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Darryl Jacobson (Scenesys ID: 788)
Full Name: Darryl Jacobson
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Theme: Marvel (AFC)
Occupation: Australian Ambassador to New Asgard
Citizenship: Commonwealth of Australia
Residence: Kvalvika, New Asgard
Education: University of Queensland
Status: Dropped
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Other Information
Apparent Age: 33 Actual Age: 33
Date of Birth 23 July 1993 Actor: Daley Pearson
Height: 176 cm Weight: 86 kg
Hair Color: Brown Eye Color: Brown
Theme Song: "Down Under" by Men at Work


When Thor decided to take some time off and went to Australia, he and Darryl began rooming together. While they had a mostly amicable relationship, Darryl was often annoyed or inconvenienced by things such as Thor leaving his hammer in the middle of a room, making it impossible for Darryl to sweep, or Thor showing up at his place of work. Darryl also helped Thor send emails to various Avengers. When the time to pay rent came around, Thor attempted to pay with Asgardian currency, but Darryl said it was worthless, despite Thor insisting that each coin is worth "a bazillion human dollars". Darryl suggested that Thor get a job, but Thor simply laughed it off, saying that saving the world is his job. After the events of Ragnarok, Thor requested that Darryl be appointed the Australian Ambassador to New Asgard.

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Darryl is an average looking man with brown hair and brown eyes. He may be carrying a couple of extra points. His skin is pale, showing he probably doesn't get out in the sunlight very often. When he speaks, it is with an Australian accent. His clothing is generally business casual or casual.


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Darryl Jackson was born to Christopher and Janie Jacobson in Sydney, Australia. They lived in the suburbs of the city, but they stayed in the same house for his entire childhood. He was a smart boy but quiet and introverted, leading to him being bullied quite a bit. Yet, he survived all of it.

He managed to get a partial scholarship to the University of Sydney where he majored in Accounting and Minored in Computer Programming. From there, he got a job at a large company as one of the many accountants on staff. In time, he became Certified as an accountant.

Basically his life was boring. Until he opted to take in a roommate to help with the mortgage payment on his house. That roommate was Thor Odinson. Yes, that Thor. The one with the hammer, which he liked to leave all sorts of places in the house making cleaning impossible. And we won't talk about the times he thought it was funny to put it on the lid of the commode in the only bathroom in the house.

In time, Thor continued on his way and Darryl was forced to find a new roommate. Each successive one seemed worse than the first and he found himself missing Team Darryl, as Thor had dubbed the pair of them.

With the fall of Asgard and their arrival on Earth, he was saddened by what happened to Thor's people and was one of those who donated money to help the newcomers to Earth.

Then he got the fateful phone call. "Your country needs you." He never thought he would hear those words but there they were. Australia had sent an ambassador to work with the Asgardians in New Asgard. It wasn't long before he was dismissed. A second fared no better. Then King Thor (King!) stated he knew the man for the job.

Next thing Darryl knew, he had a new job and he was shipped off to Norway.


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Darryl is an average guy. He's a simple man with simple tastes. He doesn't seek extravagance nor glory. He just goes through his day and his life trying to stay under the radar. He tends to be an introvert, not someone to draw attention to himself in any way. He is a good man, honest and forthright. He's quite mild-mannered so he won't be out starting fights at the local pub with someone over the football standings.


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Darryl is a Certified Public Accountant with a master's degree in accounting. He can balance the books, make sound financial decisions and keep an eye on the bottom line. This means he's good with numbers and he generally manages to get all his tax write-offs.

Darryl minored in Computer Programming at university. He can easily read code and write programs. He even has some lower to mid-level hacking skills though they are something hasn't used since school.

Darryl is an ambassador for Australia, serving in New Asgard. Which means he has some sort of diplomacy skills. Allegedly. At least, that's what the job title says. To be honest, he doesn't have much experience other than office politics back in the accounting firm he used to work at but that is a sort of diplomacy, right? He did help resolve the issue of the office lunch thief without anyone losing their job!

Being a neat freak, Darryl has some very advanced domestic skills. Cleaning, cooking, laundry, sewing. All the things that would make a great housekeeper or butler. He knows what to use to get that spot out of a silk tie without damaging the material and which brand of vacuum gives the best cleaning for the buck.

In truth, Darryl has very few outlets and gaming is one of them. He enjoys computer games and has a sweet setup for the times he gets to settle down with his headset and computer. He is not a professional by any means, but he does enjoy this for his downtime.


It may come as a surprise, but Darryl is a bit of a nerd. He loves sci fi and fantasy novels and movies. He has enjoyed D&D for many years and tried probably hundreds of other tabletop games through his lifetime. Star Wars and Star Trek, no one should choose a side! Lord of the Rings marathon, extended version? He's there and probably can quote the movie.


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Being an Ambassador for Australia means Darryl has the backing of his country and their support. They even pay him, despite his lack of a skill set for his current assignment. While they won't be giving him anything extravagant, he can get little things as needed, such as a company car.

Being an accountant, Darryl has been very careful with his money. He has savings tucked away as well as a variety of investments, both short and long term, high and low risk. While he won't be living high on the hog, he has enough to afford a comfortable home, a nice car and to buy what he wants (within reason) without difficulty.


At one time, Darryl was Thor's roommate. Actually, Thor was Darryl's roommate since it was Darryl's house. They were friends, although there were a lot of areas where they didn't see eye-to-eye, such as Thor paying his half of the rent in currency that can be used on Earth instead of in Asgard. Nonetheless, they actually got along well and parted as friends. It is that friendship that got him his current job as Ambassador to New Asgard. Not that he applied for the job. Thor sort of insisted and he can be difficult to dissuade when he makes up his mind. Thus, Team Darryl is back together.


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Darryl is really not qualified for his current position as Ambassador. He doesn't have the skill set. However, Thor seems to think he does and thus, he's an Ambassador whether he likes it or not.

Darryl is a human being. Thus, he is fragile and dies easily, particularly in comparison to the Asgardians he has found himself surrounded by thanks to Thor. Should there be a fight or attack, Darryl needs to find someplace to hide or potentially squish-just like grape.

Darryl is a very mild-mannered guy. He doesn't like conflict and he doesn't like to rock the boat. Unfortunately, when combining that with a best friend who is rather strong-willed, Darryl can find himself in sticky situations but not have the wherewithal to speak up or put his foot down.


Plain and simple, Darryl likes things neat and clean. He cannot deal with clutter or mess. He cleans his house every day and there is never a dish left in the sink to be washed. It can be both an annoyance and a blessing for someone who rooms with him. Make sure to use a coaster!


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So, this is the place. May 25th, 2019 Darryl meets Janet and survives. Just Barely.
What's a Darryl April 26th, 2019 Summary needed
Who moved my cheese April 15th, 2019 Thor talks with Darryl, convinces him to become a hero.
Ambassador Jacobson March 27th, 2019 Darryl gets settled in at his residence. Thor decides he'll move in. Luckily advised not to.


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