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Autumn (Scenesys ID: 77)
"Just because I can't do what you do, doesn't mean I'm going to stop. I love people too damn much."
Full Name: Donald "Autumn Stillwater" Murphy
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Theme: Original (OC)
Occupation: Student
Citizenship: United States of America
Residence: West Village, Nantwich
Education: Gotham Academy
Status: Shelved
Other Information
Apparent Age: 20 Actual Age: 20
Date of Birth 18 May 2007 Actor: Amy Adams
Height: 178 cm Weight: 57 kg
Hair Color: Auburn Eye Color: Green
Theme Song: "Show You Love" by Jars of Clay
"The Light" by Disturbed


Born in Gotham, Autumn Stillwater is a young transgender girl trying to make her way in life. She has a big heart and is always willing to help others. If only she could learn to love herself.

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A very androgynous looking young person to say least, they have short Auburn hair which is done up in a small ponytail. They are easy on the eyes, which are a soft emerald colour. They have soft features, making it flat out impossible to determine if this is a man or a woman.

Looking down over them, they are dressed down. They seem to favour darker colours. A Violet top covers their upper half. A black pair of jeans covers their lower half. A small belt holds this little outfit together. Over top of all of this is a black trench coat. On their feet is a pair of black combat boots.


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Born in Gotham, Donald Murphy seemed like a normal boy at first. That lasted until he was about five. That's when he started showing signs that things may not be alright. He wanted to dress in girls' clothing. Put on makeup and so on. He even told his parents that he felt like he was a girl inside. This would set the mode for her life.

Donald's parents, Jack and Diane, panicked. Her Mother was a bit more accepting of their little transgendered kid, but was still on edge about it. Her father was not accepting in the least. He actively did all he could to make his child as masculine as he could. Where Don's mum would let her dress and put on makeup, even giving her the occasional clothing, her father would give her football stuff, hockey stuff, and so on. Anything to make sure his kid grew up as a boy.

Don continued growing. She hated that her dad was forcing her into playing sports. She didn't like any of it. At age 13, she took on the name Autumn Stillwater, and began rebelling. Her mom secretly gave her T-Blockers, allowing her to not start puberty. She refused to do any sports, which caused her father to rage. She wouldn't dress like a normal boy, rather favouring clothing that would conceal her gender entirely since wearing girls clothes was out of the question. What really got to her father the most was when he realize that his son was not developing into a man!

Sadly one of the other things she got into was petty theft. She had a mind for technology, able to build computers and program them very well. When her father wouldn't let her mess with computers, she did other things. She got into music and singing, and she started stealing computer parts. Many nights she would be brought home by the G.C.P.D. for petty theft and breaking and entering. It was never enough to really draw the ire of the Batman, but still she was a little trouble.

Thankfully, as time went on, she began just trying to live her life. After a small concert at an old folks' home, she has been there weekly. As much as she dislikes her own body (which gave her gender dysphoria), she found she does like making others happy. That showing love made her feel better about herself. So she decided that would be her way of coping.

School has been no picnic for her. She has been struggling to just be herself. She was picked on without mercy. She avoided gym like the plague in fear of changing clothing in front of a bunch of guys. Plus she didn't exactly want to see a bunch of naked guys like that. She sort of fell in with the Goth crowd, as that seemed to be the group that accepted her most.

After graduating from high school in late 2025, Autumn is on her way to finding out her purpose in life and hoping for the best possible future.


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A hard exterior to a warm and loving interior, Autumn has a very big heart. She likes to spread love and joy wherever possible. Sadly, due to a lot of teasing and her father, she tends to occasionally be rather guarded, pretending to be standoffish in an effort to protect her. She is quite smart and rather witty. Occasionally snapping off and getting in to trouble.


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Fueled and strengthened by the love in Autumn's heart, she is able to create various violet light constructs. Doing this she can fire off projectile and beams. She can also make nearly anything she can immagine with the ring. When a construct is destroyed it will shatter into crystal dust and can disorient enemies.

Using the ring, Autumn can generate violet crystals which if she were to trap a person in them, they would flooded with love. They would be held there in suspended animation, forced to live in a dream world with their loved ones.

The ring allows Autumn to fly beyond supersonic speeds in the Earth's Atmosphere. In Space, she can fly much faster, roughly half the speed of light. It can open space warps for major travel but its not something that is used often.

Autumn can create force fields courtesy of the ring. This can protect herself and others from injury. This is commonly used to protect from incoming threats, such as bullets. This ability provides what is essentially a self contained atmosphere which allows her to breathe in space as well as protects her from the heat and cold.

