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Sev (Scenesys ID: 1416)
Full Name: Sev
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Theme: Original (OC)
Occupation: Freelance Coder
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Status: Shelved
Other Information
Apparent Age: 18 Actual Age: 18
Date of Birth 11 January 2007 Actor:
Height: 175 km Weight: 53 kg (including Frame)
Hair Color: Black Eye Color: Brown
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Sev doesn't remember who she was before KyberTec had her in their clutches. She probably had a family, once. People don't come from nothing. Subject EXO-07 was part of KyberTec's military exoskeleton project, until it suffered an extreme setback in the form of her escape. Aided by someone with inside knowledge and access to the project, Sev gained her freedom and a life of her own. In this world, given her abilities and access to what amounts to power armor, it was only natural that a teenager with low self-esteem would put on the mask and become a hero. So far, Exo-Girl is mostly a small time hero, rarely seen outside one of the seedier neighbourhoods in New York City. Always standing up for the little guy, she has been responsible for a drop in crime since her appearance a few months ago. She figures it's safer to stay small, and not attract the attention of actually famous heroes, and probably villains.



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In addition to a Heads-Up-Display that displays system data, mapping, and allows her to remotely operate her burner smartphone, Sev's helmet has several augmented vision modes, including Light Amplification and Thermal.


On the defensive side, Sev's frame has mounting points for a set of Ceramo-composite Armor Plates. These provide bullet protection, as well as spreading out impacts and allowing the frame itself to take the blow as opposed to the body within.


Sev is equipped with Kyber-Tec's latest prototype military Exo-Skeleton Frame. Aside from providing enhanced strength capable of lifting 700 pounds, a running speed of 30 MPH, and enhanced endurance, the neural link unit that controls the frame can be used to interface with computers, and the frame itself provides mounting points for a set of armored plates.


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Sev never had the chance to actually study martial arts, and she can't really go to a dojo. As such, her fighting style mostly relies on her armor to take the blows, and the frame to put weight behind her punches.


What's a job you can do without ever meeting face to face? Computers! Sev pays the bills by working as a freelance coder and web developer, also having learned her way around a server, which can be very useful when doing 'research'.


Not legally existing except under a fake identity makes things like getting a driver's license difficult, and taking public transit is just awkward. As such, when Sev is armored up as Exo-Girl, she mostly gets around on the rooftops, able to run faster, jump higher, and in general be more mobile without getting exhausted.


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As someone who doesn't go out a lot and is worried about being found, Sev's studio apartment is equipped with a steel door, and entirely too many locks. It probably wont' keep out another metahuman, but it keeps anyone from trying to break in and steal her stuff. This is especially nessecary given that she's trying to keep a low profile, and lives on the seedier side of town.


Someone helped Sev escape Kyber-Tec. She doesn't know who, as she's only ever interacted with them over her headset, and they use some kind of voice masking. They clearly have inside knowledge though, as they have sent her replacement parts, or instructions on how to repair things in the past.


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In her armor, Sev's a local hero. Without the plate however, she's a teenaage girl with some nasty scarring who makes funny noises when she walks and has lumps under her baggy hoodie. Needless to say, she doesn't enjoy going out unless she has to, and tends to stick close to home when she's not 'suited up'.


When you're bolted into an exo skeleton frame controlled by plugging it into your brain, power surges can be a problem. Electromagnetic Pulses, or strong electrical currents can knock her system offline and require a reboot, or even knock her unconscious completely.


During the installation of the Neural Link Unit, the Kybertec scientists weren't too concerned with keeping Sev's long-term memory intact. It's a lot easier to control a girl who only remembers life as Subject EXO-07. There are vague images of a family, but nothing distinct, and those could just be dreams as far as she knows.


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