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Hyperion (Scenesys ID: 86)
"Truth without compromise, thought without error, all things for the betterment of the whole."
Full Name: Marcus Milton
Gender: Male
Species: Eternal
Theme: Marvel (DFC)
Occupation: Adventurer
Citizenship: Dominion of Canada
Residence: Mansion Alpha (Tamarind Island, Sunshine Coast)
Education: High School Graduate
Status: Dropped
Groups: Space-OOC, Starling-OOC, Alpha Flight
Other Information
Apparent Age: 30 Actual Age: 30
Date of Birth 17 June 2001 Actor: Alexander Skarsgård
Height: 193 cm (6'4") Weight: 209 kg (460 lb)
Hair Color: Auburn Eye Color: Brown
Theme Song: "Indestructible" byDisturbed


The Canuck in a Cape, Hyperion is a relatively unknown hero who recently started working with Alpha Flight and has begun to step out of the shadows of government service. Prior to 2025, however, he appeared only a few times in raw footage, usually not in a soldier's uniform fighting side by side with Canadian forces overseas.

Current Player Approved: Available for Application



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Topping this young man's head is a classic and a bit dated hairstyle, his blonde hair lightly tousled but otherwise conservatively cut. Only recently has he begun to change it up, and even then his hair is still rather classically cut. His skin is fair and unblemished, but for the most part he is just evenly tanned. His eyes are some variation of blue, and he tends to have a rather alert look to him, even when he is otherwise at a state of ease. A strong jawline draws attention to a picture perfect smile, and a small amount of stubble he has likely let grow out for cosmetic reasons. The majority of the young man's facial features strike a fine line between "boyishly handsome" and "classic hero."

Several inches taller than the average person, his build is heavily muscled. Like he spent all day yesterday exercising, and is going back today, his muscles have muscles.

The civilian garments he wears are simple: a plain deep blue long sleeve shirt with three small buttons at the top, the sleeves rolled up to his elbows. His legs are covered by a pair of plain unadorned khaki pants, neatly pressed and only faintly stained near his feet where he has been outside. Beneath the pants he wears some simple hiking boots, neatly laced up all the way.


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In 2001 an Eternal ship crashed into the farmlands of western Canada bearing the child who would come to be known as Marcus Milton. Found originally by a middle-aged couple, they immediately saw the child they'd never had and intended to raise the boy. For the next few days, the fed and clothed the boy. Buying everything they would need to raise him, a stroller, a crib, they settled into the beginnings of a routine. Even growing to feel a certain initial fondness for the boy.

During that time, however, Department H, Canada's military intelligence wing had been tracking the ship's trajectory, and with every passing second grew closer. In truth, they were fairly certain where he'd been found on the first day.

But they hesitated. They didn't want to make a mistake and cause an incident by rushing, and they were still uncertain what had been in the ship. So they hauled it into their nearest facility and conducted the most tentative and quickest of tests. It was only then that they realized that the passenger had been a toddler.

Not long after, the child Marcus was put into a faux family. 'The Miltons' consisted of John and Emily Milton, two agents of Department H. Not because they'd wanted to adopt, but because knowing their plans to eventually start a family, the director had assigned the boy to them. Knowing that he'd need a family of sorts to manage his behavior and teach him a sense of basic values.

They weren't happy about it, but they accepted. Uncertain of their new 'child' who they came to live with at Department H. It was the Miltons who eventually, by the boy's first birthday were the ones who discovered the boy's powers. As he started to demonstrate incredible strength, and then in a tantrum, burned down his nursery with a blast of heat from his eyes.

Growing up in Department H, Marcus was a strange boy. Learning of his powers from an early age, discovering that he could see through things if he focused enough, that he was stronger, faster, tougher, that he could burn things. These were all revelations that changed him as a boy, as he developed his powers early. It was more than that however, as an Eternal he was receptive to cosmic power. And often experienced intense feelings and growth spurts because of his connection to that power.

But his parents and teachers did their best to teach him to control himself, and he even received training in more than just schooling. He was taught to fight. Because while he was uncertain why he was different and what it meant, they were certain, and certain of what they could do with him.

In those early years, and continuing on almost until adult hood, he had seldom few friends, save when he eventually started being sent on extended missions. So friendship was and is a difficult concept for him.

