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Kano (Scenesys ID: 1788)
"What does 'honor' buy you?"
Full Name: Kano Urik
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Theme: DC (VFC)
Occupation: Crime Lord /Mercenary
Citizenship: Australian
Residence: Mobile
Education: Advanced Military
Status: Retired
Other Information
Apparent Age: 31 Actual Age: 31
Date of Birth 5 June 1994 Actor: Trevor Goddard
Height: 178 cm Weight: 92 kg
Hair Color: Dark Brown Eye Color: Blue
Theme Song: "Juke Joint Jezebel" by KMFDM


Kano is the leader of the international crime cartel, the Black Dragon Clan. He is well known for being a mercenary and ruthless fighter; he has participated in the legendary Mortal Kombat tournament, where he enacted numerous brutal fatalities.



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This man, while not particularly a tower of height at 5'10", is a brawny thug of intimidation. A glance suggests he's some kind of rough street fighter or brawler, enough to send most people to prefer walking on the other side of the street, even if they can't define exactly why. The most obvious feature, aside from sheer presence, is the shiny silver metal faceplate imbedded in the right side of his face: a skull-cover that runs from mid cheek over the right eye and back into the skull on that side. A cybernetic eye, black with a circle of light, glows a pulsing red in the socket.

Otherwise, Kano has a faux-hawk of dark brown hair (short on the sides, instead of shaved like a mohawk), and a short beard that gives a rough strong definition to his broad jaw. His features are heavy and powerful, in a more classic musclehead way. His remaining eye is a bright, intelligent blue, watchful and aware.

The muscular man is dressed comfortably in well-battered layers: cargo pants with a large buckle, heavy steel toed boots, an army green, ripped collared shirt with the sleeves torn off, a military style black vest over it. His arms are bare, and show the arching tribal style tattoos on both shoulders and biceps of huge black dragons; the heads of the dragons arch in from the arms and end with their heads on his upper chest, visible at his V-neck. Fingerless gloves are worn on heavy, broad hands. He has some jewelry: a golden thick chain at his neck, a nice watch, and some earrings on the left side. A studied eye will identify he is heavily armed with semi-concealed weapons, with a handful of knives on his person and at least one handgun at his spine.


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Kano was only five years old and an orphan in Australia when the Black Dragon clan, an international organized crime faction, found him. He had the fortune to attempt to pickpocket one of their members. They saw his skill, and took him in. He trained from an early age in Aikido and Xing Yi fighting styles, but was very drawn to using knives as well. Kano was an aggressive, bullying child. He ended up in the military for a time, and further improved his skills there, to better channel his fighting prowess. Kano got what he wanted from the military training, and was dishonorably discharged after murdering hostages (for money) during a mission. He had discipline problems, and didn't want to die for the military, regardless. He was truly only loyal to himself: brazen and fearless as a youth, and found his path kept him firmly in the Black Dragon criminal organization.

His role expanded as a Black Dragon, out of simple thief, and into one of their primary assassins and arms dealers. He had a sharp mind for the business of it all, and loved making money. He, along with other black dragons, were hunted by government and law enforcement groups, the Special Forces in particular, and Kano had a number of run ins with them that led to bloody results. Kano gained a great deal of fame for teaching lessons in how the Black Dragons should not be messed with. There were other enemies he had to deal with, besides: the Red Dragons were a clan that the Black Dragons had parted from, and there was constant friction between the older honorable clan and the rough and modern Black Dragons.

Kano rose through the ranks of the Black Dragon clan, crafty and ambitious. He manipulated where he had to, murdered when he chose or was paid to, and eventually found his way to the top of the pack. It seemed everything was coming up roses for Kano, until an overly ambitious plan went horribly wrong, and Kano was disfigured, losing his right eye and some of his skull on that side. He survived, and used his underworld connections to procure a cyberneticist that could repair the damage and also add some benefits: The metal face plate and glowing red laser cannon attached to his head would become his signature features.

Kano first became familiar with the Mortal Kombat tournament when he was pulled as a potential fighter, due to meeting some weird requirements he was never fully aware of. Kano had no clue what Mortal Kombat tourney even was at first. He would learn it was a barrier to a dimensional gate: a contest that guarded entry into and from twisted dimensional portals into various realms. Every so often, a realm would rally enough powerful fighters to challenge this gate, to attempt to win the right to conquer another one of the realms through it. If they won the Mortal Kombat (and only if), they could enter the defeated realm. Outworld, a hellish dimension, wished to move on Earth, this time, and had challenged Earth guardians. The gate would only allow tourney entrants through into Outworld for the tourney, unless Outworld's champions won. Kano decided to do it, always the opportunist, and was immediately contacted by an Outworlder on arrival, a minion of the Outworld Emperor, who wanted to learn of Earth's defenses. Kano was offered payment to serve as a spy. In this manner, when Outworld WON, they would have intel to invade with. They also wanted Kano to assist in training their ranks in how to fight Earth's people.

