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Collector (Scenesys ID: 1643)
"Very well, then. Let us see what you brought..." - The Collector, Guardians of the Galaxy, Vol. 1.
Full Name: Taneleer Tivan
Gender: Male
Species: Elder of the Universe
Theme: Marvel (TPC)
Occupation: Collector
Citizenship: Elder of the Universe
Residence: Collector's Museum, Knowhere
Education: Cosmic Education
Status: Approved
Groups: Space-OOC
Other Information
Apparent Age: Actual Age:
Date of Birth -5 Billion Years Ago Actor: Benicio del Toro
Height: 188 cm (6'2") Weight: 200 kg (440 lb)
Hair Color: Silver Eye Color: White
Theme Song: "(Don't Fear) The Reaper (1976)" by Blue Oyster Cult


Taneleer Tivan, better known as the Collector, is an Elder of the Universe and has been alive for over 5 billion years. He is the last surviving member of his race, a race of beings that were amongst the first that achieved sentience after the Big Bang. The Collector maintains his immortality and desire to continue to live by "collecting". That is, he uses his unmatched resources to attempt to collect what is unique in the Universe, and has a particular desire to collect unique beings, creatures, artifacts of power, and even trinkets. As long as they are truly unique, the Collector desires them.

Current Player Approved: Not Applicable



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The man that stands before you is old, past middle age, and "average" looking. His face shows slight wrinkles and signs of advanced age, but it is his silver/white eyes with a small, black pinpoint in the middle, that betray his age. His is old, older than many stars and galaxies, and his eyes gaze at you with an appraising air, as though estimating your value. His silver/white hair is straight and long, almost unkempt as though an after thought.

The Collector is wearing fine clothes, unique in style. Over his shoulders is a silver and black cloak, with a soft, silver fur lining. Under it is his crimson red tunic, held together with gold and platinum chains containing small trinkets and unique gemstones of different colours scattered in even intervals on the chains. He is wearing midnight black trousers, and well worn leather boots, completing the ensemble.


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History 1:

The Collector was born Taneleer Tivan on an unknown world in an unknown area of the Universe during the dawn of the Universe. He was one of a select few races who were the first in the Universe to develop sentience after the event known as "The Big Bang" or the creation of the Universe. He is therefore, by default, a member of the august group of immortals known as the Elders of the Universe.

The last survivor of his race, and one of the oldest of the Elders of the Universe, the Collector has travelled throughout the known Universe in search of unique items or beings. His world died, his Galaxy burnt out and ceased to exist, so in order to remain alive, he needed something to satiate his desire. To keep him wanting to live. So, he went in search of all the unique things in a massively large Universe.

As the greatest "collector" or "Grandmaster of the Collection" of his world, later his Galaxy, and then the Universe, the Collector seeks those with the skills or abilities to find that which is truly unique. Throughout the ages, the Collector became a "brother" to a group of fellow immortals that were also present at the dawn of Time. The Elders of the Universe. These beings all feel that they are brothers, a group of immortals that have one thing in common. They are the last of their race, and have lived untold millennia.

The Collector has spent untold millennia collecting everything that is unique, from plants, animals, trinkets, devices, technology and including sentient beings from all across the Universe. As he comes across something that is truly unique, he buys, steals, or takes it, and adds it to one of his many Museums throughout the Universe - held there until they pass on, or they perish from the rigors of time.

The Collector /rarely/ loses something from his collection. Beings who would dare try to take anything from him usually wind up dead or worse, part of the collection.

The Collector is aware of Earth, Asgard, the Green Lantern Corps, and thousands of other races in the Universe. He has been to Earth, and has not found too much there to interest him. However, lately, there have been a few interstellar events that have piqued his interest in that tiny blue-green world. Perhaps he will investigate further? Or has he already?

It is rumoured and spoken of in hushed whispers, but there is a legend, a secret of the immortality of the Elders of the Universe. The Collector and his "brother" the Grandmaster, challenged Death herself to a "contest". It is told that the Collector and the Grandmaster, in this "Contest of Champions" defeated Death.

Angered at the arrogance of the Elders of the Universe involved (Collector and Grandmaster), Death will not allow any of the Elders of the Universe to die. This means that no matter how much they are in agony, near death, or want to be free of their endless existence, she will not allow them to die, ever. Was this a blessing or a curse?


