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Blackagar (Scenesys ID: 1103)
"Silence is a source of great strength." - Lao Tzu
Full Name: Blackagar Boltagon
Gender: Male
Species: Inhuman
Theme: Marvel (FC)
Occupation: King / Monk / Weapon
Citizenship: {{{Citizenship}}}
Residence: {{{Residence}}}
Education: {{{Education}}}
Status: Dropped
Groups: Guardians of the Galaxy Illuminati Inhumans
Other Information
Apparent Age: {{{PAge}}} Actual Age: {{{AAge}}}
Date of Birth 23 March 1995 Actor: Anson Mount
Height: 6'3" Weight: 200 lbs.
Hair Color: Black Eye Color: Blue
Theme Song: "You Know My Name" - Chris Cornell


Blackagar Boltagon rules over the secretive city-state of Attilan, a hyper advanced, isolated nation of the Inhuman race. The nation's emergence to the public stage in the last few years shocked the general public, and its ramifications are still being felt. Outsiders know little about the intensely private monarch, save that other royal family members speak for Attilan at the United Nations.

A lifetime spent in imposed isolation and rigorous meditation prepared Blackagar for a role as leader, protector, and representative to Attilan's people and descendants around the world. Honour, justice, and balance define a leader who must negotiate rough political waters, all without ever saying a word. The world would prefer not to end.



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Saturnine: an apt descriptor for a man of roughly thirty years, marked by the deep, quiet contemplation and mannerisms of a monk. His bearing and 6'3" frame, athletic and strongly built, give him an imposing presence at times. Yet he walks lightly enough to make little sound, in spite of all that. A slim silver band spans his forehead and anchors a thin trifork in place. The only other piece of metal on him is a simple band on his right band formed likely from a meteorite given the intense bending and twisting of the metal. A shock of dark brown hair he wears trimmed fairly short in the back and longer to the front, doing nothing to block intensely frost-blue eyes. His face is a memorable one, square-jawed and thoughtful, all hard angles that might have been hewn from marble or granite. His face is clean-shaven without trace of scars or the grooved laugh lines and crows feet of age. If anything, his expression tends to declare a slight standoffish nature with the world.

His devotion for fitness probably makes finding off the rack clothing difficult, speaking to its bespoke origins. The man can wear a suit, rather than be worn by it, undoubtedly. His ultramarine suit reveals exquisite tailoring and twists the classic into unexpected territory for character, his tailored jacket that looks as if it could be leather. Left open, it reveals a stark black collared shirt whose austerity does nothing to detract from the formality of the attire. It's his pants that are unique, dark indigo trousers that split with silver zippers from the knee to the black, polished leather boots worn underneath. It's a rare glimpse of leather of a belt.


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The Inhuman race are the product of the Kree aliens tampering with a tribe of humans in hopes of creating cosmic-level assassins 25,000 years ago. After rebelling, the Inhumans retreated to form a hidden city using the stolen technology and metahuman abilities they manifested. Blackagar Boltagon was the descendant of two geneticists, Agon and Rynda. He was exposed to the mutagenic Terrigen Mists in utero by his parents, and his nascent abilities surpassed even the founder of their race. Displaying great destructive potential even as an infant, Blackagar ended up isolated in specially prepared chambers for twenty years where he painstakingly learned to control his powers. Human contact came from behind walls, wards, and the rigorous guidance of his father. He dwelled in a realm of books and martial arts, learning of a world he could not see through tutors and proxies until the day came he was worthy of release.

The young man expected to live quietly and deflect inquiries about his nascent abilities. Blackagar dreamt about what most do, traveling and exploring Attilan and experiencing everything. A month after his arrival, he discovered proof his brother allied with his people's archenemy, the alien Kree, to overthrow the Genetic Council and rule Attilan. In the process, Maximus clearly intended him to be imprisoned or killed. He shared the information with his parents, who convened the Genetic Council while the Kree emissaries fled for the stars. Enraged by betrayal, Blackagar spoke the first word in his life and brought down the starship. In the destruction, Maximus went mad and their parents died.

The surviving Inhumans declared the 20-year-old Blackagar their king against his wishes. Guilty and shamed, he accepted his duty. First years of his reign were marked by tragedy: his cousin's imprisonment, creating more secure defenses for Attilan, Maximus leading a coup that sent the royal family and their allies into exile for nearly a decade. He led the exiles in search of other allies, searching through Asia, America, and Europe for allies and aid. The royal family finally regained their position in Attilan through deception and a battle in which Blackagar emerged victorious.

