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Brick (Scenesys ID: 1320)
"Don't try this. Just don't. I'm invulnerable and you're not."
Full Name: Bale Richard Marsten
Gender: Male
Species: Metahuman
Theme: Original (OC)
Occupation: Adventurer
Citizenship: USA / Canada
Residence: Queens
Education: Ongoing Post-grad MetU
Status: Shelved
Other Information
Apparent Age: 18 Actual Age: 18
Date of Birth 4 July 2007 Actor:
Height: 162.5 cm Weight: 80 kg
Hair Color: Black / Other Eye Color: Blue / Green
Theme Song: Radioactive Titanium


Brick Marsten appeared on social media on the 4th of July 2025, skating down the front side of the Empire State Building. When he hit the bottom, he disappeared in a flash of light and a loud BOOM and a moment later, skated up out of a nearby door. They wanted to arrest him, but apparently he had a permit, though nobody could figure out how.



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Brick Marsten, Action Adventureskateer! Brick is that rising social media star you might've seen, the over-athletic bad-example BadBoyNextDoor kid in the weird scuba-hoodie (which he's wearing) and the drones that follow him around and the insane stunts! He's much shorter than he looks on the videos, deep tan and borderline too muscular - 80 Kg (176) at 162.5 cm (5'4") and this week his hair is very short on the sides, and a bit too long on top, and black with red-dyed tips. (Last week they were hot pink, the week before they were yellow. Does he color them with a magic marker?)


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Bale Richard Marsten was hatched on the 4th of July, 2007.

Yes. Hatched. From an alien "egg" device that was in the possession of Star Labs.

The best part? His biological parents were two scientists, James Bale and Roger Richards, who were in the lab when the egg was inadvertently activated. Details are sketchy, but the evidence suggests that the "egg" took samples of their DNA using needle probe. "Brick" has normal human DNA, with the X chromosome coming from Richards, and the Y from Bale, and a fairly reasonable admixture on other chromosomes. The "egg" was not a normal human egg, and the cellular systems it provides are not well understood.

The device selected Anya Marsten to care for the child, and communicated with her to recruit her help in preventing the zygote from being destroyed by the Star Labs scientists. It also provided limited information about the genetic sources. The AI in the device was astonishingly advanced, by Terran standards. Bale, Richards and Marsten managed to get the "Alien Egg" project transferred to the Queens installation of Star Labs, where it would be out of reach of certain administrators.

Marsten managed to adopt the boy before he was born, and he was raised by Marsten in her home, with a brief "step-father" in Marsten's eventual husband (he died in an accident after five years of marriage) and both Richards and Bale as nearby co-parents. Their relationships, while complicated, have ended up with the three of them sharing a house (and one another) which is kept private.

"Brick" acquired his nickname when he was in grade school; he used B.Rick as his signature even at the age of six. (He knew how to read and write before first grade, of course.) His parents chose to send him to a private school after second grade, but with continuing classes with his prior schoolmates, for socialization. While this frequently works out badly, Brick was too confident to be bullied, and kept his friends, some of whom he still socializes with.

By the age of 14, Brick had completed his "highschool" education and began college classes, though he still kept with his old friends as well as some new ones. His physical development (in terms of strength, coordination, and athleticism) were beyond those of his college peers and he began "extreme" sports as a way to challenge himself.

During his whole life, his imaginary best friend was someone he called "Mairbwot" who gave him advice (like, what stocks to invest his copious allowance in) and helped him study and kept him from doing things that were TOO dangerous, though she did, apparently, convince him to do a number of very dangerous things that terrified his Mom and Dads when they found out. They thought he'd outgrown his imaginary friend when he was nine years old, but they were mistaken.

When he was nearly 18 years old, and about to get his first doctorate (Chemistry) she talked him into trying out one of his weird inventions: gravity skates. She even arranged for it to be OK -- she was an awesome hacker, and she'd made a set of drones to record his exploits.

He skated up one side of the Empire State Building, and down the front side, and (halfway down) asked how to stop.
"You can't at this speed. You're doing 100 kilometers a second."
"You won't get hurt. You're invulnerable."
"Yeah but what about the people down below? Won't the concrete shrapnel hurt them?"
"Oh. You're right. We can't have that, I suppose."

And a circle of light opened with a BOOM and he went through it and then he was racing along the train tracks. He managed to slow down, then a reached a station and another BOOM opened and he skated thru and out a door to the applause of a crowd.

Up to that point his social-media channels had been strictly about science or weird history... but then it was once a week, and has been since. But he's run out of stupid stunts to do.