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Taneleer Tivan has seen a lot in the many millennia he has been alive. The Universe has changed very little in those many thousands of years. The Collector himself has also not changed much in many eons, and remains the same as he has been since he can remember. Cold, calculating, emotionless. The few things that will get him passionate is the thrill of the chase. The challenge. His collection and acquiring the most unique items in the Universe. Including sentient beings. Then, and very few other times, will he get as excited as his ancient body and mind will allow.

The Collector is a man of many secrets. He keeps his thoughts and deeds close to himself, making a conscious decision to remain placid in the face of anger and danger. He is a steady lake, unmarred by the wind. However, he does show emotion if anything threatens his collection. It is the few things that anger him.

Strangely enough, the Collector has a code of honour, and a sense of fair play. The Collector "plays" fairly, and within HIS set of rules, however, he will also strive to acquire what he wants at all costs, always staying one step ahead of his opponent.

The Collector is all about the chase and acquiing those unique items that he desires above all else. It is his raison d'etre, his reason for living. Without it, he would have withered and died millenia ago. He is psychologically unable to resist the urge to acquire new and unique things. Therefore, he will pay anyhting, do anything, hire ANYONE, to acquire these things for him, even if there is a situation of more vital importance. No matter the stakes, he will strive to get what he wants.

The Collector does have a sense of honor and fair play. He will ensure that he pays a fair price for the item(s) he wants. However, he will follow the letter of the law and the contract, and gets extremely irritated when people try to change the terms of the agreement. When it comes to contracts, verbal, written, or otherwise, he is as skilled as an elite professional lawyer in regards to this. After all, he has spent millions of years perfecting his art.

The Collector has little regards for mortal life, going so far as to use them as pawns in acquiring what he desires. The Collector sees them as pawns, to use and manipulate as he sees fit. The only respect he gives mortals are those that acquire items for him successfully, and he does begrudge them a certain amount of respect.

Ego. The Collector does have a large ego. After all, he is the greatest Collector there has ever been, and will ever be. This can be used to manipulate him for a brief moment, but know that flattery and aiming at that flaw in his character will only work for so long. The Collector is inherently suspicious of the intents of others, especially those eyeing anything in his collection. The only people he trusts, and even then sparingly, are other Elders of the Universe.

The Collector is canny, devious, cunning, incredibly intelligent, suspicious, observant, brilliant, manipulative, prescient, and malevolent if need be. It is nearly impossible to get the drop on him, and surprise him, as he has seen it all before. Beware, because the Collector rarely gets taken advantage of, and the deadly consequences of challenging him or stealing from him are myriad and quite painful. If not careful, you may find yourself in his collection.


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Alien Calculator:
The Collector has superior mental capacity, allowing him to be able to make incredibly complex mathematical calculations with ease. This allows him to be able to calculate diverse low information probabilities to the tenth decimal place and to retain an unbelieveable amounts of information, with a photographic memory.

Cosmic Energy Control:
The Collector has spent a millenia honing his powers to a fine art. Taneleer Tivan has the innate ability to absorb and manipulate Cosmic Energy to an extremely potent degree. This allows him to perform incredible feats of energy manipulation, and he rarely tires, having a superhuman ability to absorb and use this energy. All of his powers are his abilities to use Cosmic Energy for his own means. As of now, these are all the ways he can use the Power Cosmic: Teleportation, Force Fields, Energy and Force Blasts, Matter Manipulation, Levitation. He also uses the Power Cosmic to enhance his use of his Psychic Link and Extrasensory Perception to incredible levels.

TP Only: The Collector has incredibly vast control over cosmic energy, and in TP only instances, can use this to travel interdimensionally, through time, and even have limited abilities to bring back the dead to life. This is TP Only.

Energy and Force Blasts:
The Collector can manipulate the Cosmic Energies of the Universe with devastating effects. This translates into Energy or Force Blasts from his hands or eyes. These are incredibly powerful, and can hit a target at ranges of several thousand kilometers, within line of sight. If the Collector can see it, he can attempt to hit it. The energy or force blast depends on the decision of the Collector at the time. Both have the same intensity, and do the same damage. These Cosmic Blasts are extremely effective, and can shatter or disintegrate osmium steel instantantly. The Collector's blasts have been known to seriously hurt Hyperion and even the Silver Surfer.