Overthrowing Maximus only a few years ago, he exiled his brother and then proceeded to jail him after the Mad continued to attempt a coup. He led Attilan out of its millennia-long self-imposed concealment, joining the United Nations and seeking recognition from foreign nations, including Wakanda, the U.S., the U.K., and Russia. The Midnight King has been cautious to cultivate a strong public image as someone cautious, respectful of tradition, and committed to his people's wellbeing. He so joined the Illuminati and brings an invaluable perspective: twenty-five millennia of peace and struggle, a master of silence and control.


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Blackagar Boltagon is the epitome of self-control, discipline, and the mastery of mind over body. Every last moment of his existence involves tempering the terrible power contained within his body, reducing its impact without causing harm to other living beings. His temperament is already sanguine and pragmatic, enhanced by two decades spent in isolation to understand his duty. He is ruled by the Japanese concept of "on," a debt so great it can never be repaid. Blackagar's power is a debt he owes to the Inhumans, his family, his dead parents slain accidentally by his hand. Nothing in his life will balance the scales so the Midnight King takes great pains to act in the best interests of the Inhuman race, Attilan, and his subjects.

He contemplates the true nature of order, fairness, and compassion. The nature of honour for him is a constant exercise practiced in every interaction and action each day. He is greatly aware how his actions influence other events and potentially shape the direction of his kingdom, the thousands upon thousands of lives therein.

The weight of history lies heavily upon his shoulders, and yet he takes comfort in the endless adaptability and intelligence of his people and mankind. Though silent, Blackagar rarely strays from his convictions to do the best he can to leave the world improved and stable. His own troubles frequently end up neglected for him to focus on a much bigger picture; he's the sort of person who neglects his own tree for the health of the forest.

His passions run deep and hard, too. Blackagar is nothing if not moved powerfully when the opportunity arises.


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Terrigenesis altered Blackagar's genetic composition to allow him to endure immense physical damage. He can take a proverbial licking and keep on ticking, when by all rights he should be dead and smeared across the face of creation. He walks off falls from great heights. Most weapons cannot penetrate his skin.

He withstands environmental extremes with no detrimental effects, including a lack of oxygen, the absolute cold of space or the immense friction of high-speed movement through the earth's atmosphere, and high altitude pressure. Through latent particle manipulation, he does not suffer any deleterious effects from magnetism, radiation, and the hostile state of a moon or planet highly different from Earth.

Enhanced: Blackagar manipulates psionic particles to enhance his overall endurance to cosmic extremes. Damaging him requires overwhelming force through multiple attacks, and he can hold his own against some of the strongest foes (Thanos and the Hulk, for example).

He can endure direct blasts from high-impact energy weapons from multiple sources, energy attacks from Omega-level mutants, and weather solar flares. Surviving a bomb blast at ground zero is fully possible.

His primary terrigenesis allows him to shape, manipulate, and harness electrons using a self-generated particle. These interactions create phenomena of variable strength and outcomes, most famously his quasi-sonic scream. When he channels the particles in a controlled fashion through his metallic circlet, he achieves several different effects.

In addition to his physical enhancements, quasi-sonic scream and flight, other effects are listed but not limited to those below.

ENERGY ABSORPTION: By concentrating, he can route energy through his circlet or neural pathways rather than be directly affected by it. Redirecting the energy by deflecting it elsewhere, or releasing in concussive blasts or bursts can allow it to strike other targets.

DEFLECTION: He can deflect incoming objects of great velocity and size, up to roughly the size of a Kree spaceship or a meteor.

MATTER MANIPULATION: Blackagar has limited ability to shift around matter and energy, changing their states and physical nature. He can reduce steam into ice and obliterate solar flares by sheer concentration. Much of this understanding at this time is rudimentary. He doesn't exactly understand how he does this, and his finesse is relative to what he can envision and how much time he has. A rushed effort in anger produces a more destructive outcome than carefully trying to reduce the weight of stones about to topple on someone.

MASTER BLOW: The Silent King can unleash a devastating, single attack by concentrating his electron and particle force into a single blow. The sheer force drains him considerably for a short time afterwards. This attack is usually delivered in hand-to-hand combat and strikes down even powerful foes.

He creates a field of highly active gravitons to influence gravity, allowing him to levitate or fly with excellent maneuverability. Manipulating this field as a jet propels him at hypersonic speeds. The same field interacting with electrons and other particles prevents him from suffering adverse effects of quickly moving through the atmosphere.

