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Hugo (Scenesys ID: 8008)
"Don't touch that."
Full Name: Hugo Bell
Gender: Male
Species: Metahuman
Theme: Original (OC)
Occupation: Librarian
Citizenship: United States of America
Residence: New York City
Education: Ph.D. Library Sciences
Status: Shelved
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Other Information
Apparent Age: 37 Actual Age: 37
Date of Birth 15 September 1989 Actor: Toby Schmitz
Height: 187 cm Weight: 80 kg
Hair Color: Brown Eye Color: Brown
Theme Song: "Instinct" by Crowded House


Hugo Bell was a mild-mannered librarian when he was hit by the backlash of a sorcerer's spell that went terribly wrong. It was intended to imbue a book with magical knowledge, but instead, the spell blew up the book, killed the sorcerer, and latched onto the nearest sentient mind it could find, which was Hugo, who happened to be walking by outside. Now he is a living receptacle of near infinite knowledge that comes to him in spotty visions he can't control.

There are a few problems. First, the more esoteric or mystical the knowledge, the bigger the toll it lays on his sanity. Second, the visions leave him with migraines and bleeding from the nose and ears. Third, It's slowly killing him. Also, since near infinite knowledge would be a neat thing to control, he lives in fear of some sorcerer or supervillain discovering his secret and abducting him. He has vague hopes that he'll somehow find a way to fix his mind, so that he might have some semblance of a normal life and maybe even live to see fifty.

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Tall and lanky, with dark brown hair cut short and conservative. He's got dark eyes that glint with intelligence and a somewhat distant look, like his mind is on many things at once. His features are amiable, though he's too woefully academic to be anyone's tall, dark, and handsome. Cute, maybe, or adorkable. He wears a pale button shirt tucked into grey trousers, with a light blue tie and grey waistcoat, and he's got a sensible pair of polished black Oxfords on his feet.


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Hugo Bell was born and raised in Iowa, the oldest of three children. Aside from being incredibly intelligent, he lived a fairly normal life. Sure, he went to special schools, graduated a year early, and got his Ph. D. by the time he was 30, but nothing supernatural had ever happened to him. At least not until that fateful day in October of 2023.

Hugo had moved to New York City by then, working as a librarian at the NYC Main Branch. He was walking from the subway to his brownstone when he was hit by the backlash of a spell intended to impart infinite knowledge to a book. The sorcerer casting it died, the book exploded, and the spell latched onto the nearest sentient mind, which was Hugo, walking by on the street outside. To be honest, Hugo doesn't remember it at all. One minute he was walking, and the next he was in a mental institution coming out of a catatonic state three months later.

Since then, Hugo has figured out what happened, through a series of visions that leave him exhausted and half-mad. He has also learned that his mind now contains nigh infinite knowledge, not that he can access it on purpose. It comes in visions he can't control, and when he's having one, he just starts writing down whatever it is that's trying to get out. He has also learned that with every vision, a little less of himself comes back. The knowledge is crushing his own mind, and it's only a matter of time before there's nothing left of him, and he effectively dies.

Hugo tries to keep quiet about his strange gift. Not only is he afraid of some supervillain deciding he'd be great to crack open and get a look at, he also wants to tread carefully and trigger as view visions as possible, for his own sake. He continues to work as a librarian, and most people assume he's just a boring bachelor who loves books more than people. Though he keeps quiet, he's also on the lookout for mystics that might be able to help him, who can fix his mind so he's not consumed by the knowledge buried deep inside of it.


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Hugo is an academic with genius intelligence. He's good at remembering facts and intuiting what to do with information, but this hasn't translated well into social interaction. Franky, he finds it hard to relate to 'normal' people, because his interests are more cerebral than the average person's. He's happy with his books, and he can go days without talking to anyone and barely notice. He's nice, though. He's good-hearted. He wants to do good in the world and help people, and his intentions are almost always pure. He's just kind of weird and shy, though.


