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Ace (Scenesys ID: 7697)
Full Name: Aislin O"Connor
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Theme: Original (OSC)
Occupation: Explorer
Citizenship: United States of America
Residence: The Galaga
Education: High School Dropout
Status: Shelved
Other Information
Apparent Age: 18 Actual Age: 18
Date of Birth 17 July 2008 Actor:
Height: 175 cm Weight: 53 kg
Hair Color: Blue Eye Color: Green
Theme Song: {{{Song}}}


A genius trailer girl from Earth who grew up staring at the stars, and wishing she could be there. When she found across an ancient alien space craft in the desert, she made those dreams come true.

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Aislin "Ace" O'Connor is a trashy looking blue haired punk human girl. Skinny but scrappy, she wears the kind of smile that makes you think she knows more than you, or at least she thinks she knows more than you. She is pale, with a smattering of freckles over her nose and across her cheek bones, as one would expect of someone with a strong and proud Irish heritage.

Her outfit consists of a white tank top with a Nintendo cartridge with the words "Blow Me" printed below it, a pair of baggy thrift-shop-looking jeans, and a pair of black Chucks.


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Ace grew up on Earth in a small town about 50 miles from Phoenix Arizona. It was a poor town, but she grew up even poorer. She lived in a trailer with her parents, three younger siblings, an uncle, and his two kids. Most of what she recalled from the little time she tried to spend there was a lot of yelling and fighting. Most of the time she tried to spend with her grandfather who owned a junkyard and repair shop on the edge of town. Duncan O'Connor was the only positive influence that Ace had in her life, and the only one that saw her potential. Where the rest of her family only saw another mouth to feed, her grandpa saw an inventor who had the potential to change the world like Da Vinci or Tesla.

He left a lasting influence on her. She gained a love for all things retro through him. In a spare room of his garage he restored a number of classic arcade cabinets that he set to free play, to give the local kids somewhere air conditioned to hang out on hot days. He also shared with Ace his love of astronomy, and taught her the names of the stars and constellations. He told her that with her mind and imagination that she would go there one day.

Just before her 13th birthday he suddenly died. For a time she lost her way. She stopped applying herself in school, started to get into trouble with the police. Though she had the kind of mind that would make even college to be a cakewalk, she found herself in danger of flunking out of school. When she turned 17, she found herself kicked out of the family trailer. In a fit of drunken misery, she broke into her grandfather's old junkyard which had sat abandoned for years, hoping to find within the happiness that she once knew. She hooked up a Galaga cabinet to an old generator and played while nursing a bottle of Jack Daniels. After getting the high score she input her initials, AVO. When she did the graphics glitched out and a small message appeared on the screen "For my dear Ace, grab the stars and never ever let go", this was followed by a set of coordinates.

This lead her out into the desert night, trying to find what last gift that her grandfather left for her. She came across a cave, and within she found an unbelievable sight, a crashed alien spaceship. She found her way inside the lifeless ship, and found a note on the seat at the controls. It was from her grandfather. He told her that he found this ship when he was a young man. He never told a soul about it, for fear of it being taken away from him and sealed away in Area 51, ne never trusted the government. He tried for years to learn how to get it to work, but could never manage. But he knew that she was destined to do so.

She turned that cave into her home for the next few months, working day and night. The broken alien components being replaced by whatever she could scrounge up, and adding a touch of her personal style. In the code of the computer she found the framework for an AI, on top of which she programmed as her personal assistant MAX Headroom.

On her 18th birthday everything was ready. She knew that day that either she was going to grab the stars, or she would meet her grandfather again. She started up the ship's drive, and left Earth behind.


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Ace can often come across as rude as a result of her brash personality. She is curious and energetic, though these often bristle those around her as her projects often come before the feelings of others. Though she's never one to back down from a scrap to help out those in need.


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Ace had the potential to be counted among the most intelligent non-meta humans on Earth, but due to circumstances of her life she has never fully nurtured her talents. Still she's an incredibly quick learner with an eidetic memory.

Ace never bothers with actually designing anything before building it and in fact doesn't have the education and background to read proper blueprints even if she saw one. Instead she's able to mentally design and remember complex and intricate machines right down to the smallest part. This can be irritating to others who want to know how her seemingly impossible jury-rigged designs work.


Ace has difficulty learning about new scientific or mechanical principals in the usual way. She would get nothing out of reading a book on such a topic. When learning about a new technology she is only able to fully grasp and learn it if she takes it apart.


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Ace is often able to repair stuff that people can't or rather wouldn't bother to repair. Such repairs aren't pretty, might not last long, and could possibly result in a catastrophic explosion, but she is a pro when it comes to outside-the-box jury-rigging.

