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Diamond Lil (Scenesys ID: 1454)
Full Name: Lillian Crawley
Gender: Female
Species: Mutant
Theme: Marvel (FC)
Occupation: Adventurer
Citizenship: Canadian
Residence: Mobile
Education: High School Dropout
Status: Dropped
Groups: Alpha Flight
Other Information
Apparent Age: 25 Actual Age: 25
Date of Birth 30 March 2000 Actor: Emily Browning
Height: 6'4" Weight: 155 lbs.
Hair Color: Brown Eye Color: Hazel
Theme Song: "Invincible" by Pat Benatar


Lillian Crawley grew up underprivileged and abused, until the day her stepfather broke his hand on her face after her mutant powers manifested. Deemed a freak by her family, she found herself abandoned and put into the system, eventually finding a place in the Omega Flight program and trained to be an agent for the government. Invulnerable to an extreme degree, she's learned to use her abilities for good, but has never been entirely comfortable in her role.



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Lil's a tough broad, tall and rangy, 6'4" and broad-shouldered. She has long brown hair, reaching down just past her shoulders. She's attractive, with keen eyes and a sharp nose. She doesn't smile easily and seems to have a generally wary disposition, shy and withdrawn. If angered or roused, though, she'll stand up for herself. She doesn't wear any jewelry and isn't particularly fond of make-up. She has a soft-spoken voice with a noticeable trace of a Canadian accent.

When not in uniform, she dresses pretty casually. Button-downs and simple tees, jeans, boots or sneakers. She has a slender build that's deceptively strong. She keeps a nice manicure when she can, but doesn't seem particularly fond ot jewelry, nickname or no. She wears a simple leather jacket that's a little oversized, perhaps belonging to someone in her past.


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Lillian Crawley grew up in a tiny town in the wilds of Canada. Raised by a single mother, her father having left before she was born, Lil suffered a variety of abuse and neglect throughout her youth. Her mother's questionable taste in men caused plenty of conflict along the way. Shortly after puberty, Lil's powers manifested abruptly when one of her mother's drunken boyfriend's went to hit her and broke his hand on her face. She promptly found herself thrown out of the house, regarded as a freak.

Lil drifted, hitchhiking across Canada and looking for ways to survive. She eventually got picked up by the police and, in custody, gave away her powers. The teenager was shortly thereafter shifted into the Gamma Flight program, her powers put to use by the Canadian government to train her to be a hero in its employ. Not choosing that life for herself, Lil was resentful at first and, in fact, rebelled fully, turning on the organization temporarily to try life as a criminal and member of the rogue organization Omega Flight.

In the end, though, Lil couldn't bring herself fully to embrace evil and turned herself in when her allies started to go too far, even helping to recapture them herself. Sinc ethen, she's re-entered the program and is currently an agent in good standing, called upon as needed and, otherwise, trying to live a quiet life and have something resembling normality.


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Despite being tall and invulnerable, Lil's basic personality is a bit shy and restrained. She's a gentle person by nature, calm and preferring the simple pleasures of life. She doesn't like violence, but has found herself formidably capable of it, especially when properly provoked. She has a temper underneath that outer calm, though, a fiery rage that burns inside her, probably a result of her bad childhood. Bullies and bigots very quickly inspire her anger and usually suffer for it. She's more likely to stand up for others than herself, on the belief that she, at least, can take it. While it's hard to earn her trust, she's extremely loyal to those who do and will fight like the devil to protect her friends.


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Lil's body produces a natural, biologically-tied forcefield that makes her essentially invulnerable to conventional physical harm. The field ties her organic self together as tightly as some of the hardest substances known to man. Even sharpened adamantium can only barely cut her and would take significant force to penetrate her skin fully. She can withstand blunt force trauma in the dozens of tons, able to get up from blows from the most powerful superhuman tanks. She can withstand energy blasts as powerful as Cyclops' eye beams or Havok's energy bolts and get back up again. Invulnerable as she is, she can't always hold her ground, often knocked off her feet or even through things, but she alwasy comes up unscathed. Her entire body is affected by the forcefield - even her eyes are bulletproof. Her hair retains its strength if she sheds it naturally, strong enough to support a thousand pounds with a strand and dense enough to serve as a lethal garrote. Her indestructibility makes her more formidable in combat, as blows from her are like being hit with a sledgehammer and give her a simulation of low-level superhuman strength simply from the unyielding nature of her tissue. While she's invulnerable to physical damage, she can still be hurt in a variety of indirect ways, however, and is far from immortal.


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Lil has been part of the Gamma/Alpha Flight program since she was a teenager. She has extensive training in hand-to-hand combat and is fully capable as a field agent in a fight. Her style is relatively straightforward brawling, hard strikes and kicks, taking advantage of her invulnerable body and using it as a weapon.

Lil lived on her own for a few years after her mother kicked her out, surviving and making due without much in the way of money or resources. She knows how to scrounge and find food, both in the wilderness and in an urban setting. She's good at staying warm and keeping out of trouble, can make or find shelter and can navigate without guidance in untamed conditions.

As part of her training, Lil has experience with marskmanship and can fire a gun or pistol with skill comparative to your average intelligence field agent. She also has some childhood experience with guns going hunting as a young woman in a rural setting.


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Lil is part of the Alpha Flight program and, as such, has access to the resources and allies it provides. She's an accredited agent of the Canadian government and gets all the benefits included with that, including a decent salary, health care and access to housing. The agency has weapons and vehicles to which she has access, although her rank is such that she probably needs approva if she uses too much.

Lil has a personal apartment and a decent salary in the low six figures as part of her work for the government. While not wealthy by any means, she isn't struggling and can buy clothes and eat out with relative ease.

Lil spent a bit of time on the outside as a supervillain, fighting against those she now calls allies. She made a lot of contacts there that she remains friendly with on the shady side of things - fences, mercenaries, even costumed villains. While she's on the up-and-up now, there's always the possibility that she could return to that life and, in the meantime, she still has these contacts to call upon.


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Lil is vulnerable to conventional poisons provided they can be gotten into her system, through breathing, skin contact or ingestion. She can also get sick or ill just like anyone else, be it germs or cancer or biological weapons.

Lil has no training or psychic defense and has only moderate to average willpower. She's been manipulated by others in the past and isn't particularly savvy in that regard.

Lil still needs to breathe. If she is deprived of oxygen, smothered or drowned, she will pass out and die just like anybody else. She can be affected by airborne toxins and gas.

Lil has a fiery temper and, when roused, doesn't always think rationally or clearly. If she's provoked, she's likely to attack rashly and not use much in the way of strategy.

Lil has changed her stripes more than once. While it can make her suspect to her allies in Alpha Flight, it also has earned the ire of several of her old villain friends when she returned to the hero side. They don't tend to take betrayal well and might mark her for particular spite or anger.


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