Date Night, Part the First

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Date Night, Part the First
Date of Cutscene: 06 August 2017
Location: Unknown
Synopsis: Summary needed
Cast of Characters: Cypher

Doug set a profile on a dating app. He was honest. 'Young athletic man with a flair for computers, languages and songs of the 1980s looking for creative, clever individuals interested in music, computers, science and the works of Lila Cheney.'

He was thumbing through responses, when he came across one with a profile picture of a velociraptor in a blonde wig. "Ha! That's funny! I'm gonna go for it."

That Friday, Doug pulled up at the agreed-upon address and squinted out the windshield at the rain. A moment later, something heavy opened the back door and climbed inside, causing the car to rock. "Huh?"

A velociraptor in a blond wig stuck its head into the front of the car.

It was wearing lipstick. "What the!?"

"Good evening, mammal, I am on time for our outing. I hope you are fond of dancing and testing electric fences for weaknesses...ssss."

Late that evening, Doug stalked into his room at the mansion, right past where Cannonball was sleeping, and dropped face-first onto his bed. "Don't ever take a dinosaur dancing when she has a giant toe claws and two left feet. Sam, where's the bactine?"