Kano was willing to work against his own home realm of Earth, gathering a great deal of technology and resources from Outworld in trade for his service, ferrying things through the portal while it was open. This was great for him: he sold things in both directions. He still participated in the tournament of course, but was not the victor (he cared more about surviving to enjoy his money); a different fighter would defend Earth in the tourney. Kano was forced to leave Outworld as the tourney ended, but brought back his payment: a cache of exotic hellish weapons, power sources, and tech. He has since used the technology and information to improve his personal cybernetics and his business in arms and assassination back on Earth. He squirrels the items away, until a good moment when he'll pull some hellish item out for sale or for fun.


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Kano is many things, many of them unpleasant to others. He is usually a thug, bully and a brute, but there is a sly (if selective) intellect under it. He is a manipulator, and generally very sharp about knowing what people might want. He could use this knack to aid others, but more often has a selfish motive. Kano is extremely selfish and always looks out for number one: his priorities and well-being. His priorities include having a massive amount of wealth and luxury, having a good time, and amassing power, in that order.

Above everything else, he is a survivor. He won't die for a cause or honor, which means he usually plays things smart. He's shameless and has no problem appearing a coward if he needs to, or playing dead. 'Live another day' is something he takes to heart, and will tactically retreat from bad odds. He'll also turn on allies if it suits him, and no dirty move is off limits in a pinch. In this, he is somewhat predictable: he can be trusted to be dishonest. He won't be doing any crazy heroics.

Kano has extreme walls and tends to keep others at arm's length whenever possible. He has a tendency to sabotage relationships and keep distance. He is aware he's crass, and uses it on purpose at times. He has issues with losing things he cares about, and therefore tries to not care about or attach to much. He fills his life with objects and things endlessly, but nothing really sates the empty place. In theory he can love, but he's possessive and jealous: a 'if I can't have it, nobody can' type. Jealousy can cause him to directly cause others pain, to make himself feel taller. Can he love? Certainly, but he also is so destructive that he may destroy what he loves if it doesn't behave how he wants it to.

Ambitious and resourceful, Kano is a plotter, though he'd prefer to win with minimal effort. If he can be lazy and let someone else do the heavy lifting or even come up with a great plan, he's fine with that situation, and makes excellent use of others to do dirty work. Kano works quite well with others when he's well paid! This isn't to say he won't get his hands dirty, he enjoys murdering: he just prefers to have odds in his favor or an advantage. He isn't overly vengeful, which can make him unexpectedly hard to bait. If an opportunity arrives to get revenge he may take it: always an opportunist, but he doesn't generate revenge plots.

With everything he does, there is always a sense of humor to it. Kano can enjoy anything, and will make light of the worst situations. He has very little filter over his humor style and his jokes can be brutal. He's very difficult to offend, not much actually bothers him, which can make him oddly easygoing and often even friendly. Those who think he's a real friend are foolish, though, because Kano and loyalty don't mesh together.


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Kano is a master of really gory death in a flashy and horrifying manner, a 'fatality'. To do this feat, he focuses a supernatural strength or chi resource within himself, and can do horrifying effects with it on weakened targets. Kano has several such techniques he employs on dying foes that involve things such as ripping still-beating hearts out of victim's chests, spinal cord removal, decapitation, or other really brutal and bloody horrors. A full example of use might be beating the hell out of someone, moving behind them, focusing, and shoving his hand through them: grabbing their heart and showing it to them with his arm still embedded through them. Someone must be weakened a substancial amount before any 'fatality' can be performed on them. A victim of a Kano fatality is not going to last long: hence 'fatality'.


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Kano is a specific tumbler sort of acrobat. He has a few signature moves that involve sudden rolling lunges towards or away from opponents, called his 'Kanoball'. It is a swift midair spin and summersault that can be used to attack, roll out of a hit to avoid taking more damage, or land from a high place. Similarly, this skill allows Kano to do a variety of interesting midair maneuvers, kicks and throws.

All of the murder-hobo skills go in this nice bucket. Things like espionage, infiltration, sabotage, creative ways to kill people at varying levels of volume requirements, stealth, picking good boxes to hide under, and so forth. He has a mastery of the tools used to work as a mercenary assassin, when needed.

By no means a scientist, Kano has some general awareness of how to attach Cybernetics to areas of himself that are already set up to dock such pieces. He can replace a piece with another if it is damaged, and judge what pieces are for what. This is along the line of someone that can repair some pieces of a car, but certainly can't build one or diagnose everything.

