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Conan (Scenesys ID: 9697)
"I don't belong anywhere. Not for long at least. If I want a home, I'll have to make it for myself. With my own bloody hands. And the weapons they're holding. I'll find my own way across the river, Shaman. I always have."
Full Name: Conan
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Theme: Marvel (TPC)
Occupation: Thief
Citizenship: Cimmeria
Residence: Nomad
Education: Barbarian Lifestyle
Status: Approved
Other Information
Apparent Age: Actual Age:
Date of Birth 15 January 10000 BCE Actor:
Height: 194 cm (6' 4") Weight: 120 kg (265 lb)
Hair Color: Black Eye Color: Blue
Theme Song: "Wolf Totem" by The Hu


Born on a battlefield over ten thousand years ago, Conan the Cimmerian is a larger than life figure whose adventures have taken him from his homeland to much of the world known to those of the Hyborian Age. A warrior almost without peer, he's a nearly unstoppable beast fueled by a desire to conquer, yet truly loyal to his friends. Now time displaced, this barbarian will have to navigate the modern day in order to survive.

Current Player Approved: August 08, 2020



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"Black haired, sullen eyed" Conan is a monster of a man. Rather tall, almost six and a half feet in height, and very broad shouldered, he seems ready to physically dominate any location he finds himself in. With his shoulder length dark hair, alert blue eyes and face that is structurally symmetrical and covered in scars, he further distinguishes himself from the norm.

Dressed in nothing but a loincloth, a sword belt with copper inlay and fur trimmed leather boots, Conan's mighty musculature is on display. His tanned body is covered in scars, though it is truly remarkable to look upon as his impressive muscle size and amazing definition are shown off for everyone to see. There is no doubt that this being is incredibly and truly physically fit, what some would refer to as a perfect specimen.


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Conan's story begins when he was born on a battlefield in the Hyborian age, millenia ago, to the Snowhawk Tribe. He grew up studying warfare and how to survive in the barbaric land of Cimmeria. He was taught to worship Crom, a merciless god who expects his followers to use the strength he granted them at birth to kill their enemies.

At fifteen years old Conan fought in the battle of Venarium. It was his first time taking a human life. It would be far from the last time.

As he grew into a man Conan traveled extensively and lived as a mercenary, a thief, a colonist, a pirate and a horse nomad. On his adventures he dealt with magic and monsters, the latter often a result of the former, and learned to hate wizards as a result.

Battle was one of the only constants in his life. He had a number of lovers, but none of them for very long. Careers came and went. Violence was his only constant companion. Conan became incredibly adept at it.

Most recently the Cimmerian has returned to living as a thief. His goal: to murder the wizard Riath Thalm and steal his gold plated staff. Unfortunately for the barbarian, Thalm just happened to be in the midst of a ritual to travel to the time of a certain celestial alignment. Conan slew Thalm's guards only to have the wizard make it through through a portal. Falling through in an attempt to stop his enemy Conan finds himself in a strange new world.


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Despite being a pillaging barbarian, Conan has a sense of honor. It mostly revolves around being true to those who are true to him. Friendship, even if it isn't well established, is sacred. Just don't betray him because he will kill you.

Prideful, Conan refuses to back down from a challenge. Surrender is not an option for him. That being said, there's no shame for him in running away. Just don't corner him because he will kill you. At an earlier period in his life Conan would slay any man who insulted him. Now that he's past his twenties he's calmed down somewhat and risen above killing people over slights. Unless they don't heed his warnings to stop.

Strangely, Conan has a bit of a soft spot for the downtrodden. Having been in positions of power before he sees abuse of one's underlings as something not to be tolerated. Don't hurt someone you're responsible for around him because he will kill you.


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Acute Senses:
Growing up in the wilds of Cimmeria, Conan was trained to use his senses to their utmost. Bordering on superhuman, the barbarian's senses rival those of wild animals.

Amazing Agility:
Compared to the likes of a jungle cat, Conan is faster and more agile than almost any other human, certainly anyone even close to his size. With his abilities he can react as quickly as any human is capable of and run almost as fast as a quadruped.

Conan has never had too much to drink. He has never suffered a hangover. Strikes to the head that would cause people's brains to fall out merely stun the Cimmerian. He is almost superhumanly hardy in every way. His stamina and reserves of energy allow him to function at or close to his peak for far longer than even Olympic distance runners. Poisons don't have nearly the effect on Conan that they have on anyone who does not possess super powers.