That said, learning to disarm his teachers and parents with humor, humility and guarding the usage of his incredible power for training periods managed to make them at the least /friendly/ and that was best. So while he didn't learn to make friends, he did learn to make himself approachable and 'normal.' But honestly, that's just an impression.

With the time of puberty approaching, and his powers reaching incredible levels, Marcus was moved to a secondary location along with the Miltons, the whole of 'Whispering Spring, CA' is in fact a front of a town that was created with the expressed purpose of watching and giving Marcus a place to be outside. They needed to develop in him not only a willingness to do what they asked, but a sense of what to avoid doing, to displease them.

This was mostly done by manipulating him into situations that caused him to misbehave, and then he would be deprived of the few things he craved. Friendly attention, a few small creature comforts he'd found over the years, and most of all, his family. While his parents had started cold to the idea, over the years they'd all become as tight as a family could become, and when Department H needed to leverage Marcus, their best leverage was the Miltons.

Using their available tools, the department started sending the teenage boy into combat zones. Usually to make use of his long ranged abilities, blasting a target with heat vision after identifying it at range through a wall, and then flying away. In time, this became more regular, and with time, he got better at it. Until it got to a point roughly five years ago, at the age of nineteen when he was sent against an entire enemy battalion, including tanks and air-support, and not a single soul survived.

While he became better at fighting Canada's enemies, he was also getting smarter. Not nearly reaching his full potential as an Eternal, but growing into his being as an Eternal, and that meant that he started to see the angles. Not just the ones they used to push him now, but the ones they'd used over the years. And when he finally spoke up, they took away his family.

Faced with a dilemma, he finally broke with protocol for the first serious time in his life, and 'found them' within an hour. After a tearful breakdown, he began to question his actions, and really started questioning his position and how he was being used. What it meant, and the nature of family, what it meant to be right, what it meant to powerful and good. He started to change from a 'good boy' who had followed his orders without fail, to a good man. He now understood the value of an order, the value of family, but also the value of being able to look at oneself in the mirror and not feel regret.

He returned to base then. There was a discussion then, in secret, held far away, about whether to exploit his known weakness and bring him to heel. But it was decided that once that move was made, they could not unmake it. For the next two years, Marcus served tenuously. Now in his early twenties, he was making friends slightly more easily, and even managed to meet a nice woman in a non-com Canadian military position, who he had a short albeit fiery tryst with.


With the appearance of Alpha Flight less than two years later, the period of tenuous action was finished, and Marcus put forth a request to be transferred from his current controlling officers to Alpha Flight proper. When they hesitated, he made it clear that he would either be transferred willingly, or they would have problems. He could either continue to serve Canada, or he could leave. They hesitated again, but conceded. Thus beginning his tenure as a member of Beta Flight. This would also signal the beginning of a somewhat 'normal life' for Marcus, who now, for the first time, was being given a paycheck and being expected to find his own housing somewhere.


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Raised by a faux-family of sorts, at least at first, Marcus has a very strange idea of what it means to be a friend. He feels love, he feels hate, he feels friendship, but it has a certain abstract quality to him. Alien. His off-kilter approach tends to stem from his lack of friends growing up, to the point that one might think that he acts a bit like 'a kid who was homeschooled' on his first day in public school. He understands all of the concepts, and he wants to fit in, but he's just a little off.

Sometimes that off-ness is in a good way. He's eager to be friendly, wants to make a good impression, loves to make people laugh, but the oddness comes in that what he thinks they'll find funny is seldom what he finds funny.

Among friends, he could be considered loyal, outgoing and kind. But weird.

He's killed before, and it haunts him. He never wants to do it again. Thats why in all things, he's always willing to save the life.


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Atomic Vision
Hyperion can release the cosmic energy he naturally absorbs in a power known as the Atomic Vision. These beams of intense heat are fired from his eyes at a maximum temperature of 12,000 degrees Fahrenheit. It can be used in a wide spray of about 100 degrees in width or as a straight, linear beam.

