A Dangerous Game: The General's

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A Dangerous Game: The General's
Date of Cutscene: 12 August 2017
Location: Unknown
Synopsis: Summary needed
Cast of Characters: Mystique, Emma Frost

<< Time is Relative to bbpost 15/115 >>

Five Days Ago:
The General brought the vibrant woman to his room. The was delicious. She was dark-skinned, the epitome of latina women. Vivacious, sultry, passionate. The woman knew how to dance. And she'd been flirting with him the last two days. A man could only take so much. He'd brought her back to his home, and their bodies had entwined, in passion. He'd taken her up to his room, and then ...? ... and then he'd felt something sharp in his neck, too sharp for her to have bitten him. And he saw the woman he'd thought he was going to make passionate love to disintegrate into blues and yellows before his swimming eyes before he passed out.

Three Days Ago:
Mystique sat on the bed, across from the General. A white loincloth lay around her hips, between her bare legs, and seated with a belt of skulls and a white top loosely covered her breasts. She was seated in front of the General, murmuring quietly, "Exactly on time, General. As always. I really -do- want to thank you for keeping your secret hatred for the mutants to yourself, knowing it could be the decisive factor in ruining your future campaign in politics. What I don't appreciate are the bribes you took to look the other way. But you did -that- in secret too. So now," and she assumed the form of a young, twenty-something Caucasian male, fingers moving to clutch a home-made bomb, "Now," said Carl Ross, "I am going to destroy you. And your slaver friends. And, a few others I don't like in the process. You've made this -very- convenient, and easy for me. I just wanted to thank you."

The bomb was set right next to the bound General, who then, suddenly, was facing himself, the boy no longer there. And the General heard in his own voice, "Goodbye, General. We won't see each other again. By the time they discover you, they won't be able to tell how frail you would've become. Though I have left some water for you. Wouldn't want you dying before it's time." And, the General walked out on himself.

One Day Ago:
"Carol Ross," Mystique was explaining to Emma Frost on their small detour in the armed vehicle to drive near the General's secluded home, "Is presently lost in the woods. A very vivacious woman took him there, convincing him that it would be romantic. He'll be waking in a few hours. Some false memories of him planting a bomb in the General's office, and his father ordering it would be, appreciated." She did not wait to find out if Emma would, or had done this. She depressed the remote detonator instead. "And now," she ventured, "The game has really begun."

The collars Magneto had ruined, those that had been on the slaves would not be salvagable, but the contents of the base had proved exceptional, there wasn't only a list of buyers of the slaves, but an unopened crate of twenty brand new collars that had not yet been put to use. Mystique smiled sharply to herself. They would soon have a use.