The knife is Kano's favorite weapon, even over using his fists. Kano loves to slice and dice, or throw his knives with extreme accuracy. He favors butterfly knives or other bigger combat knives, but can deal with other short blades with high mastery. Kano is proficient with handheld knives, or those concealed along his elbows or knees, weaving them into his martial arts styles seamlessly. Without his knives, Kano is still an effective fighter, but nowhere near as efficient. He usually carries an array of different blades hidden all over his person.

With a mastery of both Xing Yi and Aikido martial art styles, Kano is a sturdy combatant for his age. He participated in a Mortal Kombat tourney and lived, which is a high badge to his skill. He mixes his various fighting styles, knives, cybernetics, and opportunistic skills to be a very serious contender. He can lend to being a mocking fighter, as he will sometimes pick moves that cause pain and weaken, to set up a really gruesome fatal blow (his gruesome fatalities require weakened targets). This also means he can sometimes leave himself open, as he is a risk-taker: he'll take a chance with a crazy attack, and it doesn't always pay off. When it does, he can be surprisingly lethal. Kano is also not limited to non-lethal moves as are some heroes, and has a long history of harsh murder.

Kano speaks Japanese and English fluently. In some cases his Japanese vocabulary is even better than his English one, although he is natively an English speaker. The Japanese is used most frequently within the Black Dragon Clan structure, as it originated in Japan.

Kano can repair weapons as well as he can a vehicle, at a decent level. He can diagnose a problem with a rifle, or fix a car engine. He is no prodigy at this, it's just a general skill. He uses this skill most frequently when needing to infiltrate something, as mechanics get good access to a lot of areas.

Kano dabbles in occult matters, enough to recognize ritual daggers, and have some sense of a good appraisal on value. He himself can't cast spells or anything, but has enough knowledge to not get himself cursed by accident by an occult book. He's able to recognize and use a magical weapon properly if he comes across one. This is an experience thing, as an exotic weapons dealer; he's had occult goods before.

While it is far more satisfying to rip somebody's heart out, Kano can shoot from a distance. He isn't the best sniper in the world at all, but he's certainly decent. He is most accurate at middle ranges, the same ones he uses his eye cybernetic for. He likes rocket launchers and more showy weapons when possible, as well as more exotic ranged energy weapons that are intended to rip open meta people.

There had been times (before becoming leader of the Black Dragon, or when stuck in Outworld) when it has just been Kano out in the brush with only his knives and a prayer. He has skills in hunting and tracking, and making shelter and food out of meager means. Kano prefers the lap of luxury, but can survive in the middle of nowhere for months if he has the absolute need to. These skills don't really apply in the city.

Kano's youth was spent doing things like picking pockets and breaking and entering. These skills, while used less now, still remain intact. He may be a little out of practice (as now his lockpick is usually kicking a door in), but is still highly proficient with lifting an object out of somebody's pocket or similar tricks that others usually don't expect out of a big man like Kano. He's excellent at slipping handcuffs and places he's being held, if opportunity arises.

This covers driving cars and piloting helicopters, and to a lighter extent, planes. Kano is an excellent driver, and is competent in most land vehicles (including a stint with a tank), to handle them in bad situations if needed. Planes he is new to, and is taking some lessons on them; he prefers a helicopter if he has the choice. He's generally okay at flight, enough to fly somewhere and land: the basics.


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Kano is the leader (Crime lord) of the international crime cartel, The Black Dragon Clan, based out of Japan. He holds it through raw intimidation and force. While he holds this position, he has a huge number of resources and underworld connections at his fingertips, globally. The clan is oriented on greed and power, which doesn't make them a very honorable lot; it is a mafia: a hierarchically structured secret organization engaged in smuggling, racketeering, trafficking illegal goods, etc. The Black Dragon clan has a large membership base; Kano has crews of powerful fighters and goons to do any number of tasks he requires. This includes threads into other criminal groups: alliances with a broad underworld reach. Other related groups, such as Hydra, have their roots in his clan as much as he has some roots into theirs, and there's decent information share between the Black Dragons and others. For the most part, under Kano's direction, the Black Dragon is primarily a mercenary group, and secondly an arms dealing monster. They dabble in other things too, such as drugs, but weapons (and related tech or vehicles) is their major item. Really, they sell death.

They are exceptionally well funded as they distribute weapons to different countries and private buyers. Through the clan, Kano gains the resources he needs to travel where he needs to go, and enough clout to shove politics around if he's caught for a time, or simply to loosen some red tape. In terms of resources in raw currency, the clan keeps money spread out all over the place, so collecting together big sums (or being caught with such) can be difficult. Kano holds power mainly due to defeating those who rise in the ranks to challenge him, in brutal duels: he rules by power and fear. As the clan is foremost a mercenary group, it also provides excellent manpower, from gang members to skilled assassins, for the right price tags (or free, to Kano himself).

