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Jennifer Lindon (Scenesys ID: 1334)
"Yeah, yeah, you're strong, I get it, can you move? I'm trying to get to the library and you're in the way."
Full Name: Jennifer Lindon
Gender: Female
Species: Mutant
Theme: Original (OC)
Occupation: Student
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Status: Shelved
Other Information
Apparent Age: 15 Actual Age: 15
Date of Birth 12 December 2009 Actor: Evanna Lynch
Height: 159 cm Weight: 65 kg
Hair Color: White Eye Color: Green
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Jennifer Lindon, or Datalink, is a teenage mutant still trying to figure out how to best make use of her natural mastery over the digital.



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Jennifer can enter any turned on and logged in digital device that she can touch. She then effectively runs on that computer as a piece of software with the same authorization as the user account that she entered through. From there, she can explore any network it is connected to (including the internet) by moving from computer to computer, preserving the authorization of the original user account (which on most other computers will be practically zero, but on certain networks may be more substantial.)

She can also attempt to force herself to gain the authorization of any other user on whichever computer she is currently on, and with her current level of skill this doesn't take too much effort on typical personal computers and smartphones, but as security becomes more tight it rapidly becomes more difficult for her to do such.

Anti-virus software and similar not only complicates forcing authorization, but they also respond to it by trying to seal or delete her, and while she can make an emergency escape for any computer connected to another, it inflicts real injury and she cannot return to such a computer for at least a week, and possibly more for more advanced anti-virus, without immediately alerting them to her existence.

She can always exit the current computer she's in if she's got at least a basic user-level authority. By doing so she rematerializes into the physical world, a process which takes a couple seconds and leaves her very vulnerable.


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While very few of the things she knows are particularly unique, Jenny does know quite a varied selection of miscellaneous trivia she's picked up while reading books or trawling the internet. Some of it is likely to be out of date or just plain wrong, but most of it is accurate and just mostly useless.


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Jennifer is part of a loving middle class family and while they don't directly buy stuff for her as a general rule, preferring instead to give her a modest allowance, they do pay directly for important things like tuition, travel costs (that they agree to) legal fees (as little as necessary) and various insurances.


Jennifer owns a basic personal wardrobe, a recent (but not most recent) jailbroken iPhone, a gaming capable laptop with various useful pieces of consumer software and a bunch of games, and a large stack of books. She also receives a modest allowance to spend on whichever.


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While in a computer or other digital device, in many ways Jennifer is just another piece of software, just another file. Many of the tools used to get rid of an unwanted piece of software, including automated ones, can genuinely harm her. While in general she has enough time to respond to that to head to a different computer, automated systems keep the ability to instantly respond to her presence for at least a week after last detecting her.

Even if she gets away as soon as she realizes the threat, she will already have been hurt. Not much for individual problems, but enough to leave bruises or cuts that remain even after returning to the flesh.

Returning to the flesh takes a few seconds, during which time she is unable to see her environment or move to respond to anything. She is at such a point obviously materializing and static, making it quite obvious to tell that she's unlikely to be able to act for a little bit.


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