Bai Wuyun

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Bai Wuyun (Scenesys ID: 10096)
Full Name: Bai Wuyun
Gender: Male
Species: Haixingren
Theme: Original (OSC)
Citizenship: Haixing
Residence: Haixing
Education: Haixingren Education
Status: Shelved
Groups: Space-OOC
Other Information
Apparent Age: 66 Actual Age:
Date of Birth 10 May 1963 Actor: Xiao Zhan
Height: 183 cm Weight: 63.5 kg
Hair Color: Black Eye Color: Dark Brown
Theme Song:


Bai Wuyun is a warrior, trained to fight with a few different types of weapons. He is a mage and a healer, among other things. He is an alien who hails from a distant corner of the universe.

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There is a graceful line that traces this man's six foot figure. It almost seems as though there is a touch of kohl that elegantly flicks out from the tapered corners of his almond shaped eyes. His lashes are long and black, framing his eyes neatly, and his eyelids seem thin. His eyebrows are black, and his complexion is of a pale golden tone. There is a deceptiveness to his youthful appearance that is betrayed by the shadow of years held within his nearly black eyes.

Black hair frames his face, and an inch above each of his ears is a small and neat braid that goes to the back of his head. The braids meet with the rest of the hair from the sides of his head, smoothly drawn back. The hair is neatly twisted and then speared through with a white crystal hairstick engraved with clouds. From there, his hair tumbles down his back, thick and dark and straight, reaching his knees. His ears neither stick out nor lay flat against the sides of his head. He is clean shaven, his nose a touch narrow but fitting his features well. His lips curve in a cupid's bow, a soft pink shade, and it seems oft that there's a smile near to the corners of his lips.

Falling lightly over his shoulders is the soft white silk of flowy clothing that is reminiscent of ancient style robes. The sleeves are long and flowing and wide, trimmed with a pale grey the shade of clouds. Silvery grey embroidery flows across the sleeves, the back of the robes, and the lower edge of the robes, in soft swirls reminiscent of clouds and flowing air. Where the robes cross at his chest, they are also trimmed with the same soft grey shade, and little of his skin is visible on account of the robes. The inner clothes worn beneath the robes are pale grey. He seems to keep himself in good shape, his body lean and toned and muscular. His shoes are soft soled and of a pale grey cloth. There is a small black cord that circles his neck, possibly glimpsed, though it is oft kept tucked beneath his clothes.


This is a large creature that has a spotted coat similar to a leopard. He also has a mane, much like a lion's. The mane covers his shoulders and hangs down to knee length below his chest, going back as far as his ribcage below. He has a long beard that hangs from his chin. Mane and beard are both a mix of black and red and tan, like the spots of his hide. His long whiskers seem to have a mind of their own, and an ability to move around his body, to help him feel around in darkness.

His ears are long and fluted and extremely mobile, to catch any and all sounds around him. From the center of his forehead, a pale horn extends, arched back along his skull, and then back forward in a graceful curved point. His eyes hold a gentle kindness, and intelligence, within them that doesn't seem to match the savage nature of his body. Above his eyes, the eyebrows are several inches long and arch up. When he yawns, the large feline-like pointed teeth can be seen.

His legs are thick like a tiger's, and hold five extremely large, and sharp, claws on the front, and four on the back. His tails, yes tails as there are five of them, are long and move about almost as much as his whiskers. They are covered in long hair from base to tip, and are the same colours as his mane. These tails seem to be able to move independently, which can confuse or distract the eyes.


