Charlotte Maynard

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Charlotte Maynard (Scenesys ID: 121)
"Yeah, yeah, I know. 'You break it, you buy it'..."
Full Name: Charlotte Maynard
Gender: Female
Species: Mutant
Theme: Original (OC)
Occupation: Student
Citizenship: American
Residence: Xavier's School, Breakstone, Westchester County
Education: Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters (In Progress)
Status: Shelved
Other Information
Apparent Age: 17 Actual Age: 17
Date of Birth 17 July 2008 Actor:
Height: 226+ cm Weight: 144+ kg
Hair Color: Red Eye Color: Blue
Theme Song: {{{Song}}}


Charlotte Maynard is the only child of a family from Maine. She'd like to think her life was pretty average - right up until her mutant powers got to the point that she couldn't hide them, at least. Her parents were surprisingly supportive, but they really wanted to support her being somewhere else, and she was sent to Xavier's famous school for tutoring in an environment where she wouldn't stick out... or at least not quite so much. Charlotte is a little easily embarrassed, especially about the side effects of her powers, and has a reputation around the school for being a bit of a klutz, but her heart is in the right place.



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Charlotte Maynard is a very big girl.

No matter how much she tries to slouch - and she does have a tendency to - Charlotte tops 215 cm easily. If she stands up straight, she's probably closer to 230 cm. She doesn't seem to have any other obvious physical mutations; no claws or fur or horns or anything like that. She's just... big.

Looking past that, Charlotte is probably about seventeen. Her hair is red, thick and slightly wavy, and usually left to fall past her shoulders in a loose tumble, and she has the freckles to go with it, though only a very light dusting over her cheeks. Her eyes are a pale blue and very alert, but she tends to avoid extended eye contact. She's pretty, probably more than she knows, with a smile (or a grin) that lights up her face, though she doesn't let them loose as often as she might.

Charlotte is wearing black pants that pretty much have to be some custom size, as well as a T-shirt that mostly fits her but is just a little snug across her large chest and a bit too short, revealing a pale stripe of bare stomach. It doesn't show as much when she slouches.


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Charlotte Maynard was born in Maine. She's the only child in her family, which was upper middle-class; her mother was an electrician, her father an accountant.

Her early life was nothing special. She went to school. She enjoyed sports as well as academics, and participated in both; she was into a bunch of clubs by the time she was fourteen, and puberty started to kick in. And that was fine; it happens to everyone. Hers was pretty normal there, too, until she was sixteen.

She'd thought she was done growing at about five and a half feet, but her body decided otherwise. She was hungry all the time, and tired when she wasn't hungry, but she pushed on anyway, until it became inescapable that something strange was happening to her. She put on two feet in (an increasingly awkward) six months, as well as developed a very obviously abnormal amount of strength and durability. She knew what this meant, and she tried to hide it at first, but it's kind of hard to hide the fact that you're seven feet tall and still growing.

And then she figured out how to /push/ it, and well, that sealed that.

Her parents weren't terrified of mutants. But they didn't want her to stay with them - both for her sake and for theirs. Fortunately, as it turns out, there is one place that will taken in mutants for education without any objections, and it's not like they couldn't pay (though possibly with effort) if the boarding prices were high:

Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters.

Charlotte has only recently arrived at Xavier's school. She has a kind of limited history because she simply hasn't done very much yet. But that's only a matter of time, right?


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Charlotte is a friendly sort of girl, except she's kind of embarrassed by the situation she's in now.

At her old school, before things changed, she had friends, and made them easily; she enjoyed socializing even if she wasn't the top of the social heap. She likes people. She likes to talk, and doesn't really like being isolated.

She's not afraid of being a mutant, precisely, but she thinks of it as kind of strange and awkward in a lot of ways, especially because of the side effects of her powers - she's big, she's strong, and she can make herself bigger and stronger yet. She tends to break things because she doesn't yet really know her own strength, and that embarrasses her too, as does the number of times she has hit her head on doorframes (which, because of her strength and durability, is a contest her forehead usually ends up winning - she's had to try to fix them in the past).

So she's been a lot quieter at the institute, with fewer friends. The sheer scope of the change is uncomfortable for her, and she feels a little like a fish out of water. She'd do a lot to fit in better, if she could figure out how.

