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Jessie (Scenesys ID: 1752)
"There is no such thing as coincidence."
Full Name: Jessica Rose Hawklin
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Theme: Original (OC)
Occupation: Clerical
Citizenship: United States of America
Residence: New York City
Education: High School Graduate
Status: Shelved
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Other Information
Apparent Age: 23 Actual Age: 23
Date of Birth 11 September 2002 Actor:
Height: 157 cm Weight: 50 kg
Hair Color: Dark Brown Eye Color: Dark Brown
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Jessie was born and raised on Long Island and once graduated from high school she found the usual work in food service but got bored with that fast enough. About two years after the invasion downtown, she signed up with a staffing agency and relocated into a small, somewhat run-down efficiency. She's a bit of an introvert and tends to stay at home when she's not working.



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Waves of thick, long mahogany hair are trapped in a black fabric scunci and hangs down her back, the bottom 6" starting to swirl into thick waves with the ends curling. She appears soft and feminine. Everything about her seems soft. Very slender with all the right curves in all the right places. And dark brown eyes as hard as titanium. Little is seen in those deep set eyes. She has an oval face with a straight nose that is just a shade too long and a wide mouth. When she's not at work, she tends to wear t-shirts and jeans.


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Jessie was born and raised on Long Island and had a semi stable home. Her mother is an alcoholic though Jessie did not realize it until she was about 14. Her father was never very affectionate towards her and she didn't think much of it. Until her little brother came along. The brat was doted on by both her parents and it was as if she didn't exist any more. It was especially hard for her when she was in her teens as she felt like she was being ignored. She came to dislike her brother though she hid it well. That is when her eyes gradually became hard. It was the only way she could hide her real feelings from her parents. What she did not know was that she was not the daughter of the man she called 'Dad'. He knew this of course but had kept his silence. It was also the start of her mothers alcoholism.

When she was 17, her Aunt, Uncle and cousins came into town for a week long visit and the whole family decided to celebrate the reunion by going downtown and doing some touristy things. Jessie had to work that day so she stayed home. That was the day of the invasion, the day she lost everything.

Though she did not know it her father, who had the gift of foresight, saw the invasion coming and quickly managed to get the family to believe he and his son had eaten something bad at breakfast and were not feeling well. He rushed home with his son, who was only 8, packed very few personal belongings but pulled the new ID papers, as well as his offshore bank books out of the safe in the closet and called a cab. He had been doing quite a bit of money laundering from the business he was working in and they were starting to get suspicious. So this invasion had come in the nick of time and he could get to Mexico to start and travel elsewhere when he needed to. He and his son left the house for the airport 15 minutes before Jessie got home from work. He had millions in those offshore accounts so he had no problem leaving the family accounts for Jessie. There was only a few thousand dollars in those. He had forgotten about the insurance policies.

She was glued to the TV once she got home, watching time and again the building she knew her family was in collapsing into rubble. She had even seen her mother and aunt out on the restaurant terrace when someone so politely helpful first showed her the news footage when she was on her lunch break. Now at home she watched everything fall again and again. She lost her entire family that day.

She managed to cope through all the legal mess that comes with the death of family members. The end result is that she has a decent amount of money in a trust fund from which she gets a monthly allowance that lets her live in the city. She has access to all of it but prefers to use very little, if any of it. She sold the house and moved into the city. Signing up with a staffing agency she found surprisingly steady work for a decent wage and was able to rent that cramped little apartment.


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Jessie has undergone a change and is no longer the 'normal' teenage girl. When her family died, she almost stopped talking. Answering people only when she was directly spoken to. She had dropped out of school and gotten her GED as she could not tolerate the pity in everyone's eyes. Her sense of humor is slowly coming back and is slightly skewed nowadays. Her eyes are fairly flat and 'hard' most of the time and it takes some time to get to know someone before her expression relaxes as she begins to trust them.


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Jessie's empathy is something that is almost non-existent. She can be standing in front of someone and looking into their eyes and she misreads their expressions (unless those expressions are very obvious to the all but the blind). She will see eyes sparkling with humor and not sparking with rage. She misreads people a lot. Her empathy seems to work when she's on her computer and does not see someone standing behind her. It is *Very* hit and miss. More miss than anything. It's like something wakes her up to very strong emotions out of her range of vision. A sudden tension and rage in a bar, sudden fear on the street behind her. Most times she simply shifts her position and gets out of the way and out of range. That is, when it works. The times it doesn't she usually manages to dodge around and either hide in the ladies room or escape. So far she has only had to avoid bar fights or your average purse snatcher. It drives her crazy when it does not work. She cannot push her own emotions anywhere and has not read up, studied or practiced with this skill. Very hit and miss on whether it works or not.


This is a very, very low level empathy. She calls it her 6th sense. There are times it works great. She's in a place and alarm bells go off inside her skull and she will usually get up and politely leave. When it does not work, she winds up ducking and running . She will admit she is a very healthy coward.


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Jessie can type 105 wpm without error and has a pretty good head for bookkeeping, filing, all the usual skills that can support just about any business office.


She has an affinity for computers. No official training other than the Office software she uses at work. But before her old computer died, it was 11 years old and had gone through countless upgrades and updates. She did use a very small part of her inheritance to buy a new 17" laptop. About 4 years ago. She is quite happy with it and she uses it for almost everything, including gaming.


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Jessie has about 1.8 million in that trust fund. This amount is from all the insurance policies, the sale of her family home and the balance of the family accounts. She only receives 1,000 per month in the 'allowance' which is hardly half the interest earned on the account. She had learned her Uncles family had been destitute. They had been evicted from their home the day they had come to 'visit' for the week and the house had been foreclosed on. Their bank accounts were almost empty so she had simply hired an accountant to sell anything that was left and give any proceeds to charity. He sent her all the paperwork involved. There had been very little, but one book had been very valuable and the sale of that had given the children's hospital several thousand dollars. She has her mothers good jewelry but that was in a safe deposit box at the bank. She went dumpster diving to furnish her current apartment. That's the bulk of her assets.


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Her empathy is extremely low level. It does not affect others, even if they are touching her (if she even allows that). It is also very random, hit and miss... and miss... and miss... and works again. It only affects her and it wasn't until a recent bar fight that she realized she had this kind of thing. And she's still not sure it's real.


Jessie has a hard time out in public. She'll go out there. Actually, she'll force herself out of the apartment to get some fresh air and walk etc. She has even gotten claustrophobic when she is in shoulder rubbing packs of people. At work she tries to keep to herself though she does communicate well when it is needed. She just doesn't chat much.


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