planned, I'd have insisted you be my escort," she tells him. After a moment she gives a soft, sad exhale. "My sector, even?" she says, trying for humor even through her worry.

"I don't know what you saw, or if you just heard. I didn't like having his arm around me, I just did it for the pictures. We went inside and he asked me to dance. I wasn't going to dance with anyone but you," she tells him. Wanda draws a breath, her tone hardening just a little. "And he tried to slide his hand down below my back. And I hope he doesn't have any scenes that require the use of that hand for a few days, because they may have to postpone their filming if so," she says.

Wanda lifts her eyes back up to Josh. "I'm sorry for putting you through that. You are the man I want to be with, Josh. Can you forgive me?"

Elixir has posed:
"Fucking serves him right," Josh mutters with a frown. He sighs and draws Wanda to her feet, standing with her. He holds her hand in his.

"Forgive you? You didn't do anything wrong," he says, and makes a wry face. "I feel like an ass now. I /knew/ how you felt about us... I just, I dunno. I feel it too and don't wanna lose it, lose you."

Josh shifts uncomfortably. "I've never dated an international celebrity before. Or got hit this hard by someone," he admits. "It's all kind of crazy, you know?"

Josh pulls Wanda closer to him. He slips his arms around her, not releasing the tension he was feeling until she is close against him.

"I'm glad you're not an actress. I'd lose my shit," he says wryly, but with a half-smile lighting up his face.

Scarlet Witch has posed:
Wanda's eyes looks down and she says, "Well, I hurt you. Even if I didn't mean to. I'm sorry for it." Wanda looks back up as Josh pulls her closer and talks of never having dated a celebrity before. She nuzzles her face against his cheek. "And, I'd never been in love before," she tells him softly, moving her hand up to slip her fingers through the hair along the back of his head as she keeps nuzzling.

She pulls her head back to look at him, and some of her usual soft warmth is coming back to Wanda's expression finally. "Not an actress," she agrees. Then gets a thoughtful look. "Though if you wanted me to role play, I could probably come up with a French maid uniform," she says with a teasing smile.

Wanda leans her forehead in to rest against Josh's. "I think I left my purse in the car. And my phone. I teleported right here after I broke his fingers," she admits sheepishly. Wanda softly brushes her lips against his. "I might make mistakes. But my feelings for you are true," she tells him.

Elixir has posed:
Josh relaxes and his smile returns. Wanda's words mostly wash over him as what she does sends him the signals that speak to him most clearly. That tell him things are as they should be. He chuckles at the French maid tease and shakes his head.

"Mine, too," Josh says softly. He kisses Wanda gently and then freezes as something else she said sinks in. He leans back to look into her eyes, a wondering expression on his face.

"That's really what this is, isn't it," he whispers. Then he leans forward to kiss Wanda gently at first but then with a rush of unrestrained passion that is let loose from behind the dams of uncertainty and worry that held it back.

Scarlet Witch has posed:
Wanda smiles back at Josh, the strength of the fears that had gripped her were just one more thing that confirmed what her feelings added up to. And Josh's renewed confidence in their relationship, and in her, banishes those fears as Wanda's arms slide about the younger man, hugging herself to him.

She kisses him back heatedly, her own passion rising to meet his. Miss van Dyne did an excellent job with the dress, accentuating every part of Wanda's form which is now pressed close to Josh's body. Unrestrained, her emotions flood through her and can be felt through the bond they share. Does it seem to pulse and strengthen, or is that just her feelings for him so strong it makes it feel that way?

Elixir has posed:
It is a bit like a feedback loop, the feelings that wash back and forth between them until they find some sort of equilibrium or resonance and who is feeling what becomes moot.

When their lips part, Josh smiles down at Wanda. "You really do look beautiful tonight. Almost as good as you feel," he says and touches Wanda's face. "I'm so screwed," he jokes quietly. "And you don't feel even a little bit guilty."

It is a statement because he just knows it. Just feels it from her.

Scarlet Witch has posed:
The woman leans her cheek into Josh's touch. "I'm not sure they'd let us do that in the infirmary, but certainly once we're back to your room," she says, blushing even as the words come out of her mouth. She slides both hands up, holding the sides of Josh's face as she kisses him, slowly and deep, before letting her mouth drift away from his again.

"I think we need a night out together where I can wear this for you," she tells him, glancing down at the dress. "Where everyone in the room can watch us and think, how luck is that Maximoff girl to have landed that guy? Well, you know they say she has luck powers, so..." Wanda says, grinning slightly at the end. She reaches over to take his free hand and move it over her heart, her own resting atop his then. Letting him feel how her heart beats in time to his.

Elixir has posed:
"I think it's be the other way around," Josh laughs and jokes. "Blue eyed blondes are a dime a dozen."

When Wanda puts his hand over heart Josh's hand glows faintly and that feeling of liquid warmth that follows it seeps from his hand to Wanda's chest. He becomes acutely aware of his heartbeat, breathing, the ebb and flow of his life. And of the same in Wanda.

Scarlet Witch has posed:
Wanda closes her eyes, feeling what Josh feels, sensing what he senses. Knowing him like this is beautiful. Her eyes say far more about the moment than words ever could. He fills her eyes the same way he fills her heart. How could there ever be someone else to make her feel this way.

Wanda slowly closes her eyes and her power adds to his. Not just sensing her health, but sensing her spirit and its energy. It isn't her thoughts or beliefs that he can feel now, but the essence of who she is. The goodness within her and the drive to help others. The depth of love that she has inside of her to share with others. And part of that glows golden and warm as the sun, pulsing ever brighter as the man that it is connected to is sensing it directly.

Elixir has posed:
After a long moment, the two let their powers fade in unison, leaving them standing together, one in jeans and the other in a stunning evening dress. The feeling of closeness and union fades from consuming the senses to lingering in awareness. Holding them and bonding them together even as they hold one another.

Scarlet Witch has posed:
And even as that bond keeps them close, so do their arms. Wrapped about one another. Nestling close. Wanda can't feel him against her enough. Her fingers move slowly over him to feel each bit of his shoulders, arms, chest and neck. Slipping slowly through the strands of golden-blond hair.

Wanda nuzzles a kiss softly to his cheeks. "So," she whispers. "I am probably going to get the stink-eye from your friends when I see them next, aren't I?" she asks. Her finger ruffles softly through his hair. She kisses his cheek again tenderly. "Well, hopefully they'll understand and I can win them back, if so?"

Elixir has posed:
Josh just lives in holding Wanda close. He breathes in the smell of her and smiles.

"Don't worry about them. They weren't pissed, just giving me the gears. It's what we do," he shrugs with a smile. As if on queue, Josh's phone buzzes. He breaks free of Wanda and picks it up. He frowns, swipes a few times and turns his phone off. Then he smiles to Wanda and holds out his hand to her.

"It's getting late," he notes and grins. "Let's go upstairs and give that poor dress a rest."

Scarlet Witch has posed:
Wanda gives Josh a small grin. "You could take a picture of me in the morning. Send it out. Photographer not... whatever the hell his name is. Lefty," she says, wiggling her fingers that unlike those of Coby Ward, all work without pain.

Wanda leans in towards Josh then. She kisses him deeply, and she does, red energy gathers about them, growing brighter until it is nearly blinding, and then swiftly fades away. Leaving behind an empty infirmary but for a pair of heels over by the doorway.