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History 1:
Being of the Haixingren, Bai Guang joined the alliance to fight against the rebels and to protect and defend his home. Though he had been considering joining the battle previously, what decided him was his father's death in the war some weeks prior. He was thirty years old at the time, and not without skills to bring to the war effort. He had already trained in a number of weapons (bow, staff, throwing knives, sword) as well as hand to hand combat, and that training continued even after he joined the war. He had magic at his disposal as well, the ability to create and use and manipulate light as well as air, wielding his magic as easily as he would a weapon. His magic sensing helped him to avoid some magical attacks. And at times, his ability to pull one of his weapons out of a small pocket dimension meant the difference between either being hurt himself or seeing one of his comrades be hurt. In earlier years, his mother had taught him how to shapeshift to the form of an alien feline, a large five-tailed creature well suited to hunting. There were some occasions when he saw fit to use the form on the battlefield.

Seven years after the war started, the rebel leader fell in battle and was killed. Yet this was not to be the end of the war, for a new leader stepped to the fore. He called himself The Devourer. For three years after this leader took over the war, Bai Guang did not end up on the same field of battle as him. And when it happened, it was by chance. He and a group of fighters had come upon a group of the enemy which happened to include The Devourer in their midst. They followed, trailing at a distance and having the intent of harassing them through the night to kill what troops they could. This plan was not to be. Instead, the sound of battle and fighting drew their attention. They kept to a rocky outcrop, remaining mostly hidden as they approached yet trying to move as quickly as they could.

By the time they found the enemy forces, it was discovered that they had pinned down a group of allied Dixingren fighters. This group's leader was a man who fought obscured in shadow, a man who Bai Guang had not yet met. A Dixingren ally. Many of the Dixingren of the assaulted group were already dead, their blood spilled upon the ground. After Bai Guang and his forces had peppered the enemy's forces with enough arrows to drive them into a retreat, Bai Guang stepped forward with the intent of meeting his allies and offering aid, yet the shadowed man was not one to linger with what remained of his force. It was a few days later when he finally formally met Hei'an. He would later find out that Hei'an's name is Shen Wei.

And so Bai Guang and the other Haixingren learned of the Devourer being Li Zong. Over the course of the rest of the war, Shen Wei and Bai Guang met a number of times more. Sometimes it was on the battlefield, to fight together. Sometimes it was during strategizing sessions, to try to earn an upper hand in the war. Sometimes it was outside of either of these reasons, simply to spend time together and get to know one another. To enjoy each other's company in what down time they had. It became a common sight to see Shen Wei with Bai Guang, sitting together, chatting, planning, practicing, or sparring.

During one of those times of enjoying each other's company, Bai Guang was able to lure from Shen Wei his reason for obscuring himself in shadows all the time -- it was to hide the fact that he was terrified every time he went into battle. And as it was something he had noticed, Bai pointed out that hiding in shadows as he did didn't stop his enemies from seeing his hands shake. To which Shen replied, 'Of course, my blade must be swift!'

History 2:
There were plans laid by the Haixingren allied leaders. Over the next year, battles were fought. They were a often at night as they were during the day. The alliance was steadily pushed back, losing more ground as they lost more battles. Shen Wei suggested to the leaders for the objects of power from the last war to be searched out. This was hesitantly accepted and so it was that they were researched, and their few clues were routed out. Followed, and hunted after, and finally found just days before the final battle. It was a battle in which Li Zong had appeared, and he was devouring any who came close to him.

Bai Guang and his group of fighters found a vantage point to try to pick off as many of the rebels as they could. Yet Bai Guang chose not to linger with them. He had a different task. As he moved through the battle himself, he kept half an eye on Shen Wei and his progress through the fight as well. Shen Wei fought his way to the front, only he did so without the shadows he typically held. This allowed all to see his face. Shen Wei's power was the only power present on the battlefield that was able to withstand Li Zong's. There were a number of possibilities as to why this might be the case, yet Bai Guang could only speculate. Bai Guang had his own purpose to see to, making his way from one Haixingren leader to another of those who had the artifacts. To collect them until he carried them all. He made his way further forward on the battlefield, nearly stumbling when he saw the lucky strike from Li Zong, the strike that sent Shen Wei sprawling.

