A Decision to Make

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A Decision to Make
Date of Cutscene: 17 May 2017
Location: Unknown
Synopsis: Summary needed
Cast of Characters: Sibilance

Sibil sat in her garden in a pair of pajama pants and a mug of herbal tea in her hands. Her golden eyes fixated on a pair of cards representing part of the crossroads of her life. It gave her a mental exercise about what she was meant to do with herself, and what meant more to her than the other. She stared down at the green card with the black skull on it first.

Down that road, being a monster would be welcomed. She could take out her anger with how the world works, she could silence the hateful noise, she could dominate those that see her as less than them. There lay her darker impulses, the very real feeling of hate she harbored for those that would see her as less than humanity, or somehow evil simply for her heritage. There she saw submission to their views, an embrace of the image of what she is. It would be easy. It would be simple. She would no longer have to hide those feelings. Perhaps she could move past them, there, and find a place to belong, a safety within herself.

The other possessed a SHIELD logo. There lay her hope. The reminder that she could hear the fear, the uncertainty, the sadness and the anger of the people around her. The reminder that she is not alone and no one really is as long as someone stands with them. That even the flawed and the broken could live a good life, and that she needn't be a paragon to reach out and make a difference for others. It didn't have to be as a superhero, or an agent, maybe just being an asset to rely on now and then would do. In that, she saw hope for fulfillment, of conquering her own fear and anger, ascending above it.

This was a far harder decision than she thought it was going to be. Ultimately, she felt, she would have to do things that she was raised to understand as evil. She would have to hurt and to kill. She was already tainted, she knew that, but was it worth digging her soul deeper into Hell just to have a place to belong?

For a brief moment, a hand went up to her face, an image in her mind still as clear as day.


Her mother's face, a look of horror as the daughter she hoped would surpass these monstrous features seemingly confirmed her worst fears. The horror born of ignorance, not understanding what her daughter was, not understanding how deeply her daughter could see into the human soul. Confirmation of fears and a failure to overcome her own flaws, because of years of exhaustion in trying to protect someone.

The day Sibil was rejected even by her own family.

"I'm sorry..." Sibil murmured, sounding numb as if she had repeated it hundreds of times to herself until the words almost lost meaning.