For Your Consideration

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For Your Consideration
Date of Cutscene: 19 September 2020
Location: Florida
Synopsis: Alexis reflects
Cast of Characters: Prismatic

She was eleven the first time she really understood why her father took her to all these events, why she attended 'showcases'.

They were performing in Florida. He had promised a visit to one of the themeparks, just them. They could be a normal family for an afternoon. No performances, no interviews.

They had stopped for some reason. The rented car had stopped because there was something going on, and she had looked out the tinted windows at the group.

Mutants Burn in Hell
Kill All Freaks
Humanity Is Pure.

She got up to her knees on the seats to try and search the signs and their holders, everything was so... negative. Hateful.

She asked her father why they were afraid of mutants. He had answered they weren't afraid, they were angry that mutants thought they were better than normal people. That mutants could hide among them.

Mutants, cara mia, were dangerous. When you sing, when you play, you perform for the good of humanity.

Her music funded their hatred. Eleven years old, she was being taught to hate for profit, because it made money to fuel more hatred.

She gave it her all. They did not go to a park the next day. There was a threat, he had said, mutants were mad at her because she was pretty, and talented, and her family loved her.

Nine years later, Allegra Caradenza was going by a different name. She sat with her legs kicked up on a barrier in NYC, her CLUB EVOLUTION T-shirt stained beneath her black Xavier Institute sweatshirt. She had a tear in her new bluejeans from a bit of a scuffle earlier that day -- nothing to worry about, she had told herself. The streets of Brooklyn, of Mutant Town, felt far more like home than the halls of the Institute. Felt more like home than her grandmother's conservitory or her paternal grandparents' vinyard.

The sounds of the city, and its pained music of life was still calling her here.