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Because of the knowledge in his head, Hugo's own high intelligence has been elevated. He's super smart, deeply intuitive, and can do complicated calculations in his head without giving it much thought. He has a broad base of knowledge on tap. For example, naming the capitol of every country and state in the world is easy to him. He also has good retention, so if he's learned something, it tends to stay with him. While hidden knowledge is still generally hidden from him, he kills at Trivial Pursuit.

While he doesn't speak every language, Hugo has learned a lot of them through his enhanced intelligence and exposure via glimpses into his deeper mind. He speaks most European languages, Latin, Japanese, Urdu, Arabic, Aramaic, Hebrew, Mandarin, Russian, Enochian, and a handful of phrases from just about everywhere. He learns languages quickly once he has been exposed to them.

Once in awhile, and Hugo cannot control it, he has visions. The visions show him deep truths, the kind that are too intense for the human mind to hold for long, often mystical in nature. While he's having a vision, he tends to write, and if he runs out of paper, he writes on the walls, anywhere he can. When he's done, he can't remember what he was shown. All he has is his writings, sometimes his babblings to other people. The topic could be anything, from the location of Atlantis to a spell for summoning the universe's best Swedish meatballs. The visions can last hours or days, and they leave him drained.

The visions seem to come at random, though there are a few things that can trigger them. A sorcerer with enough mind-oriented magic could force one on him (the closer they are to one another, the better, both emotionally and/or by proximity). Sometimes, if Hugo unearths a piece of information attached to something vision-worthy, it'll trigger one (e.g. he finds a few symbols connected to a powerful spell and a vision of the spell in its entirety comes to him). It's kind of like having mystical migraines. Sure, exposure to too much magic and/or forbidden knowledge will trigger a vision, but sometimes they just happen because his brain misfires.


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Everyone needs a hobby, and Hugo restores old watches and clocks, and works with clockwork materials to build little devices that don't do much, but are entertaining to watch. Part technical, part artistry, he's pretty good at it. His hands are steady, and he has the patience to work with small parts.

Despite living alone and not being great with people, Hugo loves to cook. He knows different cuisines from around the world, some that have been otherwise lost to history. He's actually really good at putting ingredients together into a meal. If the librarian gig doesn't pan out, he could always turn to working in a restaurant.

Hugo holds a Ph. D. in Library Science. He knows all about how libraries run as well as most of the jobs that go into keeping a library running. He has worked everything from help desk to archiving, and he's done a fair share of ordering new materials to working on the administrative side of things. If it has to do with libraries, Hugo's all about that life.


Hugo retains information really well, and working at the library gives him access to a whole lot of material. When he sets his mind to finding something out, he can usually pull it off, and while his reports might not be exciting to read, they're factual and thorough.


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Hugo isn't rich, but he makes a decent living being an archivist at the New York Public Library Main Branch. It's enough to afford a small apartment and a few extras.


Sometimes Hugo picks up some extra money by doing research for interested parties. Most of his custom is by word of mouth, and he's known for knowing his stuff.


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In the wake of his visions, Hugo is drained. His head feels like it's going to split open from violent migraines, and sometimes he's bleeding from his nose and ears. He needs hours to recover, sometimes days. While the lasting damage is difficult to measure (it's slow and gradual), it's a wholly unpleasant experience that leaves him dreading the next vision.

The visions are effectively killing Hugo. With every vision that comes, some piece of Hugo's memory is disrupted or replaced. Eventually, there won't be anything left that's Hugo. He'll have no memory, no ability to function, and eventually he'll go catatonic until they pull the plug. It's a long process, he's got at least a few years left, but he knows there's only one way his story is going to end short of a miracle.


Each time the visions leave, they take a piece of Hugo with them. He may know an awful lot of general knowledge, but his memory of his own life is slowly disappearing. It's usually just small details he can relearn if it's important, but the sense of actually having been there is gone. It's slow and gradual, but the visions are eating up more and more the longer they go on.


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