I'm In So Much Trouble

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I'm In So Much Trouble
Date of Cutscene: 31 May 2017
Location: Stark Tower, New York City
Synopsis: Summary needed
Cast of Characters: Cyberdragon

"Oh shit, I am in so much trouble." John said as he pulled together some more food from Stark's Penthouse.

"Pepper and Tony are going to kill me!" John said as he overheard his counterpart Cyber the bio Mechanical dragon say. //~No they are not going to kill you John. Like you I thought the Drone was from SHIELD too. And as you pointed out it was something they might not expect rushing the Sub. Next time they will.~//

Chowing down on some food having not had anything to eat for over 36 hours due to being observed almost constantly for that drone he's glad he has not used his more extreme abilities.

"What do you think I should do?" John asked Cyber for his advice.

//~You have two options, take it like a man and the hero you want to be, or be a coward and run and hide.~//

The Sting of being called a Coward made John Glare at Cyber as the dragon smirked. //~Hopefully Tony and Pepper will realize that you are not going to stop trying to be a Hero. Yes you will get hurt, I will do my best to protect you. And you are still learning what we can do together.~//

"If you are there to protect me, Why are you going along with me wanting to be a hero?" John asked pointedly.

//~I am apart of you. I am not your master, nor a slave. You know that the heroes out there. Superman, Iron Man, Spiderman, Batman. They are out there to help people. Because they have power and abilities that enable them to do so. Through our bonding you would never be happy just having me as a curiosity. And the most important reason I do go along with it, is you are cautious. You haven't tried to step into major battles blindly. You are learning to be a hero the same way you learn to walk. Slowly and in proper steps. Not trying to get into the big leagues all at once. That makes you among some of my wisest hosts.~// The Dragon said as he had left John dumbfounded with the Dragon's wisdom.