At The Lunar Palace

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At The Lunar Palace
Date of Cutscene: 17 June 2017
Location: Unknown
Synopsis: Summary needed
Cast of Characters: 355

"FINSTER! Finster, IS MY MONSTER READY YET?" Rita stormed through the hallway into Finster's palace, past tables decked with gibbering homonculi. She stopped to tickle one, before she looked up, and grinned at the little blue creature as he finished his latest sculpture, with the stolen Hope Diamond set into its chest.

"I'm putting the finishing touches on her now, my queen!"

"Good, good! Well, hurry up!" Rita gestured. "Come on!"

Finster picked up his monster, and opened the cavernous device, which roared on the inside with unholy, mystic flame. He slid it inside, and then slammed the lid, before cranking up the temperature--and then something *slithered* out of the other end.

"Behold, my queen: I give you Miss Fortune! She has an indestructible diamond body, and with the power of the Hope Diamond, she spells disaster for all our enemies!"

The monster, which looked an awful lot like Carol Channing in "Hello Dolly!" if she were designed by a Japanese artist on LSD, spun her parasol.

"I have alwaysh been a woman who rearranges thingsh!
For the pleashure and the profit it derivesh!
I have alwaysh been a woman who rearranges thingsh!
Like facesh! And internal organsh! And behindsh!"

Rita grinned. "With Miss Fortune's ability to create disaster, and a little applied pressure, we'll turn the Rangers on one another..."

"And revenge will FINALLY be mine!"