Charlotte has it in her to be a hero. She likes to help people, and she has a rather firm morality. She can be trusted to do the right thing, and she doesn't abuse what power she has. (Also, she's a really bad liar.) She's still in the state where she's kind of feeling that out; being a hero isn't something that has (entirely) occured to her yet, but that's really only a matter of time too. It helps that she's adventurous, and once she accepts that what she can do isn't bad or awkward she'll be more likely to explore that - and how she can use it.

So, short form: Friendly, but feels very out of place at Xavier's because she's so new and because she doesn't really understand what she's doing with the whole mutant thing. A good person, and not good at hiding her emotions or her beliefs; she's not a heroine (yet) mostly because she's new, but it's probably only a matter of time before she decides to use her powers for good.


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Charlotte has significantly increased strength, even at her normal size. She can lift about 25 metric tons relatively easily and perhaps 35 with effort. This is likely to increase with training, as right now she hasn't worked to improve that at all.

When enlarged, this increases on a cubic scale, as does her own weight.

Charlotte is much tougher than she looks. She can absorb blows that would kill an ordinary human. Even at her normal size she is tough enough to be somewhat bulletproof; standard pistols and knives don't really hurt her at all, and an axe is more likely to cause a nasty bruise on the first swing than a crippling wound. Dangerous situations (from heavier weapons pointed at her, to environmental damage) will cause significantly reduced damage, though she can be hurt and killed by something dangerous enough; as a general rule if it can reasonably damage an armoured vehicle, it can damage her.

When enlarged, her toughness increases significantly as well, though it's harder to quantify precisely than her strength is. As a general rule, the bigger she is, the harder she is to hurt. At double size, she's not invincible, but she's enormously durable even compared to her normal self.

Charlotte is extremely large. She is over 225 cm tall, with proportionately increased mass.

Charlotte can push her body to make herself bigger than she already is. Untrained, she can reliably get about 50% taller, putting her around 340cm, or a bit over eleven feet tall; unreliably she can as much as double her height to 450cm, or 14'9", with proportionate increases in weight. With training and practice, she will more reliably be able to achieve the larger size, and may one day surpass it, but right now anything over half again is erratic and she can't more than double her height.

When enlarged, Charlotte's strength increases on the same cubic scale as her weight. Doubling her height makes her about eight times as strong as she is normally; adding half again makes her about 3.375x her normal strength. She has a similar increase in her durability, though that's harder to quantify beyond 'the bigger she is, the tougher she is'.

Charlotte's ability to change size is fast but not instantaneous. It takes about ten seconds to grow to her usual '50% taller' size, and 15 or so (total, not more) to double, though she can do it while doing other things if they don't take too much concentration. She cannot enlarge anything except herself; she can't affect gear to use at her larger size, for instance. It takes about the same amount of time to shrink back to normal, but it takes more concentration, and she cannot shrink below her natural size.


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Charlotte was on a couple sports teams before she switched schools to Xavier's. She's fit, though she'd never really done any strength training before her arrival. She has the stamina to engage in physical activity for some time, she's agile (for her size), and she's a good runner.

Charlotte is a high school student. Though she doesn't have a lot of exotic knowledge, she has the basics and enough that she doesn't embarass herself in classes. She's clever, and a fast learner... she just hasn't decided what to focus on, and thus has a little bit of knowledge about a lot of things.


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Charlotte is a minor and is still mostly dependent on her parents for money, especially while at Xavier's. She owns some nice civilian items, like a laptop, but does not have an easy way to acquire significant funds and has no exotic equipment except whatever is at Xavier's school (and, for obvious reasons, most of that does not leave school grounds).


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Charlotte is a good person, but she's kind of direct. She doesn't like seeing other people hurt, physically or emotionally, and she has a tendency to try to help - whether she knows the whole story or not, or whether it's safe for her to do so.

Charlotte isn't really that clumsy, but she hasn't really internalized her own strength. She's prone to breaking things by mistake unless she's very careful, and since she's still pretty new to this, sometimes she forgets to be.

Charlotte is extremely tall, over 225 cm, with proportionate weight. The world isn't really sized for her; she has to squeeze into chairs if she fits at all and duck entering rooms. She sold her old bike because it couldn't support her weight. She has trouble getting clothes that fit. She gets hungry a lot because a regular-sized meal is awfully small for her. It's just a real pain in the butt sometimes!

Charlotte is easily flustered and embarrassed about herself. The side effects of her mutation - her unusual height, her inability to dress up nicely, and standing out so much, among others - will do it, making her feel highly self-conscious. Honestly, though, lots of things can embarrass her, and those are just easy targets.


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