A Mysterious Transmission

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A Mysterious Transmission
Date of Cutscene: 05 November 2019
Location: Worldwide
Synopsis: Strange transmission
Cast of Characters: Dragonfly (Armenteros)

Begin Transmission <br.

My name is Doctor Mohammad Scott, and I am a researcher within the AIM Site-13 Temporal Studies division. The date is 13 November, 1989.

Myself and my team were abandoned within Site-13 during a recent catastrophic event, the full details of which we do not know.

We are currently surrounded by hostile entities and other hazardous anomalies. Of the original thirty members of my team, only twelve remain.

To any AIM operatives listening on this channel, we are asking for assistance. Our supplies are dangerously low, as is our ammunition. Without aid, it is unlikely that we will last more than another month.

Following this message will be an encrypted, adjusted VMS transmission, decipherable by standard 1980's AIM technology. The information within that transmission will contain our location, as well as we can describe it.

The transmission is wired by dead man's switch to myself, and will be played on a continuous loop until such time that I die.

Please help us. Thank you.

Encrypted Information
End Transmission