Apokalips Now: Darkseid's Desire

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Apokalips Now: Darkseid's Desire
Date of Cutscene: 31 August 2017
Location: Unknown
Synopsis: Summary needed
Cast of Characters: Darkseid, Desaad, Bruno Manheim, Granny Goodness
Tinyplot: Apokalips Now

The squelch of a long range communication can be heard before a figure can be seen on the monitor. Tall, dark haired, and the face that a mother would despise.

"Hello?" the man asks as he knows he has a link with this communicator.

A hooded figure leans in and speaks in a voice that could only be explained as.....snivelly. "We hear you, Manheim."

Bruno Manheim, the leader of intergang responds. "This stuff is FANTASTIC MAN! Where the heck did you get this stuff?"

"never mind that, Manheim. How is your progress?" The Snivelly man says.....and while the man appears confident, he does keep glancing over his shoulder.

Manheim looks confident....almost comically so. "It won't be long until Intergang takes over Metropolis, then the world! The only obstacle is that accursed Superman and his cronies...."

"Superman? Describe him." The hooded man says....but heavy footfalls can already be heard behind him.

"Tall, black hair. Can flippin fly, can throw around cars like they were nothing.....even has laser vision. It's flippin ridiculous.

"Desaad...." A very deep voice is heard over the monitor and as the Hooded figure, now know as Desaad turns....all Manheim can see is a pair of red eyes. "....Explain yourself."

"M-mmy Lord....this human seems to have..." Desaad states before he is cut off.

"I will hear no excuses, Desaad. Only news of victory." The dark figure says.

Manheim, in a very bold case of bravado yells "HEY MEATHEAD! I'D like to see YOU tangle with someone who has super strength, can fly, Has heat vision and freezing breath.

This stops the dark figure.....and the red eyes focus more fully on the screen. "He can also move very fast, can see through most objects and nothing seems to phase him.....correct?"

Manheim actually shudders as the voice speaks to him. "Y-yeah....that's it. And there's a bucha others that have the same powers.

"Kryptonians......" The red eyed person says before turning from the monitor. "They are of no concern to us. Follow the plan as Desaad has directed." And the dark figure closes the connection, much to Manheim's anger.

Desaad looks to the larger figure and stands up straighter. "Lord Darkseid. I don't think the human realizes what he's set in motion."

The larger figure puts his hands behind his back. "It matters not what he realizes, Desaad. When lesser beings think they have a ticket to power, greed takes over....and they shall be subjugated like the rest. However, Kryptonians on that planet may actually give us a.....challenge. Perhaps one of them shall wish to join the winning side. We shall extend that opportunity to one of them, Desaad. It's just a matter of whom shall take the opportunity." Darkseid then stops his walk. "Granny Goodness....." He merely utters.

Another figure appears to Darkseid's left. "Yes, Lord Darkseid."

Darkseid doesn't even look at her. "Ready your Furies. Earth shall be mine......and perhaps, a new champion shall be taken for Apokalips....." Darkseid's Red eyes flare briefly as he says this.....