Failure to Reacclimate

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Failure to Reacclimate
Date of Cutscene: 29 May 2017
Location: Unknown
Synopsis: Summary needed
Cast of Characters: Singh

Its been over a week since the accident. Her body is mostly healed up. Her car is being replaced. Ginger is trying to get back to her old life. She's not given a response to Agent Fury. She was told to give the choice some time. That is what she's doing.

"I need 3 pies. One Peperoni Jalapeno! One Bacon Black Olive! AOne Hawaiian! Come on!" Carlo's voice was nice to hear after being out of work. Still something bugged her. Quickly she tosses three dough balls and then sauces them. Then cheese and toppings. She's definitely quick with it. Then she tosses them in the over. "You sure you should be back kid? You're kinda distracted. I can get Joey t' come in if you need to go."

Ginger looks at Carlo and smiles, "Thanks I might take you up on that. Ummm, Carlo? If you had a chance to go out and be more then you ever thought possible but, you would lose your dreams would you do it?"

The Rather large man wipes his hands on his apron. "Kid, this place is my dream. Its what I wanted and I ain't complaining. Its not what I Thought it would be. If I could do something amazing. If I could go out and be some kind of hero or sumthin, I would do it without thinking twice. My dream made me happy. It made lots of people happy until they got the bill. In the end, if I chose this over everybody else? I think that'd be selfish. You can have new dreams and do what you love and ifn' ya can help others? so much the better."

Ginger looks at Carlo and blinks a few times. "Thank you Carlo. I'm... Going to go." She hangs up her apron and clocks out. As she walks home she gets out her phone. Pulling out the card with Fury's number on it, she pauses. Taking a deep breath. "Good Bye Yellow Brick Road." She dials the number and leaves a message. "Fury, This is Ginger singh. I'm in."