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John Crichton (Scenesys ID: 7078)
"My name is John Crichton...I'm lost...An astronaut...Shot through a wormhole...In some distant part of the universe...Trying to stay alive...Aboard this ship...This living ship...Of escaped prisoners...My friends...If you can hear me...Beware...If I make it back...Will they follow?...If I open... the door...Are you ready?...Earth is unprepared...Helpless...For the nightmares...I have seen...Or should I stay?...Protect my home...Not show them...You exist...But then you'll never know...The wonders I have seen."
Full Name: John Crichton
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Theme: Other (TPC)
Occupation: Astronaut
Citizenship: United States of America
Residence: Space!
Education: University of Montreal
Status: Retired
Groups: Space-OOC
Other Information
Apparent Age: 44 Actual Age: 44
Date of Birth 10 January 1983 Actor: Ben Browder
Height: 185 cm (6'1") Weight: 77 kg (170 lbs.)
Hair Color: Brown Eye Color: Blue
Theme Song: "Space Oddity" by David Bowie


John Crichton was an astronaut and theoretical scientist in his 30s around the time he was shot through a wormhole. He was setting out on the space shuttle to test a theory with his childhood friend, DK, while his proud father (Jack Crichton), who was also an astronaut in his younger days, watched. However, due to a scientific phenomenon he had not anticipated, the experiment resulted in Crichton traveling through a wormhole to a distant part of the galaxy, and he eventually found himself on the run aboard Moya with a collection of aliens who eventually become his allies and friends.

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The humanoid standing before you stands at a height of 6"1', with short cropped brown hair and piercing blue eyes, dressed in a roguish style he is wearing a black T-shirt tucked into a pair of light gray combat pants, a multi-pocketed black leather vest resting over his chest a drop down holster resting on his right hip. his ensemble is finished with a pair of black combat boots laced tightly on his feet.


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Born in the early 1980s John Crichton in Starling City, his father an astronaut his mother a quantum physicist. It was when John was 8, that he found purpose in his life. Recognizing the brilliant mind that John had, his parents encouraged him in the sciences, and to excel in school as well as encouraging a strong work ethic in the young boy.

John Crichton was a very brilliant child, and with the connections and resources his parents had, coupled with his own drive to follow in the footsteps of both his parents, John was enrolled in a special academy through his junior, and high school years. The academy taught at an accelerated pace so by the time John graduated at the age of 18, he already had degrees in mechanical and electrical engineering.

Once graduated from the private academy, John spent the next 9 years getting 4 dual majors, in Astronautical Engineering, Astrophysics, Astronomy, and Applied Physics. It was during this time he also obtained his pilots license.

Having gathered the degrees he needed, John was fast tracked into working at The Hadfield Space Centre working on the alien space craft the Canadian government had found underneath a mountain near Angel Grove. In 2018 Project Farscape was green lit to create the first human built FTL space craft. In 2021 John, now the commander and leader of The Farscape Project took Farscape One, a new experimental space craft about half the size of the American space shuttles into space via a Falcon 12 to test the pod's maneuvering thrusters and equipment in Zero-G when something went wrong, Farscape One's FTL drive activated launching John Crichton to the other side of the galaxy with no clear way of returning home. John has spent the last 5 years living out there in the black, making enemies, unsure if it would be safe to return home with what he's seen..


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John Crichton is a man of principle and conviction, willing to sacrifice himself and his friends (if they're willing to help) in what he believes in. Upbeat with a tendency to look on the bright side of life and capable of quickly adapting to strange situations and unfamiliar surroundings. Slow to anger, he embodies the saying 'Demons run when a good man goes to war.


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John is incredibly adaptable to situations, taking them in stride and working by the seat of his pants in situations that others would quail at. This allows him the ability to quickly adapt and come up with plans and courses of action to get out of the sticky situations he finds himself in.

John has the willpower to do anything he puts his mind to that is physically possible, you can torture him, threaten his life, and he will not break. Much to the Scarran's displeasure.