Blackagar's quasi-sonic scream is the destructive outlet of electron manipulation. Particles interacting and directed by the speech centre of his brain mean any vocalization on his part generates a tremendous amount of force. Its power exponentially grows according to the utterance: a sigh collapses a building, a whisper of a single syllable shakes cities and activates dormant fault lines to terrible effect. His hypersonic scream generates concentrated force to cause great damage, and unlike sound waves, the distance of a full out shout is considerably further on the electromagnetic spectrum. His range generally is line of sight in a widening cone, though with some effort he can widen or narrow the band of the attack.

Despite the description, it's not in any way sonic or affected by sonic manipulation.

Drawback: His emotional state fuels the overall strength of his scream. Heightened passions, like anger or excitement, increase its power by magnitudes.

Thirty years of intense mental conditioning over his abilities leave Blackagar highly resistant to psychic intrusions, mental tampering, and domination. He's not immune to psychic power by any means, but he is often the last man standing under assaults on a psychic battlefield.

Blackagar's Inhuman physiology grants him physical attributes superior in all ways to humanity. Due to Terrigen exposure in utero, his capacity is vastly enhanced. Conscious particle manipulation allows him to grossly enhance his physical attributes.

STRENGTH: Under typical circumstances, he can easily lift 35 tons and top out somewhere around 60-65 tons without causing damage. Enhanced: Well in excess of 100+ tons. He can toe-to-toe Thor, Hulk, and Thanos.

STAMINA: Blackagar's endurance allows him to persist in physical activities due to producing few fatigue toxins and breaking them down substantially. He can fight and exert himself for days before suffering impairments. Enhanced: He can remain awake, functional, and active in oppressive environmental conditions for over a week.

AGILITY: He's far more agile and flexible than most mortals. His enhanced agility allows him to move in nearly impossible ways, balance on the thinnest ledge in a raging windstorm without falling, and execute acrobatic leaps under difficult circumstances.

SPEED: He is terribly quick on his feet, moving at speeds well beyond the non-powered capacity. He can snatch missiles and bullets from midair, reacting in combat with a flurry of blows or moving so quickly that combatants never the blow that strikes them down. The human eye cannot track him unassisted when he acts. Enhanced: He can cover enormous distances with a thought and catch up speedsters to like Quicksilver.

Blackagar has the potential for telepathic abilities with others. However, in this area he has limited training at best. He relies on a close connection and proximity to reach out to other non-psionic minds, whereas he can build a rapport with greater ease with psychics. These abilities function largely for communication and projection of thoughts or emotions.


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Blackagar practiced martial arts for discipline and self-control since birth. A blade in the hand and a kata for every situation were considered part of his essential education by Inhuman tutors. They taught him to manage his supernatural abilities effectively, his electron-enhanced physique creating a deadly combatant. There are few armed or unarmed arts he has not studied in depth. He knows how to deflect incoming attacks and interpose himself between a less capable combatant and their opponent, moving swiftly and easily around his environment. He is strongest in evasive styles that use a supernaturally-empowers opponent's strengths against them. He has also studied certain alien techniques, primarily the Kree. His experience with archaic and futuristic weapons includes everything from energy blasting pistols to serrated daggers.

During his time in isolation, he extensively studied a vast range of topics available to him through tutors, learning software, and libraries. Blackagar does not have a formal recognized degree from outside Attilan. However, he would easily be a PhD-level student in history, political science, biochemistry or biogenetics due to his lengthy studies.

The ancient arts of calligraphy, hand-painting literature, and creating mandalas came as part of his upbringing. He is well-schooled in creating beautiful artwork in painstaking detail, all with an eye for detail and ephemeralness of time.

There is very little to bend or break Blackagar Boltagon's will. He can shrug off psionic suggestions and pass through outright torture without uttering a noise. He endured a near lobotomy and illusionary torments to bend his discipline, and still stayed completely in control of himself - or the faculties that count. It's very hard to shift his position or force him to act if he does not want to.

Attilan's political history is checkered by coups, revolts, and struggles between gifted leaders aiming for sole rule and the Genetic Council. Blackagar's parents understood the tenuous balance and raised him to value diplomacy, listen closely, and never rush to conclusions. He learned the delicate dance of power and influence against multiple factions. Though stoic and reserved, his strong sense of justice, fairness, and compassion for the wellbeing of all radiate through. Under difficult straits, he keeps his head, guiding others to make the best decisions. The Silent King accepts the mantle of weighty responsibility and obligation despite his personal reservations about ruling his people, and he will always step up when the moment requires it.