Enhanced Abilities:
The Collector can utilize his cosmic energy to be able to lift approximately 50 tons. He also has superhuman durability, stamina, speed and endurance that puts him on par with average Asgardians, Captain America or Spider-Man. He rarely uses these abilities, considering the other powers and technology at his disposal, and they have waned over time.

Extrasensory Perception:
The Collector has the natural ability of his race that allow him to receive, perceive and know details about his environment that a normal being wouldn't. He knows temperature, atmosphere, how many people in the environment, who is there, and allows him to almost predict what is about to happen almost like a "Spider Sense" (see Precognition), but not as advanced or effective. It is a feeling of unease, and with the combination of his experience and tactical knowledge, allows him to predict the actions of others in the immediate vicinity. This ability is only in the very short term, up to a few seconds in advance.

Force Fields:
The Collector can use his manipulation of Cosmic Energies to envelop himself, or other targets, with force fields of unbelievable density and strength. They are air proof, and are resistant to gaseous attacks, as well as energy and force attacks

If the Collector is concentrating, the Hulk, fully enraged, would be able to get through the shield, but it would take a minute or two, and cause a kinetic backlash back at the Collector that would be extremely painful. The Collector is highly resistant to this damage, having spent many years developing these abilities.

These shields are used to protect himself while he can figure out a strategy or plan to defeat his opponent. Even the Silver Surfer, using all of his power, takes 20 to 30 seconds to beat his way through a shield set up by the Collector. That is usually all the time the Collector needs, however.

The Collector is one of a few Elders of the Universe. Born at the beginnings of the Universe, untold milleania ago, Taneleer Tivan cannot die. If he is seriously damaged, distintegrated, or otherwise hurt, the Collector will regenerate those wounds and return to full capabilities within minutes, hours, days or weeks (depending on how serious are the injuries). The Collector can still be hurt, feels pain, and takes damage. The Collector can be knocked unconscious, and can be stunned normally. He just cannot die through any known means, except if Death herself reneges on her decision to not allow any Elder of the Universe into Death's realm, and kills them. Even if she does, the Collector's lifespan will still last thousands, perhaps millions of years.

The Collector can use his vast Cosmic Powers to be able to levitate in place. The Collector cannot fly per se, but can maintain his ability to levitate indefinetly. With a power souce that would provide propulsion, the Collector can move around at incredible speeds, considering his body can withstand the rigours of a vacuum and he does not require air to breathe. By using his energy blast powers, he can provide himself with a crude form of propulsion that can allow him to travel at speeds up to 600 km/h in space, and half that in an atmosphere.

The Collector has been around for untold millenia, and in that time, he has developed an almost cosmic awareness, a "sixth sense" if you will. The Collector can see into the future for brief periods when he concentrates, and is not under duress. He gets flashes of attacks, and can attempt to dodge them, or maneuver away from them. The Collector can also see further in the future if he prepares himself for hours, or even days, but those images are hard to decipher and could mean anything. They can also change, depending on events and his own actions.

TP Only: The Collector can also sense when Galactic Cosmic Events are occurring or about to occur. These would be on par with the Infinity Gauntlet, for example. He would not know details, but get a vague impression of events and who may be involved. This is similar to Captain Mar-Vell's "Cosmic Awareness".

Psychic Link:
The Collector maintains a psychic link to the highly advanced computers of his museums, starship and/or his Base of Operations (his own world), that helps fortify and increase his mental abilities and calculations to an incredible level. This assists him in any situation he is in, and allows him an advantage over those bartering with him. This link can be severed by a strong mental mind, such as that of Professor Xavier, or the Contemplator. Otherwise, it is strong, even over interstellar distances.

The Collector has used his manipulation of Cosmic Energies to enhance his body's natural resistances to cosmic levels. This allows him incredible resistance to such things as radiation, cold, heat, toxins, disease, energy, even aging. He can still be damaged by these events, however, it requires the levels of the Silver Surfer or Thanos to be able to "significantly" damage him. A punch will still bruise him, from such beings as Spider-Man or Captain America. In that case, he can take serious damage from such powerful beings, if he is unprotected. He also does not need to breathe, and can operate in a vacuum, including space.

Shape Shifting:
The Collector has minor shape shifting abilities. He can change his size a few feet, add a few pounds, and can also change his features and body type to a certain extent. He can appear younger, of different races, different hair and eye colour, etc. It should be noted that he rarely uses this, and he has grown a bit out of practice. He can hold his new shape for extended periods of time if he concentrates but if he loses concentration, he will revert back to his normal shape and size.

