Father of the Year - Lucian Blackthorn

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Father of the Year - Lucian Blackthorn
Date of Cutscene: 04 March 2019
Location: Mount Sinai
Synopsis: Morrigan MacIntyre wakes up in the hospital the morning after Hellboy and Freddy Freeman ran off her asshole of a father.
Cast of Characters: Morrigan MacIntyre

How much pain is too much?

The human body can withstand things that is sometimes astounding. But Morrigan had still been half conscious when she heard people talking in the apartment. The vague outline of something big and red with an enormous gun. The couch going flying and then nothing.

Just a sweet silence.

When she did regain consciousness it was with a searing amount of pain, but she was in a familiar setting. One of the private hospital rooms at Mount Sinai. Nothing like being taken to work. A few of her colleagues had been through to check on her status. But she’d missed them in the whole being unconscious.

When she tried to sit up there was just more pain. Centered in her shoulder. Then everything came flooding back. The man claiming to be her father had basically done what Toxin had done, why did everyone have to mess up her walls!

Now she was going to find a new apartment. Maybe she’d move out of New York. That would cause to many complications though with her job and where else was she going to get a position quickly?

The thoughts trickled off as she started to assess her own injuries. Nothing seemed broken. Which was a miracle. There were numerous lacerations and deep wounds from the glass. Not to mention the bite in her shoulder.


Oh wait, father is a vampire. That explains it. The sudden urge to vomit overrode everything and she grabbed the little pink pan that was near the bed to let it go. But there was nothing to cough up but bile and spit.

That’s about the time a nurse decided to pop in, “Oh, Doctor MacIntyre you’re awake! I’ll get the doctor.” she chirped happily. Ah yes, now things would get interesting. She’d have to explain what happened and she was half tempted to say she didn’t remember and go one with the day. How do you explain you have one of the worst fathers on the planet?