A Star's Nature is to Shine

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A Star's Nature is to Shine
Date of Cutscene: 10 August 2017
Location: Unknown
Synopsis: Summary needed
Cast of Characters: Solaire

The human world, Terra, has much to see. Many things to explore and even more to study. Learning the people is an ever novel experience, each individual is different to another in numerous ways. So many cultures, so many rules. So many redundancies. Manker had been caught up in culture shock, doing his best to observe and attempt assimilation. Something about humans, though. Just felt unusual. America promoted individualism at the surface, but gleaning past that everything was confusing and interconnected. The social complexities are something he is still contemplating.

Manker, Solaire, had spent too long dawdling in thought and being idle. He felt the flush of power, the boiling heat of strength becoming volatile. In a daze he made a grand spectacle for the east coast. A white-hot star leaving the confines of the planet, one that shone clear and brilliant in the heavens. The grossness of his incandescent display increased the further he got from the surface until he was past that threshold, the point where the commune of stars was not infringed by the proximity of Terra.

There at the peak of Solaire's ascent there was a roar. A stellar flare that filled the night sky and brightened the world below for more than an instant. The heat and light spilled into the cosmos as a cloud and blew away on the wind of Sol, going far past Terra and sparing her people the effects. From there the star-man was content to find some place on the coast to return in another blazing fall not unlike his first. This time he doesn't land on someone's house.