The Collector has not developed his mental capabilities as have many other Elders of the Universe, but he has developed the ability to communicate with them in a limited fashion through telepathy. He can also communicate with other telepaths with this ability, and has an incredible resistance to telepathic intrusion and detection due to countless millenia developing those defenses.


The Collector can manipulate the ebb and flow of the energies of the Universe so well, that he can instantaneouly teleport to anywhere he can think of. The Collector does have to know of his destination, but not all the details. For example, he could teleport to London, England in the blink of an eye from the Skrull Homeworld, and he would materialize safely, with no problems. This also allows him to pass through force fields, energy fields, and other contraventions of passage, as though they were not there.

The Collector just thinks of a destination, and he arrives there. This is due to his link to the Cosmic Energies that flow through everything in the Universe. The Collector senses the energy flow, and rides this energy to the destination, faster than a tacyon. However, it should be noted, that Interstellar distances are very difficult, requiring a large amount of concentration and energy, sapping his strength to dangerous levels, depending on the distance.

If the Collector travels from one edge of the Universe to the other, for example, it would take an inordinate amount of time, and require most, if not all, of his energy, sapping his strength for days. During this time, the Collector would be vulnerable to attack. That is why it would require a very, very good reason for him to do that kind of a trip in one jump, like a life or death situation. After all, that is what starships and travelling in comfort is for.

The Collector can travel with himself, objects, or others without difficulties (up to 10 people - more than that takes an extraordinary amount of energy, and saps his strength, require minutes, hours, or days of recovery time, depending on how many people he takes, up to a maximum of 25).


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Strangely enough, the Collector can be quite charming. Especially when he sees the potential in having someone become part of his collection, or acquire something for his collection. He can be magnanimous, generous, benevolent, philanthropic, and uses language and his intellect to twist his words to get the most beneficial outcome in any conversation. Using his powers, he can also appear handsome and sophisticated, like a nobleman or prince charming. Whatever it takes to acquire the next big part of his collection.

Oh, this is where the Collector shines. In this area, there is no other being in the Universe that can match him for his knowledge in this area. It is his reason for being. His knowledge is vast, and covers EVERYTHING there is to know about collecting. This bleeds into knowing about what is the latest and greatest in the Universe. He has an instinctive knowledge of unique items, beings, and ideas that is out there. With his network of "spies", he gets fed new and interesting intelligence every day. And he loves it. He knows how to find out about, get, and keep his unique items and beings. If you are unique, or have something unique that is noteworthy, it will not be long before the Collector knows about it.

Culture and Etiquette:
The Collector appreciates politeness and professionalism, especially when it comes to the deal or bartering for a new item or being for his collection. His exposure to countless races has allowed him to pick up their culture and how to act in that culture. The Collector knows proper etiquette, civilian and military, in most cases. There are always certain conditions and behaviour that each race follows when dealing with others in any environment. In a lot of cases, this also reflects the behaviour they would exhibit in normal, everyday society. Therefore, the Collector knows how to behave in millions of different societies, including, but not limited to Shi'ar, Skrull, Terran, Eternal, his fellow Elders of the Universe, and Kree.

The Collector likes to tinker. Whenever he gets a new piece of technology, he likes to see how it works. What makes it so unique. What does it do, how can it be improved. This has allowed him to advance his personal security to the highest levels, especially when it comes to protecting his collections. His knowledge is vast, and covers nearly all engineering and technology skills in existence. This does not mean he is good at creating NEW gadgets or technology. He can only improve upon existing technology.

Galactic History:
The Collector has existed since the dawn of the Universe. Therefore, he has seen the history of the Universe unfold. The Collector has studied most of the races in the Universe, so there is always a possibility that the Collector would know of any race or beings in existence. The Collector has seen civilizations come and civilizations fall. The Collector cares nothing for these races. His only desire is their unique stuff, unique animals or if they are unique.