And really, living with his mom and dads, he's beginning to feel the annoyance factor of having too many parents.


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Apparently Reckless - Brick has always known he was stronger and tougher than his peers, but when he reached age 18, it exponentiated. He's got a tendency to do things that would kill normal people just to see what they feel like.

Bored Means Hyperactive - Brick gets bored easily, if there's nothing to do and nothing to challenge him, and none of his friends want to play. When this happens he gets twitchy and hyperactive.

Not Booster - Brick doesn't care about his image, he's not out to make money. His whole 'social media' thing is primarily to keep in touch with his friends.

Outraged By Oppression - Growing up, Brick lacked for nothing. He didn't have to deal with bullies. He did, however, have a sharp sense of empathy and awareness, and he knew when bullying was happening, when poverty was there but for no good reason, and when people were being oppressed, and it made him furious. Once he started making money hand-over-fist, he would give money to people who seemed to need it, and when he learned that some of them just used it to buy drugs, he started giving the money to shelters and soup kitchens and other services instead.

Two Dads and Two Moms - While everyone knows he has two Dads and one Mom, they don't know that the imaginary 'big sister' of his childhood continues to be in his life, and that she's become more like another Mom than a big sister.


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Normally, Brick's stronger, faster, and tougher, not to mention smarter and with better reflexes and senses, than normal people, but only into the Ordinary Paragon level. He can, for instance, lift a metric ton, run at about 25 kph, and resist low-caliber shells hitting his skin. Resist, not necessarily stop. He has vastly accelerated healing, e.g. he recovers from cuts and lacerations faster: no more than fifteen minutes (if not re-opened) to get through the initial inflammatory stage, then no more than an hour to begin the "infill" stage, then 1/2 to 1/3 the time to finish the repair and remodeling stages. He similarly resists and more quickly heals from poisons, bacterial and viral infections, and other parasitic attacks. He functions on two hours of sleep per day, and that's all he needs unless he's severely injured. His current "very trained athlete" body is his baseline. He will return back to this if injured or sick, and must train very hard if he wanted to gain more muscle. Once he hit 18, his aging process stopped. He will tend to look like he does now, for the rest of his life, and because of his NG epigenetics, his lifespan is potentially measured in millions of years. (He doesn't know this.)

Brick's able to focus his Z-power into "fast-burn" mode which makes him about as invulnerable as a Kryptonian, able to run at just over the speed of sound, think like a level 9 effector (not quite average-Coluan), and boost his senses. As mentioned in gen/power plant, he can do this for perhaps 5 hours before he completely runs out of power, assuming he can eat.

He can also use the Z-power to boost the healing and recovery of himself or another person, protect them from harm, and boost any innate powers they have, within some limitations. At incept he cannot do this without the assistance of his "imaginary friend" to channel and direct the Z-Power. Boosts are basically Plot Devices, and in general, won't be more than twice what's normal for them, except that Healing can be reduced by 1 week per application (no more than 2 per day) and that includes healing from diseases and poisons.

Brick has an uncanny knack for creating very high tech devices that use peculiar physics to power them. Brick can create a gadget with (on average) a half hour preparation. This can be a "Plot Device" or a long-lasting device (that will need to be added to the resources list.) He can use nearly any tech and materials, as long as he also has Mere Boite or his Gadget Bench to help him restructure the matter. ALL these gadgets operate using his Z-power and can only be used once (at most) by other people. Most of them use one 'charge' -- the equivalent of fifteen minutes of Z-power accumulation. What precisely these can do depends on the situation; they aren't "magic" and creating them takes from ten minutes up to an hour. For most scenes it will take too long to make an ad-hoc gadget, so he's limited to what's in his resources. There is a "prototype" in the Gadgets resource that can be invoked for story purposes (if the Storyteller agrees or wants it.)

Brick's cells generate energy differently than normal humans. In addition to the normal ATP cycle that runs on glucose and oxygen, they have a second energy cycle where his "mitochondria" pull zero-point energy into storage in his body to be used for metabolism instead. Using this Z-power lets him be physically and mentally stronger, faster, and more durable. He can use it to speed his healing and protect him from harm, He can also push the Z-power out of his body to operate gadgets that he's invented, and to boost or protect other people (touch ranged). Or rather, he will be able to do all these things for himself once he learns how.

Initially, he needs to have his "Imaginary Friend" help him.

He has to eat at least 3000 Calories per day to maintain his current physique. That also requires some form of vigorous exercise, normally. He has to eat another 500 Calories to recover an hour's worth of Z-Power into storage, and he can only store 12 hours worth. More than that his body won't store, instead releasing it as light.