The Star Sapphire Ring actively protects and takes care of its wearer. As such, If Autumn is wounded, Sick, or anything the ring will begin healing her. It will cut down healing times to a fraction of what they would be. Minor wounds healing in a few hours. Moderate ones healing in a few days. Bad ones it will help keep her alive. This could be directed at others but its not nearly as effective as wearing it.

Autumn is very smart, able to think quickly and apply her ideas.

Like other Star Sapphire rings, Autumn's has an AI built into it. Hers goes by Libby. With it she is able to scan things accessing The AI's library. Libby is programed with all the acquired information of the Star Sapphires. She can help by giving advice and instruction to help Autumn do the best she can.

The Star Sapphire ring allows Autumn to pick up on the emotional state of those around her. She could, potentially influence love in time but for now, she can sense emotions and especially love.


Autumn is able to use the ring to alter various matter to benefit her. This is useful for turning her street clothing into her uniform or fixing things. She could potentially use this ability to phase through things but that is a long way off.


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She may not like sports and may resent her father for pushing them on her, but that doesn't mean they didn't help her. She is able to run fairly well, rvade and even swing blunt objects rather well.

Good old breaking and entering. Autumn knows how to find the easy way into a building, either by picking a lock or breaking a window, or even using a ventilation shaft.

Autumn has a knack for working with computers. She can build them, program them and just do some really fun stuff with them.

An okay fighter, she has had some training in using her powers in combat due to her trip to Zameron.

Autumn has a lovely Mezzo-Soprano voice. She also has a knack for writing lyrics and playing the guitar to a small degree.

She's learning how to do free running and while not an expert She is definitely able to get around to a degree.

A not so fun skill to have learned, but one that can be useful, Autumn knows the art of distraction can serve her means. Like stealing or planting things on people.


Autumn knows how to take a five fingered discount. She doesn't do this often but she does know how to do it without getting caught most of the time.


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A gift to her from Batwoman, the armor is made of high-tech fabrics which offer a good deal of protection. It can withstand gunfire up to automatic weapons. It is light, free moving, flame retardant, and electricity resistant.

As she is a rookie, she doesn't have all the bells and whistles that the other Gotham Vigilantes have. What she does have is a collapsible staff, some smoke bombs and a few other small time gadgets.

Right now, Autumn has her home. She lives with her parent, Jack and Diane Murphy, even if things aren't always great.

Her mother supplies her with Testosterone Blockers. At eighteen, she will be allowed to make the choice whether or not to start up the rest of the needed medications to begin her full transition.

A battery designed to charge individual rings when a Star Sapphire can't use the main battery on Zameron, This thing looks like a lantern and can recharge Violet rings. Without it, No charging.


The violet ring is one of the most powerful weapons in the known universe. THey can do an awesome number of things including affecting gravity and Electromagnetic radiation. She can speak telepathically to others and communicate across great distances with other Star Sapphires. It can translate almost all languages in the universe. It is fueled by love and does need recharged every day or so.


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Since things at home turned abusive, she has started living on her own. The result is being frequently isolated and lacking in much in the way of friends. Training to become a vigilante is add to this problem.

Star Sapphire rings have no opposite like the Greens do. The biggest threat a Violet ring presents is Control. It is very easy for a Star Sapphire to lose control to the love that they wield. Star Sapphires have been known to go a little crazy due to a loss of control. Killing the one they love most and encasing their body in Violet Crystal which holds them in stasis for all eternity so that they will never be apart. Needless to say, this is very risky and can result in a nasty situation if she loses control.

Autumn has a very big heart. She loves deeply and passionately. She tries to guard her heart but seldom can. This results in her getting hurt rather easily.

While her mother Diane is very much supportive of her, her father Jack is not. This makes things very difficult at times. Especially when it comes to doing things like taking her meds or not doing things that he wants her to do. She also lives in one of the less good parts of town which make things a little touchy at night.

Having had a chance to truly learn about her abilities, she can be a bit overconfident at times. Sadly it will require her to be quite rattled to break that, and humility can be a pain.

Autumn is very passionate. While this can be good, sometimes it is a bit dangerous. She can put off more important things, she can get herself in trouble, and potentially wonder where angels fear to tread.

If Autumn loses her ring or it loses it's charge, She could find herself in a really nasty situation. Especially if she is somewhere dangerous, like Space. If she is just in a fight, that isn't so bad cause she can still fight hand to hand.


While having a quick mind is a good thing, having a quick wit and a sharp tongue can be bad. A quick snappy comment can turn a good situation bad and a bad situation much worse.


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