The Collector has existed since the dawn of the Universe. His exposure to countless races has allowed him to pick up their languages. The Collector has a natural affinity for the spoken word, and the intricacies of that language. Most languages are primitive when compared to the languages spoken by the Collector and his fellow Elders of the Universe. That makes them fairly easy to pick up. When combined with his computers at his Headquarters, the Collector picks up languages almost in an instant, including the different dialects of that language. Slang takes a little longer, as he must hear it to pick it up. The Collector prefers to not use it however, and always responds in the most professional manner when using languages. Some of the languages he knows, are: Shi'ar (most of them, including the other races in the Shi'ar Empire), Oan, Kree, Skrull, Titanian Eternal, all Elders of the Universe, most Terran languages, to name just a few.

Science and Technology:

The Collector has existed since the dawn of the Universe. This has allowed him to pick up thosands of different sciences and technology skills from innumerous races and cultures from all across the Universe. The knowledge of countless civilizations are stored in his perfect memory and his computers on his Headquarters in an unknown sector of the Universe. This includes Quantum Physics and Mechanics, Advanced Technology amonst the most advanced in the Universe, Advanced Genetics, Temporal Mechanics, Advanced Bio-Chemistry, and many more too numerous to list here. These may be stored, however, most of them are only used in furtherance of his collections! The technology he knows is never used unless it is to find or capture a future part of his collection.


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The Collector has created and maintained relationships in an infinite number of areas. From the underworld and organized crime, to mercenaries, explorers, military captains and admirals, to interstellar rulers and despots, to assassins, traders, rogues, and the seedy, to royalty, kings, queens, princes, princesses, and everything in between. Everyone knows who the Collector is, and they know not to cross him. They also know that, if they have something unique to sell, he's the man to see.

The Collector has spent millions of years increasing his knowledge and technology. Therefore, a being with such vast knowledge would need a storehouse of knowledge in order to maintain his incredible technology. Oh, and his collections! His headquarters contains all of his massive computers, that he keeps a psychic link to. These computers store most of his knowledge and can only be accessed by the Collector through his psychic link. These computers are incredibly advanced, and are, of course, protected with the latest technology.

Infinity Gem: Reality:
TP ONLY: It is rumoured that in recent history (within the last few centuries) that The Collector has acquired an Infinity Gem. This one is the Reality Gem that allows the user to control reality such that they will be able to exert their will on reality, to the exclusion of normal, physical laws, and fulfill their every desire. As it is, the Collector has this gem, but only he knows where he keeps it. It is nearly uncontrollable, and too tempting to use. The Collector will NEVER use it, unless it is as an absolute last resort as, he does not fully understand it. This would be extremly dangerous, and not as effective in his hands. His imagination is not as grand as many mortals. After all, having it in your collection is not the same as using it.

The Collector has spent millions of years collecting the most unique items and beings in the Universe! The Collector keeps a few Museums, hidden on dead worlds, in long dead star systems, protected by the most advanced technology in existence. All items and beings are protected in cells, cared for by advanced systems and robotics, and linked to a trigger alarm if anything was ever to be disturbed. There is one museum, his "favorite" if you will. It is located on Knowhere, where he likes to spend an inordinate amount of is time.

The Collector has an near limitless supply of resources, from millions of different currencies, to items for trade, from debts owed him. In his millions of years of trading, bartering, buying and selling, the Collector has amassed an incredible fortune. He is listed as being in the Top 5 most wealthy beings in the Universe. Most of this wealth is in the items he possesses. However, he doesn't care about wealth. He only cares about collecting the most unique things in the Universe. Money means nothing to him. It is the thrill of the chase, and owning that which no one else in the Universe has.

The Collector has a starcruiser that is incredibly advanced, with the latest in technological advances, weaponry, defenses and all the comforts of home. It is unique in the Universe, and is in pristine condition. It is also over 3 million years old, but looks like it just came off the lot. This gets the Collector from place to place, without having to use his personal energies to transport him across the Universe and back. It is controlled by an advanced Artificial Intelligence that is loyal to one being in the entire Universe. The Collector.

The Collection:
The Collector has existed since the dawn of the Universe. This has allowed him to pick up millions of unique artifacts, technology, items, trinkets, beings, animals, flora and fauna from innumerous locations, races and cultures from all across the Universe. This collection is the greatest in the Universe, and is without counting. It requires a whole moon to store just the information of his collection This includes power suits, weapons, defenses, information, alien artifacts, books, treasures, you name it, he probably has it - if it is unique.

The Elders:
The Collector is one of a scant few Elders of the Universe, a very eclectric loose group of beings that are billions of years old, and achieved sentience before most of the Universe was even formed. These beings are all the Collector's "brothers" and "sisters".