Just as it seemed that Li Zong was coming in for what was sure to be the killing blow, Bai Guang reached them and was able to finish combining the four great artifacts. Their power came to life, literally within his hands. He could feel it pulling every last drop of energy from within him, and there was nothing he could do about it. He was caught up in it, caught up by it. Li Zong was judged by the whole and found lacking. Swallowed by the Crystal rabbit, he was not seen again. For a heartbeat, Bai Guang was able to look over to Shen Wei and give him the gift of a smile. And where there should have been the next beat of his heart, there was nothing more than silence in that space. Bai Guang collapsed to the ground, his eyes open and unseeing, staring. The four artifacts spilled from his fingers to tumble to the ground next to him, once again simple objects as they came apart from one another. Bai Guang was dead, his life forfeit to power the artifacts and end the war. He was forty-two at the time.

Yet his death was not to be permanent, despite how it appeared to all who saw his body. Bai Guang's body was laid out in honour in a cavern where there were shafts of sunlight streaming in. Funerary rites were performed. There was word sent to the Haixingren headquarters, of Bai Guang's death, and his body was recovered by his family. Since his father had died previously in the war, this fell upon his mother to tend to. Yet his body was not buried. His body was prepared for a period of mourning. After three days and nights of death, Bai Guang awoke from death with a gasp of a breath, to be alive once more. Due to the sacrifice of his life for the sake of not only the Haixingren people but also the Dixingren, one of the Gods was moved. The god gathered together the shattered pieces of his soul from the artifacts. The soul pieces were put together and Bai Guang was resurrected. He was alive, and yet not the same as he was before. He would no longer be known as Bai Guang. He was no longer the same person as before. He would be known from then on as Bai Wuyun.

History 3:
Through the twenty-four years that followed, he sought to fill his life with a variety of things. He travelled with a delegation that toured the Dixing and Haixing lands with the intent of making trade agreements and other arrangements that could improve life for both Haixing and Dixing. Though he didn't remember it, it was because of Shen Wei. Because of a pact that they had made between each other, to tour each other's lands. Shen Wei was supposed to be there as well, yet he had left the planet shortly after Bai Guang's funerary rites on the battlefield. Bai Wuyun took up music once again, learning to play an additional instrument or two and to sing. He honed his martial skills, both with weapons and without them. He practiced his magic, seeking to become better with his craft of creating and manipulating air to his will as well as being able to heal. When his energy waned, he would sit in the sun to refresh himself and to draw. His mother helped where she could, luring him into shapeshifting to the familiar form of the alien feline so they could both go hunting together.

He was unsettled and restless, nothing seemed to fulfill him, and he was possessed of a yearning for something he once had but which was now gone and forgotten. Such was the way of the resurrection, for though the pieces of his soul had been put back together, not all of his memories and abilities were intact. It might return, yet only time would tell. No one earned his heart in those years, despite his mother's efforts to set him up with a great many blind dates. He suffered them, he tired of them, and they made him weary.

At the age of sixty-six (yet appearing in his late twenties), he reached a point where he decided to leave his home of Haixing. The stars of the sky were alluring, and there was something in them that called to him. He booked passage on a ship that would leave later that day. He recorded a message for his mother and left it where he knew she would find it. He copied the message, to wear a copy of his own on a small data crystal strung around his neck. Then he went to an open air market nearby, intending to purchase some fresh fruit for the trip. Yet this was not to be. Instead, he was ambushed and drugged, dragged away by slavers. He would later wake, briefly, locked in a small room, then succumb once more to the drugs he had been dosed with. They would keep him drugged and unfed for days, to weaken his ability to fight them. They planned to take him -- and other captives -- to another planet to auction them off to the highest bidder.

History: Planet:

Dixingren and Haixingren are part of a long lived species with a 300 or so year life span. They live on the planet Haixing, which is tucked into a remote part of the galaxy fairly distant from anything else. While there is only one species on the planet, at the dawn of their recorded history, this species was at war with itself. Some had adapted to living beneath the Haixing's surface, with the rest living above ground.