Finally, using Z-Power to elevate more than two of his abilities above his normal levels or to power most of his gadgets will consume about an hour's worth of Z-power within 15 minutes. So, he can do advanced heroics full-on for no more than 3 hours without stopping, 4 or 5 if he can refuel at the same time.


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There's a group of skills that Brick doesn't have: driving a car, piloting a plane, ballroom dancing (and most other kinds of dancing) etc. But for most physical skills, he can "let Mere Boite drive" and she'll puppet him to have the functional skills of a trained but ordinary person who has learned those skills. This only applies to primarily physical skills, and only in situations where it's necessary, because she won't encourage him to be lazy. She has, however, been known to puppet him while he's asleep or thinking, in order to clean his room.

Brick doesn't have formal combat training. He does have a clear, focused, and observant mind and a fast, responsive and strong body. So, he can see most attacks coming (often even if they're skilled at trickery) and he can evade many 'feints' simply by seeing them for what they are. Still, anyone with more than a year of fighting training is likely to be able to land attacks on him, though how effective they are depends on whether he's elevated his power levels. If he were to be trained in a martial art he would become many times more dangerous, and he's not really ready for that responsibility, so he uses his powers and sometimes a few gadgets when circumstances force a fight.

Brick knows how to use analytics to determine what the outcome over time for a particular "game" will be. Stock markets constitute a game, so he's been able to accumulate a good amount of money, but he can also use it to determine what to do in other games where chance or misdirection are at work.

Brick can fluently speak MotherBox, English, Spanish, French, Italian, German, Swedish, Norse (modern), Norse (ancient), Portugese, Catalan, and Romany. He is passable in Japanese, Korean, several dialects of Chinese, and Greek. He can make do in Vietnamese, Thai, Tagalog, and Russian. Also "Klingon" as created by Star Trek fans. He can "speak" the mathematical languages including two notations for the Calculus and the peculiar notations created for subatomic decay.

Brick has a PhD in Chemistry (mostly because it was the first one he finished) and is half-done with one in Physics and has started on one in Math and another in Biology, but he doesn't expect to push the latter two until he's in his late 20s. If there were a PhD offered in 'tinkering with weird gadgets' he would have a PhD in that as well. Basically Brick is a Mad Scientist (just starting out) but without the Mad part so far.


Brick likes sports, team or otherwise. He actively itches if he goes too long without intensive physical activity. So, he's learned to play most sports (the player has not, don't judge) and while he doesn't 'jock out' he can readily compete. He has to be careful, though; even at his baseline abilities without turning on his Elevated Powers, he's rather stronger than most people. So, he doesn't tend to play close-contact sports with baseline humans. It would be bullying.


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Brick has access to the following gear via the Pneumatic Boom Tube:

Swiss Space-Navy Pocket Knife: a sort of bizarre knife thing that has every possible blade one could want, mostly made from hard light. One charge is good for 24 hours of operation but some of the blades are physical.
First Aid Kit. Because sometimes you need a really good first aid kit.
Emergency Camp Kit: A space-blanket, three liters of water, a fire-pak, a portable hand-axe and collapsible shovel, and a bucket.
Rats: Some MREs, and three liters of Canola oil (emergency calories).

Body Glove Armor (BGA): looks something like a blend between a wetsuit and latex bodypaint, but has a hoodie that can be pulled up to fit tightly; this is a teflon-slick, extremely tough, self-repairing outfit resembling superhero spandex. It has additional armor for vital points and vulnerable places. The surface displays whatever pattern Mere Boite tells it to, but defaults to metal-flake that matches whatever color he has his hair-tips tinted. He wears this whenever he's "performing". It operates on "leaked" Z-power, with one charge when it was created and not draining since.

Gravity Skates: similar inline roller skates, when activated instead of wheels they have spheres of bound gravitational energy. Can skate across water, up and down buildings, and sometimes along sharp atmospheric delineations, at up to twice running speed. (Mach 2 in boost mode, 50 kph normally.) One charge lasts for 15 minutes of operation.

Heads-Up Helmet: A protective helmet with advanced sensors and display, plus head and neck protective armor. It has a full Augmented Reality suite and can protect from "flashbang" levels of sensory disruption. Works better when Mere Boite is running it, but isn't dependent on her. It operates for 24 hours on a charge.

Clothes: if he's wearing his Costume, usually has clothes in their place. Unless he changed in the workshop and forgot to put clothes in the box.