They include, but are not limited to: Architect, Astronomer, Caregiver, Champion of the Universe, Contemplator, Ego, Explorer, Father Time, Gardener, Grandmaster, Judicator, Obliterator, Possessor, Runner, and Trader

These beings would help each other, to a certain extent, as long as it was within the limits of their own "concentration", "reason for being", or personal code. They consider each other "brothers" or "sisters" from a loose definition of the word.

The Grandmaster:
Out of all the Elders of the Universe, The Grandmaster is the closest "friend" and ally to the Collector, and they have been known to socialize and play "games" against each other for sport or the challenge. The Collector can call on the Grandmaster for aid...whether or not he would assist the Collector is another matter.

The Tivan Group:

The Collector has created and maintained a "Corporation" that spans the known Universe. With dealings in many mining, archaelogical, exploration, intelligence gathering, personal security, resource development/gathering, flora, fauna and artifact acquiring businesses, the Tivan Group is known throughout the Universe as fair, firm, and gets the job done. This is where the Collector gets most of his information, as he has employees that spans the Universe.


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Being An Elder:
The Collector is an Elder of the Universe for a few reasons. One, is that he has been around since the Dawn of the Universe. However, there is another reason. The whole reason for being. He is a Collector. THE Collector. Without his whole reason for being, then the Collector just becomes another very old man. A being with no purpose, and no energy. His powers and abilities are directed towards these goals, the thrill of collecting aand without this - nothing. If he loses the will to follow this ultimate quest of his life, he will become a useless recluse. He will never use his power just to use his powers. He uses them to further his ambitions, and the quest that he is currently working on.

The Collector has lived for millions of years. When necessary, he is forward, blunt, and to the point. As long as he stays within the confines of etiquette and decorum, he can be sarcastic, has a caustic wit, and will use language and meaning to the letter "of the law" in order to get a better deal. That means he doesn't exaggerate, or under value what he has or wants. This can be limiting in "getting a good deal" for himself, but in the end, he just wants what he wants.

The Collector is an immortal being. In order for him to stay alive, he must satiate his need for collecting - for owning that which is unique. If ever he was to lose this desire, he would waste away into boredom and entropy. A bored Collector is an extremely dangerous being indeed.

The Collector is incredibly powerful. However, he is also a terrible combatant. He is below average in combat skills, and prefers to have others do his fighting for him. If in a hand to hand situation, he will attempt to use his powers first, and flee second. He is not courageous, heroic, or willing to get hurt for others. He actually quite hates pain and all that bleeding nonsense.

The Collector has enemies too numerous to list here. As an Elder of the Universe, he has a reputation all throughout the Universe as a being that cares only for himself and the collection. His reputation is that he will do anything to find that next unique item, including using mortals to further his contests. As a member of the elite Elders of the Universe, the Collector also inherits enemies from that group. Most Cosmic Powers of the Universe at the very least, dislikes them. With the machinations of these beings never good for the Universe, as they are purely in "it" for themselves, and no one else, beings such as Chaos, Order, Thanos, Darkseid, Silver Surfer, Galactus, the Avengers, and everyone whom usually comes in contact with them, hates them. Therefore, the Collector can expect attacks or at the very least, no assistance, from most of these beings.

No Imagination:
The Collector likes to tinker, that is true. His knowledge is vast, and covers nearly all engineering and technology skills in existence. This does not mean he is good at creating NEW gadgets or technology. He can only improve upon existing technology. He isn't creative and doesn't have a grand imagination to allow him to make leaps forward in new things. That is why he must buy, take, or barter for new things. He simply has no imagination, and so, sometimes, he needs to see what others are doing, and take what others have in order to make his life mean something.

Power Exhaustion:
The Collector is living battery of the Power Cosmic. However, it is possible to exhaust his power if he uses his powers in rapid succession, and using the bigger powers such as Time Travel and/or Matter Manipulation, especially on a planetary scale. It is highly unlikely he would get to this point, as he has vast control over this power, but it can happen.

The Collection:

The Collector has one major weakness. His collection. He will do anything to protect it and maintain control over it. To the point that, if he was going to lose it, he would destroy it first. That would be a LAST resort. After all, without his collection he is just another old, lonely man, and that would be a slow deterioration into madness. The Collector will kill, destroy, hurt, and do anything to protect it.


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