Dread Wolf

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Dread Wolf (Scenesys ID: 7435)
"Live With Honor. Die With Honor. Let your deeds bring praise to your clan."
Full Name: Mai'dteab-gath
Gender: Male
Species: Yautja
Theme: Original (OSC)
Occupation: Bounty Hunter
Citizenship: Yautja
Residence: Mobile
Education: School of Yautja Death-Giving
Status: Shelved
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Other Information
Apparent Age: {{{PAge}}} Actual Age: 590
Date of Birth 4 December 1435 Actor:
Height: 210 cm Weight: 152 kg
Hair Color: Black Eye Color: Amber
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To be a Yautja is to live a life of honor, and to hunt worthy prey to bring honor to yourself and to the clan. The Clan is much, but Honor is everything. To live without honor is to already be dead. This is the mantra of Dread Wolf. A member of the Dark Blade clan. An elite Predator, Dread Wolf has long left his clan in search of greater prey on other worlds, which has helped him in his profession as a bounty hunter. Though, he more often than not brings in creatures 'dead' than 'alive'...but it is how he'll build a life for himself away from his homeworld and clan.



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This Yautja is taller and more intimidating-looking than the average Yautja. It currently stands a specific 7'2" tall, with a very alien and abnormal skull with hair-like 'dreadlocks' falling from his skull. The is strange, like arthropod-like mandibles that widen out completely usually when he roars. He also seems to have little quills on it's skull.

It's body is very muscular and seems to have a scar on it's side. from some previous wound. It's fingers are clawed as well as it's feet, and seems to have small quills on it's abdomen as well.

In terms of attire, it's almost always wearing armor. Yautja technology with appropriate bio-mask, a high-tech looking wrist-gauntlet, and a chestguard that seems to also be the source of a multitude of the Predator's weapons. It wears some alien material over it's entire body, minus the feet. Though, on the biomask's jaw seems to be the jaw of some wild predatory beast, giving it an even more fearsome appearance.


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Born on Yautja Prime, the hunter known first as Mai'dteab-gath on the day of his birth, was born strong. Mighty. Fierce. Even for a young one. He grew up in the Dark Blade Clan, a group of Yautja who were possibly more brutal than other clans, but paid a special tribute to stealth. Born quiet, calculating, and intelligent, his future was almost laid out for him.

Mai'dteab-gath grew up quickly, eventually becoming a Young Blood. A very novice hunter, so to speak. Eventually though, after a few hunts against 'lesser creatures' to train himself, he was eventually sent to a Xenomorph nest for his 'initial ritual' to become Blooded, or...a true hunter of the clan. armed with minimal weapons, he left with two other Predators to this nest...

Only Mai'dteab-gath returned. Upon his return to the clan with the skulls of his victims and destruction of such a nest, he was given the name Dread Wolf, and became a true hunter. Soon enough, as another decade or so flew by, he became an Elite after spending a few hours in the Clan Arena, defeating more Xenomorphs in open combat in the eyes of the whole clan. Upon receiving that rank, Dread Wolf left his home world once again, but this time to parts mostly unknown.

The Hunt Begins.


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for starters, Dread Wolf has no qualms or hesitations about killing. He will do so and do so proudly. However, he won't kill someone 'weak' or innocent. He won't kill or harm a child, and he won't kill someone who is unarmed or can't defend themselves. Not only that, but Dread Wolf's most valued characteristic is honor. Dignity. Respect to all things, lest you become disrespected. The Predator though, is not an 'evil being'. It has feelings and it can feel pain, but it doesn't show them much or often, depending on to whom such things are intended for.

Like all predators, Dread Wolf seems to enjoy the practice of taking trophies from fallen foes. this could be the skull of a demon, or the spinal cord of a human, or the jaw of some wild beast. It's a sense of honor and pride in that culture that reflects upon one's achievements in the everlasting Hunt.


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Without use of technology, Dread Wolf, like all Yautja, can only see in Infrared. Thus, even without the helmet, Dread Wolf can easily track people and objects by their heat signatures, but is left near-sighted without use of a Bio mask. He can see about 30 yards without use of technology and can be fooled by thermal camouflage.

As a Predator, Dread Wolf is stronger, faster, and more durable than human could hope to be. Because of this, he has natural abilities, including:

  • Super Strength - Dread Wolf is //strong//, even for a Predator. As it stands, he can lift 8 tons as a maximum. He can punch through concrete like it's nothing, break open steel with his bare hands, and easily rip a spine out of a human being. His greatest feat of strength has been picking up and tossing a car with little difficulty.
  • Super Durability - Dread Wolf has a powerful durability. While not invulnerable by any means, he can take a beating and keep on ticking. He has survived human Gatling gun fire with little injury, despite being at almost point blank range (and retreating), easily survived getting blasted in the face by a shotgun unscathed, as well as fell from more than a 6 story height and got up with only minor discomfort.
  • Super Speed - Dread Wolf can run at 80 miles per hour in a sprint only. For sustained speed, he can run about 45 mph. He's almost blindingly quick on his feet and his swings in melee combat are so quick that if you blink, you'll miss him.
  • Super Reflexes - So long as his opponent is in front of him, Dread Wolf can react at superhuman speeds. Once, a sniper was about 200 meters from him, and despite not being able to see him initially, Dread wolf was able to dodge like he could see the bullet coming. As it stands, he doesn't, but instincts of the species are strong. Thus, he can dodge what may seem impossible for a normal Predator to dodge. However, he can't dodge what he doesn't know is behind him or to the side.
  • Claws - Dread Wolf's fingers are tipped with extremely sharp claws that can tear through steel and human flesh as if it were paper. because of this, Dread Wolf has natural weapons that he can use to his advantage.