Gadget Bench: a toolbox and work table allowing Brick to quickly make gadgets using bits and pieces of found tech. The gadgets work off his power, and if they're made for someone else, they only work once before falling apart. He can use it to repair other people's stuff without making it dependent on him, though some tech is not compatible, too weird, or too advanced. This allows Brick to do gadget creation without Mere Boite's help. Creating or modifing Gadgets that use his power requires burning a charge for each time a gadget is processed.

Drone Rangers: The four drones that are normally following Brick around. These are two-centimeter spheres, move using a Z-power kinetic drive, and are networked together by the CameraMun AI system (Brick and his Bale dad created it when he was fourteen.) They obey simple voice commands from Brick, 'ping' commands from Mere Boite, and radio commands from someone with a remote with the correct security system. (Bale owns the only known remote.) They have an evasion system, are emp-hardened, and will retreat for safety - by default, to Brick's hoodie. They can record and stream video, audio, UV and Infrared, and a few other energy types. They can operate safely under water, in extremes of heat and cold, and in a vacuum (though audio won't work there.) One charge will keep them running for about 12 hours.
Spare PC: an older but still good computer useful for remote work.

CAPSULE 5: Random Prototype: For any scene, if the situation calls for it and the scene-runner agrees, Brick can pull a random prototype from his shop that can either help enable the scene, or provide a complication that the scene-runner can use however they like (short of killing someone directly). This is negotiated at the time the scene is set up. The prototype generally needs a single charge.

CAPSULE 6: Actual Food: radiation treated milk, steaks, dried fruit, preserved vegetables, rice and eggs. Also, 30 liters of water and a small set of cooking utensils with a Z-power stove.

Brick normally carries the following two items:
Slap Glove: a pair of fingerless gloves that can deliver a stunning jolt. Basically an electroshock punch, about the same as a hand-held stun-gun, they're able to deliver six to ten zaps on a charge.

Boom Box: a 3-centimeter soft-metal cube that creates a 'pneumatic boom tube' just large enough to transport a capsule 1 meter long and 1 meter in diameter. It's used to fetch or return equpment from the secret underground workroom they're kept in. There are six 'capsules' that can be remotely stored or pulled. It works independent of Mere Boite. It's also less noisy than a normal boom tube. He wears this on a chain around his neck, usually. It can do six summon-then-return operations on one charge.

Of course he has a top of the line computer. He uses it to edit video, social-stream, play games, do design work, run searches, process data, crunch numbers, and so on. It's about the size of a laptop and it lives in his secret lab unless he's carrying it in a backpack.

Brick's egg was a New Genesis experimental reproduction device. As with all New Genesis systems requiring intelligent and sentient functions, a young Mother Box (Mere Boite, pronounced Mayr Bwot) was incorporated as a control system. When it was transported to Earth (details unavailable) the egg was acquired by Star Labs, who attempted to determine what it was. It was activated, and Mere Boite selected two optimal donors from among the scientific staff present, and used their genetic material (harvested when they were close to the egg) to create an embryo. Note that they were both latent metahumans, as was Anya Marsten, her chosen "mother-surrogate" for the child. After growing to term in four months, the egg hatched and Marsten was informed that she was selected as the "Mother". The majority of the egg then disassembled into energy with the remaining components (Mere Boite and some support hardware) pretending to be an AI, which assisted Anya Marsten in raising Brick.

When Brick was old enough to talk (at about seven months) Mere Boite began pinging to Brick. Thus he learned to speak Mother Box along with the other languages he speaks. As she was his "imaginary friend" she has been guiding him since then, though her tropisms are not perfect -- but he also had his other four parents to help him form proper morals and to ensure he connected with other people.

Mere Boit currently shows Brick how to focus his Z-power to various uses, especially to elevate power, and can help him to elevate only one thing, or all at once. She also shows him how to heal himself and others, though he's able to do some of that without her assistance. It will take about a year for him to be able to do most of these things without her, and once he has, she'll be able to train him to deepen his reserves, though that will take decades.

Mother Boxes can make Boom Tubes. Mere Boite does not carry the New Genesis databases, so her range is restricted to places on Earth that she's been able to see on GPS-enabled websites, and places that she's been and archived. Opening a Boom Tube uses a quarter-hour of Z-power. Scanning ahead to place the tube may increase that to as much as a half-hour.