Due to working with her grandfather at his junkyard and repair shop she is knowledgeable with fixing machines, be they of the grease or silicon variety.

Ace knows various computer languages from Earth and the good amount of the system from the alien system that she was able to pull off of the computer of her craft. Much like her mechanical knowledge she isn't able to learn much from being taught, but learns by pulling the code apart line by line.

Because of Ace's outside-the-box work that would give a proper engineer or mechanic an aneurism she is able to make use of parts that most would turn their nose up at. So she's become quite adept at finding the parts to make her projects work.


Ace is a pro at all manner of video games, especially the classics. She designed the interface for the piloting of her ship after controls in those games, making her something of an ace pilot when using them.


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A metal baseball bat that she's upgraded with kinetic manipulation technology that she learned from studying The Galaga. When swung, it amplifies the kinetic energy behind it. She can control the force that it puts out by twisting the handle. At full power she is able to level a small house, at lower power she can send someone across a room.

She wears a pair of Chuck Taylor shoes that have been modified with her kinetic modification technology. When activated she's able to glide across any moderately smooth surface as though she were on roller blades. With enough momentum she's also able to run across a wall, though if she loses that momentum she will fall off of the wall.

This is a Nintendo Power Glove that she has repurposed to serve as a link to Galaga and an all-purpose mobile computer. Its software is a basic AI that she has dubbed the Ch1m3ra OS that can adapt and evolve. When she comes across a computer system of a new species the glove is able to take a "snapshot" of the technology and is able to integrate this new software into its programming. With enough samples of a species' computer systems the glove is able to learn how to interface with that technology. This process can take hours to days depending on the complexity of the technology, though being given free access to a system (rather than having to break into the system by force) can shorten the process. But the glove has its limitations. Sufficiently advanced systems of highly advanced species can never be integrated into the OS, and attempting to do so could damage the glove.

It also can work as a scanner that can analyze an object, detect bio-signatures, scan the electro-magnetic wave length, use x-ray or detect thermal signatures. Most of these functions work in conjunction. with the cheap looking sunglasses that she wears.

Finally though it wasn't designed for it, if she overcharges the interface it can deliver a painful electric shock that can stun those with human level resistances. Doing this will burn out the power source, making it useless until it can be replaced.

Ace's pride and joy. The alien spacecraft that her grandfather discovered, but she restored. As far as she could tell it fell to Earth thousands of years ago. She was able to restore it, but in doing so it was drastically changed from its original design with the inclusion of Earth junk. The control panel in particular is a mess including an Apple II, an SNES system, and controls from an arcade cabinet.

Though it has some banks of phaser cannons, and can drop anti-matter mines behind it, it will easily find itself outclassed in a fight against a craft built for combat. But it is rather maneuverable, and has ablative armor that means it can take a lot of damage.

The original AI of the ship was too degraded to be viable, but its framework remained. On it she was able to program a new AI for the craft that she modeled off of MAX Headroom, a character from the 80's.

This is a belt carrying a variety of tools needed to repair her gear or tear apart new tech that she comes across.


One of the items that she has that she didn't design. This was found on her ship. It's a pair of small metal beads which are placed in the ear canals and can translate most spoken languages.


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She's a super-genius who doesn't seem to plan out her actions before she takes them. She will often fall into trouble because something is fun, regardless of if it's a good idea.

Though she has some fun toys, she is otherwise a squishy and fragile human.

Most humans don't know much about the universe and its inhabitants, outside of those species which have tried to invade it. As such Ace knows little about the peoples, places, and customs that she will come across.


Her ship is a cobbled together mess of technology of a race that has died out and various bits of technology from Earth that she could scavenge. It's held together with duct tape and a prayer. By all logic it shouldn't work, and often doesn't. It's prone to mechanical failure for which she has little resources to fix at present.


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Title Date Scene Summary
Grounded March 26th, 2021 Summary needed
Giving the Galaga a 1UP April 19th, 2020 Ace and Slipstream repair the Galaga
The Rusted Titan March 29th, 2020 Gigas, Slipstream, and Timber Wolf rescue Ace from a giant robot. Then Slipstream and Saturn Girl discuss star ship repairs and 80's tv with Ace.
Adrift in Transit September 27th, 2019 Summary needed
people panic so easily! September 8th, 2019 The surfer, Grail, and Ace, meet and have a lovely if short chat in knowhere.
Daughters of Daratar: Afterparty April 7th, 2019 An eclectic group of adventurers mingles at a party in deep space.


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