A Widow's New Year

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A Widow's New Year
Date of Cutscene: 01 January 2020
Location: New York City
Synopsis: Black Widow is working when the year begins.
Cast of Characters: Black Widow (Romanoff)

There was an energy in the city tonight. They said New York was the city that never slept. While true, there was more tonight. Extra. The energy of everyone celebrating the arrival of a new year. It wouldn't be long now. They were down to minutes.

Natasha was far from the celebrations and lights. Far from the people gathered in Times Square waiting for the ball to drop. Instead she was in the darkness on a rooftop. There was an exchange going down tonight and it had to be stopped. She has the skills to do it without needing a team. Others that would've been on that team had spouses, significant others and children. If she volunteered to do the job, they could spend the holiday with their families. Something she didn't have.

As the buyer came into the room she had been monitoring across the way, the countdown was completed. 3...2...1...

Explosions filled the sky as fireworks erupted from everywhere, not just the public displays but those fired by residents in the city as well. Singing could be heard all the way out here from those in Times Square. Natasha glanced toward the fireworks, the flashes of light reflected in her eyes for a moment.

"Happy New Year," she whispered to the darkness. To no one. To nothing. Then she turned back to the room. There was work to be done. She fired her Widow's Line, swinging out into the nothingness and preparing to breach the window.