Though the Dixingren were fewer in number, they were also far more savage than the Haixingren. They had to be. The dangers within Dixing are many and varied, and often, a Dixingren would find him or herself dead before they even realized they were in danger. Living underground, they developed the ability to see in complete darkness. But for most, any bright light was hard to see in at best, and blinding at worst. The only thing that helped was shielding the eyes somehow, via magic, some sort of power, or specially woven cloth.

With resources of safe food and water beneath the ground being far more limited than those on the surface, the Dixingren often forayed up to the lands of the Haixingren for those resources. Some even preyed upon the Haixingren people. These forays became more and more frequent until an all out war broke out, and the surface dwellers were losing.

A pair of heroes was born on the surface, twins, sister and brother. Some called them deities. Some prophets. They were merely adept in magic use. Together, they created four magical artifacts, objects of power. Bowl of Enlightenment. Compass of Nature. Crystal Rabbit of Karma. Lantern of Warding. Alone, each of these artifacts was powerful enough.
The Bowl of Enlightenment granting one immortality, but at the cost of another's life.
The Compass of Nature, allowing one to trade a portion of their life to save the life of another, or to heal them of maladies otherwise incurable.
The Crystal Rabbit of Karma, judge and executioner, swallowing those it deemed to owe a great karmic balance, but giving nothing to those it deemed worthy of its challenge.
The Lantern of Warding, able to stave off great powers, but would consume the one who sacrificed to save others, burning their soul for an eternity.

Or so the stories go. Whether or not they're true... Combining these four artifacts gave them even greater power, and the heroes turned the tide to drive back the Dixingren. The Dixingren were driven back beneath the surface. But there was a great cost. True to the nature of give and take, sacrifice and earn, the twins lost their lives, consumed by the power they'd used to stop a war and save their people.

Peace reigned for many thousands of years and the great artifacts were lost to the sands of time. Until a Dixingren rebel emerged, tired of being confined underground all the time, never to see the light of the sun. That rebel gathered like minded Dixingren to his side and broke the treaty. A fresh war broke out. But this time, it was brother fighting brother within the Dixingren people, as those who did not rebel allied on the side of the Haixingren.


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Bai Wuyun is generally outgoing, even in situations with strangers. He's very protective of people that he cares about, people whom he has deemed to be within his protection. He has been called stubborn and reckless, especially when he's being particularly protective. He has a sarcastic streak that comes out sometimes. When his heart chooses to care about someone then there is nothing that will sway him. He lacks any sense of shame and will pursue who and what he wants.


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Alien Feline Form:
It is a genetic trait passed down through his mother's family that Bai Wuyun can shapeshift into the form of an alien feline native to Haixing. There are no other forms he can use. It allows him to be able to see in dim light but not full darkness and it provides him with enhanced senses (hearing, smell, taste). Other than by using the body language of the creature or actions, Bai Wuyun cannot communicate in this form. He cannot use his magic in this form. Changing to this form requires concentration and uses some of his energy. He can change to this form up to three times per day before being tired, and after five times will be exhausted to the point of causing an injury to himself if he switches again. The transformation to and from this form is accompanied by a white nimbus of opaque light that surrounds him.

Haixingren Magic:

All Haixingren can wield magic and are trained in it. It manifests in different ways for each individual. Except Magic Sense and Pocket Dimension, these magics require concentration and a gesture. If he attempts to use too much power at once then he will suffer an internal injury from it. Bai Wuyun has the following magic at his disposal:

Air Magic: He can make the air do his bidding. He can create platforms for himself and maybe one other. More than 400 pounds is simply too much weight for him to control, and if he tries then he will injure himself. It can be used to push or pull things, but again, no more than 400 pounds. He can create shields or bolts of regular size (nothing huge or gigantic) or a number of other effects in order to be able to either defend himself (and others) or attack aggressors or get past obstacles.