Operations and Maintenance: Mother Boxes need to be recharged (fed with Z-Energy) every week or so, to allow them to repair damage, update their operational matrices, and generally 'heal up.' Mere Boite went for almost 15 years without access to her full capabilities because she didn't have the Z-Power to run with. Currently, Brick provides a half-hour's charge weekly to boost her self-repair, defrag, and operations. She has regained her ability to create Boom Tubes, to scan other machines, to "hack" on the internet, and to restructure matter, if she has sufficient Z-power. She can generate enough Z-power on her own from a half-charge to perform one Boom Tube on her own, and to run her own operations, but should she drain completely again, she will require a jump-start or more.

Mere Boite currently looks like a medium sized smartphone in a fancy case.

Brick has a "secret lab" -- an underground room in a skyscraper in Metropolis which was originally one of the engineering rooms when the place was built. Because of the arrangement of the shock absorbers (skyscrapers have shock absorbers) it became risky to go to and from the room, but it's still there. Brick got permission from the chief engineer for the skyscraper to use the room, since he has the ability to move in and out without using the potentially dangerous passage. In return, he made a gadget that checks the structural integrity of the shocks (and unusually, doesn't require Z-power to operate, once it was created.)

The lab has a good air supply, electricty, and lots of room. Brick can store material there (he has a few bins of old electronics, etc.) and has an army cot, a "personal hygiene and grooming" gadget, a workstation for his computer, and the six-station Boom Box pneumatic capsule system.

Two dads and one real and one imaginary mom. Friends from grade school. Friends from college. Even a few friends from Star Labs, because they're not ALL dicks there. Also, a number of social media stalkers/followers. Basically he can rely on them for support, assistance, a place to crash (when he's not living in the garage loft) and general fun and games.


Brick has a portfolio of investments on the NYSE, in excess of $54 million and generally growing. A good portion of that is in Star Labs stocks and futures, via a blind account to prevent (or incite) Problems with the prima-donnas in finance and HR. He doesn't normally engage in the kinds of trading that drain value from a company, so it's not grown as fast as it could have. He can draw safely on up to a million of this without messing up the algorithms that keep it working. Normally, he doesn't, preferring to use the income from his social media, his stipend from Star Labs, and other sources. He may end up paying himself a salary, though. NOTE: Brick doesn't think of this as "money he has" -- it's a game he uses to distract himself when he's bored at night.


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Brick has to eat 3000 Calories per day to keep out of 'starvation' mode. Add to that an additional up to 6000 Calories to recharge his powers. If he doesn't get enough excess to recharge, his Z-power can become or remain depleted.

Brick is not only a very visible person, he's always been a visible person. As one of the very few early-teen geniuses at Metropolis University, and as a popular Social Media Streamer, he's recognizable, especially since he has his quad-pack of drones hovering around him almost always. Privacy requires extra effort. His friends are also in various databases. (Messing with them might seem like a good idea, but Brick would have to punish anyone who did.)

Brick's not used to failing. He doesn't really think he CAN fail, but he can. When he does, he seldom takes it well, becoming angry, frustrated, or depressed until an emergency, or someone slapping him hard upside the head, snaps him out of it.

It's not just nosy reporters, stalkery fans, and sullen Star Labs lackeys for the wrong side of management. Brick has come to the attention of various Shadowy Groups, inside and outside of governments. He's likely to be "acquired" by just about any agency or covert group that has a habit of acquiring people, which means he'll have to get away from them or be rescued. This won't happen often but once a year is still too often.

This isn't completely true. As an (apparent) human with a birth certificate and everything, Brick is a citizen, registered to vote, etc. But his parents are Star Labs scientists and his loyalties are with them to some extent. This doesn't mean that Star Labs feels any loyalty to Brick, quite the opposite in fact. He costs money (above and beyond the cost of keeping his parents employed, which enrages the finance/HR beancounters who wish to prevent them from getting a full pension and retirement benefits) and he doesn't provide them with NEARLY enough work to pay for the extensive university education which they paid for (he actually paid for it more than three times in research and tech but that's not on the same budget page) and he's Bringing Out-Of-Brand Attention to their operations with his new Social Media adventuring. Fortunately, they have contracts with his parents and with him that let them demand his services. And they do. Sometimes, whether he wants to or not. And the new guy in Technology Acquisitions and Development has been trying to get more out of that contract …


For a grown male in the modern world, Brick is considered short. At 5'4" (162.5 cm) he's about the same height as about half the female population, and fewer than 4 percent of the male population his age. He isn't a dwarf or a midget, but his natural physique makes a lot of people think he lifts weights to overcompensate. He also gets all the jokes (even from friends) and he has to adjust the seat. Always. Also, kitchen cabinets. Who thought those were a good idea anyway?


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Title Date Scene Summary
Red X: The Third Pair May 29th, 2018 Summary needed


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