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He's not called a Predator for nothing. He was raised to hunt, like every other Yautja. It's a significant part of the culture. Thus, he's extremely efficient in tracking and hunting in general. He could follow a trail for miles or track the scent or sound of his prey. He's one of the best Yautja out there in terms of hunting dangerous game as well. He can set traps, perform psychological warfare and tricks, and any number of advantages the environment gives to him with a masterful expertise.

Yautja are trained their entire lives to be stealthy, so as to not allow their prey to see them until the last moments of their lives. Because of this, despite his intimidating size and stature, Dread Wolf is extremely silent. He works best in mountainous or jungle regions, but he can move fast and swiftly despite his muscular and heavy frame and most people who find him are usually seconds from dying when they do.

Yautja are taught from an extremely young age to survive on their own. Including scavenging for food, performing self-surgery, and going long nights and days without food or water. He is perfectly able to survive on his own or with a group without discomfort. He can perform maintenance on his own high tech weaponry and he can otherwise perfectly take care of himself without any kind of outside aid.


Dread Wolf is an Elite Yautja combatant. He's one of the better pure fighters. While not exactly a form of alien martial arts, but more like Yautja ritual combat, he can fight with most fighters on even terms.


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Other weapons that haven't already been covered include a Smart Disc, a weapon that greatly resembles a chakram, that can be thrown with such ferocity that it can pin multiple opponents into a wall. Multiple shuriken's, a combi-stick, a survival and medkit, a repair kit, and finally, a tranquilizer, in case he wants to take someone alive.

Dread Wolf wears armor. specifically gauntlets, pauldrons, breastplate, and shinguards. While this isn't going to stop anything made of vibranium or adamantium, it's definitely going to stop bullets, knives, concussive force, and explosions of a grenade-variety. Either way, it is very effective, and can even withstand/resist the acid blood of a Xenomorph (which can burn through even blaster hulls of a space ship). It is typically resistant to, but not immune, to energy attacks.

Dread Wolf also wears a heat-mesh to allow him to survive in extreme cold climates to go with his armor, but otherwise serves no added protection.

A Yautja's bio-mask is immensely symbolic and an important tool in Yautja culture. It performs a basic task of protecting the Predator's head from even plasma cannon rounds effectively without breaking or losing durability. It has the jaw of a beast on the underside of the mask, and is colored a deep black color. It's sights include:

  • Thermal Vision: Dread Wolf can use his biomask to track individuals by their heat signatures, whether they are behind walls or hiding under objects. the only way to avoid it is by either hiding in other heat sources or by covering oneself with substances like mud.
  • EM Vision: Dread Wolf's mask allows him to see the electromagnetic spectrum. This is mainly used to find aliens with phosphorous-based blood like Xenomorphs or for difficult-to-find creatures. it is also a popular, specific vision used by Yautja to detect Xenomorph Facehuggers.
  • Night Vision: Simple. It's simply a vision that allows the Predator to see clearly at night.

It also has other uses, including a translator. Dread Wolf can understand the languages of other species due to this translator, even if he cannot speak their language and can record their voices to be used for psychological warfare.

Lastly, the masks seem to be that of a computer. It can assist in targeting and can bring up known information about the prey in question.

Dread Wolf has a single Plasmacaster (mobile plasma cannon) locked onto a 'sheathe' on his back and shoulder. It has a lock-on system that's coordinated with his helmet. It has a unique 'red dot' sight that causes three dots to appear in symmetry of where the shot will most likely land. The plasmacaster has a 'charging sequence' that determines the damage intended. When fully charged, These shots can burst through titanium...and even the hulls of other predator ships if it's aimed properly. Uncharged Plasmacaster shots can fire straight through a human like they were made of paper, and often causes normal bodies to combust on contact.

Five consecutive shots will demand a recharge of the plasmacaster, in which it will need about 3 minutes. There is a recharge station on his ship, or there is a rather tedious device that he can use that is virtually like a manual recharge involving a crank. It's noisy and will give away his position.

A simple Yautja scout ship that Dread Wolf uses for space travel. it can go through light-speed, has impressive shielding to resist the firepower of fighter jets, and possesses medium-grade plasma cannons for intense war-scenarios or for self-defense. It possesses a trophy room, sleeping quarters, multiple escape pods, a briefing room, and cages for prisoners.

Despite being away from home, Dread Wolf is still an elite and in good standings with his clan and home. If he needed shelter, or needed somewhere to go, his Yautja brothers would be there to assist him. No Wolf stands alone.

