A Disarming Vision

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A Disarming Vision
Date of Cutscene: 08 October 2018
Location: New York City
Synopsis: Summary needed (Language warning)
Cast of Characters: Vision

Location: Bank of New York, Monday Morning

[ The news video shows over a dozen police cars are pulled up in front of the bank, officers behind their vehicles with their weapons drawn and aimed at the figures on the front march of the financial institution where a man in mask and full body armor has a young woman and her two children as hostages. ]

[ The camera pans and zooms in on the crook, showing that he wields a wicked looking pistol to the woman's head and that the children are wearing vests with what look like explosives strapped to them. Around them are the bodies of down police officers and a number of other similarly armoured individuals, bleeding. The front of the bank is riddled with bullet holes ]

REPORTER: We're broadcasting live from the Financial district where an attempted robbery of the Bank of America has turned into a bloodbath after four armed assailants engaged in a firefight with the NYPD. It appears that there is only one assailant remaining, holding a woman and two children hostage. We've been unable to get a comment from the officer in charge at this time.

[ The camera zooms in even further, focusing on the criminal as he seems to press the barrel more firmly against the woman's temple. She squirms and writhes, her children crying, but the remaining crook looks determined ]

CRIMINAL: I Told you! I told you to STAND back! This could have gone down without anyone getting hurt! We gave you our demands and they were /reasonable/. This is on /you/! You have one last chance! Accept my demands or

OFF CAMERA [Calm almost cold voice]: I think not.

[ The Camera quickly pans upwards and to the right and it takes a second to focus on the silhouette of a figure floating down from the sky.

REPORTER (Excitedly): Oh my god. It's The Vision. The Android Avenger. No one has seen him in months. Could the rest of the Avengers be far behind?

[ The camera pulls back a bit, so both the criminal and The Vision can be seen in a single frame. The Crook looks a bit panicked, pulling the woman more tightly to him. One arm snaked around her, across her chest, and what looks like a detonator in his hand, the other hand still pressing the gun to her temple. ]

CROOK: NO! NO NO NO! Get back! I don't care if you're an Avenger, tin man! I have hostages.

[ The Vision just floats there, unmoving except for his billowing cape, his pupil-less eyes fixed on the crook and his face expressionless. The constant staring seems to unnerve the armoured man, but not as much as the Synthazoid's silence. He pulls the gasping, crying woman even closer to his chest, completely interposing her between him and the silent Avenger, the hand holding the detonator (a cylindrical handle with a top mounted button below his thumb) shaking. ]

CROOK: Did you /hear/ me?!? I said step away! Get out of here! You stupid machine! I swear I'll kill the bitch and her fucking kids! I mean it! You can't.....

[ There is a FLASH of light, a momentary streak of golden yellow energy streaking from the Solar Gem on The Vision's forehead, and the thumb that was held over the detonator's plunger falls to the ground, severed with surgical precision. The Crook gapes in shock, momentarily stunned.

CROOK (Stunned): Wha…

[ There is another FLASH of light, another beam of energy striking with literal laser precision, and the crook seems to real backwards and release the woman as the hand holding the gun drops to the ground, the wrist smouldering. There is a gasp from the crowd, the sound of panicked police officers suddenly making overlapping reports to dispatch, but the camera never leaves The Vision as he slowly stars floating towards the Crook who has now fallen to his knees screaming as the woman scurries away.


[ The thumb-less hand still attached to the crook's flails around, still holding the detonator as the man clutches his cauterized wrist to his stomach. He falls to his side, staring up at the Green and Gold figure with the emotionless Crimson face as The Vision hovers over him. ]


[ The Crook seems to have enough with about him to try and turn the detonator around, to dash it on the ground to set it off, but another FLASH of light burns THROUGH the detonator, and the remainder of the maimed hand, ruining both. And the crook seems to sob, in pain and shock, when he realizes this is over. ]

[ Everyone else, though has gone quiet. The crowd, the police, everyone just stares at the scene. Except for the woman, who has crawled towards her children. Then suddenly the police erupt into action, moving up the stairs and flowing past The Vision. Surrounding the downed criminal over whom the silent Vision still floats. The bomb disposal unit moves for the kids and medics are checking on the downed police officers and the other assailants. ]

REPORTER (shocked): Oh my god. Did.. Did you all /see/ that.

[ It seems the Reporters are not the only ones trying to get the Synthazoid's attention. The Officer in Charge steps up next to the Artificial Avenger, gun drawn still but held down at his side.

OFFICER: Mister Vision.. Thanks for the assist but... I.. I think we need for you to make a statement... Can you...

[ The Vision turns his head to the officer, his expression still unreadable, then to the crook, being tended by both medics and being covered by a half dozen other officers.. Then finally to the children whom the Bomb Squad are divesting, literally, of the explosives while the mother watches. His gaze LINGERS on the two children and, for a moment, the reporter's camera catch a change in his expression.. Hurt.. Pain.. Anger.. Then his face becomes cold once more as he looks straight into the camera, ignoring the officer... And then he suddenly zooms upwards and out of sight, the camera unable to follow.

REPORTER: Please tell me you got all that? My god... Has The Vision ever done anything like that? What's going on... Did you see his face that last moment?

[ Fade to Black ]