Hyperion is an eternal, and all the things that make him unique is fairly common amongst them. His body absorbs and collects cosmic radiation in a process that is extremely similar to nuclear fusion, which means that Hyperion's immense superhuman powers is the immediate result of absorbing solar radiation from the sun like a super-battery. This brings its own benefit and weakness. Excess of solar radiation means that he'll have a greater potential to grow into, while less means that he will become weaker than he already is. Due to the absorption, Hyperion does not need to eat, breathe, or sleep so long as he's getting it.

Hyperion has the ability to levitate himself and fly through the air at tremendous speeds by harnessing and manipulating anti-gravitons. At his peak, he is capable of achieving speeds faster than lightning, over 61 miles per second. Once in space, he is capable of reaching light speed.

Hyperion's mind is immensely potent and is capable of learning both very quickly and retaining that information. Despite not having the formal education above a high-school level, Hyperion can deduce information that even super computers couldn't quantify. He has an eidectic memory, and his memories are often very vivid.

Hyperion is extremely difficult to actually injure. His body can take punishment from high-impact forces and not be harmed. His body can survive the crushing pressure of the void of space unharmed, endure both sides of the temperature extremes without discomfort, is effectively bulletproof, and can survive in the heart of the sun with no injury. It takes usually intense blunt force trauma to actually hurt Hyperion, and this makes him one of the toughest there is. He also doesn't seem to physically age anymore, or at least, he ages in such a way that its extremely slow.

Super Senses
Two of Hyperion's senses are superhuman. His hearing and his vision, and both are as follows:

  • Hearing: Marcus can hear frequencies that humans are never able to hear and through amazing distances! His hearing is great enough that he can hear the beating wings of a butterfly from a different state.
  • Vision: He can see through objects with his X-ray vision, see tiny objects even from outer space with his Telescopic Vision, and can see things at a microscopic level with his Microscopic vision

Super Speed
Hyperion has physical reactions and speeds far superior than a human's own peak limits. His top speed is Mach 4 earthside, and in space he can perform inter-stellar travel.

Super Stamina
The toxins that are normally used to create fatigue in the body are almost non-existent in Hyperion. He can exert himself at maximum effort for several days before he'll tire and become exhausted.

Super Strength

Hyperion is one of the strongest individuals in the universe. He has confronted and traded blows with some of the strongest individuals that the earth has produced and claimed victory or held his own. He's lifted islands over his head, he can crush coal into diamond, throw a tank like a softball, catch airplanes like they were paper, and lift entire buildings over his head. The true limits of Hyperion's strength is unknown.


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While his training was far from extensive or intense, Hyperion has been trained since he was young to fight Canada's enemies. He has experience enough with fighting, in fact, more than he has with most of his actual physical stunts, that he could be said to be an experienced warrior.

Marcus is good at driving trucks.


Bad jokes and puns are one of the only skills that Marcus had to disarm others, and ingratiate with the agents of Department H. He tries to be friendly, and it comes out mostly in bad jokes.


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Alpha Flight
Hyperion is a member of Alpha Flight and has access to their tools, bases, and other resources.

Hyperion has a job as a truck driver in between missions. Its humble and its quiet, and its just the way he likes it. It also helps him keep a low profile when needed, because nobody suspects the truck driver. Due to his speed in his deliveries, he's paid well, which allows him to afford a few luxuries here and there.

The Miltons

The Miltons were the family that raised Marcus. He knows that if he needs emotional support or just a place to stay for a while as he clears his head, his family will always welcome him with open arms. They also tend to support him financially when he's in trouble due to their connection with Department H.


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Hyperion is susceptible to magic attacks, as it effects him like any other person. Its one of the only known kinds of offense that is known to instantly bypass his invulnerability.

Secret Identity
When not being Hyperion, he is Marcus Milton, a truck driver from Canada. He tries very hard to keep his identity a secret and if word ever got out about his true identity, it would bring his personal civilian life crashing down on him.

Solar Radiation
Marcus needs solar radiation to fuel his powers. Without it, he will steadily start to lose his powers until he is like a normal human, and he will be vulnerable. However, this effect will only occur in the event that Marcus is three days without the radiation.

The Miltons

Hyperion's family means the most to him out of anything. If they were in danger, they could be used to control Marcus or force him to do what he doesn't want to do. In any case, he would immediately rush to his family's defense should they be in danger.


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