Air Pocket: As a permanent construct of his air magic, Bai Wuyun has an invisible pocket of air in which he can store a limited volume of items. It holds a maximum volume of 5'x5'x5' in whatever arrangement required by the items within. It makes things a lot easier to carry. What he wants is at hand when he reaches for it. He typically uses it to store his weapons, some food and drink, and other survival items. And lollipops. Lots and lots of lollipops. It cannot be used to store living things (plant or animal) and things do not spoil in storage.

Healing: Bai Wuyun can heal himself or others. This can be used for healing cuts, scrapes, minor wounds, minor poisons and toxins, non-complex broken bones and other similar ailments. In order to heal a wound, he needs to have skin to skin contact with the person who is injured. There is a diagnosis aspect to this which will tell him what the problem is and how extensive but which gives no knowledge on how to fix something. He cannot heal deadly injuries. If someone is dying, he might be able to hold off death until a better healer or doctor can be found. The energy for the healing comes entirely from Bai Wuyun.

Magic Sense: Bai Wuyun can sense when magic or powers are being used around him, unless it is either masked or shielded. This extends a quarter of a mile from his location.


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Bai Wuyun has spent a lot of hours facing down a target on the archery range in order to perfect his aim and ability with a bow. He is fairly adept at hitting a target whether it is holding still or moving but he is by no means a perfect shot.

Though Bai Wuyun wouldn't call himself an artist, as such, he excels and very much enjoys sketching and other forms of drawing. Sometimes in black and white, sometimes in colour, though usually always in a medium that is relatively easy to take along with him. He has a good eye for details.

Perhaps it's because of the war, a by-product of being ambushed countless times, but Bai Wuyun tends to visually scan an area that he's in. He makes note of doors and windows as well as other various exit or entry points, including hiding places and other such details.

Bai Wuyun is a fairly good cook. He tends to prefer making simpler fare instead of fancier or more complicated dishes. He knows enough to know how to handle food safely.

First Aid:
Sometimes, there isn't enough time or energy for doing a healing that uses magic. Bai Wuyun has spent enough time in the infirmary -- as a patient and as a healer -- to have learned a number of first aid techniques for treating wounds and broken bones.

Martial Arts:
Even since before the war broke out on his home planet, Bai Wuyun has trained in various fighting styles and techniques. He can fight in a hand to hand style as well as with a staff, knives and is a novice with a sword.

Though he wouldn't know where to start with making a garment from scratch, he's learned how to mend the various and assorted tears and other damage that can happen to clothes during travel and war.

Bai Wuyun is quite a good musician and can play a number of different instruments. He can learn new instruments rather readily and he can play back music by ear. He also sings.

Tech Savvy:
Bai Wuyun is familiar with modern day equivalent technology. As a Haixingren, he has used it and had access to it for his entire life. Though his home planet has spaceships, he has not had the opportunity or need to learn their particular tech.

Thrown Weapons:

Whether it be knives or needles or other weapons designed for being thrown, Bai Wuyun has practiced throwing many of them and he is quite skilled at hitting a target that is either stationary or moving.


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Universal Translator:
Thanks to Shen Wei and the Dixingren's resources, Bai Wuyun has a universal translator in order to be able to understand the languages of those who are not of his home planet.


Bai Wuyun has brought a small collection of assorted weaponry from his home world along with him. He has a dozen throwing knives, a recurve bow with a few dozen arrows, a staff made of a gold-flecked white crystal from his home planet, and a long sword. He also has a small kit for being able to maintain or repair his weapons.