Dread Wolf possesses a wrist gauntlet on both of his arms, and that wrist gauntlet performs a myriad of functions in terms of trademark weaponry for a Yautja. It includes:

  • Self Destruct Device: The Gauntlet possesses a self-destruct system to avoid this technology getting into the hands of other species. All it takes is the opening of the gauntlet and a specific code unique to the Yautja for a 15-second countdown to begin. It can be stopped by re-entering the same code. It has the destructive force of a nuclear bomb, but has a range that can be modified to it. It can be the Predator's immediate vicinity or large enough to wipe out a small city.
  • Communication: The Wrist-gauntlet is capable of voice communication as well as projection of holographic images.
  • Wrist-blades: On each gauntlet, Dread Wolf possesses a single, 12 inch serrated blade that comes out towards the hand. It's the basic and go-to melee weapon of the Yautja, and can cut through even titanium, despite being intended for unarmored opponents or for duels. Because of this, it's immensely useful. However, they cannot be cloaked in Camouflage, and is a dead giveaway.
  • Camouflage: A signature trait of the wrist gauntlet. With the push of a button, A Predator can turn completely invisible. But, it can still be heard, felt, etc. It can be disrupted if the Predator is attacked or if the light shines on the Predator a certain way.


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Even an Elite Hunter can get overconfident. Because of this, the Dread Wolf seems to 'play with it's food' before he kills it. Why? because he wants to face them at their best. their most hostile. their most desperate, to make them more dangerous, and to have a more satisfying prize. This can and often does backfire on him, however.

Yautja prefer hot or tropical climates. The extreme cold is a big weakness for them. Though they can ward it off with heat-mesh, without it, they wouldn't survive long at all.

The Blood of all Yautja glow a luminescent green when exiting their body. This allows them, especially if they've been critically wounded, to be easily tracked and tailed.

All Yautja, Dread Wolf included, live to a very specific set of rules known only as the Code of Honor. It's rules are as follows:

  • Hunting Worthy Game: In order for game/prey to be worthy, it must be able to defend itself, be healthy, be of adult age, and stand a chance at killing the one who hunts it.
  • Failure of the Hunt: Should a Hunter fail (give up) the Hunt, they usually are expected to take their own life. If they decide to live in shame, a Predator is often tasked with 'assisting' their suicide.
  • Claiming the Kill of Another Yautja: To do this is the greatest insult to another Predator. It is both shameful and dishonorable to do so, and the punishment is exile from home and clan with none of the equipment a Predator would normally have.
  • Murder of another Yautja: To intentionally kill another Yautja without orders from the species as a whole is the worst crime a Yautja can commit. The only exceptions are in self-defense or in duels to settle major disputes.
  • Never Harm An Innocent: To harm an innocent, or one without a weapon, is considered extremely dishonorable, and will be punished by exile. "Those who have done no harm should have no harm done unto them."
  • Hunting for food: A hunter is only to eat 'weak' species, as it reserves energy and is popularly believed to 'purify' the bloodline.
  • Wounded Game: There is no sport in hunting prey that is already wounded. A Yautja should honor whoever made the death wound, and allow them to finish it off. If the beast still has fighting spirit, then the trophy taken from the creature will be shared between hunters as a joint trophy. failure to do so brings shame.
  • Joint Hunts: Do not hunt or join another hunt in another Yautja's territory without that Yautja's express consent. Failure to do so brings dishonor, and is usually met with harsh physical punishment.
  • Mercy: Those who defeat a Yautja in combat and show mercy are to be treated as equals, or the Yautja is to kill them and take their own life immediately afterwards. failure to do so is considered cowardice and results in exile and banishment to the world where this act had occurred.
  • Dueling: When challenged to a duel, or before a duel is to take place, a Yautja must reveal themselves. They must remove their bio-mask and wrist-gauntlets, leaving them on fair terms with their opponent. Failure to do so brings serious and extreme dishonor, and often banishment from one's clan.
  • Do not harm the ill or offspring: To harm a child, a pregnant woman, or someone suffering from illness, is an extremely frowned upon action in Yautja society. It's punishable by death. even should a child or a pregnant woman attack a Predator, they are not to strike back. They are to remove themselves from the situation.
  • Violation of the Code: if a Yautja irreparably breaks the code, they are treated as Renegades, and other Predators are permitted to hunt the 'traitors' for sport.

This is the law of the Yautja, and a law that Dread Wolf takes extremely seriously. He lives by the code, and can be exploited by those who know/don't know the code.

For both his natural sight and even with the aid of his bio-mask's thermal vision, Dread Wolf CANNOT detect something that doesn't have body heat or hides it. For example, someone could cover themselves in mud or use some kind of cryo-technology, and they would be invisible to Dread Wolf.

While Yautja are able to learn and speak other languages, it's often very rough and guttural due to how their vocal cords are formed. Thus, they can only clearly speak their own language perfectly, but can be difficult to understand sometimes by other species.


The reason every Predator lives and breathes is to hunt something or another. To not hunt is to die to yourself and to your clan. If a Predator is unable to hunt, then it is a severe disgrace, and there is more honor in killing oneself, according to the culture. Thus...Dread Wolf's life is the Hunt.


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