Astral Flux: A VIvid Nightmare

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Astral Flux: A VIvid Nightmare
Date of Cutscene: 18 August 2018
Location: Xavier's School, Westchester, New York
Synopsis: Summary needed
Cast of Characters: Phoenix

Unbeknownst to students, but more familiar to founding members of the X-Men, Jean Grey has often been plagued with vivid nightmares. In her early days, just learning about her powers, the entire School for Gifted Youngsters knew when she had a particularly bad one. After all, they had to rearrange their rooms each time, after everything fell to the ground.

For many years now, there has been no such episodes. The nightmares were still there, but Jean has grown considerably to become one of the premier telepaths in the world. This changed on the night of Thursday, August 16th, around 4am.

The astral plane, a serene and comfortable place for those who frequent it with a commanding mind, suddenly becomes a chaotic vortex. Minds are detached, astral visitors are cast away harshly, and searing flames consume all that lingers.

In her struggles to reign in the anomaly, Jean lashes out at the force that threatens the balance of the astral plane, only she winds up doing something she hasn't done in years, giving the Xavier Institute a very surprising and powerful shaking resulting from telekinetic waves blasting at random, uncontrollable directions. It doesn't last very long, but surely interrupts more than a couple sleeping students and members of faculty.

As Jean finally wakes, bringing a stop to her powers lashing out, she takes a deep breath and wipes the perspiration off her brow. Her room is a mess, books, clothes, and accessories all scattered on the floor, furniture in disarray, but none of that concerns her at the moment. She doesn't even bother changing from her night gown, she just rushes out the door in a hurry, one thought urging her to act, she must use Cerebro and decipher the meaning of it all. This was more than just a nightmare, and she knows it.