A Sign Upon a Kree Hill

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A Sign Upon a Kree Hill
Date of Cutscene: 10 October 2019
Location: Unknown
Synopsis: Summary needed
Cast of Characters: Grail

The sound of a nail hammering into wood. The sound of a Kree Captain screaming through a gag.

The grey skinned, red eyed woman stares down at the hand tied with rope and shakes her head slowly even as she then looks to the Kree. A mix of anger, fear, and perhaps some kind of defiance there.

The ropes are cut loose. The sounds repeat. More screaming. More ropes cut.

Another hand is looked at with some attempt at surety of work. More fear this time. Less anger. Less defiance. A look starting to seek compassion. Sympathy...perhaps mercy? None is found in those solid red spheres.

The sounds repeat again. The crunch that goes with them, the bones in feet breaking. The ropes cut one last time. The pain...tortorous and drawing out even greater screams.

No compassion in those eyes. Not a single bit as the sign, written in Kree is fixed above the head of her victim. Two simple words. 'Child Slaver'

The boom tube opens on Hala. Already people are scrambling. Military, guards, police. Whatever they are called on the homeworld of the Kree. She cares not. She drags her work through the portal with her. Raises it and slams the cross into the ground. The screams are horrifying. The gag is gone and only suffering awaits.

Before anyone else can really put a stop to it, the woman is walking back through the boom tube. It is closing. The criminal is left to suffer.

If they get him down. If they can get words from him he'll have a message. Grail knows. Grail will not forget.