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Alien Physiology:
Being an alien from another planet, Bai Wuyun does not have the same physiology as humans do even though he looks humanoid. The main difference is that he has two hearts as well as two sets of lungs which is due to the lower oxygen level on his home planet. This helps to offset the difference in gravity between his home world (low gravity) and other planets. As a result, on Earth he would have a lower respiration rate (per set of lungs) and lower heart rate (per heart). He would also have strength equivalent to human ranges when on Earth. Airborne contaminants or toxins may have a greater effect on him. As an adult, his hair grows quite quickly if it is cut, having a rate of 2 inches per week. If it is cut then it would cause an internal injury that would remain until his hair has grown back to its full length. The more that's cut off, the more severe the damage done to the hair, then the worse the injury is. His hair will grow to knee length and no longer. His species lives for 300-400 years. Though his species has a long lifespan that may make them seem nigh immortal, they are not. If they are cut, they bleed. They don't bleed red -- instead, their blood is a dark blue that is faintly iridescent in the light.

Creepy Crawly:
Bai Wuyun has issues with a lot of worm-like things. This stems from an incident during the war involving Shen Wei and a creature. He could really have used the knowledge to not bite its mane before he actually bit it -- and then bits of it wriggled en masse in his mouth and tried to kill him by strangulation. Not his finest moment! Creeping vines, long thin pasta (spaghetti and similar, even fettuccine even though it's flat rather than round), worms, caterpillars, and other similar things cause an unconscious reaction of revulsion. And if it happens to be something that he's trying to (or supposed to) eat then the result will likely be both not good and not pretty. It can be so embarrassing!

Bai Wuyun enjoys alcohol. Probably a little bit too much, and probably a little bit too often.

Lollipop Addiction:
What happens when someone quits smoking with the help of a different oral fixation such as lollipops? A lollipop addiction! This is exactly the situation that Bai Wuyun happens to find himself in. Bai Wuyun nearly always has a lollipop either at hand or in his mouth. More often the latter. Without one, he tends to get cranky, seriously craving a cigarette, and other general withdrawal symptoms.

Personal Energy:
Magic has a cost. Every effect, whether large or small, that he uses his magic to accomplish is fuelled by his own energy. Small effects have a small cost whereas larger ones drain more from him. He has a limited albeit significant pool of energy from which to draw on in order to use his magic. He can refresh his energy through sunlight although this requires direct sunlight upon his skin. The brighter the light and the more bare skin there is to absorb it, the greater the effect. Given his temperament, baring that much skin at any given time and all at once is embarrassing if anyone else is around! Bai Wuyun is well aware of his limitations and he seldom ever pushes past them. If he attempts an effect that would overspend what energy he has remaining then he can end up either unconscious or with some manner of internal injury (or injuries) as his body pays the remainder of the price.

Resurrection Amnesia:
Bai Wuyun was resurrected by a God of Haixing. Moved by his sacrifice, the God pieced the shards of his soul back together in order to grant him life anew. One side effect of being resurrected, he has lost some of his memories. The last year of the war he'd experienced is missing. His experiences with his Light Magic are gone, as well as how to use it, though the potential for the ability remains. Thus, he is not the same as he once was in the way of memories or abilities, but as his soul continues to mend, he may regain some of what was lost.

Too Honest:

Bai Wuyun is entirely too honest for his own good. He's not inclined to speak falsely about anything, although there are times when he sees fit to omit information or make his words dance merrily about the facts.


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Midnight in the Park February 22nd, 2023 Summary needed
An Unexpected Trail October 7th, 2022 An injured Bai Wuyun, in feline form, is found and helped by Willow.
Looking around Chinatown September 10th, 2022 Sarah meets Bai Wuyun, and he gives her a present: some lollipops!
A Night Hunt April 17th, 2022 Summary needed
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A New World and a Meeting January 3rd, 2022 New friends are met. Old friends are broken. New friends are broken. Self is broken? How'd /this/ happen???
A Marketplace Visit December 8th, 2021 14011
Bounty Rewards December 5th, 2021 A rocky start to a renewed acquaintance. Friendship has not yet been achieved.
Hunting Bounty - Slaver December 4th, 2021 Bai Wuyun and other slaves are rescued from slavers.


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