Kano has three major areas of Cybernetics: Heart, Body, and Faceplate. Kano doesn't have a biological heart anymore, he is the proud owner of an entirely cybernetic one. It is exceptionally efficient, and fuels a variety of other upgrades, as well as having a duct in the front which can take additional energy or power input. These upgrades inc He is very well protected from being shot in the heart or other problems that would affect a biological heart. The heart cybernetic links in to others that are throughout his body, enhancing his strength and endurance, as well as his regeneration rates. He is effectively on par with a 'super soldier' type, through the cybernetics. The bar for this sits just over peak human levels. Lastly, Kano has a very specific faceplate that does two major functions. The first being infrared (heat) vision, at standard vision distances; the second being a very high powered eye laser that he can release. He can only do a few blasts before needing to recharge, but the laser is powerful enough to burn a hole through a person in a few seconds.

Kano has stashes of all sorts of useful weapons and items that are needed for his role as a crime boss. Black Dragon is international, which means he can contact a group in the area he is in and get what he needs, most of the time, though this is rarely instantaneous. Still, he can get a safe house, a new ID or passport, an escort, or weapons when necessary.

Kano, as well as nearly all sections of his clan, can be hired to do various tasks or jobs, if they are paid well enough. Kano has deep connections to other mercenary groups globally as well, to have access to hire them for his own needs if necessary. Being part of the community of mercenaries makes him more aware of hits on others, and also grants him a sort of immunity to hits taken out on himself: hits don't stick if you own most of the board they are posted on.

Kano has a stash of outworld weapons, tech, and various other things from during the Mortal Kombat tourney. He was a paid spy in Outworld, and made out pretty well from it in various things that he squirreled back from there. Outworld is a hellish dimension, and has a variety of odd tech and occult objects that are more likely to burn your face off than work very well, but some of the weapons are pretty awful. As a story note, these items are mostly throw-away, plot oriented things. Kano does not have regular contact with Outworld, this is just what he got from his time there during a tourney.


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Kano, being a mass murdering, arms-dealing piece of internationally known awful, is wanted by all sorts of countries and law enforcement. He is very high on priorities to catch. He has various government spies trying to infiltrate his clan all the time, and has an enormous target on him. The Special Forces group of the United States and SHIELD particularly would like to catch him and disassemble his crime oriented clan.

Having major cybernetics comes with the usual problems with tech objects, such as electromagnetic problems. Taking blasts of that type can shut him down briefly while his cybernetics reboot. He has some resistance with his heart to such blasts, but severe enough attacks will knock him down.

Kano has no right eye, and part of his natural skull is missing. He wears a metal face plate and cybernetic eye, ruining his reasonably good looks. He can't hide it well, and the feature makes him very recognizable: he doesn't blend in. He can cover the plate with some makeup and wear an eye patch, but is still very one-eyed. Without the cybernetics, he is blind on that side.

Kano has a huge laundry list of people that hate him. From people he's fought and mocked, to loved ones of people he's murdered, there's more than a few entities that want him jailed or dead. As a weapons dealer, he is constantly making more enemies, as he sells violence and pain into the world. He is the enemy of every vigilante trying to get weapons off of the street he is selling them into, and with the superheroes of this day and age, that's not a small problem.

Kano is in power over the Black Dragon clan due to simply dominating by fist and fear. He doesn't inspire his men, nor do they look up to him. This means that if he falters or shows weakness, he could be overtaken. His men are only so loyal as they continue to be afraid of him.

Kano's loyalty can be bought, it has a price tag. The price just depends on how dangerous it is to do whatever the request is. Kano is exactly as loyal as payments grant, and will flip sides if the money moves. He is predictable and focused heavily on his greed, which makes him vulnerable in some areas if it is used to manipulate him.

The Black Dragon clan was originally part of the Red Dragon clan, and the Red Dragons absolutely loathe their ugly little stepbrother. They will destroy him and his Clan if they can, and it is a constant pressure and difficulty to deal with the rival clan.

Kano is mercenary scum: he can be bought, and people know this. He can be counter-bid: meaning, if he's coming to assassinate someone, simply paying him more can turn him around back on the person that originally hired him. This reputation of a lack of loyalty and honor can often bite him, and he isn't often trusted with some sorts of jobs or secrets. Being known as the mercenary that rips out people's hearts can cause issues with business dealings as well. Sometimes deals are destroyed just out of reputation problems, or are broken when others decide to back away from being connected to him or seen with him.

Sonya is Kano's personal stalker, because he murdered her partner. As an elite American special agent and General, she is something he needs to avoid, yet he takes personal pleasure in messing with her or trying to humiliate her. The 'fun' of humiliating her, and letting her get too close to him in order to do so, can be problematic, since she wants him in jail or dead.


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