Age of Darkness: The Death of Superman

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Age of Darkness: The Death of Superman
Date of Cutscene: 10 October 2019
Location: Metropolis
Synopsis: Superman is gone
Cast of Characters: 15 256
Tinyplot: Age of Darkness

"This is Sergeant Cook. Get those teams down here now! We have...Vigilantes going at it!"

"27 Echo 5, what is your ETA, over? Come in..."

"Dammit, where are those paramedics!?! Officer down, repeat..."

"SWAT echo 1-niner, cordon off the block...repeat, be ready to go in..."

"Is that...him? Is he...dead?"

"Clear!" The sounds of a defibrilator goes off, as Paramedics rush around a red and blue clad man, lying on the ground, not breathing.

"I don't know what minute we were working on him, the next...he was gone. Superman was dead...but where did he go? I....I don't know what happened..."

"This is Lois Lane, reporting for the Daily Planet. It is a mess. I..." The tears were visible on the screen, as she wipes the soot and water from her face. "It is...the Police are saying he's...gone. Superman is gone. Heaven help us..." The woman clears her throat and adds, "We don't know what happened. Batman and Superman were fighting each other. Batman has disappeared as well. There are conflicting reports of what happened. We don't know what exactly occurred. We'll try and find out..."

Laughter fills an empty hall. The laughter is dark. Ominious. Cold. Callous. Evil. Familiar...