Dreams On Ice

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Dreams On Ice
Date of Cutscene: 17 January 2018
Location: Unknown
Synopsis: Summary needed
Cast of Characters: Svetlana Kuznetsov

Steel scraping ice in long, smooth strokes. The crunch of a toe pick catching, the soft whistling of the wind as the world spins by, a louder crunch as the axel lands. Stick the landing. Arms out, leg extended. Gliding once more. Words of praise in Russian. "Good! Good! Again!"

Darkness becomes light, suddenly very bright. Clinical and white. The metal table is cold through the thin gown. So are the metal restraints holding down wrists and ankles and neck. Many needles. Pain. Screaming. The taste of soured milk. The table rattles hard. Darkness again.

Light. Awake. Metal doors open suddenly. Yelling in Russian. "Up! Up! Up!" Eat and drink, both tasteless. Heavy boots running. Jumping. More yelling. Fighting. There. See? And so. Again! Muscles should burn, but they do not. Sitting. The metal chair is cold. The room is dark. Pictures flash by, almost too fast to see. More yelling. More fighting. Quiet. Dark.

Again and again and again. Light. Yelling. Cold. Dark. Days pass.

Light. Awake. The cold metal table again. Cold metal restraints holding down wrists and ankles and neck. Closed off. Darkness. Quiet. Ice.