Happy Birthday

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Happy Birthday
Date of Cutscene: 20 May 2017
Location: Gotham City
Synopsis: Summary needed
Cast of Characters: Star Shimmer

The Morning was met with a trip to school. Her days there are numbered as she well knows by this point. Every day the pressure builds concerning her Valedictorian speech. How she wishes she could just say no and go back to being under the radar. Even after speaking what she had worked so hard on, Autumn's nerves just continued to flare.

Finally she is home. She sits down at her computer. Her body aches from her training. Life is just getting really crazy. There is a knock on the door and she blinks a few times. Quickly she gets up and answers it. "Umm Hello?"

"Delivery for Autumn Stillwater. Several of them. Sign here." Once she signs the man brings up several packages. The first one is from her Mom. The second from her dad. The last few are signed only BW.

She starts with the one from her mom. A necklace with a star on it. A card with it reads, "Dear Autumn, I am sorry about how things have been lately. I love you and wish you a happy birthday. Love Mom."

The next one is small. A simple greetings card with money inside. "Dear Son, I mean Daughter, I am sorry for how I acted. Love Dad."

Finally the ones marked BW are opened. Armor and gear. She smiles knowing full well who BW is. She snickers and slips into her armor. Her gaze goes to the mirror and a smirk crosses her lips. "I'm not Autumn... I'm the Nightingale!"