A Time Between

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A Time Between
Date of Cutscene: 24 June 2019
Location: New York City
Synopsis: Summary needed
Cast of Characters: Pippi

Her space was small, and bare. She hadn't built up possessions. She didn't have weapons. No posters, no pictures, just bare brick walls, a gray second-hand Japanese-style futon that she mostly remembered to fold in the morning, a teddy bear, and a back pack.

The backpack still smelled, just a little bit, like Cody's car. Now it was losing its 'new' smell, picking up Pippi's scent, and Alopex's, and the ambient smells of their temporary lodgings... but how temporary?

Alopex's scent wasn't strong enough to follow anymore. Wherever she went, Pippi wouldn't be able to tail her now.

So it had been Pippi, the teddy bear, and the denizens of their home -- the Turtles, and their mentor Splinter. Pippi just kept to herself, a quiet cycle of wake up, katas and training, food, patrol, sleep.

But last night? Last night was different. Leonardo took time and spoke with her. Corrected her kata stances, helped her rebalance and then just spoke with her.

Pippi was laying on the futon now, on top of the blanket as words spun in her head, trying to sort herself out. Words didn't come easily, not to describe what she felt. Fear was dominant. Fear that she would be found, or lead others to the secret lair. That she wasn't wanted.

That she was abandoned, again.

But in the turmoil of feelings, there was a little light. A little bit of calm, because if awesome ninja types like Alopex and Leonardo could be worried that they're not good enough... it meant that Pippi could feel that way too.

Alopex would return. Cody could be brought back.

Was this, Pippi questioned to herself, amid a yawn and a curl of her body on her blankets, what 'hope' was?