Blackagar has studied many languages in preparation for his role as a monarch, including English, French, German, Spanish, Mandarin, Hindi, Sanskrit, Arabic, Kree, Shi'ar, Atlantean, and so forth. He also knows sign languages for many of these, including ASL, BANZSL, FSL, GSL, Chinese sign, etc.

Blackagar can pilot a variety of mundane and spaceships safely in atmospheres and the void of space. He is experienced with advanced technology from a variety of different sources. In combat, he can adjust his reflexes and reaction time to effectively take advantage of various systems.


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Blackagar rules Attilan, the isolated, secretive city-state home to the bulk of the Inhuman race. It serves as Inhuman refuge in a hostile world.

Concealed from humanity for millennia, Attilan rapidly developed advanced technologies based on captured Kree plans and scientists trained by the interstellar empire. The nation's technological, scientific, and supernatural advancements far and away outstripped humanity even into the 21st century. Attilan long dwelled in a submarine environment protected by a dome, in the high Himalayan plateau, and even on the moon. Large-scale environmental systems allow the city to be transported full-scale into other locations. Advanced defensive and computer systems provide complete shielding for the nation against Kree and human. Attilan's scientific advancements have almost never been deployed in public.

Terrigen crystals, the solid form of highly precious terrigen mist used to unlock Inhuman genetic potential, exist in quantity only in Attilan. Its manufacture and storage are limited to the Genetic Council and royal family. Terrigen can be fatal to mutant populations, and Blackagar directly prevents its release.

As the leader of a sovereign nation, Blackagar enjoys diplomatic immunity outside of Attilan. He is protected by the UN conventions governing arrests and activities. The Attilan embassy is considered foreign soil.

Blackagar's immense psionic abilities must constantly be channeled to avoid release. Though he can do this independently, using a focus reduces the need to concentrate substantially and allows finessed shaping of his energy. His focus is a metal circlet of Kree origins. Composed of an advanced vibranium-metal alloy, the circlet can channel extreme amounts of energy without breaking and resists damage from most mundane sources.

Blackagar is the primary investor and owner, through a series of shell corporations and holdings, of an upscale night club in Manhattan. The Quiet Room is noteworthy for its role as a neutral ground between varied groups, a state enforced by some powerful backers and Attilan technology that helps diminish supernatural powers, prevent eavesdropping, and stymie magic. Its location alone gives a certain cachet, as do the extensive bar, clientele, and reputation for absolute neutrality. Mutants, aliens, spell casters, and non-powered guests are all perfectly welcome.

The Silent King rules a 25,000-year-old nation that possesses highly coveted technology, artifacts, rare mineral resources, and scarce substances. Attilan engineers and scientists can manufacture near anything given time. He has a diverse array of resources to call on as need be, and the city-state's wealth is effectively his to use as he sees fit.


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The Silent King must stay in control. Any slip has devastating consequences to those around him. He is conscious of himself at every hour of every day. There is no downtime for him. Ever.

Inhumans diverged from the Homo sapiens species 25,000 years ago. The isolated population and selective genetic breeding leave Inhumans vulnerable to environmental pollutants. Prolonged exposure weakens his body.

Inhuman culture reinforces a deep, abiding hatred for the Kree race who shaped early Inhumans into weapons to fight intergalactic enemies. Kree would happily reclaim the Inhumans under their tyranny or wipe them out. Blackagar understandably has very little love for the race collectively. He does not advocate genocidal actions against them.

Festina lente. - Augustus Caesar, 2 CE.

Blackagar doesn't rush into hasty decisions. He prefers to logically consider all avenues and rational outputs before acting, and that sometimes rankles his allies, court, and country. They can be sure he's keeping their best interests in mind but often seems remote and overly intellectual because of his approach.

Blackagar spent the first two decades of his life isolated in a chamber to rigorously practice meditation to quiet his mind. He can attain a trance-like state of mental clarity in a matter of minutes and maintains this despite distractions, including combat. His composure allows him to regain his focus and rapidly parse through complex information, moral quandaries, and mental stresses.

Attilan's admittedly ugly crown rests uneasy on Blackagar's head. Maximus Boltagon, second son to House Agar, believes it's his rightful role to be king and stops at nothing to claim that right. Blackagar must always watch his back.

A single sound from Blackagar can shatter continental plates and destroy cities. A word can banish a cosmic ray. His scream can atomize planets and moons. For continued existence of his people and the rest of Earth, he remains silent at every moment through a profound act of will. He cannot risk as much as a murmur or a sneeze. Many of life's simple pleasures like conversation are denied to him. He must consciously control his autonomous functions every hour of every day. And he can't even sing along to his favourite songs.


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