John Crichton is incredibly, incredibly lucky, even when things are going out of control bonkers, he manages to survive and get through things. It's both a blessing and a curse.


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John Crichton holds PhD's in Astrophysics, Cosmology, Physics, and Astronautical Engineering, with minors in Mechanical, and Electrical engineering. Since coming to the outer reaches of space he's added to this education learning things no human has learned before.

John learned how to pilot airplanes and space craft in his adulthood, he's got quick reflexes and is a pretty steady hand when it comes to flying..

John's pod doesn't travel the normal method of moving from point A to point B, through natural jump points, or by bending space and time. Instead he stumbled upon the ability to create stable and safe artificial wormholes. When traveling through the wormhole that brought him to the fringes of space, an advanced alien race placed full knowledge of the technology in his subconscious giving John intuitive familiarity with the technology, while leaving him unable to explain it more than 'it just works'. This is technology that many of the warring empires out in the fringes of space would like to have, feeling that it can be weaponized and as such are hunting John down.

Opening a Wormhole in space isn't a quiet, nor completely non violent event, advanced gravity sensors and the like will be able to detect the opening of an artificial wormhole, and it's not something safely (for the planet) done in the gravity well of a planet, or even too close to a sun.


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John has gathered a plethora of by galactic standards, common space faring gear, that would be considered super advanced by earth standards. Like an EVA suit that's skin tight, and capable of donning itself from a two inch wide half inch thick disk along with maneuvering thrusters. None of the devices are very powerful, but can potentially be useful in a pinch.

The Farscape One pod, is a fully functional space craft, capable of traveling both through normal space, crossing vast distances nearly instantly with the FTL drive he and his team were able to cobble together. Since arriving in the back-end of Knowhere, the ship has also been outfitted with a more standard FTL drive that uses less power than the wormhole drive, and can allow him to respond to distress calls and the like. The pod isn't armed, but is armored enough to be able to handle a few solid hits from a single medium ship while making its escape, a full fuel tank being able to keep John moving through normal space and FTL jump points for 3 earth months before needing refueling.

One ally, friend, and safe haven, a living space ship called a Leviathan, it is piloted by an alien who only goes by the name Pilot. There he can land Farscape One in a cargo bay to affect repairs, and sleep in a room large enough to fully stretch out, and meet with friends and allies.

1867 is a Diagnostic Repair Drone, that was originally created by a Leviathan named Elack. When the Ancient creature passed away due to old age John managed to save the little DrD, working out a way to allow it to live on Farscape One. Painting it to look like the Canadian flag, John has taught it to chirp 'O Canada' . The DrD is capable of creating multiple different tools for the diagnosis and repair of mechanical problems with multiple different types of tech, and is also capable of producing a mini-gun type appendage capable of firing dangerous blasts of energy at a high capacity.

John has coursing through his bloodstream bio-technological nanites (sometimes called microbes), that are capable of translating into speech any recognized and common intergalactic language, both spoken and written. This helps cross the language gap of so many different alien species commingling out in the black of space.


Winona, and Reba are John Crichton twin pulse pistols heavily modified for ease of aim, and firing, the two weapons are also capable of holding a much larger charge than that of the standard Peace Keeper Pulse Pistol. The pulse pistols have several settings that will drain the amount of power in it's reserves dependent on the blast, from something about as harmful as a scalding hot paintball, to strong enough to blast through three inches of iron, or destroy a foot thick reinforced concrete block.


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John's from earth, with knowledge of earth customs and morals. As such, he tends to find himself in situations where he just doesn't know what's going on, what needs doing, and has to wing it.

John Crichton is lucky, capable of surviving things that would kill a lesser man. But with that supreme luck, there's a balancing factor as well. Murphy's law considers John to be his best test subject. If something can go wrong with a plan John's made, or is a part of, there's an improbably high degree of chance that it /will/ go wrong..

The Peacekeepers are one such alien species that know of John's Wormhole technology, as such they have put considerable resources into obtaining John..


Through their own spy network, the Scarran empire has also come to know of, and covet John's wormhole technology, and as such are also hunting galaxy wide for the man.


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