All this is not to say that Conan possesses super thick skin or a healing factor. Blades still slice him and arrows will pierce him, he'll just be able to function for much longer than most humans before succumbing to his wounds.

Monstrous Strength:

Said to have the strength of ten to twenty men, Conan is incredibly powerful, likely stronger than any human who doesn't possess superpowers. As a teenager he broke the neck of a Cimmerian bull with his bare hands. He can crush human bone in his grasp. He even overpowers people who are significantly larger than he is.


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Conan is a beast, physically. Not only is he at or above peak physical condition for a human, he's mastered most physical activities available in the Hyborian age. One of the skills he developed is climbing cliffs or walls with barely any handholds. So powerful is his grip strength that if he can fit his fingers in somewhere he can lift his entire body by them.

Conan is an impressive swimmer, horseman and all around amazing athlete.

Having led war parties and captained pirate ships, Conan the Cimmerian has proven to be a natural when it comes to commanding people. His lifelong exposure to battle has led to him being a skilled tactician and leader of men.

Conan possesses varying degrees of fluency in a dozen or more languages spoken in the Hyborian age. He's literate in many of those he speaks, as well. As a result of his studies he learns languages very rapidly. For some reason related to time travel he also knows English.

Having lived in numerous biomes as a barbarian, criminal, mercenary and nomad, Conan is adept at surviving in any terrain. From the icy mountains of his home to the deserts, from the plains to the jungle, he can live relatively comfortably off the land. His survival instincts are honed to amazing levels.

Having grown up sneaking up on animals and dispatching them with hand weapons, Conan is incredibly talented at stealth. His skills were improved further engaging such enemies as the Picts and living as a thief. When he moves he makes noise only if he chooses to do so and can travel without leaving tracks. The rudimentary locks of his time are no match for his skills, but he'll need to practice on modern devices. Or just break them.


Easily one of the greatest combatants in the history of Earth, there is no one Conan has met who has bested him in single combat. Even the elite members of Hyborian era armies are cut down before the Cimmerian like wheat before a scythe. With or without a weapon in hand the man is nearly unstoppable and is capable of engaging large animals and monsters and coming out victorious.

As an archer he is almost without peer. Using an unfamiliar bow he can shoot birds on the wing at great distances. With one he's familiar with he's nearly as deadly accurate as a modern sniper out to the bow's maximum range.


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Conan's deity watches him from his mountaintop. Conan knows this and seeks to do him proud by being strong and slaying his enemies. Conan also knows that Crom will not help him, yet he hopes to have him witness his great deeds.


Conan goes armed unless it's a complete impossibility or his latest weapon has just broken or thrown in combat. He wears the best armor he can afford at any given time, but fluctuations with his money means he often doesn't possess any. Traditionally, most of his wealth is tied up in weapons, armor and a horse. Now that he's in modern times it's likely this will begin to change somewhat.


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If you are a friend to Conan he will do nearly anything to protect you and will keep his word to you. This means he will do things that are suicidal or will cost him greatly if he has to.

When Conan wants something, he acts. It may not be immediately, planning might be involved, but Conan is willing to kill and steal to get something he desires so long as it won't mean betraying friends. Usually this manifests in him being quick to spend any money he has, but acts of violence and thievery aren't uncommon.

Man Out of Time:
Conan is a barbarian from thousands of years ago. He doesn't know how anything above the technological level of the Hyborian age works. That includes guns, light switches and toilets.

In Conan's time men dealt with insults by drawing blood. That doesn't fly any more. Nor does murdering wizards for their riches. Or publicly advertising as a mercenary. Conan does not know these things. Also, he doesn't understand the modern concept of police. Hopefully he catches on quickly.

Another major aspect of being a time traveler is that Conan is without friends and allies in this new world. He needs to start over making contacts.

Possibly Conan's greatest weakness, pride can make him rash and foolhardy. Insults are never taken lightly. He will throw down or commit murder if insulted enough. Surrender is not in his vocabulary. He thinks there is no challenge he cannot overcome or successfully run away from.


Conan hates wizards and magic and will not willingly accept magic being used upon him. Also, he is verbal about his belief that all wizards should die.


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