Dues Paid

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Dues Paid
Date of Cutscene: 30 April 2017
Location: Unknown
Synopsis: Summary needed
Cast of Characters: Jillian Holtzmann, Jack Burton

Venkman was muttering something about puss-buckets while staring through the rain-slicked turret bubble on the top of the Ecto-1, but he was keeping the Capture Beams going hot and keeping Large Marge's Truck inside the Trap's Field.

Holtzmann could hear Jack's voice over the radio and she looked over at him to see his Truck plowing into those traffic cones. She laughed a little and reached her right hand up to wave at him from inside the Ecto-1's driver's seat. "Watch this!" She shouted.

Her right hand then went up to the control-board again and she flipped two more switches.

Up on top of the Trap Arms above the car, two more proton beams came to life, but these were slightly different. They weren't red/orange, they were a deep bright emerald green! They FIRED out at the Ghost Truck, latched onto it and then started to -pulsate- large spheres of glowing energy sliding down the green streams and slamming into Marge's Truck!

That same Evil Dead Truck Driver's Haunted Hauler was made suddenly MUCH weaker and it flew back into the roof of the Ecto-1 and was gobbled up by the Ghost Trap on said roof!

Jillian hollered triumphantly! Peter sighed in relief and the trap on top the car laid back down, with a jet of white smoke pouring out of it and behind the Ecto-1 as though it has just eaten a huge meal and was belching out smoke all happily content.

And the horns on the Porkchop Express to the side of the Ecto-1 started to howl in celebration!